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Taking Anna's Virginity

The last thing I expected that morning, was getting laid, especially by a virgin friend of my son's.

Winter mornings here in Houston had been excellent running weather: light breeze, mid to low 50's, low humidity. Other than feeling exceptionally horny that morning, that particular morning in mid January was no different. At least the early part of the morning wasn't.

It was uneventful, I had finished my run and gone into my home gym to work on some weights and stretching. It felt good to loosen up the old body. After a pretty intense workout, I stood in front of the mirror. A lingering look in the mirror tried to convince me that I didn't look 'that' old. Well, not 'that' old if you ignore a few of the wrinkles and the thinning gray hair I chuckled.

I slipped off my shirt and shorts, leaving only my Jockey briefs on as I struck a few poses in front of the mirror to inspect my muscle tone and symmetry. At least my dick still looks and behaves young I mused to myself. I had to laugh at my silliness.

My eyes gravitated towards the growing bulge in my briefs. The cock I had securely tucked deep into the crotch of my briefs before my run, was now a blooming erection that was pushing towards the top of my elastic band. The stiffening pushed the soft cotton away from me at a 90 degree angle, pulling at my briefs, exposing the top of my pubic hair. I couldn't resist slipping my hand inside to reward my erection with a good rub. The feel of my hand pushing the cotton across my hardening cock felt good, really good.

My wife Veronica and her girlfriend Bethie had left the day before to go wine tasting and antique shopping in the hill country West of Austin. At least, that was the excuse they used this time to get away together for a couple of days. Ever since I discovered that my wife had taken her life long friend Bethie as a lover, life had taken on a surreal tone. It wasn't that I minded per se, because I certainly enjoyed it when I was invited to play with the two of them. That part was fun for sure, but things were just, different.

The novelty of such a fresh new facet to their relationship was still so new and exciting to Veronica, that more and more frequently, she and Bethie were making it a habit to leave me alone at home several times a month while they went away on 2-3 day 'excursions'. These little 'mini honeymoons' as we used to call them, were day trips or overnighters that Veronica and I used to take together. She now took them with Bethie instead.

I adjusted my briefs and gave my cock the freedom it needed to grow to it's full 8" of length. The head poked proudly above the elastic band and was pressed against my stomach by the band itself. I watched myself in the mirror as I tugged at my love muscle. Then I lowered the band below my balls, so that they draped over the band, exposing the whole package. I admired it's size and girth in the mirror pretending it belonged to a porn star. The large bulging veins that criss crossed my throbbing cock looked ready to explode. They made it look like it was industrial strength. I laughed. With each good flexing of my love muscle, blood filled the purplish mushroom shaped head, causing it to swell and spring upwards. A few good tugs and my mind began wondering if I had time for some much needed relief.

If a pending conference call hadn't been scheduled, I would have clicked into a good cam sight and given myself a good beating while I watched some hot woman masturbate. But now, even that would have to wait.

I quickly showered and slipped on a long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting boxers. The morning chill lingered and the feel of the cool air made me feel invigorated.

As I prepared for the call, my cock twitched a few times reminding me of unfinished business. Who was I trying to fool, I intended to keep myself 'occupied' during the conference call. I have always enjoyed masturbating. Sometimes I'd jack off in front of the mirror just to watch the ropes of cum splatter the mirror. Other times I'd jack off standing next to the pool just because I could. Given the trend of recent months, it seemed like I might be doing a whole lot more masturbating than fucking. Even though I enjoyed masturbating, the feel of Veronica's tight pussy wrapped around my cock in the morning was a delicacy I was missing!

As I stood in front of the coffee maker, I found myself pressing my cotton cloaked cock against the counter.

"What the fuck?" I laughed out loud to myself, "am I that fucking hard up that I have to hump the damn kitchen counter in order to get relief?"

With fresh coffee in hand, I walked back to my office, sat down at my desk and prepared for the call. I hit the remote to open the curtains as I spun around in my office chair to take in the view of the black Angus herd in the pasture beyond the pool area. The brisk cool air rushed into the office as I opened the double French doors. All the raw sounds and fragrances and sights of nature welcoming a new day flooded my senses. A different remote started the waterfall and a flood of splashing water began cascading into the pool.

