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Teacher's Pet: Part 1

Jason's Dream finally came true
There were only two more weeks left in the school year, and Mary was sitting at her desk reading a magazine as her students finished the exam. She was only two weeks away from finishing her first full year as a High School math teacher. All the students in her class were seniors, and many of them would be going off to college in a few months. It wasn't that long ago that she had been in their shoes. Mary thought back to the first day she arrived on campus. She'd loved her time in college, and was envious of the students in her class who would be going though it for the first time. Mary's thoughts soon drifted to what she was going to do over the summer. She really didn't have any plans, she'd probably end up going to the beach every day, or sitting around watching a lot of TV.

The bell rang, the students quickly filed past Mary's desk and place their finished exams on the corner. One student remained behind for a moment. At first glance Jason didn't appear to be anything more than your typical High School Senior. He had neatly trimmed brown hair, a little under six feet tall, average build, just a normal eighteen year old kid. Jason wasn't your typical nerd even though he was a lock for class valedictorian. Mary had taken notice of what a gifted student he was from the first day of class and had helped him get accepted into her alma mater.

Mary tried hard not to show too much favoritism toward Jason, but she couldn't help herself. Jason was such a nice young man , and good student, it was hard for any teacher to not want to adopt him. The other students didn't seem to mind very much that he was the teacher‘s pet, they were used to it. Mary walked over to Jason's desk and touched him gently on the shoulder as she asked,

"Are you almost done honey?"

"Yes ma'am," he replied.

Jason liked to make all his work just perfect, he finished up and handed the paper in. It had never really crossed Mary's mind how much she would touch Jason. There wasn't anything overtly sexual about the way she would touch him, just a gentle touch to the shoulder here and there, perhaps a warm hug every once in a while. Most young and attractive female teachers would avoid any physical contact with hormone crazed teenage boys, but Jason was different. If he was excited by how much Mary touched him, he hadn't acted silly about it, like most boys his age would. Because Jason was so mature, Mary didn’t hesitate to accept his offer to help, clean out her garage this weekend.

Jason had a crush on his math teacher since the first day of school, but he knew if he acted like a dumb teenager he’d drive her away. Jason had been the teacher’s pet since first grade, he knew how their minds worked. Jason knew all the tricks to win a teacher’s favor. He would often stay after class to help clean the blackboard, put away supplies, or straighten up the classroom. Jason was also smart enough to make sure that Mary wasn’t the only teacher he did these things for. He did the exact same thing for the sixty year old grandmother who taught his English class, and the three hundred pound football coach.

Since no one gave a second thought to all the things that Jason would do for the pretty young math teacher, they also paid no attention when he got warm hugs from her. Even the other horny boys in class, who openly lusted for Mary, didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when Jason got a hug. Jason loved the attention he got from his favorite teacher. At the beginning of the year, just the smell of her perfume drove him insane, but over time the slightest touch from her drove him wild. He quickly learned how to wear lose fitting pants in a way to conceal the erection he got when he was in her classroom.

Now Jason was going to have the chance to be truly alone with her. He would stay after class to help her with things all the time. He would even stay after school with her sometimes, when the building was deserted, but he hadn’t dared reveal his feelings at anytime they were on campus. He thought if he showed any affection for her while they were at school, she would be immediately reminded that she was the teacher, and he was the student. He had no doubt she would reject him harshly, and he would go back to being just another horny High School boy in her class.

Jason had worked all year to gain Mary’s Trust, and he wasn’t going to blow it now. He hadn’t just wasted the time he’d spent with her either. He’d gotten her to open up to him enough to know that she wasn’t married and wasn’t dating, and he also knew that she felt something for him. Jason had been a teacher’s pet for years, he could feel that there was something more than appreciation for a nice young man in the way she touched him. He could feel that her guard wasn’t up when she was around him, the way any young woman’s would be around a young man.

When Jason turned his exam in and left the classroom, his mind was focused. He knew he couldn’t make any mistakes, he couldn’t act like a horny High School boy. He was going to be alone with the woman he’d fallen in love with for the first time. If she had any feelings at all for him, he wanted her to be comfortable enough to reveal them. If he blew it with her now, he might not get another chance. He was going off to college, and a lot of things could happen in four years.

Jason was lying in bed thinking about tomorrow. He didn’t want to be nervous, so he tried to think about the sexy outfit Mary wore to school today. She’d worn a cute little white blouse that showed just a hint of her cleavage, a tight black skirt that perfectly showed off her shapely butt, and sexy open toe high heels that made the perfect pedicure of her pink toenails look so hot. Jason had a massive erection as he was thinking of his favorite teacher. He slipped his hand under the covers and ran his finger along his shaft. His back arched, and his butt lifted slight off the bed with that touch. He wrapped his fingers around his cock, and slowly began to slide them up and down.

