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Teen in the Castle -2- The Hayloft

The attic above the stables seems to be a perfect place for teens to explore their bodies.
It’s wasn’t hard work, working in the kitchens. Alyssa’s job was mainly to carry things around the castle. Bring some food here, bring a drink there… But the breaks were still welcome. They had one big time-out at noon, right after they had washed the dishes. Alyssa hung out with Clover a lot on these breaks, the girl had become close friends in a short time.

Clover had introduced here to tons of people, most of them guys who she had slept with. There weren’t a whole lot of girls around the castle grounds it seemed. And most of them were fat and old like the Elory, the kitchen chef. It seemed like Clover had been the only attractive girl in the castle so far. Needless to say how happy the guys were to see a new face like Alyssa’s. Although the word soon spread that she wouldn’t have sex with anyone, because she was about to get married and had to stay virgin. It didn’t take long before some boys started calling her ‘the black maiden’ behind her back. Black because Alyssa was the only black haired person in the entire castle. And maiden… well I think you get the picture.


This afternoon Alyssa was at the stables. She was waiting for Clover. The blonde girl had said it would only take three minutes, but they had been up there for at least ten. Alyssa started to wonder if she had Damien and Martin up there too. The boys, who also work in the kitchen, usually hung out in the attic of the stables during breaks. They then lay there in the hay, talking, drinking, having fun, waiting for Clover to come around. The hay in the attic made it one of their favorite places to ‘play with Clover’. It was really comfortable to roll around in. Today Clover had gone up there with the stable boy, Kraig. But it could well be, that the other guys had been up there already. And knowing Clover…
Alyssa climbed up.

“Hi, there.” Said Martin as Alyssa’s head reached over the edge of the plank. Like always, the handsome blond boy had a smile on his face. “Need a hand?”

The ladder wasn’t to stable it seemed and Alyssa wasn’t the most experienced climber. The final part looked a bit tricky, so she gladly accepted his help. As he pulled her up, Alyssa landed onto him. It was only then that she noticed he was half naked, only wearing his underwear. He probably just had his way with Clover. The boy gave her a teasing smile as she lay on his body. Alyssa rolled off him, into the hay. It wrinkled up her entire dress. Martin apologized as he saw her dust of and straighten her clothing. “Sorry, didn’t mean to pull so hard. You’re just so light.”

“Where is Clover?” Asked Alyssa, when she found herself clean enough to stop touching her dress. There were haystacks all around them and Martin used his chin to point at one. Now that she focused her ears a bit more, Alyssa could hear the soft moaning from behind the hay. That’s Clover all right.

“Who’s she with?” she whispered. Was it the stable boy? Or Damien?

“Damien and Kraig.” Martin shrugged as he said it. Kraig was the stable boy, a red haired boy. Alyssa didn’t know much more about him than his hair color.

“Oh…” Alyssa figured she would have to wait here until her friend was done. Both at the same time? She leaned her back into the nearest haystack. It felt more relaxing than she had expected. The scent of the horses below gave her an even more homily feeling. Although she never really had a permanent home before, she had been around horses most of the time.

“Have you been already?” Asked Alyssa. Wondering how long Clover would still be busy.

“No, I was waiting for you.” Martin chuckled as a way to provoke her. Everyone knew Alyssa was saving herself for her marriage. Whenever that may be…

“Just kidding...” He added when he saw the look on her face. “I was just waiting till Kraig is done.”

“Oh… ok.”

Guess I’ll have to wait till Martin is done too then.

Alyssa tried to avert her look from Martin, but the only thing around them was hay, which didn’t prove interesting enough for her eyes to focus on. Slowly her gaze seemed to be attracted to Martin again. Unwilling her eyes observed his body. Alyssa hadn’t ever inspected a boy’s body before, it looked so much firmer. The girl recalled how those strong arms had been wrapped around her the first day she came to the castle. The feeling of safety that they had given, right before he kissed her.

“Hey, are you really serious about staying a virgin until you get married?” Martin still didn’t quite understand.

“Of course. He’s not going to want me, if I’ve been with someone else.”

“I’d still want you, if you’d had been with someone else.” He could see his words had the intended effect on her.

“If you don’t like boys I can understand…” Said Martin, after which he added with a charming voice. “Do you like me? Alyssa?”

Alyssa thought about her first night here, when Martin had taught her how to kiss.
“Yes… I like you, but I can’t do stuff like that.”

Martin came to sit next to her. He put his arm around her, just like he did the first time. Alyssa, intrigued by his naked upper body, still couldn’t keep her eyes of him.

“Do you want to kiss again? There’s nothing wrong with that, right?” Proceeded the boy cautiously.

Eagerly she nodded. Since their first time, Alyssa had been wanting to kiss him again. But she never dared to approach Martin alone. And if Clover was with her, he seemed to be more interested in the blonde. Probably because he knew his chances of getting laid were bigger with her.

He held Alyssa into his arms as the two teens started making out. The moaning behind the other haystack didn’t seem to disturb them for a bit. This time Alyssa knew what was happening. Martin had barely pushed his tongue against her lips before she opened them. The girl even licked back this time. Alyssa was savoring every second of Martin’s greedy tongue, until Clover popped up.