I sat there for a few minutes, taking it all in. Then I slipped on my headset and dialed in as I turned to face my desk. How fucking lucky can one person be I pondered. I can work from home and never deal with any of the normal hassles commuters have to deal with. No commute, no traffic, no blaring horns, no crowds, no buses no engine fumes. The memories of catching the train into town every day remained an uninvited fixture in my memory bank. No way in hell did I miss the crowded rail cars, odd stares from total strangers, the pungent cocktail of colognes, perfumes and body odors that swirled about in the dank cramped spaces. Damn, I didn't miss any of that at all.

The only fond memories of the commuting experience I had, were when Veronica and I spent several weeks roll playing a story I was writing. It's 'The Commuter' series I have posted on Lush. That was so fucking hot and fun. We came so close to getting busted more than once. But that was part of the thrill of public sex. (Reminder to self: finish the last chapter one day soon.)

The call progressed as expected, long, drawn out, boring. I tried my best to keep myself entertained during the call. But even playing with myself wasn't distraction enough.

Just as the call was about to end, I heard a noise from down the hall. The bedroom door to the guest room creaked open. I knew Veronica was gone, and my son had already left for work.

"Hello." I nervously called down the hallway as I rose from my chair.

A soft squeaky feminine voice answered, "Hello to you, too."

Before I could reach my office door, a very cute petite young lady peeked her head around the door frame, then stepped into the doorway. What a delightful surprise I thought to myself. I couldn't help but notice her perky tits and hard nipples jutting through the tank top, seemingly welcoming my stare. The cutoff sweat pants barely covered her ass cheeks and the waistband dipped low enough to offer a glimpse of the top of her pubes. Her long honey blond hair was tangled and fell across part of her face in a most delicious and provocative manner.

I smiled curiously at this young goddess, " aaaaand you are?" I asked as I folded my arms.

She smiled and said her name was Anna and that she was a friend of my son's. She had spent the night in the guest room because she had had too many drinks the night before and my son wouldn't let her drive home.

"Nicely done son." I mumbled under my breath.

"I hope you don't mind." Anna said with a big grin that begged forgiveness.

"Of course not. Any friend of my kids is a friend of mine for sure. Mi casa su casa so they say."

"Sleep well Anna?" I asked as my eyes panned up and down her body.

"Mmmm , very well thank you. How about you?" She asked as she arched her back and lifted her arms above her head to stretch. The long seductive stretch brought her tank top to the bottom curve of her tits. Had I not known better, I would have sworn her perky tits were inviting me to reach out and touch them.

"Well, considering I slept alone last night, I guess it was alright."

"Yeah, your son told me his mom and her lady friend were out of town a few days. Sucks to be you huh?"

"Yeah, sucks is exactly the first word that popped into my mind." I quipped, stealing a peek at her hard nipples.

I could feel my cock stirring and quickly sat back down before it grew any more obvious. The last thing I needed was my son asking why I got a boner when talking to his little lady friend.

"So, are you dating my son? You sure look young?"

"Very funny Mister. I'm 22, the same age as your son. We met at A&M during grad school."

"So far as dating, no sir. He's just my guardian angel. We and some other friends drink together all too regularly, and he makes sure I get home safely and that no one takes advantage of me. I don't handle alcohol very well."

She giggled, "Alcohol makes me all flirty and behave naughtily."

"Wow, that boy really is a knight in shining armor isn't he?" I laughed. "If you only knew how much that boy and I are polar opposites Anna."

I looked her over a couple of times, winked and said, "He would have been protecting you from me last night if I had been there."

Anna blushed and dropped her gaze towards the floor. She stood awkwardly silent for a couple of moments. Then, she all but blurted out, "So, did you write all those naughty stories? Are they true?"

"What stories?" I answered as a crimson flush covered my face, "What are you talking about Anna?"

Anna looked at me without blinking. Her large crystal blue eyes looked innocently into mine. "You know, the ones on your computer." she asked as she bit at her bottom lip.

I tried to play dumb, but I knew I was busted. The only thing I could think of was I had neglected to shut off my computer before going to bed last night. I certainly didn't expect anyone to be rifling through my work. Nosy little cunt must have seen the screen up and helped herself to some of my erotica.

