Teach me more part 2

By nightgirl45

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Young female gets educated by two older woman

                                                                 TEACH ME MORE PART 2

     I awoke to a soft buzzing sound and a tingling feeling running through my Heart. I was just starting to open my eyes and there was Kim resting on her elbow and softly stoking my breasts. Elaine had her head on my belly and was running a vibrator up and down my inner thigh's. Kim leaned over and gave me a real nice soft kiss on the lips of which l returned.
     " Good Morning sweetie ", How is your outlook on life this morning ?
" MMMMM I want to be seduced 18 hours every day and by different people. I want to experience every thing while l am still young and l want to be able to weed out the duds before they find me. You have turned me into a sex a holic and l love every second of this. Also if Elaine does not stop this l will experience another orgasm soon. I am being pampered and love every second of it. Did l answer your question ? ha ha ha
     " Well you sure did and Elaine has a proposition for you a little later that you might want to hear. "
     " Now you have my attention and l want to know ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss now.
     Elaine was now running the vibrator up my Pusey lips and slowly teasing my clit.
     " Oh yesssss l am clooose Elaine.......put it in pleasssse.
     Elaine did not want to tease me at all. She was doing as l instructed and very slowly she was inserting this vibrating toy in me and as she was doing this Kim was tweaking my nipple with one hand and stroking my clit with the other.
     " Faster please faster yeeesssss"
I grabbed a hold of the sheets on the bed and started to really cum and l; came hard. This was one quick orgasm. I wanted to calm down and go have a shower but in the same breath l wanted to lay there and be pampered and also listen to what Elaine had to offer.
     " Rose " Elaine said as she came up to my shoulder and started to rub my breast.
     " I have gotten close to you in the short time that l have met you. When Kim was raving about you l said my buddy has taste and l needed to see for myself."
      " You see , Kim is an agent for me and l am in the customer service industry ."
     " I had no idea that this was going to happen and neither did Kim but we were hopping it would "
     " Are you happy and content with the two of us ?"
     " Oh yes l am and l want you to teach me every thing and don't leave out one class ." ha ha
     " Well, l would like you to come and work for me. You can also continue with your education and do this part time. The money would be more than you could imagine. You would do a lot of travelling and there will be lots of study time. You will not miss any school and your parents would not know a thing. You would have a separate account and you would have a cell phone that l will be the only one with the number to.
     " What would l do and where is the office and what kind of money is more than l could imagine ?
     " Well Honey my company turns fantasies into reality. I have clients that phone up and there is all kinds of requests. Here are a few of them and we do all the leg work.
     1. Having a wife be with another woman for the first time
     2. Son's first time and he must be of legal age
     3. Seducing a tied up groom at a bachelor party
     4. Seducing the bride at her bachelorette party
     5. Entertaining a group of business men on a yaught
     " Those are just a few of the things that l do and l do them for a lot of cash." " Some events you would work by yourself and some other times you would work with a partner or partners."
You would never be alone because on the times that you are alone l need my ladies to check in and there are code words that we use. Some mean that every thing is excellent and others mean that it is time for this to be finished. I get enough information from the clients that they will not do anything for this to be leaked out. I really screen my clients but also l have never ran into a bad experience because the people we deal with are great people."
     " I don't know, l am new to all this and l don't think that l would have enough experience "
     " Sweetie if that is your only concern you have nothing to worry about. Elaine and l are going to take you under our wing and when we get through with you we are going to be really jeallous.

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     I layed there and contemplated all that was being offered and wondering if l could go through with it. As l was thinking l was getting wetter and wetter. Elaine and Kim were now just softly stroking me and waiting for my response. I was now getting a really big smile and then l said.
     " Please teach me and when can l start "
     They both squeeled like school girls and then Elaine said " First appointment is this evening "
     " No NO NO NO, I am not ready, l am not experienced enough and l am way too nervous "
     " Sweetie, you will do fine. Let me tell you a little about it first "
     " Husband and wife both mid fourty's. He has hired a massage for his wife. You arrive at the door as a fill in. They are expecting a man and this really cute young nervous girl arrives. The husband then lets you in any way and you go into the bedroom and the mrs. is laying on the bed with a sheet over her and you are going to give her a massage and then leave. The couple are expecting this and this will be the first time the wife is with another woman. There might be intercourse with the husband and then there might not be. Whatever happens they want some one green and this will be a perfectr opportunity for you to test the waters.
     The wife is not expecting any kind of sexual activity but the husband thinks that she wants to make love to a woman in her fantasies. Honey this is what l do. I make fantasies reality. The only thing that l will show you is how to give a massage and then the rest is up to you. I am going to give you a pen to keep in your massage bag and this will be a microphone so we can hear all the details and work out little kinks later.
