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Taboo Carla's Story - Part Two

Carla experiences Dillon's cock

Carla didn’t know what to make of Bianca’s proposition. Her mind was fuddled with booze and her orgasm seemed to have wiped her mind completely. Dillon, for his part, lay there, his face full of expectancy.

Carla glanced at the bedside clock. Half past seven. They usually went out at eight and, in the midst of her uncertainty and embarrassment, she suddenly saw this as a get-out clause.

‘We should really start to get dressed to go out shouldn't we?’ Her excuse sounded lame, even to her ears.

‘We can't leave him like this,’ Bianca shrieked, waving Dillon’s hard cock at Carla like a baton. ‘Anyway, it doesn’t get going in town until at least ten. We’ve plenty of time.’

Bianca licked her lips. ‘Come on, Carla you know you want to and I really don’t mind sharing. You don’t mind either do you, Dillon?’ She cocked her head to one side.

Carla watched as Dillon looked over Bianca’s shoulders. His gaze slowly moved over her body. His look was a mixture of desire and disbelief at the plate that had been so readily handed to him.

‘She has never fucked,’ Bianca announced, leaning over Dillon and picking up a bottle of baby oil from off the bedroom floor. Back on her haunches, she opened the cap and poured a small pool in the palm of her hand. She lubricated Dillon’s cock.

Slowly, Bianca wanked him and Carla watched as Dillon closed his eyes, groaning in ecstasy. Bianca winked at Carla. ‘Come on, kiss him.’

Seeing Carla’s reticence, Bianca’s voice became more insistent. ‘Kiss him before I start losing my temper.’ Her voice resounded with the bossiness that had dominated their childhood. Although Carla knew this was very wrong, Bianca's voice had a hypnotic effect.

Woozily, Carla crept up the bed and placed her lips on Dillon’s. She had fantasised many times about kissing him - but not under these circumstances. They kissed tentatively, but then he opened his mouth and Carla followed suit. Their tongues met, sending a frisson of excitement through her body. He was simply gorgeous and his mouth tasted as delicious as a hot scone dripping with butter.

Carla felt Dillon slip his hands inside her bathrobe and move them up to her breasts. He expertly rubbed her nipples before he stopped kissing her and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He teased it with a tiny nibble.

Dillon slid the bathrobe off her shoulders, exposing Carla’s whole body to him, and she felt his hands gliding down towards her pussy. His fingers quickly found her nub and rubbed it gently. Her legs trembled.

Suddenly, Bianca sighed loudly as if she was bored. She lightly smacked Carla on the bottom ‘Turn around and face me.’ Her voice was surprisingly soft. ‘We need to get things started.’

Carla did as she was told. The whole scenario was surreal, as if she had moved into a parallel universe.

‘Close your bathrobe,’ Bianca said before sitting at the end of the bed.

She took her packet of cigarettes off the dressing table. Coolly, she took one out and lit it, blowing a cloud of smoke into the air before turning back to face Carla and Dillon.

Carla felt uncomfortable when she looked into Bianca’s eyes. Was she angry with her? Her sister’s expression was unfathomable as she scanned Dillon's naked body and then looked back at Carla.

Bianca took a long drag of her cigarette. ‘Do you want him to fuck you?’

Carla swallowed the lump of embarrassment that lodged in her throat like a boiled sweet. She shrugged, and then shook her head, signs that she couldn’t make up her own mind.

‘I want you to.’ Bianca took a sip of her drink. ‘It would be fun to watch. What do you think, Dillon?’

Dillon's lips curved into a huge grin, his eyes positively sparkling with excitement and desire. ‘I couldn’t think of anything better.’

Bianca’s lips formed a circle and she blew out a smoke ring. ‘I bet it’s always been your fantasy, hasn’t it? To fuck two sisters?’

Dillon nodded. ‘Of course. What guy wouldn't fantasise about that?’

Bianca stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray before spraying the air with rose-scented air freshener.

‘Right then, we may as well get the party started. Oh, hang on. Carla didn’t say whether she wanted to fuck you or not, did she? Well, do you?’ Bianca stared at her sister.

Carla still wasn’t sure. She certainly hadn't expected to lose her virginity in such a manner, that was a fact. She’d clung on to it with the romantic notion that she would save her virtue for someone special. She’d always thought that she would take things slowly. That the person to deflower her would fall in love with her.

