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Teacher Teacher Can You Teach Me

A teacher helps her student with his homework
As a 16 year old in high school I was a small but very althletic kid and loved to participate in every type of sport available to me. The problem however was in the fact that my small frame was a target for the larger so called jocks to pick on, in an effort to show each other how tough and manly they were.

Playing sports was the best outlet for my frustrations, that and the fact that I could get close to the hottest gym teacher on the planet, Miss Branson. She was small as well but she was built like a greek goddess, washboard abs, pert tits and an ass that could crack walnuts. Every guy in our school from the geekiest nerd to the biggest jock would become a blubbering fool with a raging hard on in her presence. She ran a tough class and certainly didn't take any bullshit from anyone, including the jocks that thought she would become putty in their hands when they tried to hit on her. It wasn't long before everyone knew that you didn't fuck with Miss Branson because she didn't play that game, and wasn't gonna be one of those teachers that gets caught fucking a student. But boy was I wrong!

I tried not do anything to bring any attention to the being a target for the jocks to push around but I guess it was hard not to notice. Nearing the end of our school year I was in the gym putting away the last few soccer balls from practice tat had just finished, everyone took their turn and today it was mine. Miss Branson came walking by and asked me why was it that I never reported any of the bullying that was bestowed upon me on a daily basis. I shrugged and said it just wasn't worth the hassle and whatever it took to keep playing my sports was a small price to pay. She just smiled and walked away.

Three days later it was finally here, summer break. I was leaving school a little late as almost all of the other students had bolted. Walking through te school parking lot I saw Miss Branson carrying out an armful of boxes, paperwork I guessed from the past year. One of the boxes fell over spilling most of its contents. Running over I quickly helped her gather everything back up and offered to help carry some of her stuff to her car. “Thanks Charlie” she said as we continued to her car. “Would you do me a big favor?”

“Sure” I said without even caring what the favor would be.

“Would you mind catching a ride with me over to my place and help me unload these boxes? My trunk is full of these boxes and I sure could use a hand. I’ll drop you off at your place when we’re finished.”

Now that was a no brainer as I would have done it if she didn’t offer me a ride home, even if it were in the next town! As we drove to her place she started to tell me how glad she was the school year was over. I told her that I was too and couldn’t wait to get to get out to the lake swimming. We arrived at her place and went to work bringing her trunkload of boxes, and she wasn’t kidding, there was a shitload of them. I finally finished bringing up the last of the boxes and set them down in her hallway.

“Thanks so much Charlie, I really appreciate this. I’ve had a tough day, would you mind if I grabbed a quick shower before I drop you off?”

“Not at all.” I said instantly, thinking I might as well savor this chance to be this close to Miss Branson.

“Make yourself at home, there’s cold drink in the refrigerator if you want. I won’t be long.”

I poured myself some lime soda but all I could do was think about Miss Branson lathering up that hot body in the shower. I started to daydream about her calling out for me to come wash her back for her. Before I knew it I was sporting a raging hard on. I was rattled back to my senses by the sound of a door closing and as I turned to look I nearly blew my wad. Miss Branson was walking toward me wearing nothing but a towel! I couldn’t have looked away if someone had a gun to me head. I could hear her speaking but it wasn’t registering as I was could do nothing but stare! Finally I came back to reality and I could hear her voice.

“Charlie I hope you aren’t tired of waiting. I love to take long showers.”

All I could do was nod and try unsuccessfully to hide my raging hard on!

“I see you are happy to see that I am finally finished.” As she glanced down at my crotch and smiled.

“If it’s ok with you I’m gonna show you that nice guys don’t always finish last. And if I do you are going to have to promise me that you will never say one word about it.”

Again I shook my head in agreement and murmured “I’ll never say anything Miss Branson.”

“Please, if we’re gonna do this you have to call me by my first name Dianne.”

“Ok miss, I mean Dianne.”

“Stand up and let’s see if we can do something about that problem you seem to have.”

I do as I’m told and she moves closer to me reaching down to unbutton my jeans allowing my cock to spring free. It was so hard I wasn’t sure if it was going to explode before she even got near it! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when she grasped my shaft and started to work it back and forth. Precum was already forming on the head of my shaft and I knew I wasn’t going last at this rate!

