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Teacher, Sexy Teacher

A new young teacher fights her desires for her handsome student.
Teacher, Sexy Teacher

By Reeb

Kayla Davis stood before her full length mirror in her bedroom. Her eyes took in her demeanor from head to toe. She was a 12th grade high school teacher who, after college, returned to her old high school to teach English Literature. Gazing into the mirror, she admitted to herself that she dressed the part well as she did all she could to hide her voluptuous body.

It was around 6pm and she just got home after having dinner at the local diner. She was very tired from nine hours of teachers meetings and teaching her classes. It was time to wind down and relax, time to mellow out and enjoy a peaceful night at home.

She studied herself closely, her black skirt was down past her knees, white blouse buttoned up the front, covering any possible exposed skin. Her raven black hair was pulled up into a bun and she wore a pair of glasses to correct a very slight vision problem. She could have easily gone without the glasses but she thought they gave her the perfect school teacher appearance.

Looking in the mirror, she removed her glasses and set them on top of her dresser. Reaching up, she undid her bun, allowing her hair to drop to her shoulders. Her jet black hair was very wavy and just flowed sexily over her shoulders. She gazed into her steel blue eyes, admiring just how sexy she could look with just a few changes.

Her face was that of a model, small upturned nose, high cheek bones, and full sensual lips with deep penetrating eyes. She thought back to college as all the college boys said she looked like Kate Beckinsale. They were right, she could have easily passed for her sister as her features were very much like hers. She stood five feet six inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds.

Still looking into her mirror, her right hand moved upwards and began to unbutton her blouse. One by one, she opened each button, admiring the shape of her full 36C breasts as they came into view. Underneath her drab school teacher attire, she always wore the sexiest lingerie, mostly Victoria Secret products. She did a masterful job hiding her physical beauty from the other faculty members and her students.

Looking at her nylon encased legs below her skirt, she slipped out of her black mid-high heeled shoes. With her blouse completed open, pulled out from her skirt, she slowly reached for the zipper on her right hip, pulling it down until her skirt dropped to the floor. Standing there wearing a pair of sheer white laced panties, white lace garter belts holding up her stockings, her pussy moistened as she admired her extremely sexy looks.

At 26 years of age, she had become so dedicated to becoming a teacher that she spent little time looking for love. She hadn’t been with a man since her senior year in college, almost two years ago. Her body was now beginning to yearn to be touched, aching to feel a hard throbbing cock filling her insides. Her pussy tingled as she felt her juices flowing as the heat increased between her legs. She slipped her blouse off her shoulders, dropping it to the floor.

At she stood in front of her mirror in only her bra and panties, she loved how sexy she could be. Reaching up with both hands, she cupped each breast and rubbed her hardening nipples through the sexy sheer white lace material. As she caressed her breasts, her eyes moved down over her smooth tanned belly, across her tight abs which formed a perfect vee down to her pussy mound.

She could see her jet black pussy hair through the sheer material of her panties. She had a neatly trimmed landing strip just above her now erect and protruding clitoris. Her nipples were dark and swollen as she teased them with her fingertips. She loved how erect they became when she was aroused as they stood straight out, pushing through the sheer lace material.

Her right hand dropped from her right breast, across her belly to the elastic band of her panties. Sliding underneath the elastic band, she loved how she could see her fingers through the sheer material as she began to teasingly lightly finger her moist pussy. Her middle finger moved up and down her opening, becoming covered with her slick juices, stopping to tease her clitty before moving back downwards.

As she rolled her head back, closing her eyes while she caressed her left breast and lightly fingered her wet pussy, her mind wondered to the last class of the day and one student in particular. His name was Jason, a blonde haired blue eyed gorgeous young man who somehow was making her heart flutter. She felt a very strong attraction to him from the very first time she met him as he walked into her classroom.

At 18 years of age, Jason was about six feet tall and athletically built. He easily could have been into sports but he was being groomed by his father to eventually take over the family car dealership. His father had plans for him to attend the same Ivy League college he attended. Unfortunately, Jason’s father’s plans did not consider what Jason wanted or needed.

Kayla’s mind imagined her hands as Jason’s caressing her aroused body. Her middle finger slipped inside the hot folds of her pussy as she squeezed her left nipple and arched her back, pushing her pussy mound harder into her probing fingers. God, she had to stop this, stop fantasizing about one of her students, hell she could lose her job or go to jail for that type of relationship.

