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Teenage Cougar

I had just turned 16 years old, moved to a new town and new school district, had no friend and certainly no girlfriend. I was as horny as any 16 guy could be but had no prospects. I soon made a few friends but my new friends faced the same dilemma with girls. We talked about getting laid but had no prospects. I always fanaticized about older women. I really knew that wasn’t going to happen. I had noticed that girls were interested in guys with nice cars. These guys were older and I didn’t even have a drivers license. I thought I would have to find a GF that was younger.

My best friend had an older sister who had her own car, her own friends and acted like we didn’t exist. She had dated quite a few guys most of whom were older than me. We got along ok and I fantasized about her but that was as far as it went. I’m sure she saw me as a kid.

I got a job in a truck stop about 20 miles away. There was a couple of us from the small town that worked there so I usually had a ride to work. One day I was stuck with no ride and was desperate. I was at my buddy’s house telling him about my dilemma. His older sister offered to give me a ride and I was really happy for a couple of reasons.

She was just ending her summer job and decided to apply for a job where I worked. This was the perfect arrangement. She got the job and we rode to work together. I had a car but no license. I didn’t want to admit that my parents wouldn’t sign for the license. I had a permit and convinced them that I was legal to drive as long as I had a licensed driver with me. This was mostly true but I had to drive to and from her house without a co-pilot.

We got along great but I still didn’t see myself as a boyfriend for her. One night I dropped her off and she stayed in the car with me for a long time talking. The next thing I knew we were a couple. However, she never really announced it. We never went anywhere together except work and she still maintained to option to date other guys. She told me I had the same option with other girls but again no chance in hell.

Our “dates” were necking sessions in the car in her driveway after work. I got nowhere with her. I could feel her big tits but got my hands only about halfway between her knees and crotch before she slammed her legs shut.

I had talked to other guys that had similar luck with her. I never told them that we were a couple I just let them ramble. One of the guys told me he had her braw off and she told him she was thinking about putting out for him… maybe on the next date. She never told me that!

Finally we had a night off from work. We went to a Christmas gathering at my sisters house and had a couple of drinks. We went back to her house and sat on the couch with her parents sleeping in the next room. We kissed and felt each other a little but I knew I would hit the wall again. She wore a short skirt and a tight blouse that made her tights look awesome. She got up from the couch and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She returned with no nylons. As soon as I noticed this I started to move my hands up the inside of her thigh. Instead of the usual slam she leaned back, spread her legs and pulled her skirt up exposing her bare cunt. I was in total shock. Her cunt was huge. She was much more physically mature than I was and her hair went clear up to here naval. My all-time fantasy laid spread out right in front of me, I couldn’t believe it. I unbuckled my pants and tried to get into her wet cunt. I was nervous as hell and exploded right as I started to enter her. Cum went everywhere but where I wanted it to. I never really felt the inside of her cunt with my shaft. We both scrambled to get dressed and I got out of there fast. I figured that I had just ruined my chance of ever getting into her pants.

It was a couple of days before I saw here again and she said that she figured she scared me off. I got another chance a couple of days later and I was able to get the job done. After that I think we fucked almost every day. I soon realized that I was her fuck buddy. We never really “dated” we just fucked. She would wrap her legs around me and dig her fingernails into my back when she climaxed. It was pure ecstasy for me. She has always told me that I was her first. I don’t care what she says as long as I am getting laid but she taught me how to fuck.

We got married right after high school and have been going at it ever since. I have figured out that she is a bit of a cougar. She flirts with younger guys and gets turned on if I bring it up. She likes to dominate in the bedroom and still calls me her “boy toy”.

We have been married for 40 years. She still turns heads and has a sensuous style about her. She dresses very well and works in an office where she is perceived as a very classy lady ( she looks like she is about 35). Away from there she rides her own Harley and still has that big cunt. She knows how to use and isn’t one bit bashful about what she wants.

Every time I get laid by her I can’t believe it. I have to ask myself how I managed to get such an awesome and wild sex machine.

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