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Taking the Valedictorian

Taking the Valedictorian

Beth was a homely looking girl, but I saw more than other guys did…and was rewarded for it.

Beth was my high school’s bookworm. She studied alone in the library when she wasn’t in class; she was a straight ‘A’ student; she didn’t participate in sports of any kind; and she wasn’t particularly attractive.

That’s what all the guys thought of Beth, but I saw more. I saw a girl with beautiful long hair that would be a knockout if she wore it up in a ponytail. I saw Beth as a girl who was most likely sex-starved and would probably be great in bed if given half a chance. I decided to give her that chance.

I started my seduction of Beth by finding a reason to ask her a question in the library. She whispered that she would show me rather than try to tell me, so I followed her into the rows of books. I’d formed my question in such a way that we’d end up in the very back of the library, completely alone and isolated.

Beth reached up to the top shelf and pulled down a book. “Is this the title you’re looking for?”

“Umm. Yes! It is! Thanks Beth.” I was using the opportunity to look closely at her beautiful hair and imagine what it would look like pulled up in a ponytail; how it would bounce around as she walked; and how it would feel when I scrunched it in my hand.

She caught me staring and asked, “What? You’re staring at my hair.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Your hair is just so pretty and I was trying to imagine how sexy it would look if you wore it in a ponytail.”

“Oh. Well I never wear it in a ponytail. It’s too much trouble.”

“Well you should try it sometime. I think you’d attract a lot of looks.”

She chuckled and said, “I doubt that. Now I have to go study.”

“Okay Beth. Thanks for your help.”

I’d broken the ice with Beth, now I had to find a way to talk to her again.

* *

I didn’t see Beth again until graduation day. She was selected as the Valedictorian and no one was surprised. As she stood at the podium giving her speech and wearing her cap and gown, she looked abnormally attractive. I was not into her words of wisdom, so I began to fantasize about her. As she spoke, I came up behind her and slowly removed her robe, then wrapped my arms around her waist, pulled her close to my body and kissed her on the neck and shoulders.

Beth, to her credit, was not deterred. She kept right on reading her Valedictorian speech as I pressed my bulging cock against her ass and started humping. She stuttered briefly, but kept right on reading. She was doing a good job of ignoring what I was doing to her.

Of course, no one else in the large auditorium could see me or what I was doing to Beth. This was my fantasy and it existed only in my head.

Under her robe, Beth was wearing a knee-length dress, so I pulled it up and pushed her panties down until they fell to her ankles. Then I slid one hand down to her crotch to find her pussy and it was wet…very wet. Beth, the school bookworm, was very aroused as I humped her nude ass with my throbbing cock. I pushed my finger into her swollen labia and rubbed it up and down, causing Beth to shiver, but keep talking. I found her little clit and rubbed it softly at first, then more vigorously. Beth was ready to get fucked.

I had to hurry now because she was winding up her address. So I quickly dropped my pants to free my cock and slowly pushed it up into her wet pussy. When I felt her hymen pop, she groaned, cleared her throat, and continued to read.

Time was now short, so I began to thrust up into Beth’s virgin, but well lubricated body. I buried my face in her long silky hair and within a minute, I was blowing my load of cum deep in Beth’s cunt. She was panting and had to steady herself on the podium as I fucked her from behind.

Oh what a scene it would have made if suddenly the whole auditorium had seen me fucking Beth! There I was ramming her from behind, having just popped her cherry, and she was still reading her address.

My cock was so hard because of my ongoing fantasy that I thought I would die if I couldn’t rub it. But what I really wanted to do was to take it out of the confinement of my pants, stand up and stroke it until I shot off on the blonde sitting in front of me. Her long blonde hair was hanging half way to the floor anyway, so she probably wouldn’t feel it as my cum would splatter into her hair and soak in. Later it would dry and she’d never know about it.

But back to my fantasy and Beth: Just as she finished her address to the Senior Class, I thrust up hard, lifting her feet off the floor as my cock started to spurt its load. I was moaning in her ear with each spurt as she finally laid her head back on my shoulder as her first ever orgasm moved swiftly through her body. Her legs went stiff and she groaned from deep in her chest as I fingered her clit to extend her orgasm.

As my fantasy came to an end, my cock shot off in my pants. I quickly crossed my legs and was able to rub it and have a more satisfying climax. I thought, “Thank god for this robe!” I was staring straight at Beth as my cock was spurting in my pants. It actually felt like I was shooting off inside her.