Feeling her knees weakening, she moved backwards and slipped onto her bed. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting her large natural breasts swing free. Her breasts were very large but extremely firm, coned shaped, upturned slightly with huge dark puffy nipples. She looked down at them and admired just how sexy they looked, especially at that moment of full sexual arousal.

Lifting her hips, she slid her panties, garters and nylons off in one quick motion, kicking them onto the floor next to her bra. She stacked her pillows up against the back board of her bed and leaned over to her night stand. Opening the drawer, she pulled out one of her favorite sexy toys, a huge purple eight inch cock shaped vibrator. It was so realistic with thick veins and a huge heavily ridged cock head.

As she leaned back on the pillows, she raised her knees and spread her legs apart to allow full exploratory access for her purple friend. The faint hum of the vibrator filled the room as she closed her eyes and softly ran the cock head up and down her wet opening, lingering only a couple seconds on her swollen love button.

Holding the vibrator with her right hand, her left hand was again caressing her breasts, pinching and pulling at both her swollen puffy nipples. A look of pure sexual bliss passed over her face as she bit her lower lip, imagining it was Jason’s huge cock touching the outer folds of her aroused pussy. She pressed the head of the vibrator harder into her pussy, spreading open just a bit, becoming covered with her juices as she the glided it up and over her erect clit.

In her mind, she was on her knees in front of Jason, pulling down his zipper as she reached in and pulled out his thick young cock. Her lips parted as the vibrator, no Jason’s cock head slipped between her perfect lips, her tongue gliding around his huge cock head, tasting his pre-cum if at that moment, it was only her own juices. Her imagination was running wild as her masturbation sessions were becoming more about her young student every day.

Her mind imagined Jason pressing her backwards until she was sitting on her classroom desk, legs spread wide open as his cock slowly entered her tight pussy. She teasingly slid the vibrator up into her pussy, agonizingly slow until all eight inches filled her. Would Jason’s cock feel this good? She was sure it would feel better. Again, she cursed herself for thinking such thoughts of one of her students. Well, I can fantasize, can’t I, she told herself as she was torn between this battle of sexual desires and society morals.

Kayla was soon sliding the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy, pulling out slightly to glide over her swollen clit on every other upward pass. Each time she lingered just a bit longer on her erect button, bringing her orgasm closer and closer. Her eyes still closed as she was imagining young Jason fucking her passionately, bringing her to orgasm.

She moaned in pleasure as sexual bliss consumed her supple body. Closer and closer she came, her mind running wild with desire as purple friend ravaged her soaking wet pussy. She felt her juices trickle down past her anus, between her perfect ass cheeks onto her bed sheets. She was almost there, a few seconds more as she pulled out the vibrator and pressed it hard against her swollen clit.

Pinching her right nipple extremely hard, she pressed the purple vibrating cock head hard against her clitty, pushing it side to side as her orgasm rushed throughout her body. She shuddered and shook all over as she moaned out loudly. In her mind, Jason was unloading his seed deep inside her while wave after wave of her orgasm consumed her very being.

Exhausted, she rolled onto her side, squeezed her thighs together as she slipped the vibrator back inside her quivering pussy. She feel asleep for about an hour before getting up, taking a hot shower and making preparations for the next days classroom activities.

Young Jason stepped into his shower as he prepared for bed. His mind drifted to his sexy English Lit teacher as his cock thickened in his hand. He knew they had a special connection and although she tried to dress to be unattractive, he knew she was a gorgeous woman, as did most of the other boys and men attending his high school.

Grabbing the bar of soap, he lathered his throbbing cock as he imagined stripping his sexy teacher and making love to her. He stroked his thick shaft slow and hard as he tried to imagine what his teacher would look like naked. You could tell that she had nice breasts and a thin voluptuous frame despite the drab loose fitting skirts and blouses she wore.

“Ummm yes, Miss Davis, yes, suck my cock Miss Davis!” he moaned as seconds later he spurted three huge shots of his white hot cum on the shower wall.

The next day was a typical school day, nothing too eventful until the last period of the day. Kayla Davis stood at the blackboard, writing the days assignment as the last period students began to file into her classroom. Today’s attire was just a bit more sexual, her dress just a bit tighter, clinging to her sexy thighs and butt. Her white blouse was just a bit thinner, whereas you could almost see her sexy white laced bra.

As Jason walked in, he immediately noticed her difference in appearance. He felt his cock stir slightly as he just stood there taking in her exquisite beauty. Feeling his stare, she looked over her right shoulder at Jason, feeling a slight tingle in her pussy as she could feel his eyes undressing her. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling her moist pussy lips gliding over each other which sent pleasure throughout her body.