“Oh, hey Alyssa.” A fully naked Clover stood in front of them, as fresh as a daisy. The blonde was smiling as she examined the two teens. She hadn’t even bothered to cover herself up after her romp with the boys. Her slim body was in parallel with her casual milkmaid look, the girl seemed so ordinary beautiful. Alyssa noticed that Clover’s breasts were slightly larger than hers. What really struck her was Clover’s pussy, it seemed like she shaved down there. The thought of doing something like that had never even occurred to Alyssa.

“I think I have some more time.” Clover called out to the guys, who were still behind they haystack. “Seems like Alyssa, doesn’t mind waiting.”

Clover was gone again.

Martin hadn’t stopped kissing her. Clover had come and hopped away again. But Martin seemed to haven’t even noticed. After a while, she felt his hand crawl up her leg again, just like the other time. He had already reached her upper thigh before she was fully aware of it.
“Don’t!” Alyssa whispered abashed.

“Sorry.” The boy reluctantly withdrew his hand. Martin’s habit of stroking up a girl’s dress seemed to not work with this one.

“I just really like you.” He tried to make up for his blunder and put his hand at her face, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. That worked better. Alyssa started to smile again. The smile gave Martin some hope. Maybe he could motivate her to push her boundaries.

“You’ve turned me on so much.” Said Martin. To prove it, he took her hand and put it onto his underwear. “Can you feel how hard you made me?”

The size of the bump in his pants wasn’t what Alyssa had expected. She wanted to pull back her hand, but at the same time she was interested in feeling more. Wow, it’s sure hard. Is that because of me? Clover had explained more about boys in the last days, than she had known for her entire life. So this is an erection? Oh, that means he wants to have sex…

I think Clover will be ready soon.” She stammered, realizing what the boy wanted. “She’ll help you out.”

“I don’t want Clover, I want you.”

“I can’t. You know I can’t.” Hadn’t she explained this enough to him?

“But you don’t have to fuck. You can do other things.” Insisted Martin.

It took a while for Martin to explain what a blowjob was. It seemed that Clover hadn’t talked to her about that yet. Alyssa merely reacted with a face of disgust.

“With my mouth? On your…?” She didn’t even dare speak the word.

“Ye, Clover does it too.” Martin tried to think of anything that could persuade her. His cock grew even harder, just thinking about it. Alyssa’s sweet mouth wrapped around his dick.

“Clover does that?” She stammered.

Didn’t her friend know how dirty that was? Didn’t she know guys use that same thing to pee?

“Yes, boys like that.” Martin explained. “Your husband will ask that of you to, someday.”
By the look on her face he knew he had hit the right spot.

“Don’t you want to try it first? Before your husband decides you’re terrible at it?” Doubt had taken over Alyssa’s face.

“It’s like kissing. You have to practice a bit. You just don’t kiss my lips, but somewhere else.” Looking into her eyes, Martin knew he had convinced her.

“Just like kissing?”

“Ye…” Whispered Martin. He knew this was the right time. He pulled down his underwear. Immediately Alyssa pulled back her hand. But Martin took her wrist and stopped her. Gently pulling her hand towards his waiting cock.

It was the first cock, besides the one of her dad, she had ever seen. Alyssa couldn’t tell if it was big or small, since she had nothing to compare it to. But small wasn’t the first thing that came to her mind as she saw it. As Martin put her hand down onto it, she could feel how warm it was. His pubic hairs slightly tickled the sides of her fingers. Looking at Martin’s face she could see he was smiling.

“Go ahead.” He insisted. With one arm still around her, he pushed Alyssa’s head down.

“I don’t know how to.” She exclaimed silently, as her face neared the cock.

“Just try something.”

Alyssa had taken the cock into her palm by now. Her face just inches away from it. She had no idea what to do. It has to go in my mouth. Is that all? Just like kissing he said. Not knowing what else to do, she pressed her lips to the tip of his cock. It felt even softer than his lips. His hand applied some pressure to the back of her head. If they were kissing, that had been the sign for her to open her mouth. Alyssa opened her mouth slightly. Instead of a wet tongue, there was now a throbbing cock entering her. It felt even bigger in her mouth than it had done in her hand. Spontaneously, she started to lick every bit that moved in. She could hear Martin moan above her. This is indeed a bit like kissing.

The girl didn’t take him very deep, spending most of her attention on his cockhead. Martin regretted saying it was like kissing. He wanted her to suck on it more and take him fully into her mouth, like Clover did. But knowing this was Alyssa’s first time, he just let her do. Maybe if he showed how much he appreciated it, she would be willing to do it again. When Martin pushed up his hips, her lips slid a little over his shaft. But he didn’t get much deeper. Alyssa moved her head upwards an equal distance every time he did. Leaving most of his restless cock untouched by her lips. This didn’t prevent him from trying to get deeper though. As he kept slightly thrusting his cock up into her mouth, her tongue went crazy around his helmet. That, she was good at. He had noticed when they were kissing, she had a really flexible tongue. It didn’t leave any part of his throbbing cockhead untouched.