"Like which ones are you referring to Anna?" I asked as I turned my chair towards her and leaned back.

The outline of my semi erect cock was obvious as it laid in ambush, snugly pressed against my thigh. From her vantage point, I figured she might even be able to see the tip of it's head poking out near the bottom of my boxers. I spread my legs wider as I rocked back and forth in my chair and studied her body language. We both played a staring game for an awkwardly long stretch of silence.

Anna's nipples jutted proudly against the shear baby blue tank top she wore and at one point, she casually folded her arms in some vain attempt to cover them. My eyes were feasting on her and I wanted her to know it. Both us stole glances up and down each others bodies.

"So Anna, tell me which ones you read. And, did you like what you read?"

" Mmmm hmmm , I did. she softly confessed, "It made me squishy down there and tingly all over."

"Really? Squishy down there and tingly all over eh?"

Anna clinched a handful of her shorts in her fist. She blushed again. "I read several stories Mister. Then I went to bed all worked up."

"What did you do to take care of that problem Anna? Anything?"

"Not really. I mean, I laid there thinking about what it must have been like to do all those naughty things you wrote about. As I closed my eyes to fantasize, I played with my nipples and rubbed at my clitty a bit, but that's about all."

"Did you orgasm Anna?" I asked as I leaned forward in my chair.

"Honestly Mister, I don't know if I came or not." Anna said sheepishly.

"You don't know if you came or not? You've never orgasmed have you? Are you a virgin Anna?"

"Well, honestly , I've only had a boy's fingers inside me. I mean, I've had my own fingers inside me too. Does playing with yourself mean you are no longer a virgin? Does that make me virgin or not?"

I laughed, "Only one way to find out Anna. But you playing with yourself counts alright!"

Anna's breathing was heavy and her hot little body squirmed as she talked about her sexual experiences, or lack there of. Still yapping away, she slid over the padded arm and into the plush armchair that sat across from me. With one leg still draped over the arm of the chair, she turned the rest of her body to face me. Then she slid forward in the chair till her ass cheeks barely clung to the edge. The fabric on the chair offered all the resistance needed to wedge her cutoff sweat pants firmly into her crotch and ass cheeks. The seam of her crotch parted her lips, pooching them slightly to the sides. Dainty blond curls shimmered in the morning sunlight as she swung her leg back and forth. Within seconds, a sweet little damp spot soaked through.

Anna watched me intently and then folded her arms over her breasts, hugging herself as she briskly rubbed her upper arms in an effort to take away the chill that hung in the air.

"Are you cold Anna? I can close the doors if you wish?"

"I like the cold Mister. It makes my nipples ache, but I like that." she said as she looked down at them.

"So I noticed," I said with a snicker, "they certainly do respond nicely to the cold."

"So Mister, you didn't answer me, did you write those stories?

"Yes, I did." I replied as I studied her face for reactions. Before I delved too deeply into this hot little ladies love life, I wanted to make sure she wasn't offended by my stories.

"Are they true Mister?" Anna asked as she moistened her lips with her darting tongue.

"Most of them are true, yes."

"You know Anna, I'm not at all comfortable with a total stranger taking the liberties you took. While it's true that sooner or later, they will be published and out there so to speak for all to read, there's a right way and wrong way to get in someone else's business. What you did was wrong Anna."

Anna's face lowered in shame. Now we both had been busted.

"I'm really sorry Mister." she said as her eyes turned glassy. "I didn't mean to pry. It's just that, well, I was going to check my F ace Book and saw the page open. I read just a little bit, and was hooked. Soon, I was reading one story and then another. After a few of them, my head was spinning with really naughty thoughts and the throbbing of my, well, you know. I'm... I'm really sorry."

"It's not all that bad Anna." I laughed, "come here." I said pulling her out of the chair and towards me.

Anna stood, her shorts still tucked up her pussy crack, and took a couple of baby steps towards my chair. She stood there fidgeting, unsure of what was next. The aroma of her scent was filling my nostrils. I was so hungry for her sex, I nearly shoved my face between her legs.

With a serious expression, I looked up at her apologetically, "You know you need to be punished for what you did, don't you Anna? I just can't let something like this go."

She stood there clasping my index and middle fingers like a little school girl and nodded.