“Please have a seat Jason, class will start soon.” She prompted him.

Jason sat down in his front row seat. He watched as he could see the huge side swells of his teacher’s boob’s jiggle as she wrote on the blackboard. He watched her perfect ass cheeks shake slightly as she chalked out the day’s assignments. He watched her every move as his cock slowly grew harder by the second, beginning to press outwards inside his jeans.

The class lesson continued as scheduled with nothing out of the normal until with about ten minutes remaining. Miss Davis asked Jason a question as she sensed he was day dreaming. Indeed he was as he was again imagining Miss Davis standing naked in front of him. His cock was throbbing and stone hard at that point.

“Jason, would you please come up here and show the class the correct answers to today’s board questions?” she startled him with her request.

Jason was petrified that Miss Davis asked him to come up to the blackboard to correct some improper verbiage she had placed on the board. As soon as Jason stood up, she realized his problem as she could clearly see his hard cock bulging in his pants. With his back to the rest of the students, they were not aware of his situation.

Jason walked to the black board and struggled with his composure, trying to correct the nouns, verbs and adjectives in relation to 18 th century France to satisfy his teacher. Facing the blackboard, he cleverly hid his hard-on from everyone in the classroom except Miss Davis. This for some reason, was exciting him further, instead of his cock softening, it was getting harder by the second.

Seeing his dilemma, she said to him, “Jason, please stay at the board and try to figure out what is required to answer those questions.”

Miss Davis could see the huge bulge in the front of Jason’s pants. Her pussy was growing wetter by the second as she concluded today’s class with tomorrow’s assignments. Suddenly the buzzer rang out and the classroom began to empty out as the students filed out of the room.

Finally with only Jason and his teacher left in the room, he turned to face his gorgeous young teacher. Her mind raced and her heart fluttered as she took in every inch of his sexy masculine body, especially the thick outline of his hard cock. They could both feel the strong sexual energy passing between them as they stared at one another.

As if in a trance, Kayla Davis walked to the classroom door, pulled it closed and locked it behind her. Her heart was pounding with excitement as she knew she should not be doing this but her sexual frustrations, her masturbation fantasies about this young boy were consuming her every action.

She moved to Jason, reached up and put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away from the blackboard, around until his butt touched her desk. She pushed him a little harder as he rested his ass on her desk. She looked down at the huge bulge in the front of his jeans and unconsciously licked her lips. She could feel the crotch of her panties becoming soaked with her juices as her sexual arousal level grew higher.

As she looked up into his blue eyes, she asked, “Jason, do you find me attractive?”

“Yes Miss Davis, I think you’re beautiful.” He replied.

“I know I shouldn’t say this, but I find you very handsome too.” She said as his eyes widened.

“Can you make me a promise?” she asked him very seriously.

“Of course Miss Davis, what?” he responded softly.

“Do you promise not to tell a soul if I would help you with that.” She said pointing to his throbbing cock.

He looked down into her steel blue eyes, never more serious in his life and said, “Yes, Miss Davis, I promise never to tell anyone.”

She looked up at him, studying every facial movement of his handsome face, her eyes darting from side to side, looking for signs of trust and sincerity. They both knew this sexual attraction between them was strong, very strong indeed. They were on the brink of moving from fantasy to reality if their actions went any further. They both knew the consequences if they were caught, especially Kayla Davis.

“I’m very serious here Jason. I could lose my job or go to jail if this would get out. Do you understand that?” She questioned him for the last time.

He stood up, placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer. Their faces only inches apart as they both looked deep into each others eyes. He leaned forward, she tilted her head up as their lips met for the first time. It was an electric moment as sparks flew in both their bodies and minds as their kisses became more passionate.

His hands slipped off her hips and cupped his teachers soft butt flesh, pulling her hard against his swollen shaft. Her pussy was tingling, sending out waves of sexual pleasures and desire throughout her body. As they kissed feverishly, they ground themselves into each other, pressing her mound into his erect shaft as their breathing became very heavy.

Just as she had imagined in her masturbation fantasies, she stepped back and dropped to her knees. She was feeling light headed as she watched her hand reach out and gently pull down the zipper of his jeans. Looking up into her students eyes, she undid his belt and opened up his jeans, sliding them down to his knees, underwear and all.