“I see you approve of my technique so far, so let’s see if we can take it to the next level!”

With that she dropped to her knees and engulfed the full length of my cock in one fell swoop! She started hungrily sucking my cock like it was the best dessert ever made. One hand was squeezing my balls as the other had a finger probing my ass, her busy mouth never missing a beat. I could feel the pressure building and had no idea how it was going to play out, but I was powerless to do anything about it. Dianne must have also sensed the eruption but instead of slowing her pace she sped it up. My young cock exploded with the force of a gun as thick jets of cum shot into her eagerly awaiting mouth. She never even slowed as she deepthroated the full length of my shaft as it unloaded its bounty deep into her throat. I thought I was going to faint as she continued to suck every drop of seed from my body before I collapsed back into the chair.

See looked up at me and smiled as she wiped the drops of cum from the corners of her mouth. Standing up she stood over me and reached for her towel. With one touch she released it letting it fall to the floor. I gazed upon the most beautiful body I will ever see. Her tits so firm standing there in front of me, the size of grapefruit halves with pert nipples standing erect atop them. Her abs bumpily showing me the way to the holy grail, her pussy was neatly shaven with a thin strip of hair pointing like an arrow to the sweetest dessert on earth.

“Ok, now it’s your turn to repay the favor young man.”

“Uhmm, I’m not sure how Dianne, I’ve never done it before.” I replied in a low voice.

“That’s ok, I’m a teacher remember. I’ll give you tips as we go.”

With that note of encouragement I was damned if I was going to disappoint her. I thought back on all the stories and pictures I had jacked off to and started to develop a plan as not to make myself look like too much of a amateur. I stood up and moved toward her, our mouths met with a passion I will probably never experience again before I splipped my tongue down across her nipple. I felt her body shiver as I did and I knew then I must be doing ok. I continued to work on those beautiful tits as I sucked on those hard nipples for all I was worth.

“That’s it baby suck them hard! A little playful bite will never hurt either.”

I did as I was told and before I knew it I had her worked up into a frenzy almost as intense mine had been. My confidence was growing by the minute as I asked her to lie back on the chair so I could continue my lesson. She did so, as I knelt between her legs she allowed me my first look at the object that would change me forever. My cock was rock hard again but I was smart enough to know this was not about me this time. Her pick lips glistened as she spread her legs to give me better access, I was absolutely stunned by her beauty and the sweet aroma was driving me insane.

“Ok, you can go back to working my nipples over before going down to get your reward for being such a good student. And just so you know, I am going to cum in your mouth after all turnabout is fair play!”

I could not believe how turned on I was as I worked hungrily on her nipples making her squirm with arousal. I slowly worked my way down her belly until reaching the sweetest tasting treat ever made. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it explored every inch of that beautiful pussy. I drove my tongue deep as her juices flowed over my waiting tongue before she spread her pussy lips and exposed her swollen clit.

“Use your tongue on this!” She said as her finger flicked across her love button causing her body to shiver.

I moved up to take it into my mouth, sucking gently then flicking my tongue across it. My mouth started to develop its own rhythm, alternating between sucking, licking and then burying my tongue deep into the crevices of her sweet pussy. I may not have been experienced but I made up for it with enthusiasm and it was working! I could feel her hips begin to move in sync with my busy tongue as it worked on her beautiful clit.

“Fuck! Don’t stop now, you’re about to get your reward!” She screamed, as she locked her legs around my head and squeezed my face into her dripping pussy.

I buried my tongue as deep as I could as I felt her love muscle begin to contract and spasm release her sweet nectar into my waiting mouth. It was the sweetest juice I had ever tasted and I could not get enough of it. Dianne’s hips began bucking like a wild bronco and I wasn’t about to shirk my duties now. I accepted every drop given to me and kept going back for more.

“Fuck that’s it! How does my pussy juice taste?”

All I could do was grunt in appreciation as her juices continued to flow into my waiting mouth. Finally she collapsed back into the chair and her legs released their grip, letting me come up for my first breath in what seemed like minutes. I loved it!

After a few minutes she gathered herself, sat up and smiled.

“You are quite a fast learner! I think you are ready for a lesson in fucking!”

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