     " Now we have not much time so girl lets get started "and with that Kim pulled me up and led me to the shower. Elaine joined us and l had a touchy feely shower and they made sure every orfice in my body was cleaned and Elaine even slid a finger in my anus as Kim was fingering me to a mini orgasm."
     Kim was the test project and Elaine showed me how to give her a massage with sexual overtones. She really showed me how to rub the nipples to erect form and then tease the belly  and  the legs to make Kim squirm to want more touching. How she rubbed the inner theigh's and the finger tips would touch the pussey lips and she repeated this move over and over. Kim was so wet.
     She told me that at this point every thing would be left up to me and this lady would probably give in to my advances if she wanted to pursue this any further. If she did not then the massage would come to an end but Elaine did not think that would be the end of it.
     We left Kim on the bed frustrated and then went to the bed room to get me dressed. She handed me a komono and nothing else. She then handed me a massage bag and showed me the pen in it and the lotion and also a couple ov vibrators. She just winked and said " Just in case :
     Elaine said for me to wait a minute and then she went back to a whimpering Kim and gave her the orgasm that she was longing for. Ha Ha Elaine is such a tease.
     We then departed to my first call and l was shaking like a leaf. The drive was kind of short or so l thought. The house was a huge mansion on the hill over looking the lake. Elaine and Kim dropped me off with a hug and a kiss and said that they would be listening to every thing and know when to pick me up. They each then gave me a very long and soulfull kiss and then l got out.
     My shaking knees walked to the door with my massage bag. I knocked at the door and then rang the door bell in hopes that no one would answer. I was wrong. The door opened and this very friendly chineese man opened the door and l introduced myself.
     He was very friendly and had very smooth hands like he has never seen a day of labour in his life. His name was Chong but he said to call him by his North american name which is john.
     " song is upstairs expecting her massage l am going to get for her birthday. We thought a man was going to come over but you are very attractive and l am sure that my wife will not argue. I followed this short and very trim man up the stairs. One thing l did notice is he had a really nice tight ass. I felt a little awkward wearing this komono with nothing on under neath it.
     John carried my bag and l was praying that he would not look in it. Well we finally got to the room and John announced that the masseuse was here. Song gasped and spoke chineese to her husband. Thay bantered back and forth and then she smiled and reached out and shook my hand.
     " We were expecting a man but l am sure that woman can give massages too. It was just that my friend mentioned how firm that her guy was that gives her a massage and l wanted some of that too."
     " I will do my best ma'am but l am new at this and l am paying my way through University."
     " Sit down and lets talk first and my husband will go get us a drink. "
     Song sat up in the bed and put a robe on over her bra and panties. We talked about her garden and my schooling. We talked about her kids and her husband's job as a Pharmacist.
     " Here are your drinks ladies"
     Song took a sip from her glass and handed it to me and she instructed me to do the same and l did. This is a preventitve thing to show there is nothing slipped into the drink.
     " Well Song, may l get started "
     " Sure dear and then she stood up and took off her robe. She had on a red bra and her tiny but firm breasts like mine and her but was so small and round l just wanted to touch it .
     She layed in the bed with her head in her arms and l then opened my bag and saw the pen. I wanted to say hello but didn't dare to. I got the lotion's out and the towels and l layed them on the bed really slow like l was told to do. This builds up the anticipation. I started with her neck and shoulders. I had to move the bra straps and l could tell by her reaction that she was liking the massage so far.
     " I am going to unsnap your bra Song for easier access to your back "
     " She laughed and said the clasp is in the front " She then raised herself up and undid the bra and l pulled it all the way off. I worked on her full back and then l went to the legs. I worked on her feet and then l got between her legs and l was doing the full leg like l was taught and l could actually see a wet spot in her red panties. She was moaning a little and then she said.
     " I wall have to tell my friend about you and you might have another client "
     " Thank you Song "
     I was finished with her legs and now l wanted to get her panties off and rub her bum.
     " Would you like the full massage Song or just the back is fine with the legs. "
     " What is the full massage ?"
     " Well we would remove your panties and l would cover all your exposed skin and then l would turn you over and l would do your front."
     " Lets take a rest for now and have another drink "
     " Sure "
     I was breathing a sigh of releif because l was shaking like a leaf. When l spoke l had a quiver in my voice. Song could tell this. She rang a bed side bell after she put her robe on with out letting me see her breasts. In Runs John.
     " More drinks please "
     John left the room and she looked at me and said .
     " Don't be alarmed sweetie but he is in heaven right now knowing that he is serving two ladies in his room."
     John returned with the drinks and then left. Song and l did the same ritual and we chatted some more. She told me how good the massage was so far. I took that statement to mean that this will get further.