She’d dreamt of a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower and making gentle love in some posh Parisian hotel.

Instead, she was in her sister's bedroom, surrounded by a fug of smoke mixed with vile smelling air freshener and a naked man who looked like he could do her some serious damage.

‘Well?’ Bianca repeated. ‘Carla, I haven't got all night. If you don’t want it, I might as well jump on and you can fuck off back to your room like a good little girl. I've no time for all this hesitancy, to be honest.’

‘Okay,’ Carla said, her voice small and not totally convincing.

Bianca grinned. ‘Great. Right Dillon, you be gentle with her, okay?’

Bianca slid across the bed and undid Carla’s bathrobe again and then lightly kissed her lips. ‘It'll be okay,’ she said tenderly. ‘I’ll be here to help and make sure you’re safe.’

She stroked Carla’s hair before slipping the bathrobe off her shoulders.

‘Lie down and try to relax. Remember what I said before; it does hurt at first but then your body slowly becomes accommodating and then it’s the most wonderful feeling ever.’

Carla wasn't sure if she was ready for this but it was like she was stuck in a no-win situation. If she said no, Bianca would be annoyed and would no doubt humiliate her. Plus, she would look an idiot in front of Dillon.

Lying down, Carla tried to calm herself down as she felt her heart flutter in her chest like a panicked canary trapped in a mine full of gas.

‘I said try to relax,’ Bianca whispered in her ear. ‘I’m going to suck his cock and get it all nice and wet. Then I’m going to guide his head down to your pussy so he can lick you and make you a little more ready. Okay? Now, for future reference, watch while I suck him.’

Bianca knelt on the bed in front of Dillon. His cock throbbed with pure lust, pulsating within an inch of its life. Carla decided to follow Bianca’s advice. She might as well pay attention to what her sister was doing.

Bianca teased the length of Dillon’s cock with her tongue. Carla heard him groan with pleasure when Bianca took his length in her mouth while her fingers played with his balls.

The look of sheer ecstasy on Dillon’s face made Carla's pussy throb slightly. Maybe this sex game, or whatever it was, wasn’t too bad after all. She watched as a stream of saliva slid out of Bianca’s mouth and dripped onto Dillon’s cock, rivulets of juice trickling down his length onto his balls like raindrops descending a window pane.

Dillon put a hand on the back of Bianca’ head, rhythmically pushing and pulling as his cock fucked her mouth. When he looked across at Carla, she saw that his eyes were thick with lust and her stomach flipped with excitement.

Strangely, at that precise moment, Carla remembered that her parents were downstairs and her body tensed. What was she doing? Her cheeks glowed with embarrassment but she was rapidly brought back to the present when she heard Bianca ask, ‘Are you ready?’

Bianca, having stopped sucking, sat erect, firmly gripping Dillon’s cock in one hand. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll help you,’ she said. ‘I’ll give you the guidance you need. Now lie on your back.’

Carla felt a quiver of excitement as she obeyed.

‘It’s good you’ve shaved,’ Bianca said. ‘You liked shaved pussy don’t you, Dillon?’

Carla looked at Dillon as he nodded and she briefly wondered when he’d become mute. She was used to Dillon having plenty to say but she didn’t blame him for being rendered speechless. The whole scenario felt surreal.

An hour ago, she’d been getting ready to go out and now she was about to lose her virginity to her sister's boyfriend. Weird.

‘Come on then,’ Bianca demanded, sounding slightly irritated, ‘kiss her for fuck’s sake, we haven't got all night.’

Dillon leaned over Carla and placed his lips on hers. As his tongue penetrated her mouth, Carla involuntarily groaned and her moans of pleasure spurred Bianca into action.

She maneuvered Dillon’s cock to Carla’s pussy opening. ‘Push it in then,’ she cajoled. ‘Don’t annoy me now by even thinking about losing you nerve.’

Dillon stopped kissing Carla. ’Oh, I'm definitely not going to lose my nerve,’ he stated matter of factly, as if some celestial sexual being had decided to kick-start his voice box.

Carla felt Dillon’s cockhead pressing against her and his lips on her neck. As she concentrated on how lovely it felt to be kissed in such a manner, Carla relaxed so much that Dillon was able to slowly enter her with surprising ease.