Everyone stood and applauded for Beth, as I did, albeit with sticky pants. That’s when I set a goal to get into Beth’s pants any way I could. I knew that we both would be attending the local community college, so that is where I would zero in on her. I would get between her legs; I would eat her pussy; I would pop her cherry. Beth was going to get laid and I was going to do it. Then I would teach her how to give me a blowjob. I would make two fists with her silky hair and shoot off in her mouth, giving her her first taste of cum. I’d probably have to make her swallow it, but it would be worth it.

* *

It took me two weeks in college to find Beth. She was taking a liberal arts curriculum and I was in engineering, so we had no classes together and even spent most of our time on opposite sides of the large campus.

But I finally got lucky one day in the huge campus library. She was sitting alone with a pile of books around her. Her table was in the lower level of the library; very quiet and very remote. Beth had chosen a perfect location to be undisturbed.

“Well hello Beth!” I whispered. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Hi Bill. Yes, I’m hitting the books…as always.”

She looked a bit sad that she was “hitting the books as always,” so I made my move.

“You look like you need a break. Why don’t you join me for lunch? It’s a short walk to the Student Union Building and it’s a beautiful day. Why coop yourself up in this stuffy library all day?”

She looked up with a frown as she thought about my offer. I wanted to reach out and grab a handful of her curly hair and pull her face to my crotch. She would moan, but not resist as I humped her face. When my cock became hard, I would unzip my pants, pull it out, and push it into her mouth. She’d moan in shock, but would let me fuck her mouth until I blew my load. I would say, “Swallow it, Beth,” and she reluctantly would. Then I would push my cock back into her mouth where she would suck it tentatively until it went soft.

“Maybe you’re right. I do need a break. Help me put these books back.”

“No problem,” I said as I found the correct space for each of her books. While I did that I said, “You know I’ve been looking for you and now I know why you were so hard to find. You’ve been hiding out in the lower bowels of the library.”

Beth laughed and said, “Well I guess I have, but I’m not hiding. I’m studying.”

“I noticed that in high school. I would be honored if you’d go out with me some weekend.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. I don’t date.”

“Well you should. And you should start with me.”

Beth looked at me inquisitively and said, “Why do you want to date me, Bill? You never gave me a second glance in high school.”

“Well, that day in the library when you helped me find a book, I suddenly saw you in a totally different light. As I imagined you with your hair up in a sexy ponytail, I saw you as a beautiful girl for the first time.”

“Really? You must really like ponytails!”

“I do!”

I waited for her to gather her books, then asked again, “So what about it? Will you go out with me sometime?”

“I’ll think about it, but not right now. I’m hungry.”

* *

Over lunch, Beth was talkative and pleasant. As she talked I looked at her and she became more attractive all the time. I imagined her without her glasses, lying on a pillow with her gorgeous hair spread out around her head, as I was eating her pussy. She would be moaning and thrusting her hips up against my tongue, feeling a tongue on her clit for the first time.

As her breathing became more labored, she would suddenly groan, grab my head and grind her pussy into my face as an enormous orgasm ravaged her body. I would assume it was her first orgasm ever as I would crawl up between her legs and slowly push my cock into her, popping her hymen in the process. She would moan and flinch, but quickly start to thrust on my cock.

“Oh, Bill! You feel so good inside me! Just do me slowly,” she would whisper in my ear.

Beth was waving her hand in front of my face and saying, “Hello! Where are you, Bill?”

“Oh sorry. I was trying to imagine you in a ponytail. You’d look so hot!” I had to make up a quick lie.

“Well, if it will keep you present and not off in never, never land, I’ll put it up in a ponytail,” she said as she started to pull her hair back behind her head, smoothing the sides and back to get every lock of hair. Then she took a rubber band from her purse, wrapped it tightly around her ponytail several times and said, “Okay. Happy now?”

“Oh wow! It looks absolutely gorgeous! You really should wear it that way all the time.”

“Maybe I will. It will be easier to fix.”

“And I will be constantly memorized by it. It really is sexy,” I said, wanting desperately to reach out and fondle it.

She laughed and said, “Sure, Bill.”

After lunch I walked Beth back to the library where she planned to continue studying. But before she sat down, I finally did it. I reached out and ran my hand over her head and all the way down her ponytail, stopping to squeeze the last few inches.

“Your hair really is sexy this way, Beth,” I said as my eyes were locked on her ponytail as I tried to commit to memory the feel of her soft, curly hair in my finger.

