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Swimming teachers can be more than friends

She was my teacher before she became my partner.
I am writing this as a way of getting a very exciting chapter of my life "on paper". It's the true life story of my one and only older woman and the sexual awakening she brought to my life. I had dated and had sex with one girlfriend up to the point of this story, but what my older lover taught me was tenderness and patience.

I'm in my late fifties now, but this happened when I was just coming up on twenty. I had dropped out of college because it just wasn't right for me and I hadn't yet found a career that I liked. During my entire adolescent life, being in and around the water seemed to be what I liked most. To that end, I took every Red Cross swimming class that was offered and at sixteen became the youngest water safety instructor our chapter had ever had.

Teaching classes was my way of giving back all the enjoyment of water that they had given me. Because I was so young though, the chapter gave me only the beginner classes. What I really wanted was to teach the junior and senior life-saving classes. I told one of the other instructors this and she finally approached the powers that be to allow me to co-teach with her.

Her name was Fran and I often dreamed about her. Like many women who spend a lot of time swimming, she was tall and lithe. While she didn't have the chest that drive men wild, her mid-thirties figure was the perfect combination of "made for the mouth" breasts and slim hips. Many nights, I thought about what it would be like to kiss her thin lips and encourage her to bare herself to me. I would masturbate to the thought of her slipping her arms through the straps of her red suit, baring her breasts and pulling my mouth down to suckle.

In the four years that I had known her, that never happened. We joked around a lot, poked fun at each other, touched each other's arms, demonstrated life-saving holds and releases on each other, sat next to one another and over time became very close friends. Our physical contact was strictly only that which was necessary for the class or acceptable as friends. That is until this one memorable day.

Most of our classes were held in backyard pools. This evenings class was about using a surfboard as a rescue board. I was working at a Y as the pool manager and volunteered the use of the pool for the class. During the class, as we walked up and down the side watching our students, she walked behind me and gave my ass a little slap and squeeze. I made sure to put my hand on her ass and squeeze the next time our paths crossed. She had never done that before and I wanted her to know that I liked it.

When the class ended, we got down to work on the paper work we needed to do. By the time we finished, the Y was empty. We packed up our things and got ready to leave.

"Fran, I have an idea about using the surf boards," I said.


"When we use the board, we always wind up putting the victim face down. Wouldn't it be better if they were face up in case we need to give them mouth to mouth resuscitation?"

"I suppose it would, but I've never done that. How would you propose the get them on the board?" She asked.

"Come on, let's get in the water and I'll show you. I've been giving this some thought."

"Okay, but you need to go through the whole thing. Put me on the board in the deep end and get me to the shallow end."

"You got it."

We slid the board into the water and jumped it. Fran immediately went into a dead man's float, face down in the water. I got the board next to her, pulled her arm across and got her positioned face up on the board. Her legs were apart and dangled off the board from the knees. I slipped onto the board between her open legs and began to paddle to the other end.

It was then that I realized how uncomfortable this might be for a conscious victim. Here I was with my face hovering just above her mound. She had one little pubic hair that had escaped shaving staring me in the face. My cock began to twitch as I thought about just lowering my face onto her cunt and licking her.

I shook my head. What was I thinking? This was no place for that kind of thing and I was scared that she might just jump off the board and never teach with me again. I pulled myself higher up the board so that my chest was resting on her mound and began to paddle again. The motion of me paddling caused my chest to grind against her and after only ten or so strokes, I felt Fran tilt her hips up to meet my movement.

Fran lifted her head and her eyes met mine.

"Are you okay, victim?" I asked.

"Just keep paddling," she said a little breathlessly.

Fran rested her head back on the board and she closed her eyes. Her hips continued to move beneath me as my chest pressed into her. I thought, "Shit, this isn't what I thought was going to happen. Here I am paddling the board and she's dry humping on me. This isn't supposed to be sexual, it's supposed to be a rescue!"

By the time we got to the shallow end though, I had a raging hard-on. Luckily, the water was deep enough for my cock to be below the water and out of sight when I slipped off the board. I moved to the side of the board being careful not to brush against Fran's leg or arm.

"Oh, damn," Fran bemoaned. "I wish the pool was longer!"

"Okay, okay," I said. "The ride's over. What did you think? Don't you think it's better that being face down all the time?"

"You're point was that the victim should be face up in case you needed to give mouth to mouth. Aren't you going to do that?"

"Okay, sure."

I gently put my hand beneath her neck and titled her head back by lifting. As I approached her mouth to begin the resuscitation, she lifted her arms from the water and took my face in her hands. Gently, she half pulled me down and half lifted herself up until our lips met. Her warm soft lips caressed me as she slid her lips across mine. As I began to open my mouth to invite her tongue to explore me, she broke the kiss.

Why had she done that? Why had she kissed me and then stopped? Was she having regrets for kissing me like that? Was she afraid I would get too excited and try to take advantage of her?

"Whew, I guess that was better than face down," she said. "I can see you now, sitting out on your surfboard at the shore, waiting for young women to rescue and rub up against!"

"Fran, really, I didn't think..."

"Shh, it's okay. I know you didn't. As much as I enjoyed it, I don't think the Red Cross would go for it. That being said, I think I should try your method just to be sure."

"Okay," I said tentatively. "From the deep end?"

"Of course. What kind of rescue would it be if you could just stand up?"

As we swam to the deep end with the board between us I thought about how hard this was going to be. How on earth was I going to not get hard again with her breasts pressing into my cock? This was going to be embarrassing. As much as I liked the thought of Fran feeling my hard cock pressing into her, I was afraid that she would think less of me.