Jason quietly moaned with pleasure as he thought about Mary. He had a huge smile on his face as released the tension from the day. As each stroke brought him closer to climax, Jason thought about his lips pressed against, Mary’s, the smell of her perfume, her long dark hair, the warmth of her body next to his. When Jason finally erupted, he felt so happy. All he could think of was one day this was going to happen deep inside Mary’s body. That feeling put him to a restful sleep.

Jason arrived at Mary’s door just after ten in the morning that Saturday. Mary greeted him wearing the tiniest pair of cut-off blue jean shorts he’d ever seen, an extremely tight T-Shirt that exposed quite a bit of midriff, and flip flops. She had her hair put up in a ponytail, and looked like she was ready for a day of work around the house. Jason knew it was going to be tough to conceal his erection all day.

As they began to work, Mary was bending over and reaching for things a lot, which was revealing more and more of her almost naked body. That was driving Jason insane, but what was even worse was that every once in a while Mary would put her arm around him when she was showing him where to put something. Jason didn’t know how much of this he could take.

There was a really heavy old table that Mary wanted thrown out, when Jason got back from carrying the table out to the curb, he was breathing pretty heavily. Carrying that thing had worn him out so when he walked back into the house he wasn’t thinking. Mary gave him a kiss on the cheek, and followed it with a hug. “Thank you so much sweetie, you must be tired from carrying that heavy thing.” Jason couldn’t control himself. His dick jumped to attention, and he felt it brush against Mary.

“Dammit,” he thought to himself. Now he’d fucked up, he didn’t want to reveal his feelings to her this way, like some horny High School boy. He hoped she hadn’t noticed, but he knew she did. He stepped back from her, and his fears were confirmed when Mary’s eyes drifted down to his crotch. His loose shorts couldn’t hide his erection this time. Thinking about her was one thing, looking at her another, but being touched by her gave Jason such a massive boner there was no way to hide it.

Jason stood there for what felt like and eternity with an embarrassed look on his face. Logic told him that his teacher should be furious at something like this, but that wasn’t what he saw in Mary’s eyes as she was looking at his erection. Jason had always felt that there was more to Mary’s displays of affection for him, and even though he didn’t plan to have it happen this way, he was going to find out if he was right.

Mary took his hand and led Jason into the kitchen. He took a seat on a stool at the counter, as Mary took a pitcher of lemonade out of the refrigerator and poured two glasses. Mary sat a glass in front of Jason and asked,

“How long have you had a crush on me Jason?”

Jason thought carefully for a moment before he told her that he had always had a crush on her. He was expecting this to be the let the kid down easy part until Mary asked,

“Why didn’t you tell me, you’ve had lots of chances?”

Jason explained that if he told her at school she might think he was just another horny High School boy, and that he didn’t want her to reject him. Mary touched his hand and said,

“You’re not just any other student honey, would I invite just anyone to my house?”

Those were the words Jason longed to hear. He carefully leaned forward to kiss Mary. She offered no resistance, when their lips touched it was everything Jason had been dreaming of. Mary took out the clip holding her hair up as they were kissing. Jason ran his fingers through her long, dark, silky hair. Jason wished he could kiss her forever, he didn’t want to let her go when she pulled away. Jason’s mind was racing when Mary took his hand, and led him to her bedroom. He’d been dreaming of this moment every night all year. Mary pulled Jason’s shirt over his head, and tossed it in the corner. She undid the drawstring to his shorts and let them fall the floor.

“Looks like you’re in the mood.”

Mary said as she pulled her T-shirt over her head, revealing her perfect breasts. Mary slipped off her shorts and had Jason lie down in her bed. Mary climbed on top of him and asked,

“Do you think about me when you masturbate sweetie?” Jason nodded yes.

The pleasure that swept over Jason’s body when Mary guided his penis inside her was everything he’d dreamed it would be. Mary was slowly controlling the pace of their coupling, she didn’t want Jason to cum too quickly. Jason let her have the lead as he caressed her body. He’d been longing to touch her this way since the moment he laid eyes on her. He thought back to how many times he had daydreamed about this moment as he gently fondled Mary’s soft supple breasts. The warmth of her body next to his was as delightful as anything he had ever felt. Mary was softly moaning as she slid up and down on Jason’s cock. They were both building up to a climax. All Jason was thinking about now was his dream of erupting deep inside her. Mary picked up the pace, she was beginning to moan louder, her breathing was heavy, it wouldn’t be long before they both came.

When Jason felt himself erupt, he let out a loud moan. He had an enormous smile on his face as he ejaculated deep into his teacher’s body. Mary put her hands on both his cheeks and look deeply into his eyes as she asked,

“Was it everything you dreamed it would be baby?”

Jason nodded yes before giving her a passionate kiss.

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