Then Beth suddenly put her hands on my shoulders, went up on her tip-toes and planted a hard kiss on my lips. I was so surprised that it took me a couple of seconds to respond, but when I did, I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.

She moaned and wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed more passionately. A million thoughts were running through my head, but the one that came through most clearly was that Beth was a sex-starved girl who was ripe for losing her virginity. There was a definite hunger in her kiss that said, “I’m ready to have sex.”

When she finally broke our kiss, I was about to start humping my swollen cock against her crotch. I was about to slide my hand down to her ass and pull it against my cock. I felt sure that she would have responded and let me hump against her.

But she suddenly broke our kiss and said, “Bill, I need to study.” Then she sat down and spread out her books like nothing had happened.

I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. “Beth! We just shared a very passionate kiss and you have to study?” I ran my hand over her head and down through her ponytail again as before. She closed her eyes as though she was trying to suppress a reaction. I think she liked the feel of my hand in her hair. Yes, Beth was a sex-starved girl who was going to lose her virginity to me if I had anything to say about it.

“Beth, please go out with me tonight. We can go to dinner and a movie or just go to my place and talk. I want to know more about you.”

After she pondered my proposal for a few seconds, she said, “Okay. Pick me up at my dorm at seven. Now I need to study.”

“Okay. See you at seven,” I said as I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She smiled, then opened a book to study. Beth was a very focused girl.

Not wanting to press my luck, I ran my fingers through her ponytail once more and said, “Bye.”

* *

That night as Beth entered the lobby of her dorm where I was waiting, she looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a pale yellow tank top and a white mid-thigh mini-skirt, 3-4 inch heels and had her hair up in that gorgeous ponytail again. I got an instant hard-on when I saw her. I had made plans to seduce Beth that night and she just made it easier by the way she looked. I was definitely going to get between her legs that night come hell or high water. She looked so yummy and ready to get laid!

“Hi Beth. You look great!” I said as I kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you, Bill. I feel weird dressed like this.”

“You do? Why is that? You look better than I’ve ever seen you.”

“Thanks, but these heels were not my idea. My roommate suggested I wear them, so I brought a pair of flats if they get too uncomfortable.”

“Good idea. If we go to my place you can kick them off.”

“Sounds good already.”

* *

We had a nice Chinese dinner and then went to my apartment that I shared with a roommate. I had negotiated for him to stay gone all night because of my “plans” for Beth. So things were working out perfectly.

I poured us a glass of white wine and sat on the sofa to talk. I put my arm on the sofa behind Beth with plans to play with her ponytail as the night progressed.

Beth revealed, “I’ve never had wine before. My parents are very strict teetotalers.”

“Oh! Well, you don’t have to drink it.”

“No that’s okay. I want to try it,” she said as she took her first sip.

“Mmm! That’s not bad!” and took another sip.

I was thinking that if she keeps sipping like that she’ll get drunk and I didn’t want to seduce a drunk virgin.

“Hey! Slow down. We don’t want you to get drunk on your first taste of wine.”

“I guess you’re right.”

I decided it was time to move things along, so I started to play with Beth’s ponytail. I ran my fingers through it and scrunched it in my hand.

“I really do love your hair like this, Beth. It’s really sexy, especially where it pulls your hair up above and behind your ears. It makes me want to kiss you there.”

“Really? That’s kinda weird.”

“Maybe so, but I really do want to kiss you there,” I said as I leaned over and kissed her behind her left ear, then moved up and kissed her above the ear. She closed her eyes as though she was trying to resist the urge to enjoy my touch.

“Your hair is so soft. I love running my lips over it,” I whispered as I ran my lips over the hair above her ear, then moved down and licked the hair behind her ear.

Beth moaned and laid her head back on the sofa so we could kiss…and we kissed passionately for several minutes. My cock was rock-hard in no time and needed to get out of solitary confinement.

Beth, surprisingly, was quite good at French kissing. I didn’t know where she’d learned and didn’t care. I just took advantage of the fact that she was good at it. She was starting to moan, but was still holding her wine glass, but when I attempted to take it from her, she said, “Wait,” and drank down the remaining wine.

I sat both of our glasses on the coffee table so that our hand would be free. I slid one arm around her waist and she wrapped both arms around my neck, then pulled me down on top of her. Beth was displaying the moves of a girl who was really horny! That was what I wanted.