At the deep end, I went into a dead man's float. As I had done, Fran pulled my arm across and laid me on my back on the board. As she did, I allowed my legs to lay apart and my feet to dangle off the sides from the knees. Just the thought of her laying on me between my legs began to have an effect on me and I felt myself begin to grow beneath my speedos.

Fran positioned herself with her small tits pressing into my crotch and started to paddle slowly toward the shallow end. It only took about ten strokes for me to become fully erect. I knew she felt my hardness because her chest moved much more that it needed to. I think she enjoyed teasing me.

Instead of going all the way to the other end in that position, she pushed herself lower on the board. Now, her face hovered just inches above my painfully raging woody. I looked down at her and thought about what it would be like if she lowered her mouth to me. She turned her face to the side and lowered her head to rest on my aching dick. As she slowly paddled, she moved her face against me, masturbating me, exciting me, bringing me toward an explosion.

"Holy Christ, she's doing this all on purpose," I said to myself. "What a dolt you are. This whole thing is a set up. She's just been waiting for an excuse to do this and you gave her the perfect one tonight. Well, buddy boy, enjoy the ride while you can. It's almost over."

I decided to indeed enjoy the ride and relaxed. Her warm face continued to massage my thoroughly engorged cock as she very slowly propelled the board. The board bumped against the end of the pool and we both just lay there for a few moments. Finally, Fran pushed herself up, looked down at the very distinct outline of my huge cock in my speedos and then slid off the board. Before making her way up to pretend to give me mouth to mouth, she bent down and placed a warm soft kiss on my tummy, just above my trunks. I felt her lips part and her tongue slide across my skin. Looking down, I saw her eyes were closed.

Fran stood and began moving toward my head.

"I see you enjoyed this ride just as much as I did."

"Oh god yes," I said rapidly. "The feeling..."

"Ssh," she whispered as she took my face in her hands.

Fran brought her face to mine and we kissed again. Her soft lips touched mine and we began moving our faces in a slow synchronous rhythm. Her lips parted at almost the same time as mine and our tongues touched for the first time and began a dance of mutual pleasure. She rested her hand on my stomach and our temperatures continued to rise. Her lips were hot and soft. Her tongue was wet and slippery. Her fingernails danced on my skin as she made slow circles on me lower and lower toward my trunks. They teased me and I had to take in a sharp breath as they found the top of my speedos.

Her face lifted from mine and she whispered, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," I breathed out. "Your fingernails. They..."

"Perhaps it's just too much. Maybe I should just do this instead," she said moving her hand down and covering part of my hard cock and cradling my balls. Her hand slowly massaged me.

"Is this better?" She asked with a smile.

"Oh," I managed to sigh out. "If you don't stop that soon, I'm gonna explode."

"You know," Fran said. "You're bigger that I imagined and I've wanted to do this for a long time."

"Me too," I said. "I've even had dreams about us."

"Have you? And in your dreams, what do we do?"

"I don't think I've ever gotten past the point where you lower you suit and offer your breasts to me."

"You mean like this," Fran asked.

She took her hand from my cock and slipped the straps of her suit from her shoulders. She slowly lowered her suit until her breasts were bare to me. I got off the board as I watched her. I just stared at her perfect tits with beautiful small puffy nipples.

Fran took my face in her hands and pulled me to her chest. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it as I played my tongue across it and flicked it up and down. She moaned and moved to the side a little. Her hand again moved to my stomach and her fingers snaked into my speedos. They wrapped around my cock and she began to slowly masturbate me.

"Your suit is snagging on my watch," Fran said. "Why don't you untie 'em and slip them down? Then maybe you can find something to do with your hands."

She didn't have to ask me twice. Without taking my mouth from her, I untied my suit and pushed it below my knees before kicking it off. I then pushed her suit below her knees and she did the same. I had always wanted to cup and hold the cheeks of her ass. The fact that they were now bare and in my grip excited me to go further.

I stopped my sucking and stood naked to ask, "can I touch you? Down there?"

"Shit, don't be silly. I'm standing here, naked, holding your beautiful cock, stroking your beautiful cock and you need to ask me that? Do you think all I want you to do is massage my ass? Get your hand down there and get busy before I have to do it myself!"

I may be slow at times, but damn. With my hand on her stomach and mouth on her other nipple, I did the same thing she had done to me. Slowly raking my fingernails in circles across her skin, I made my way to the patch of soft down between her legs. She let out a gasp as I neared my destination. I could feel that her lips were swollen and her cunt was wide open. Slipping first one then both my middle and ring finger into her, I began slowly pumping my arm up and down. She move her free hand beneath mine and played with her clit as I finger fucked her.

My orgasm was getting closer. The familiar tightness began to well up in my thighs and balls. She must have sensed my impending blast as the pace of my fingers slowed. She made up for it with extra pressure and speed on my cock. The muscles in my ass began to rhythmically pump as I shot my sperm into the water. My knees buckled at one point and I had to concentrate to remain standing and fingering her.

Now spent, I concentrated on bringing her to the same nirvana she brought to me. I redoubled the ministrations of my tongue on her nipple and pumped my arm faster and faster. I was now free to move more to her side and got one hand on her ass as I sucked and fingered her. She continued to play her own fingers on her clit as I spread her cheeks and found her ass hole with my middle finger. She supported herself on my back with her free hand as she stopped breathing and began to shake.

"Thank you. Thank you so much," she said as we both stood naked in each other's arms.

Her still firm nipples pressed into my chest while my now flaccid dick rested between her thighs. So close, yet so far from that beautiful tufted nest I would come to see and enjoy in the near future.

"Now, it's my turn to say it. Shh. This is for both of us. Let's not say thank you. Let's just say, enough for now. More later."

Fran looked into my eyes and said, "Mm, enough for now. More later!"

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