As he felt his climax nearing, Martin realized it would probably be better to not cum in her mouth unannounced. If she got mad at him for that, this could be his last blowjob from Alyssa ever. He wouldn’t let that happen, he would keep his feet on the ground. Martin let her wet tongue flick around a couple more times. Then gently pulling her hair, he moved her head back.

As Alyssa didn’t know what was happening, she just sat there, watching. He grabbed his cock to finish the job himself. It only took a few strokes until Martin felt his cum land on his belly.

Alyssa looked at the spectacle with her eyes wide open. So this is semen? When the cock stopped gushing its white cream, she looked to Martin. He was breathing heavily.
“That was great.” He puffed.

Alyssa smiled. “It wasn’t as dirty as I thought it would.”

Martin guessed his choice to not cum in her mouth had been a good one.

“Do you think you want to try it again sometime?” He collected some hay and used it to wipe of his cum.

“So you can get better at it, for your husband.” He added, knowing that was the girl’s biggest interest.

“Mmm, sure. I guess I still need some practice.”

Alyssa was tired of waiting for Clover to finish off all the boys. She was happy she now had something to fill her time with, practicing for her marriage. My husband will love me so much, when he finds out how good I am.

“Is Clover still busy?” It was quiet behind the haystack. Alyssa couldn’t remember when the moans had stopped.

“They left a while ago.” Martin explained.

“Through here? Did they see us? Did they see me…?”

She knew Clover wouldn’t think strange of her. The blonde would probably even be proud of her. But it still felt awkward that they had seen her, while she was licking Martin’s cock. And she hadn’t even noticed them climbing down the ladder.

Seeing her get nervous like that, Martin puts his arm around her again. They cuddled a bit until he dared to do a new proposition.

“Let me do you.”

Alyssa hadn’t the slightest idea what he meant. Martin could see it in her eyes. He put his hand under her dress again.

“Shh, I won’t take your virginity.” He comforted.

“What are you going to do?” Traces of panic in her voice.

“Don’t you trust me?” Asked Martin. Alyssa nodded, she did trust him.
“Just relax.”

She didn’t relax.

Alyssa couldn’t have been more tensed up as his hand slid over the front of her panties. A curious atmosphere of excitement hung around the two teens as Martin’s hand pressed against the fabric. She could feel her pussy aching in an unfamiliar way.

Martin managed to ease her up a bit by stroking his fingers gently over her venus mound. He hushed some more comforting words to convey a feeling of tranquility. When he felt the teen subside, he gently let his eager fingers run down into her panties. The first thing he could feel was that Alyssa had never shaved before. Her dad probably never taught her to. But most likely Clover will, the blonde still had a lot to teach to her inexperienced pupil.

As his fingers made their way through Alyssa’s bush, he could sense her tense up again. Perhaps eye contact would help her unclench. Her blue eyes seemed to appreciate his tenderness when Martin looked into them. He slid his hand further down. When he felt her lips, he noticed Alyssa was only slightly wet. The girl was seemingly aroused, but to high-strung to fully let her body enjoy the moment. His fingers teased the virgin lips as his palm brushed the area around her clit. Martin thought it best to kiss her, maybe that would get the juices flowing more easily.

The more familiar feeling of his sweet lips onto hers, seemed to appease Alyssa more. As their tongues dueled, his fingers kept getting wetter and wetter. Pride fulfilled Martin as he succeeded to get the teen further than any man had ever done. With enough moisture on his fingertips, he dared to directly rub her clit. Alyssa shocked slightly, when Martin touched it. Had she really never touched herself down there? He wasn’t sure if she had, but the idea turned him on even more. His cock hardened as he kept playing with the teen.

Taking the swollen clit between two fingers, Martin made careful pulling motions to satisfy Alyssa’s deepest desires. The girl had finally managed to fully relax. But fortune didn’t care about the two teens’ pleasure it seemed. Because when the idea occurred to Martin to take of her panties entirely, they were interrupted.

“Hey, up there! Elory needs us back in the kitchen!” Clover's voice came from down in the stables.

Martin hadn’t ever seen Alyssa’s eyes look that disappointed, as he slipped his hand from her panties. The sudden break off, of her first real sexual experience, had removed the ever so present smile from her pretty face.

“I’ll help you out later tonight.” He promised.

“Thanks.” It was the only thing she should come up with as she lowered her dress.

As Martin helped her down the ladder, his mind analyzed everything what had just happened. Alyssa isn’t the prude I had first thought her to be. The girl is only worried about her virginity, about her pussy.

“Hey, do you want me to use my mouth next time? Instead of my hand?”

He had to offer something in return for what he in mind.

The desire on Alyssa’s face revealed that she would want nothing more.

“Don’t you think that’s dirty?” She stammered.

“You did it for me too right?” He winked, pointing down to his still erected cock. “But you’ll have to do something for me too then.”

Alyssa assumed he meant for her to give him a blowjob again.

“Ok.” She smiled.

To be continued…


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