"What are you going to do to me Mister?" she asked as her eyes glanced at my bulge. "Are you going to use that on me?"

"What do you think normally happens to naughty little girls when they do something like this?" I asked as I reached to caress her thigh.

I pulled her near until she stood between my outstretched legs. It was impossible for either of us to ignore the swelling in my boxers. With both hands, I began caressing her outer thighs, pushing the shorts she wore higher up her hips with each upward pass. Each time my hands slipped under the sides of her shorts, I moved them further around her ass cheeks, feeling the warmth of her firm young buttocks.

Anna's body shuttered each time my hands neared her ass crack. Soon, I dipped the fingertips of both hands between her ass cheeks, running them her entire length and then squeezed them both firmly.

"Do you like having your ass played with Anna?" I panted.

As my fingers slipped under the folds of her ass cheeks, Anna nodded yes, gasped innocently, and reached for my shoulders to steady herself. Her tits were just inches from my face. With both hands full of her hot little ass cheeks, I spread them wide, as if I was behind her and ready to ram something of mine inside her tightly puckered fortress.

Slowly, I withdrew my grasp as my hands slid down her legs. Out of know where, I swatted her ass cheek hard. My action caught her off guard. In that unexpected moment, her body lurched forward and she yelped as the sting of my hand startled her .

She steadied herself and held her ground admirably, almost as if she expected something like that to eventually happen.

I starred into her eyes as I decided to become more bold. My hands now moved up the front of her legs, slowly at first. As I neared the V shaped cotton that hide her sweet womanhood from me, I ran my fingertips up the sides of her hairline, along that most erogonous spot between her cunt and upper most thighs. This time Anna's knees gave way slightly and she surprised even herself with the loudness of her moan.

Her eyes were hazed over as she immersed herself in the experience. The fresh aroma of her scent filled the room. With my probing thumbtips, I used her shorts to press her lips together, pinching her clit between her soft fleshy folds. Anna's body jerked involuntarily and her nails dug into my shoulders.

"Mister, what are you doing to me? I feel like I'm going to wet myself."

I smiled at her innocence, "So do you like how you feel Anna?"

She purred her approval as her eyes closed. Anna tilted her head back and leaned forward into me, her tits to either side of my mouth. After a few seconds of feeling her hotness next to me, I stood her back up, "You okay Anna?"

"Oh gawwwwd yes, Mister. Please don't stop."

"Oh, I don't intend to stop Anna, until I am through with you."

Anna gave me a puzzled look as my hands squeezed her upper thighs. I wiped the look from her face as my fingers pushed against the wet spot on her shorts. This time her hips jerked forward, hard pressed against my hand as she gripped my forearm with both her hands, holding it in place.

Her pelvis rocked back and forth as I curled my fingers, pushing the soft cotton of her shorts inside her. She released her grip on my forearm with one hand and yanked her shorts to the side.

"Stick your fingers in me! Finger fuck me, Mister!"

Sliding two fingers inside her wet honey hole was easy. She was so wet, there was no resistance. I filled her hot little cunt with my fingers as she wiggled and rammed herself against them. My long thick fingers explored her wet cavity, feeling, memorizing every inch of her pulsing love tunnel. It wasn't long before her thighs tightened around my fingers and she let out a faint scream. Her body shook hard for several seconds as her body cinched tightly and spasmed. My hand filled with her sweet milky juices as her pussy muscles gripped me like a vice. Her body shuttered several times more as I wiggled my fingers inside her, extending her orgasm.

Anna reached for my hand and pulled the sticky treat towards her mouth. With the other hand, she reached around my head, pulling my mouth to meet hers on my hand. Together, our tongues lapped at her juicy nectar and licked at each other's tongue at the same time.

"Do you like how I taste Mister?" Anna asked as she dribbled a string of her cum from her lips into my mouth.

I was sure my cock had ripped a hole in my shorts. It had to have by now.

Anna took a long look at the bulging mound of cotton in my lap as I pushed her away from me. She kept her gaze on it as she straightened herself up. She reached for my shoulders to pull herself back into me, but I stopped her with a hand between her tits.

A stern look came over my face.

"Pull down your shorts Anna and bend over my lap." I told her, reaching for her forearm to spin her around.