She did wince when his whole length thrust inside her. Bianca was right. Even though it hurt slightly, the pain was only momentary as her body became accustomed to the intrusion. For his part, Dillon felt like he was going to explode once he knew that Carla could take him.

Bianca clapped her hands in delight. ‘Oh my God, this is amazing. Now fuck her properly while I get my phone. I definitely need to film this.’

Dillon’s lips clamped on Carla’s before she could protest at Bianca’s suggestion of recording the whole thing. What was wrong with her sister?

Then again, Bianca had never known when to stop, boundaries never applied to her.

Carla’s reservations were soon forgotten because Dillon felt so good inside her and she was thrilled to have his muscular body on top of her. It felt so wrong yet delicious at the same time.

Bianca grabbed her phone off the dressing table before jumping back onto the bed like an excited schoolgirl. She scrambled to the bottom of the bed where she could video a close up of Dillon’s cock going in and out of Carla’s pussy.

Bianca then felt the urge to raise the action to another level. ’Get off her,’ she ordered. ‘Carla, get on all fours, please.’

Dillon reluctantly pulled out, obviously feeling slightly disgruntled. He’d been getting into the swing of things but the thought of fucking Carla from behind guaranteed his compliance. He also knew from experience that taking it from behind was one of Bianca’ s own predilections. Clearly, she was hell bent on her sister having a supreme first sexual experience.

Carla did as she was told, again feeling slightly nervous. She had just begun to enjoy having Dillon on top of her and now she was expected to change tack. She felt Dillon shifting into position and he suddenly entered her again, his large hands gripping her hips. Carla heard loud moaning and was surprised when she realised that she'd made the sound.

Bianca pushed Carla’s head into the pillow, ‘Bite it, don’t make so much noise or mum will hear you. Dillon, you fuck her good before I start to lose my patience. If you do it good and you’re a well-behaved boy, I might even share the video with you.’

Dillon firmly gripped Carla’s hips as he thrust his cock into her, desperately trying not to come. The thought of being filmed by his girlfriend as he fucked her virginal sister was almost too much to bear. It was enough to make any man shoot his load and Dillon had to admit that Carla felt nice.

He felt Bianca’s hands tickling his balls. ‘Fuck her harder, please,’ Bianca whispered into his ear. ‘Come on, I know you can do better.’

Bianca’s somewhat perverted demands and her teasing hands were too much for Dillon. He fucked furiously, rapidly headed for a climax and he came harder and much faster than he would have liked. But, he thought, no guy could have held out for much longer.

Dillon withdrew his cock and Carla spread out on her front before slowly turning onto her back, an arm covering her eyes to hide her embarrassment. ’That was good, wasn’t it?’ Bianca murmured, kissing her sister’s cheek.

Carla nodded, her mind still awash with mixed emotions at what had just taken place. ‘Yes, it was nice,’ she whispered, feeling like she needed at least ten minutes to recover from her admittedly exquisite ordeal.

Bianca grinned. ‘I’m just going to clean him up,’ she announced before taking Dillon’s sensitive cock in her mouth, making him flinch as she sucked up the remnants of his come.

‘Stop it,’ he grimaced, pulling away from Bianca’s mouth before collapsing at the side of Carla.

Bianca laughed. ‘I’ll give you both five minutes to recover. Then you can get dressed Dillon because Carla and I have a night out planned.’

Kissing Dillon again, Bianca got off the bed. ‘You did so well, both of you. I’ll send you the video later Dillon. That can be your little treat and reward for not letting me down.’

Five minutes later, Dillon was dressed and Bianca ushered him out of the bedroom. ’I’ll call you tomorrow,’ she told him as he walked downstairs.

On the bottom step, Dillon turned, waved and gave a small grin. ‘Yeah, you do that,’ he said, leaving and shutting the front door behind him.

Back in the bedroom, Bianca smiled at Carla. ‘Now you’re broken in, it’s time for you to start searching for cock. When you find one, remember the favour I did you tonight.’ Bianca slipped on her little black dress, zipping up the back. ‘Share and share alike and all that.’

Carla sat up on the bed, feeling sore and suddenly sober. ‘That was far better than I ever imagined,' she smiled. 'I’ll do whatever you say.’


AUTHORS NOTE: Thank you JWren for editing my story so well, you are a star!!



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