  " Ok we can continue now but l have a request if that is ok with you" Song said.
     " Sure what would you like , after all you are the customer. "
     I would feel better if you took the Komono off and then l would not be the only one naked.
     I thought about it for a minute to play the role of the shy masseuse , well actually l was shy .
     " Ok that is fair and l agree that if that makes you feel more comfortable why not, After all we are both females right."
     I removed my Komono with my hard nipples and she just looked and then said " You are very attractive Rose " " Your boyfriend must be very lucky to be with you."
     " Thank you but l am between boyfriends now, Now is just my education "
     Song removed her robe and then her panties and layed on the bed on her tummy. I poured the lotion on her bum and took my time rubbing it in.

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I could hear faint moans from her and every now and then l would slid my finger up her crack. I then got between her legs and this is the first time l noticed her shaved pussey. and her lips were droopy and l could see a string of liquid on them and l knew she wanted more.
     I continued to rub and broght my fingers really close to her pussey with out touching it. l then moved and slapped her bum and said ok roll over.
     She did with out resisting and l was now kneeling beside her and l started to rub her breeasts and tummy. I was turned around with my back to her and my legs were spread. I was rubbing her tummy and then all of the sudden l quivered and did not move. This witch had my soaking pussey lips in her fingers and she was expertly playing with them and my clit was geting attention from her fingers also. She brought her head up and was now kissing my bum. My legs instinctively went over her and now my aching pussey was getting a real teasing licking from her.
     I did not want to leave her out so l went to her pussey but l was no where near as good as she was with me. She had me whimpering and then she inserted her finger in my pussey and was stroking my g spot. This sent me over the edge and l came on this lady's hand and l screamed. The sensation comming from whith in was too intense.
     I rolled over on my back for a breather and she came over to me and gave me a very loving kiss and her hand was playing with my clit. I spread my legs in hope that she would stick her finger in me but instead l felt some thing trying to enter me. It was a penus and quite a large one. Song was kissing me so l could not look and this man could not be John because he was massive.
     There was a little pain but that quickly vanished and his pumping now was hitting the right spot. I kept thinking , please don't cum yet please don't cum yet. With his pumping and Song's kissing and feeling of my breasts l was in orgasm mode again.
     This went on for at least an hour and this man had staying powere. First he fucked me and then song and neither one of us switched position's. I did not see who it was until he was ready to cum and he got off us and came over and shot on our face. Song and l deep kissed to get the full affect of his sperm. This man was the gardner and now l know why they hired him.

I lay there totally spent and l was laughing to myself. Here l am getting paid to feel this way. I wound up staying there until 11:00 in the morning and for the entire night l sucked, and fucked, and licked and shared cum with Song.
     I loved sucking on Dave's cock and sharing him with Song. He had a gorgeous cock and one the my pussey accepted very nicely. John sat quietly in the corner and jerked off whille the three of us had a massive good time.
     John handed me an envelope and said that there was a little some thing in there for me as well. He wanted me to let Elaine know that there will be more business comming her way. I did get John's number privatley and told him that a date with him would be wonderful.
     I left this massive house and there was Elaine and Kim waiting for me. I got into the car and both ladies had huge smiles on there face. They heard every thing and did not need details. I handed Elaine the envelope and we drove back to the cottage. I slept the entire way.
     Once inside l excused myself and went upstairs to shower and sleep. I slept right into the next morning to the smell of coffee and breakfast. I arose and went to the bathroom and as l was walking across Kim called up.
     " Ok Star......Breakfast is on the patio or would yopu like to be carried down here "
     I just laughed and said " You made me now feed me "
     I got out to the patio and both ladies were into some idle conversation.
     " Wow...how long did l sleep ?"
     " You earned the rest and here is your first days pay "
     I opened the envelope and inside was cash. I counted it and there was 2500 dollars. " This can't be all for me ?"
     " No you should have got 1000.00 dollars for your share but John gave you a 1500.00 tip"
     " If you had no sex with Song you would have received 100.00"
     Wholly shit l could not beleive this and this was one day.
     Elaine started to talk again and she was so proud of me for the job that l did. As a matter of fact Kim and l enjoyed each other while you were gettin laid. You turned us on that much.
     " Well, today is a day of rest but l have another job for you to morrow if you still want to work"
     " Work ,...Work,...You call this work ,....Hell, Ya....Bring him on or them or what ever "
     Both ladies started to laugh and then Elaine said as she handed me a folder.
     " This one will not pay as much but l am giving you 60% of all jobs and this one also has a stipulation in it. You can take this to the tub and read as you soak. You need a good day of rest and that is just whhat we are going to do today. Lounge around and watch movies and read books and enjoy the day."