Anna didn't resist. She turned her back to me and stuck her thumbs inside the elastice waistband. Then she seductively wiggled her shorts down her beautifully curved hips. She stopped at mid cheek, the top halves of her delicious little ass cheeks dissected by the waist band. She held her grip on her sweats and looked over her shoulder.

"Does apologizing to you get me out of a spanking Mister?" she asked with pouted lip.

"I'm sorry Anna. No it does not. Please don't anger me. Do as I told you." I gulped as I stared at the dainty patch of hairs that accentuated her ass crack and covered the back of her pussy.

As her shorts rolled down her cheeks, the crotch of her wet panties held their kiss on her swollen pussy lips. As she took her sweet time lowering her shorts, slowly, they peeled away, exposing a very lovely thick set of fleshy folds, drenched with her creamy excitement.

"Is this far enough Mister?" Anna asked with a soft purr as her hands teasingly caressed her cheeks and hips. Her fingertips dug into both cheeks near her crack, then curled as her nails left marks across her cheeks, spreading them wide for my viewing pleasure.

I swallowed hard, "Pull them to mid thigh Anna."

"Okay, fine." she huffed, bending at the waist as she wiggled the sweats lower.

Her wet pussy lips stared at me from less than a couple of feet away. Beautiful soft damp curls of pussy hair covered her lips. Even her tightly puckered starfish had matching peach fuzz. My cock was raging hard and wanting to plunge head long into this hot little virgin cunt.

Anna turned to face me, her sweats soaked in the crotch and held at mid thigh by the elastic. Her breathing was heavy and she whimpered her arousal. Her beautiful pussy had the most beautiful golden patch of pubic hair. It wasn't too thick or out of control. It just looked perfect. The pubic hair that curled around her lips was soaked and matted together.

We stared at each other, both waiting for my next move. Anna had wonderful muscle tone. Surely she must work out or was an athlete of some type at one time I guessed as my eyes moved slowly up and down her body. With my eyes still feasting on her lusciosness, Anna adjusted her stance and her sweats fell to the floor around her feet. Without taking her gaze off my eyes, she stepped out of them.

She bent over at the waist and picked them up, holding the crotch to her face. Anna's eyes closed seductively as she took in a large whiff of her own musky aroma. Then she rubbed the wetness across her lips.

"I how I taste Mister." she said as her squinting eyes met mine.

Without saying another word, she extended her hand, offering me her sweats. It didn't matter that I left my hands in my lap, she slowly rubbed her sweats across my face. She held them under my nose and against my mouth. She forced the crotch of her shorts into my mouth with her fingers. I clenched my teeth into the crotch of her sweats, sucking the sweet nectar from the fabric trapped inside my mouth.

Anna moaned as her other hand disappeared under her tank top. She pulled the top over her left titty as she took hold, squeezing it hard. She released a long deep sigh as she pulled at the hard nipple. Her body slowly gyrated as she began to let herself go. Anna leaned into me and started her slow seductive slithering against my body.

"This isn't going to work Anna."

"What? What are you talking about?" she scowled, sounding pissed at my mood killing interruption.

"This seductive little lust dance of yours is not gong to get you out of your spanking is what I mean."

"Okay." Anna hissed as she turned away from me, "go ahead, just spank me if that's what you want to do Mister. Just get it over with!"

I never wanted to spank a sweet ass more in my life. I couldn't wait to feel the heat of her young supple body writhing on me as I delivered her punishment. The thought of taking that sweet young ass in my hands and.... damn!

"Bend over my lap Anna." I said firmly.

"Shouldn't you be naked too if I have to be?" Anna snarked, "That's only fair you know."

" Umm , you make way too much sense Anna." I smiled.

As I stood to drop my shorts, my hands were met by Anna's. She slid her hands up and down my chest, then down the sides of my hips. She fumbled her way to the large bulge, her hands running up and down it's length, feeling my blood pumping it larger. Then she slipped the waistband over the tip of my cock. A devious smile covered her face as he leaned over and licked at the purplish mushroom head. Anna kept the head of my cock trapped between her lips as she pulled the waist band back and forth across my shaft. Slowly, she lowered my shorts, taking more and more cock into her tiny mouth. Her mouth stretched wide as she finally took all of me. Anna bobbed up and down on my cock giving me one of the best suckings I had ever had.

