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Teens experience first time while parents are away

First Lush story... Want honest feedback
John and Lauren didn't have the typical high school relationship that died out shortly after it started because of some petty lie or something of that sort. They had been dating seventeen months and very seldom partook in anything sensual. Yes, John had received a couple of blow jobs from Lauren and he had eaten her out in return, but that was nothing compared to what they were about to do.

John's father was away on business and his mother had gone along with him, leaving John all by himself. John was an avid golfer and spent most of the days golfing until sunset then going over to Lauren's house for dinner, so this day was nothing different from the rest.

John spent the whole day golfing and when he finished he decided to head back to his house. On this particular day John was extra tired and didn't want to make the trek to Lauren's house for dinner, so instead he had Lauren come over and hang out at his abandoned house.

By the time John got back to his house Lauren had not yet arrived so John decided to take a well-needed shower. As the cool water rushed over his body he heard the door open and Lauren yell out, looking for him. John dried off and put a towel around his waist and sneaked off into his bedroom.

On his way to the bedroom John ran into Lauren and dropped his towel. Both shocked by what had just happened, neither one could move. Lauren glanced at John and saw that his recent workouts had his body in good form and his cock must have grown, because it looked nearly 8 inches and thick.

John quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped himself up but Lauren had already seen enough and was aroused. She then led John into his bedroom and laid him down on his bed. Lauren pulled John on top of her and whispered into his ear that she was finally ready.

Without any hesitation John quickly went to work and started kissing Lauren passionately, exploring her mouth and pecking at her neck. This alone had Lauren aroused beyond belief but John wasn't done teasing her.

John then unbuttoned Lauren's shirt and removed her bra revealing Lauren's 40D breasts with tiny pink gumdrop nipples. As soon as Lauren's bra hit the floor John started to decisively suck, bite and pinch hard at Lauren's nipples making her moan in pleasure.

"Oh yes, oh, John, just like that, don't stop."

Slowly John started kissing down her stomach and once he reached the waistband of Lauren's pants, he ripped them off her with intent. John immediately spread her legs and saw the glimmer of Lauren's already soaking wet pussy. He reached over into his dresser and pulled out a condom and quickly put it on.

John jumped back on top of Lauren and asked her one more time if she was sure she wanted this and at the nod of her head John gently pushed the tip of his enormous cock through her pussy, sending waves of shivers up Lauren's body.

Slowly, slowly, John inched his massive cock into Lauren until finally Lauren's pain subsided and turned to sheer pleasure. John started with missionary and pounded Lauren's tight virgin pussy with his cock. John started to thrust slowly and built up the pace.

Lauren's orgasm started to build until she was pushed over the edge when John pressed all of his engorged manhood into her. "Uh, uh, uh, oh my god, yes yes yes, fuck me, John. Harder. Oh, shit, I'm...I'm...cumming! Oh, oh my God, yes John, faster."

After Lauren's orgasm, she calmed down and relaxed for a moment .

She then rolled John over onto his back and started to ride him. Lauren bucked like a wild horse and didn't stop. She started thrusting up and down, front and back, while John sucked on her ample and aching nipples. Faster and faster Lauren rode John as her orgasm built up once again.

"Oh God, John, I'm close, fuck me now. Oh yes yes yes yes. I...shit I'm cumming again. Oh, God, John, that was amazing."

After their wild and pleasurable fucking, Each other had lost their virginity. Lauren took off the condom and started sucking on John's dick. She started deep-throating John and in no time his balls began to tighten and he exploded everywhere on Lauren's tits.

They both hopped in the shower and washed up. When they got out they lay on the bed and fell asleep together. What a way to lose your virginity...

Comment and rate. (First Lush story. If anyone likes it there could potentially be more to this fucking.)

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