     I went upstairs and ran a bubble bath and then when l got in l reached for the folder and and started to read the contents.
     I pulled out a large photo of this lady who was really attractive. She might have been a little over weight but not much. She carried her weight very well. She had nice sized breasts and her eyes were so expressive. Her smile would have melted an ice burg and she had a darker kind of tan with long jet black hair. I studied the photo and thought that if this is my target l would really enjoy this mission.
     I was feeling like a secret agent. I then started to read the mission. The letter was from an ex boyfriend who wants to get her to go back to him. " Gee, l would want to get her back to " I said to myself.
     My name is Danny and l am a oversexed man that pushed Tracy too far. I was always trying to get her to sleep with other men. I thought that this would excite her and l know that it would be a big turn on for me. She did like the idea until l brought up woman too. She thought my motif was so l could sleep with other woman.
     She is very shy and did not want to do it but our night time fantasies were always group orientated. Every time l would tell her stories when we were making love she would go wild in bed and have some of the strongest orgasms ever. During our discussion's she would be getting fucked by many men and she would also get picked up by younger woman and seduced. This was in fantasy only. I have never met a woman that would get so wet and scream during orgasm like Tracy would.
     So one night l brought a couple of friends over and we were drinking and talking and when l went to the bathroom one of the guys made a pass at her. I heard her scream at them to get out and when l came running back she was furious with me. She went into the spare room and l slept alone in our bed.
     The next morning she was leaving for work and she told me that she wanted me out by the time she got home from work. Our relationship is over.
     I was devastated and still am. Well l was packing up my things and l noticed her diary which l should not have read. In this diary she states her strong love for me and that our stories are really getting to her. She wants to be seduced by a woman in the worst way and then she wants to have some really good group sex with men and woman. After she gets fucked she then wants me to have oral sex with her.
     This entry in her diary really excited me and l feel that if she could be secretly seduced then we could be back together where we belong. If this does not happen then there will be nothing lost.
     I could tell by this letter that this guy really loves Tracy and that she really loves him too. I think that it is just her thinking that if she lets go with all of her sexual energy then she would loose Danny's respect. They both want the same thing. The best resolution is compromise and l know just what should be done and by golly l am going to get these two back together.
     Now to put my plan of attack together with the help of Elaine and Kim.
     I got out of the tub and dried off and put my komono on and went down stairs.
     " Kim greeted me and said " Well, what do you think ?"
     " Tracy and Danny belong together and we are going to get them back together "
     " Good answer ,... now lets go talk with Elaine "
     Elaine was lounging on a raft in the pool naked when we came out. " Ok Angels.....I have a game plan set up " and then she laughed.
     "To:morrow, which is Friday we will drop Rose off at the salon where Tracy works so she can get her hair done by Tracy. The appointment is set up and you will arrive 30 minutes before her shift ends."
     You will have 30 minutes with Tracy to be friend her. After she does your hair and you will give her a nice tip. You will then ask her to call you a taxie for a ride back to the Hotel you are staying at. The Hotel will be on the other side of town but it will be on her way home.
     You will tell her that you are in town for the weekend to check out the University there and just made an appointment with a salon while you had your eyes closed. You opened up the yellow pages and just pointed. The girl that took the call said for you to arrive at a certain time and Tracy would be your stylist.
     This is a free weekend for her as she had plans with her friend to go out and cry on her shoulder but her friend got a date at the last moment so she had to cancel. Elaine then laughed and said that she might have had something to do with her friend being fixed up on a blind date.
     Elaine continued that hopefully Tracy will offer you a ride to the Hotel and on the way there you will invite her to have dinner with you so you can have some company. The rest my dear is going to be up to you.
     " Wll, can you help these two love birds fullfill their fantasies and get them back to gether "
     " This will not be too difficult " , I said " But where does the group thing come into play and where does Danny fit into all of this ".
     Elaine laughed again and said that will be for Saturday but first you will seduce Tracy and she will be yours for the week end. " Trust me " " A 30 year old lady being seduced by a very attractive and sexy 18 year old ." " She will not want to leave your side and she will be game for any plans that you will come up with"
     " On Saturday l will meet with you in the lobby and give you the days itinery and this my dear will blow your socks off because l will be killing two birds with one stone but l will let you in it on Saturday"
     I laughed really hard and said " You devil,... You thought of every thing down to the last detail and now l know what you meant when you said you make Fantasies become reality.
     Then Kim stood up and threw me into the pool and l tipped Elaine over. We played for the rest of the day and yes l even was taught the art of licking and teasing pussey into more detail. Elaine must have squeeled like a stuffed pig and she came so many time that l could not count. I guess l am learning quick.