I reached for her head with both hands, guiding her. "You suck cock like a pro Anna. Are you sure you've never done this before?"

She lifted her head, pulling my cock from her velvety tunnel. She looked at me seductively, wiped the slobber from her mouth and smirked, "I didn't say I've never sucked cock before Mister. I said I have never been fucked."

I sank back in my chair, legs wide as this hot little slut fell to her knees and sucked and licked at my cock and balls. Her hands circled my shaft, pistoning up and down my shaft each time her mouth reached my head. She fondled my balls in one hand as she stroked me and rubbed my cock against her face and tits. She took turns sucking one ball then the other into her mouth. Her long slow licks from my ball sack to the tip of my cock were driving me fucking crazy!

This was something I could get used to I thought to myself. I knew if I let her blow me for much longer, I would cum like a volcano. Giving this little slut a facial might not be the best thing to do first time around. What I really wanted though, was to take this little cock sucking slut's virginity.

I reached for a handful of her hair, dragging her up my body. Saliva and precum dripped from her mouth, and lust filled her eyes. Her body was an inferno. We kissed as she rubbed her titties against my cock. She held my cock in place between her tits as she moved them up and down my shaft.

"Not going to work my little slut. Bend over my lap!"

A look of surprise met my stare as she showed a bit of her temper.

"Fine then." she huffed, releasing my cock like it was a hot potato. "Spank me. I don't care. And if you think for one minute I'm going to enjoy it, you are dead wrong Mister." she quipped.

"Bend over Anna. Be a good little slut for me now." I said as I reached up between her tits and grabbed a handful of her tank top.

Anna turned on the tears as she draped herself across my lap. "Please don't make this hurt. Please."

I ran my hand across her tight ass cheeks, feeling her strong glute muscles. "Nice ass Anna." I said as I gave her a few warm up swats.

Anna squirmed against my throbbing erection and moaned as I warmed up her cheeks good, squeezing them, rubbing them, spreading them, before delivering the first real swat. It landed sharply, sounding like a firecracker. She yelped loudly and her body bounced off of my lap as the initial sting sunk in. I raised my hand again and left a matching set of red fingerprints on her other ass cheek.

This time she reached behind her with both hands to try and shield herself from further blows.

"Anna, what you did was serious. Move your hands or I will be forced to restrain you. Is that what you want Anna?"

"Isn't that enough already?" she asked as she squirmed in my lap.

"How many stories did you read Anna?"

"I don't remember Mister. Honestly."

Another stinging blow across her ass made her scream, "Seven Mister. I read seven stories. That's all I promise."

I rubbed the crimson whelps tenderly. Running my hands caressingly across her bottom. My attempts to sooth the pain worked and she relaxed her body. I dipped my fingertips between her tight buns, running them the length from her tailbone to her tightly puckered asshole. Anna responded beautifully to this type of touch. Her body relaxed and began to anticipate my long probing strokes and she moved to meet each one.

She must have thought the spanking was over as her body began to come alive. Silly little slut I mused.

I raised my hand and the open palm slapped loudly against her relaxed buttock. Her body jerked upright, nearly lifting her from my lap entirely.

"That's number four! Only three more Anna. One for each story you read."

Anna looked at me with a sultry smirk as she accepted her fate, and laid calmly back across my lap, waiting. Anna knew it was coming sooner or later, but I controlled the element of surprise. I ran my hands across her red cheeks, squeezing them both and spreading them like kneaded dough.

I ran my hand down the back of her thighs and was greeted with her slippery juices. Slowly, I sank my hand between her thighs and worked my way towards her dripping love chamber. My fingertips parted at the last second, and pushed against her inner most upper thighs. You know, right where the ass cheeks fold over her thighs.

Unable to contain herself, she opened her legs wide for my hand, arching her back and pushing her womanhood into the palm of my hand. A loud muffled moan reverberated off of my thigh as her mouth pressed into my leg. Her nails dug into my flesh as my fingertips smeared the dew across her outer folds, rubbing them roughly in a large circular motion.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You like this don;t you Anna? Hmm, tell me the truth."

"Hell yes I love this. My pussy is needing relief Mister."