I quickly kicked off my shoes and crawled on top of Beth as she spread her legs to let my left leg in. I bent my leg slightly so that my hard, bulging cock was pressing against Beth’s crotch. When I pushed it against her for the first time, she moaned and thrust back tentatively. She was obviously on unfamiliar territory and that excited me. I wanted to be her first in everything. I wanted to pop her cherry; I wanted my cock to be the first cock she’d ever felt inside her cunt; I wanted my cock to be the first cock she’d ever had in her mouth; I wanted my cum to be the first cum to spurt into her mouth; the first cum she’d ever swallowed. I wanted to be the first guy to ever fuck her from behind; the first to pull her long ponytail as I fucked her from behind. I wanted to be the first guy to sleep with Beth and wake up in the middle of the night and fuck her while she was half asleep. I wanted to ensure that she would never forget the night she spent with me; the night she was fucked to exhaustion.

“Bill, wait. You’re moving too fast.”

“I’m sorry. I just want you so much,” I whispered and kissed her again.

Almost reluctantly, Beth started to hump my cock and moan when I pushed it hard against her crotch.

After several minutes of heavy kissing and dry humping, I whispered, “I want to make love to you, Beth.”

She kissed me and said, “I want you to.”

So we continued to dry hump for a few minutes, then I stood up, took her by the hands, and led her into my bedroom where I had turned the bed down.

We stopped at the edge of the bed and I pulled her tank top off to reveal the most gorgeous, plump set of boobs I’d ever seen; just two firm boobs in the 36C range with no bra holding them.

Then Beth started to unbutton my shirt and pull it off, all the while our lips were kissing.

Then she surprised me by dropping her skirt to the floor, revealing that she was wearing no panties. I thought she must have anticipated going all the way with me and had made it easy.

I responded by quickly dropping my pants and kicking them to the side. Now I was left wearing only my boxer shorts. Beth was totally nude.

Then she slowly reached down and rubbed my bulging cock through my shorts. We were kissing hungrily and her breathing was heavy.

“Bill, teach me how to…you know…make love to you. I really want to do it.”

Without waiting for instructions, Beth knelt down and kissed my bulge as she rubbed it. I took her head in my hands and pushed her face against it. Then I quickly pushed my shorts to the floor, leaving my cock to pop out and hit her on the face.

But Beth just took it in her hand and licked it a few times, then took it into her mouth about half way; bobbed her head a few times; then said, “Is that okay? Does it feel okay?”

“It feels amazing, Beth,” I whispered as I pulled slightly on her head to encourage her to continue.

She let my cock slide further into her mouth, then started to slither her tongue under it. She must have been watching porn because she already knew how to give head.

I moaned and start to trust into her mouth, going deeper and deeper until she gagged.

She coughed and said, “Sorry. I was hoping I could take you all the way, but I guess I can’t.”

“It takes practice.”

So when she started again, I held her head steady and tried to push down her throat. I made it very briefly before she gagged and pulled it out.”

Coughing and clearing her throat, she said, “Wow! I’ll have to practice more.”

That gave me visions of Beth coming to my apartment every night for “blowjob practice” the way she goes to the library to study every day. The thought was so thrilling that I wanted to force my cock down her throat and shoot off, but I restrained myself. There would be a next time.

Beth stood up and we kissed again. She was definitely ready for sex as she started to grind her crotch against my cock. So I pushed her gently down on the bed and got between her legs. She was moaning and thrusting, wanting me to put it in her, but I wanted to eat her virgin pussy first. I wanted to be the first guy to lick her clit; the first guy to taste her juices; and hopefully the first guy to give her an orgasm during oral sex.

I kissed her neck and shoulders, then moved down to her lovely ample breasts and spent a minute or two on them. Then I moved further down to her flat tummy and her cute belly button. Beth was getting more aroused by the second. She was moaning and thrusting, almost begging me to go further down. That made me assume that she was skilled at masturbation. She wanted to feel my tongue where her fingers had been her only stimulation.

When I finally got my face between her legs and licked her clit for the first time, Beth groaned loudly and took my head in her hands. She definitely knew what she wanted me to do. She wanted an orgasm on my tongue, so that is what she was going to give her.

I raked my tongue up and down her labia, which were full of her juices. Then I concentrated on her clit by licking it hard; sucking it between my lips; and pressing on it hard with my tongue. Within a minute Beth had an orgasm sweep through her virgin body that would have totally exhausted most girls. I’d witnessed a lot of orgasms, but the one Beth had beat them all.