Well l had a full night's sleep and when l awoke the next morning l was full of excitement and eager to start the day.
     I crawled out of bed and went and had a shower. Kim and Elaine were still sleeping. They had a late night watching movies. I went down stairs and made breakfast. When every thing set l then ran upstairs and pushed the door open.
     I ran into the room and jumped on the bed. I startled my naked starlets. Elaines screamed at me and then Kim got on top of me and pinned me down. Elain spread my legs and started teasing my pussey. She wanted me to get excited but she did not want to get me off.
     I was trying to squirm but Kim had a good hold on me and Elaine had me dripping wet and then she jumped off the bed and said " OK Kim lets go and have some breakfast."
     Kim got off me and l yelled at them as they left the room. " Get your ass back in here and finish what you started "
     I got off the bed a little frustrated but deserving of what just happened.
     I went to the patio and there they were sitting at the table naked and eating the breakfast that l had just made for them.
     " I hope everything is to your SATISFACTION " I said sarcasticly.
     " Yes it is dear, you out did yourself " replied Kim
      " After breakfast Kimmy, how about l get Ben out and l will give you a great orgasm that l am sure you need right now "
      " Oh, Fore sure, l haven't had Ben in a couple of weeks now and he is to die for"
     " Wait just one second here, I am horney as hell and Elaine teased my pussey to the brink of suicide so if any one get Ben is me so where the hell is he, I want him."
     They both laughed and then Kim said " Well honey we would share Ben with you but you need to be ready for to:nite"
     Elaine said " Another time though but you can watch if you want"
     E$laine then got up and rolled this huge exercise machine over beside the pool. She then set it up and now l saw what ben was.. It was a sex machine with a penus and straps and stirrups.
     I decided to wait until it was my turn and Elaine said that there was a folder on the Kitchen table that l should look over.
     I went and found the folder. In it were my hotel reservation's and also an itinery . I went upstairs and packed a bag for a couple of days. I was now ready to make my trip into the city and fullfill my job requirements.
     I went down stairs and l could hear Kim screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought she was getting killed. I ran outside and there was Kim in this machine with her legs spread and this piston like dick was going in and out of her real fast. Elaine was sucking on her nipple and rubbing her clit. I was getting wet watching this.

     I layed down in the lounge chair and watcheed the action and in about 20 minutes Ben was turned off and a very contented kim got off and jumped in the pool. After that kind of work out l would have drowned but she needed the dip.
     Elaine went inside and returned with the Keys to her car and told me l could drive myself and they would hook up with me for more instruction's to morrow. It all depends on how this evening goes. She would be intouch by her cell phone. She said " make sure your cell is fully charged and also make sure you have the pen with you at all times or at least with in ear shot.
     I got up and gave them both a deep kiss and a hug and l left for the City to meet my new play mate. At least l hoped that l could seduce another woman that was not suspecting it.
     I arrived at the posh Hotel about 1 in the afternoon and when l entered my room l was flabergasted. This was not a room it was a fucking suite. I laughed and thought that Elaine thinks of every thing.
2 King beds
1 jacuzzi
powder room
separate bed room which was the size of a house
wet bar
big screen tv
the jacuzzi was in the middle of the living room
and a remote control that operated everything. The blinds, tv, stereo, firplace, candles, lights.
     I played with all the controls and got to work them really well. I think l had every thing under control.
     I changed into my low cust satin top with no bra and tight jeans. I freshened up my make up and perfume and l did a double check in the mirror. My goodness l didn't look 18 but 25. I checked the time and said " Show time " and l left my week end play house.
     The bell hop hailed me a taxi and l was on my way. This place was really a long way from the Hotel. Well l finally arrived at this high end salon and 30.00 poorer.
     I entered the Salon and told the greeter my name and she said Tracy will be right with me.
     I sat down and started to read a magazine of which l had no idea what it was. I was just leafing through the pages and then this lady called my name and said " Tracy will see me now "
     I followed this lady thinking l was going for a doctors appt. " Tracy will see me now ".
     I got to her cubicle and she was so friendly and bubbly. We shook hands and she directed me over to the sink. Her voice and enthusiasm was very addictive. I could have listened to her talk for hours which l hope will happen.
     When l was in her chair after a really nice scalp massage of which l told her that she has excellent hands. She mentioned that her ex boyfriend always said that too. Well anyway in the chair we talked about all kinds of things. Like, School, boys, work, her job, the night life in this Place.
     I told her l was in town checking out the University and the night life as when classes start l will have no time for fun. ( I lied )
     She told me of a few places that l should check out and with my looks l will not have to put my hand in my purse all night and then she laughed. Even her laughter was infectuous.