Her hips began to buck and hump against my leg as she begged for more. I plunged my fingers into her tight hole, extracting her sweet juices before rubbing them around her asshole. Then like before, sliding them back between her lips while my thumb kept pressure against her bunghole. With each probe I pushed deeper inside her, and her hips rocked violently against my hand as I brought her orgasm near.

My long thick fingers pumped long hard rough thrusts inside her tight walls as I felt her starting to spasm within. Her tight pussy milked at my fingers tightly with each thrust. Anna's pace quickened and her body grew tense. Just as she was about to cum, I slapped her ass really hard. The shock of the sting and the finger pounding was too much for her inexperienced body to process, and she spewed like a broken pipe. Her juices sprayed the front of my desk and dripped to the floor below. Her hips shook violently as waves of hard orgasms rolled over her. Just as I planned, her pussy now mine to take.

I pulled her up close to me, brushing the hair from her face as she trembled. She straddled my legs. Her honey hole was slippery wet and ready to be fucked. Her nails dug into my scalp as she wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me into her breasts. Anna feverishly kissed and ran her hands all over my neck, face and shoulders. She was on fire!

My aching cock stood at attention, trapped between our stomachs, ready for action.

"Are you ready to get fucked slut?" I asked, looking into her eyes.

Anna nodded her head up and down as her body continued to tremble. "I want you to fuck me like you did the women in your stories Mister."

I reached under her legs and lifted her off my lap, the head of my throbbing cock pressed between the lips of her tight virginal pussy.

"Go slow Anna. Take as much of me as you can. Go deeper when you are ready."

Anna closed her eyes and worked her hips in slow circles. She took the shaft and rubbed in up and down her slit, wetting it. Then she slid from my lap and took my cock in her mouth, dripping her spit up and down it's length. Her slender fingers spread her saliva around my shaft as her mouth prepared the spear head.

Then Anna placed her knees on the arms of my chair, lifting herself over the tip. Slowly, she lowered herself, stretching her tight cunt wide. Each time she went down, she went further. I kissed at her grunting, open mouth as she gradually began to move up and down. She moaned in pleasure and pain as I opened her tight walls wide. Finally, as she began to pump faster on me, a trickle of blood coated my cock.

I smiled, mission accomplished. I wiped my fingertips across the glistening red mix and held it before her eyes. She smiled as she ground down even harder. I painted the word M I N E across her tits with the cocktail of her blood and juices.

She laughed at my childish gesture only briefly. Her concentration focused on experiencing the feeling of a hot torrential rush of semen filling her chambers for the first time. I took both her ass cheeks in my hands and stood up as we continued to fuck. Anna wrapped her legs around my waist and held onto my neck. With her body pushed against the wall, I slammed my cock hard and fast inside her. She bounced up and down on me until she yelled she was going to cum again.

I pulled her tightly to me and rammed myself in her as fast and deep as I could. Feeling my seed racing towards it's destination, the surge of my semen shot out with such force, it caused her to gasp. It was a new experience for Anna. One I was glad to give her first. She came again, but didn't squirt this time. But she did leave my cock coated in creamy cum. I kept Anna pinned to the wall as my cock delivered another round of spurts inside her. Anna welcomed each new spurt with moans and giggles.

With her still impaled on my cock, I sat back in my chair, feeling our sex organs pulsing together inside her. I took her feet and placed them on my shoulders. The shift in angle gave her tight little cunt a new sensation as my cock rubbed at her differently. Our mix of cum oozed from around my cock as it slide in and out of her. She leaned back against my desk, elbows resting on the edge. Her body rocked back and forth as she wiggled her hips randomly, savoring the feel of my hard cock inside her. We fucked like this until she came again, giving my cock another creamy bath.

"Stand up Anna, and turn around."

"Why Mister?" she asked with suspicious eyes.

"Because I said too Anna. That's why."

"Are you going to fuck my ass like you did to some of those women in your stories Mister?"

"Maybe Anna, just maybe. Have you ever played with your ass, or had someone put their finger in your ass?"

"Not really. I'm not sure I'm ready for that Mister."

"Very well Anna. Maybe this is enough for one day."