As his underwear cleared his cock, his hard shaft sprung up nearly smacking her in the cheek. She giggled like a young school girl as she lightly gripped his swollen shaft. She was quite surprised as his cock was quite impressive. It was a good 7 ½, maybe even 8 inches long but more impressively, very thick in girth, much thicker than her purple friend.

Jason watched with envy as the woman who had consumed his every masturbation session for the past few months, was on her knees holding his throbbing cock in her hands. He imagined this moment so many times yet this was so different, so arousing, and so real that his knees were shaking as he leaned back against his teacher’s desk.

Kayla examined the huge specimen of blood engorged male sex in her hands. She leaned forward and parted her lips slightly, placing a soft kiss right on the end of his cock. As she pulled back, a string of pre-cum stuck to her lips until her tongue passed over her soft lips, allowing her to taste him for the first time.

She leaned forward once more, parting her sweet lips allowing his swollen purple cock head to glide into her mouth. Her tongue swirled softly and slowly around his cock head as she took just a bit more of his hard cock into her mouth. Her pussy was now soaking wet as her body was extremely aroused and excited. The fear of possibly getting caught seemed to amplify both their sexual energy and excitement.

He moaned softly as he watched his gorgeous teacher take his swollen cock head into her mouth. He wasn’t a virgin but his sexual experiences were very limited. He made love to a few girls and one even tried to give him a blow job but it was like a kid licking a lolly pop. Hell, she didn’t even keep his cock in her mouth for more than a second or two.

This was so different, so much more arousing as finally a woman was sucking his cock. He watched as his cock disappeared inside her hot wet mouth until her nose touched his belly. He couldn’t believe it as she had his entire length in her mouth and throat. The feeling was nearly unbearable as his heart was pounding in his throat.

Kayla loved to deep throat when giving a blow job. She always knew she was good at it, she knew she could give a very good blow job and she loved doing it. The feeling of a hard thick throbbing shaft in her mouth was so arousing to her that several times, she would have mini orgasms while sucking her lovers cock.

She sucked hard on his cock as she pulled out, only holding his swollen cock head in her mouth. She pivoted her head from side to side, moaning softly, sending vibrations through his cock causing him to moan and push his hips forward. She pulled him towards her, again taking his full length inside her mouth until he moaned out once more.

He watched her soft lips glide up and down his thick shaft, over and over. He suddenly wanted to touch her and feel her breasts. He had to touch her as he leaned forward and cupped both her breasts, kneading them as his sexy teacher continued sucking his throbbing cock. He could feel her erect nipples, like small rocks placed on soft mounds of marshmallows.

Kayla continued giving her student the best blow job of his life. She sucked him harder and faster until she sensed he was close to cumming. She slowed down, almost holding him still in her mouth until she started gradually increasing the tempo all over again. She repeated this a third and forth time until she mercifully decided to bring him off.

She sucked him in hard and fast, until he was matching her inward movements with the slight outward thrust of his hips. His cock swelled larger in her mouth, a feeling she loved as his orgasm was only seconds away. She pulled back, holding only his swollen cock head in her mouth as she vigorously pumped his shaft.

“Oh god yes, I’m cumming Miss Davis.” He moaned softly as she felt the first spurt of his hot seed hit the back of her throat.

He arched his back as his first load coated the inside of her mouth. She continued pumping his shaft as the second spurt of white hot cum hit the roof of her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could because her young student, being aroused to the highest state ever in his young life, was spewing huge amounts of cum in her mouth.

He watched his sexy teacher swallow his cum but after the third spurt, a small amount spilled out the side of her mouth and dripped onto her blouse covered breast. A second drip landed on her black skirt but that was all. She swallowed nearly all his cum and licked his shaft clean.

“Oh my god Miss Davis, that was so HOT!” he panted out barely catching his breath.

“I’m glad you liked that Jason.” She said as she pulled up his underwear and pants, tucking his cock back inside with his help.

He looked at her with surprise, hoping they weren’t finished as she turned towards him and said, “We can’t risk getting caught here Jason. Tell you what, come to my apartment tonight and we’ll see what happens, ok?”

“Alright Miss Davis, I’ll be there.” He quickly replied.

“Please Jason, call me Kayla, but only when we’re alone. In the classroom, it’s still Miss Davis, got it sugar.” She told him.

She stood up and moved to her desk where she grabbed a piece of paper and jotted her address down. As she handed her address to Jason, he beamed a huge smile as he knew exactly where she lived. In his mind, he quickly drew up plans to arrive there with a dozen roses to express his love for his teacher, his new found lover.

She stood up, kissed him softly and said, “See you around seven my love.”

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