     Well she was done with my hair and when l looked in the mirror, l thought to myself, Wow l look more like late 20s now. I complimented her on a job well done and l geve her a $50.00 dollar tip.
     She wanted to refuse such a gennerous tip but l stopped her in her tracks.
     " Don't be silly. I pay for good services and you have done an excellent Job " " There is some thing you can do for me though if you wouldn't mind"
     " Sure Rose what is that "
     " Would you mind calling me a taxi so l can get back to my hotel, I am staying at the Fairmont Downtown "
     " Well today is your lucky day then. I am off work now and that is on my way home, I will drop you off ."
     " That is really nice of you. Ok then l am your passenger "
     On the drive to the Hotel we talked a lot more. Conversation was so easy with her and the conversation worked its way into her broken relationship. She said they broke up on communication break down.
     I thought to myself that is one way to describe her fantasies and how he tried to bring it to reality.
     " You sound like you still have strong feelings for this man "
     " Oh yes, very much, l love him more than he realizes "
     I kind of changed the subject and said that you need to unwind and these things always have a way of working them selves out. Some times the best medicine is time apart.
     She agreed and some how she told me that the sex was great and that is what she really misses right now.
     I laughed and said " Ok then you need to go out and get laid "
     We both started to laugh really hard and she told me to stop because she would get us into an accident.
     We pulled up to the front of the Fairmont and we were met by the door man.
     I reached over and touched her shoulder " Tracy l really enjoy your company, Would you like to come up to my room for a drink and then let me take you to dinner " " You are the first person l met and l love your company "
     She looked at me and then said " What the hell, l have nothing on the go for the night but tv and a tv dinner and maybe some alone tears "
     She said she would go to dinner with me on one condition " You have to let me show you some of our night life "
     " OK that is a deal " Wow this is going better than l thought, so far there has been no resistance "
     Tracy was in awe of my suite and l told her l was sparring no expense for a weekend of memories.
     " Well l had better make this a memorable week end for you and we both laughed.
     I had her sit on one of the couche's and we both decided that we would like a rum and coke.
     We talked some more and now l was being Dr. Ruth. (Like l had so much experience )
     She told me after a couple of drinks that her boyfriend wanted to turn there private fantasy talks into reality.
     " How do you feel about all this "
     She was blushing now but kept the conversation going " Well to be honest the whole idea of being with other men when Danny is in the room and maybe participating is a real turn on "
     " Rose, l can't beleive how easy it is to talk to you about all of this and yet we only just met " " It is like l have known you all my life "
     " I know what you mean, l find it easy to spend time with you also "
     " You will have to excuse me though because l need the powder room and l will be right back so we can continue this discussion Tracy.
     I went to pee and freshen up my make up and a little perfume. I took a look at the time and it was just past 7. " Wow, we had better get going if we were going any where.
     I came out and Tracy was laying down on the sofa with her feet up. I just wanted to go over to her and taste those gorgeous lips of hers and stroke her breasts but l refrained. I might have the fish on the hook but l need to use a little more bait to make sure l don't loose her.
     " Tracy, you might think that this might sound stupid but l am going to lay it on you any way and you tell me what you think." Don't interupt me until l am done though. I have given this a lot of thought "
     " OK it is a deal and while you are talking l will make us another drink "
     " Sounds good, You make yourself at home "
     So l continued " Tracy l really enjoy your company, and l am in this city and do not know where to go to let my hair down. You seem to have a handle on the night life and l can relate to you like you and l have always been friends. I would like to know if you have nothing planned and l have this huge suite all to myself, if you would like to be my guest for the week end."
     " I am here to have some fun and if there is a man involved or men for that matter well , all the better but l would like to share this week end with you and maybe we can also have you forget your troubles for a couple of days."
     " It sounds like when you are at home there is a lot of memories there and with me there will only be experiences ". " Well what do you think, Will you be my entertainment guide "
     " You are a god send. " " I know we think a like and l would love to spend the week end with you"
     " I will have to go home first and get some things but l could be back in 1 hour."
     I looked at my watch and said , " Wow, it is 7:30, Ok lets get a move on girl, We are having a pajamma party and maybe even a sex fest Ha,Ha,"
     Tracy laughed and then she got up and left and said " Ok time me "
     Tracy was out the door.
     At 8:15 she was knocking at my door and when l opened it she was standing there and looking gorgeous. She had on a very sexy low cut top and a skirt that matched her curves perfect. I told her what a knock out she was. I jokingly said that she will be my bait for the night and just maybe l will get laid.
     Little did she know that l meant getting laid by her.
     We left the room and went down to the Hotel lounge.. There was a couple of guys in there but nothing was happening yet. We grabbed a couple of bar stools and then ordered some finger food and a couple of drinks. We talked and decided where we were off to next.