Anna complied none the less and sat on my lap, with her back to my chest. I kissed at her neck and shoulders as she wiggled against my half hard cock. My hands traced every curve and crevice on her hot little body. I could feel our cum dripping from her onto my cock and balls.

"Give me your tank top Anna."

She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes as she pulled it over her head.

"Now, wipe your cunt and my cock clean so you can have it as a reminder of today."

Anna giggled as her hand dropped between her open legs, running her top across her pussy and my cock. She did what she could, then lifted the top to her face, drinking in a long breath of our mixed scents. The scent of her musk and my semen teased at her nostrils. Then she sucked and licked at the gooiness stuck to her shirt.

"Do you like role playing Anna? You know, like the things I write about?"

"Very much so. Why?"

"Wanna play a game?"

"Sure, unless you are going to spank the shit out of me every time. That hurt dammit, but in kind of a creepy fun way."

I laughed, "In case you lost count, I still owe you three, or is it two swats?"

"We'll see about that Mister." Anna cooed.

I reached inside my desk drawer and pulled out a leather choker collar studded in semi precious stones, one that I had used on Veronica years ago. "There are several, but not many conditions to this arrangement Anna."

"What are they Mister?"

"First of all, change the 'i' to 'a'."

"Huh?" Anna said with a puzzled expression.

"Think about it Anna. What have you been calling me since we met?"

"Ohhhhhhh, I get it. Okay, I'm down. You're gunna be my Master eh? Does that make me your slave, your sex slave Master? What else do you want me to do, hmm?"

"You are never to mention what we do in private to anyone, ever! When we are in public together, if we happen to run into anyone we know, I am merely escorting you to some destination to meet a friend of yours."

"Okay, got it. What else?" Anna smiled.

"You are to wear this collar anytime we are together, or any time you think we might run into each other, even if you happen to go on a date, or go drinking with my son or your friends."

"Mmmmm, and if I agree initially, and later disobey you...then what?"

I swatted the side of her ass hard.

Anna rubbed the sting, nodded her head understandingly and smiled. "Okay Master. This sounds like fun. I have a fantasy I hope you will consider."

"What's that Anna?"

"I want you to fuck me in all sorts of crazy places: on bridges, in sports stadiums, in the middle of the street at night, elevators, and... I want you to fuck me on a commuter train."

"This is going to be fun Anna!" I said as I kissed her lips.

She sat in my lap facing me for a while as we caressed each other.

"Why me Anna?" I asked, breaking the silence.

"Why you what?"

"Why did you chose me to take your virginity? Isn't this just a bit too random Anna? I mean, think about it, my wife is out of town, my son is at work, and you just 'happen' to be too drunk last night to drive yourself home? Why me?"

"Well, it's not totally random. I have an older cousin I confide in. For quiet a while now, I have been telling her I'm ready to lose my virginity, but not to just anyone."

I laughed, "And this isn't 'to just anyone'?"

She smiled, "Not really. I told my cousin I didn't want to get popped by some inexperienced boy that was going to feel me up quickly, pump me a couple of times and cum and go. I wanted a man with experience, an older man who would take his time and show me how it is to really be fucked."

"Okay." I smirked, "I fit the older man part, so how does this not fit the random part? Didn't your cousin have someone she suggested? Maybe one of her boyfriends or a husband or someone?"

Anna giggled and shook her head no. "My cousin has really been into exploring her bisexuality lately. She hasn't had a boyfriend for a while now, and she never had a husband. She has been sleeping with a woman for a few months, and ocassionally, she said her girlfriend's husband joins in. I have a bi-curious side to me too Mister, but she told me first things first."
I've met her girlfriend several times. She's hot and we hit it off, but my cousin won't let me join them yet. Ha, I think she's afraid I'll steal her." Anna smiled as she batted her lashes playfully.

By now Anna was having a hard time keeping a straight face. "Mister, my cousin is who recommended you to me. It just so happened that I already knew your son. That part is purely coincidental, I promise!"

I gave Anna an odd frown, "What's so funny? The fact you know my son? And just who is your cousin anyway? You're way too young for me to know any of your cousins."
Anna tossed her head backwards and shook her hair as she laughed, then looked at me with a shit eating grin. "Mister, my older cousin who recommended you, is Elizabeth Johnson, you know... Bethie... your wife's lover."

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