As it was winding down, I moved up and we kissed hungrily. Beth was still humping on my cock, so I eased it in and made a quick thrust to pop her cherry.

“Oh! Go slow, Bill. Really slow.”

That was my plan now that her cherry was popped. I pushed further into her tight cunt and she made a long, low moan. She must have been really enjoying the feel of her first cock. I slid one hand under her ass to lift it up, and grabbed the top of her head with the other as we kissed deeply and I started to slowly thrust.

“Mmm, Bill. You feel so good inside me. I had no idea that this would feel so good.”

“And you feel so good and tight. I want to make love to you all night.”

“Mmm. Okay,” she whispered as we continued to fuck slowly.

Then without warning, Beth groaned, thrust up hard to sink my cock all the way into her, and had a second orgasm. She locked her legs around my waist and squeezed my cock with her internal muscles so tight that it made me start to shoot off.

We both groaned and thrust as my cock was spurting and filling her virgin body with my hot cum. The way she was thrusting and squeezing with her muscles tended to milk my cock. Her body wanted every drop of cum that my balls had and every drop of liquid that my prostate had. It was Beth’s first fuck, but her body already knew what to do.

As our orgasms subsided, I rolled over and pulled Beth on top of me. That way I could fondle her cute ponytail as we lay there to catch our breath.

After several minutes, Beth said, “That was amazing, Bill. Now I know what I’ve been missing.”

“I’m honored to be your first. You are so beautiful and you let me be your first.”

She raised her head and kissed me. “You’re too good to be true, Bill. You’ve brought things out of me that I didn’t know were there.”

I smiled and said, “Maybe there’s more there that we can find.”

Then she rolled off of me, leaned down and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. I moaned and put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down until she gagged. Beth was determined to deep throat me, so I let her be in control. She kept going deeper and deeper, holding still for a second or two, then trying again. By the time my cock was fully engorged, Beth was taking it all the way down. She’d still gag occasionally, but she had managed to press her nose into my scrotum with my assistance.

“Oh Beth! I’m going to cum,” I groaned as I pushed my crotch up into her face. She coughed and flinched when my first spurt hit her throat, but didn’t pull away. She held my cock in her throat to let every spurt of cum slither down into her stomach. For a first-time novice, Beth gave a great blowjob!

When I was finally finished, Beth came up for air; cleared her throat; then took me back into her mouth and sucked me slowly until I was soft once more. Then she cuddled up to me and said, “I’ve wondered for years what that would be like. I loved doing it for you.”

“I loved it too,” I said as I put her head on my shoulder and stroked her hair and ponytail. Within a couple of minutes we both were asleep.

* *

I woke up around four in the morning to realize that Beth, gorgeous ponytailed Beth, was still in my arms sleeping soundly. I lay there reviewing the happenings of earlier that night; how I’d given her an oral orgasm; how I’d popped her cherry; and how she’d given me such a great deep throat blowjob.

Without realizing it, my cock was ready for action again and was telling me in no uncertain terms what it wanted. It wanted to fuck Beth again, but from behind. So is gently rolled her over onto her stomach without waking her up. Then I straddled her legs and started to rake my cock up and down her labia, which were still wet with my cum.

“Mmm. That feels so good! Are you going to take me from behind,” Beth asked in a sleepy voice.

“Do you want me to?”

“Oh yes. I want to do everything with you.”

So as I continued to rake my cock up and down to get it wet, Beth raised her ass to give me better access, so I slipped it in.

“Mmm!” Beth moaned as I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy until my stomach was flat against her ass.

“Oh I love it this way! You feel so big and hard.”

I leaned forward over her body and began to thrust deep and hard. Beth would moan with each deep thrust that I made.

“I’m imagining that you’re doing me from behind in the library. You surprise me one night and just take me like this,” she whispered.

“I would love to do that.”

“Me too.”

I took both of her hands and pulled them behind her back and held them with one hand, then took her ponytail in the other hand and pulled her head back.

“Oh god! I love what you’re doing to me!”

I was fulfilling one more plan. I was the first guy to fuck Beth from behind; the first to pull her head back with her hair; the first to completely control her by pulling her hands behind her back. Sweet innocent ponytailed Beth had become the best fuck I’d ever had or ever hoped to have. It was at that point that I realized that I could fall in love with her. I could fall in love with the Valedictorian; the virgin whose cherry I had popped; the virgin who had given me her first ever blowjob. Beth was the virgin whose first taste of cum was mine. Yes. I could fall in love with Beth very easily.


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