     We were approached for some idle chat but l brushed them off. We then got up and left the lounge and got into a cab.
     On the way to the bar l told Tracy that those two guys were not worthy of our attention.
     She laughed and said " Rose, my connection's this week end will be left in your hands "
     I then told her some tips that l was taught and by golly they work and we do not waste our time.
If a man eats his meat off the plate first he is no good in bed. He rushed to intercourse.
If he gulps his drink he does not care about a woman's orgasm only his own.
If he drinks out of a bottle at the dinner table then he does not worship the clitoris
If he interupts a lady when she is talking then he would not be good for seconds or even thirds.
     These are just some of the things that l was taught lately and l put them to the test and boy were they right.
     " A man should never make a request of a lady, unless he would be willing to have it done to him as well. " Like your guy for example. He would like to see you get laid by other men...Even though this would be nothing other than pure enjoyment and bliss for you. You should not let him know that. You should say " Ok, we can fulfill your fantasy but only if you fulfill mine "
     " Yes , but what if his fantasy is also mine " Tracy stated
     " Silly, you have to make one up just to see if he will compromise. "
     " Here's one for you "
     I was laughing and said " say this "
     " Danny sweetheart, I will go out and get seduced by other men for you and come back to you but first we have to live my fantasy." I want to dress you up as a woman, and we will go out and pick up guys and take them, back home or to there house and have sex with them"
     " Then you will have him right where you want him "
     She was laughing histerically and saying " That is awsome and the funny thing l think it would be a super turn on " " Rose you are just what l needed this week end."
     " Ditto "
     We then got to the other bar and when we got inside the place was packed. We managed to find a table and we were now in giggling stage and getting along fantastic. We had a cople of men get us up to dance and the next couple of hours just flew by. We danced a lot and then l said we should go check out another bar.
     She agreed and we got up and left but this time we were going to a place on the itinery that knew nothing about. I told the cabbie the name of the place and he just smiled and drove off.
     We got in to this place and it was really packed. We managed to find a couple of stools at the bar and we orderd our drinks and conversed some more. I had to use the ladies room and excused myself. When l returned there was a lady sitting on my stool talking with Tracy.
     When l got to them the lady stood up and winked at me and left.
     " Tracy whispered in my ear that she would like to leave "
     " Why " l said with a surprised look
     " This is a gay bar and that lady tried to pick me up "
     " I laughed and said " Ok , but that is the only offer we have had to nite "
     She laughed also and said " If we would have stayed at the last bar we would have both gotten laid and maybe even by the same guy "
     " You devil , Ok lets go back to the Hotel lounge "
     On the way back l suggested we go back to the room and have a jacuzzi and listen to music and drink ourselves to sleep and to morrow we will set out a game plan.
     She agreed with enthusiasm and before you knew it we were in the room. Tracy made us some kind of exotic drink and l got the jacuzzi ready.
     I got the remote and lit the candles and started the fire place. I set the stereo to soft romantic music and l threw in some bubbles into the jacuzzi.
     Tracy handed me my drink and then she said " I don't have a swim suit "
     " That is ok neither do l and then l stripped down naked like it was a natural thing to do and got into the jacuzzi in the one corner."
     Tracy walked into the bed room and did the same and returned wearing a towel " You will have to look the other way"
     " I did as l was requested but the other way was a full mirror the entire length of the wall"
     Tracy got in and then l looked at her and laughed.
     "What is so funny "
     I just pointed to the other way and then she laughed too and threw suds at me.
     We talked and our feet were against each other. We stayed in the tub for about 30 minutes and l got out once to rplenish the drinks. What do you say we curl up on the sofa's and talk.
     " I said there is a robe for you in the bath room and here is your towel "
     Tracy went into the bathroom and returned wearing a full length terry cloth robe.
     Now it was my turn and l returned wearing one also.. Tracy was over at the bar fixing us some more drinks and l walked up behind her and touched her shoulders.
     I leaned against her and very softly kissed her neck and my fingers followed the neck line of the robe down so l could open it very slowly.
     " Rose, what are you doing , l have never done anything like this ever before "
     I whispered and as l was whispering l was continuing on with my journey and she was not stopping me. " I know you haven't, but you are so incredibly beautiful and l wantt to make love with you " " I will only stop if you stop me but if you don't stop me then your body is going on a journey that you have never experienced before."
     I very slowly opened her robe and pulled the shoulders off of her and let the robe fall to the floor. My one hand then traced her face and neck as my lips were softly kissing the back of her neck and my other hand was very softly touching her breast and to her very erect nipple.
     I steered her to the bed and layed her down. I let my robe fall to the floor and l crawled in beside her. I layed there facing her and our eyes did not leave each other. I the pulled myself up on my elbow and leaned into her to kiss those very sensuous lips for the first time.
     I was so slow getting my lips to hers that l think a day passed but when we made contact it was instant connection. Our tounges worked together and l was in heaven. Her breathing was a little eratic and my one hand was stroking her face and my other was exploring her curves of her body.
     Her body was reacting to my advances and l must say that l was soaked at this point but my main goal at this point in my life was to send her body into and out of body experience.
     I reached under the pillow and pulled out my long silver vibrator that l had tucked away earlier with out Tracy knowing l had it. I then layed it on the bed so l would have easy access to it when the time was right and with out breaking the mood.
     I broke our kiss off and got on top of her and spread her legs. She was going to say something and l stopped her with my finger and very softly ran my fingers over her face and closed her eyes.
     my lips then traced a path down her neck to her breasts and l sucked and licked each nipple for a long time. Moans of pleasure were exhaling from her lips and she was now writhing and tossing her head from side to side.
     My lips then continued on with its journey down to her navel and my hands were now softly sqeezing and tweeking her nipples.
     " Oh rose that feels so good " she whispered over and over again
     My lips were now at her shaved pussey walls and l just ignored her pussey and continued on with my journey down the inside of her theigh's down to her feet.
     I sat back on my knees and proceeded to love each foot and savour each toe. As l was doing this my hands were stroking the inside of her legs.
     I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussey juices and she was now in a soft whimpering stage. Every now and then l could feel her body shake a little.
     My journey continued back up to her head and l very softly and slowly kissed her again. Now l was at the beginning. I did 5 complete laps like this and l was so slow and deliberate and by the time l was at the end of my 5th she was moaning louder and tears were comming down the side of her face.
     " Oh OHhh RRrose, my ggod tthat feels wonderfullll, l am having a cuummming yes l am cummming pleasee don;'ttt stopppp."
     Now on this trip down past her navel l straddled her chest and my pussey juices were being smeared on her breasts. I hooked a arm under each leg and slowly lifted her legs up and her anus was all mine now and l locked her legs into a position that she could not move. I knew that she was going to be like a bull at a Rodeo.
     My tounge went down her theigh's and slowly licked her juices that were leaking.
     My tongue was now circling her anus and her moans were now audible. Then my tongue danced around on the smooth skin between her anus and her Pusey. She was trying to get free but l had a good grip on her.
     My fingers were playing and poking at her anus and my tongue was very softly licking her Pusey lips. Her Pusey was dripping like a leaking faucet and this is when she had a bigger orgasm but not the one that l was looking for.
     She was squealing a little now.
      " OH FFUCCK  Rossseeeyy yeessss pleeeeassss yeessssss godddd l haaave nevverr fellt anything llikeee thiisss ohhhhhhhh"
     I went up one side of her Pusey and down the other and her clit was so large and the pink nub was glistening. My tongue went to her opening and l was lapping up the juices.
     As soon as l inserted my tongue she shook so hard and l knew now it was time to send her over the edge. I licked a few more times and l started to insert a wet finger in her ass and at the same time l moved up to suck and tease her clit.
     When l came in contact with her clit she went over the edge. This was the one that she was looking for and l continued to apply pressure. Up and down up and down. When l had my full index finger in her ass and the inserted another finger in her Pusey and l gently rubbed the two together. When l felt that the g spot was large enough l took my other hand and inserted another finger in her Pusey and rubbed the g spot.
     At this moment l held on for the full 8 second ride that lasted 5 minutes. She screamed and writhed and cried and moaned and she shot a gusher out of her Pusey that reached the end of the bed.
     I then eased up a little and withdrew my fingers and reached for the vibrator and as l slowly inserted it l continued to tease her clit. Another orgasm hit her and then another and she was now experiencing multiple orgasm's. I let her legs down and l continued to slowly go in and out with the vibrator.
     I worked my way up and gave her drenched face and lips and very loving and soulful kiss.
She had tears running down the side of her face and her hips were coming up to meet my thrusts.
     She had one more orgasm and then we all just collapsed on the bed and waited for the first person to speak and it was Tracy.
     " How in the fuck's name did you ever find my salon "
     " I closed my eyes and pointed at the ad on the page. I opened my eyes and called the number" ( little lie but she will know the truth soon enough )
     " I think l just won the lottery, my body is still shaking and l have never in all my life felt anything like that before and l have had some wonderful orgasms but nothing to make me squirt like l was peeing."
     " Rose let me do you now like that "
     " In due time sweetie but lets hold each other "
     Right now l just want to hold you in my arms.
     We then dozed off.
To be cont.