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Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful PART II

We left off with things heating up between Audriana and Alec
I was hovering over her, nestled in between her legs and kissing her sweet mouth. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in for a deeper kiss. She let out subtle moans and I continued kissing her passionately. Her little hands played through my hair, tugging and wrestling, one hand groped the back of my neck while the other was on my jaw. She is an excellent kisser.

I released her from the kiss, took her face in both my hands and looked deep in her eyes, I'm surprised she didn't tap out by now. I had all of my weight on her, all 6'5 and 210 pounds laying over her meager 120lbs. She's a tough one, maybe not, I felt her squirm a bit. "Hey Alec, can you lighten up a bit, I can hardly breathe" she exclaimed. I rolled her over so she was on top. She gave me another one of her amazing smiles and resumed kissing me again.

This time her hands explored more of me. She grazed them across my chest and my shoulders and then began to unbotton my shirt. She took her time and continued kissing me and she worked my shirt off. Once she was successful she exited our kiss and looked at me, she began touching my bare chest, shoulders and now abs. Her hands moved curiously and happily. She looked at me with a slight smile, "I love your body Alec, you're so broad and strong" she said while gripping my biceps with her small hands, how cute.

Myself now being completely naked, because of her having worked my pants and boxers off earlier, it was only fair that I started to strip her. I took her in my arms and pulled her hair to the side, I removed her necklace and began kissing and nibbling on her neck. She shook, "Ahh, that tickles!" she said while giggling, damnit she was so cute. "Oh yeah?" I began tickling her waist and stomach and she went into hysterics, "hahah, oh gosh, stop, haha stop it!" she exclaimed I continued tickling her and she squirmed more, pathetically fighting me off. "Okay, Okay, I give up" she said plopping onto her back.

I took advantage of this position and pulled her dress up enabling me avaliablity to remove her stalkings. Her legs were so smooth, and they smelled like everything else on her, warm vanilla. I ran my hands up and down their length, she opened her legs slightly. I pulled her dress up more revealing the pink lace panties I saw earlier, I eventually pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside. Her pink lace bra matched her panties, she is so adorable.

She seemed a little shy and looked at me with question in her eyes, "You're beautiful" I said kissing my way up her supple body, she was so responsive to my every touch, I could tell shed be sensitive. I finally landed at her lips. She kissed me sweet and slowly. I reached my hand around her back and unhooked her bra revealing two perky, perfectly rounded and firm breasts. She had beautiful tanned nipples. I reached my head down and began nibbling, kissing and sucking on them. She let out short and soft moans, I looked up at her, her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly parted.

I continued the same on her other breasts, her skin was warm and smooth. I gripped both her breasts and lightly massaged them, granting more moans from Audriana. I rolled my hands over her little stomach and grabbed her wide hips. I began kissing her again and layed her down on her back. I kissed around her stomach and nipped at certain places.

I then positioned myself between her legs and began kissing her through her panties. This was obviously a new sensation for her because she let out a sharp moan. I moved my way to her inner thighs, kissing and licking around. She tasted so sweet. I gripped her thighs in my hands and lightly massaged her. I then went back to her sweet pussy, and began massaging her though her panties. She let out a few more moans before she wanted more, she opened her legs wider for me.

I removed her panties and kissed her sweet mound. She took in a deep breath. I licked her sweet lips and sucked on them, she tasted so good. I could do this forever, and she was so responsive to everything I did to her. I sucked on her inner and outer lips and passionately kissed them. "Mmm, that fees good" she moaned. Her hands moved through my hair, I love when she does this.

I located her clit, small and swollen, I latched my lips on and began sucking with no mercy. I licked and sucked on her sweet bud, Audriana began moaning loudly, her hips bucked and she held my hair tightly. I continued my motions and grabbed her hips to steady her movements. I sucked a little harder and began swirling my tongue around her clit. Her body became tense and her back arched high, I felt her shutter, and I knew she was having an orgasm. I sucked a little harder, trying to keep hold as her body jerked wildly. Her body shuttered more and her juices were finally released. She was warm and tasty, I lapped it all up. Audriana was a silent "orgasmer" she didn't moan or say anything, her body just became stiff and her eyes locked, that to me was hotter than anything else. I gave her so much pleasure that she couldn't move, let alone mutter anything from her sweet lips.

I finally released her clit and began kissing her mound, "No don't, I'm sensitive" she said while pulling my face away from her pussy, "I know doll" I said while continuing kissing her mound, I began quickly and forcefully flicking my tongue on her clit, "Alec, no." she exclaimed, her hands tugged my head a little harder I grabbed her hands, and held them at her side and continued working on her pussy. "Alec, please" she moaned. "it's okay sweetie, just take it" I said.

I then licked my middle finger and then began fingering her sweet hole, she was beyond tight. I could feel her pussy squeezing and contracting on my finger. I could only imagine the sensation of my cock.

I felt her body begin to tense knowing she was in the verge of another orgasm, I flicked a bit harder and felt her legs lock around my head, back arched high. Not a sound or movement escaped from her. I finally released her and went up to kiss her. Her body began to shutter intensely and she looked at me blankly, she was still recovering from her powerful orgasm.

Once she gathered herself she exclaimed, "That wasn't very nice" I just smiled and kissed her again. She gently pushed me off of her and told me to lay down, she grabbed my cock in her little hand and positioned herself over me, she looked up and smiled at me before licking and kissing my length. She teased me for some time and finally took my head in her mouth and that's about all she could manage. "you're so big" she said quietly, her mouth felt so good. She took a little more of my length before gagging. I got a grip of her hair and began gently mouth-fucking her.

She seemed to enjoy it, letting out a few moans. Just as I was on the verge I pulled out of her magical mouth, she came up and kissed me while stroking my cock. "Did I do alright?" she asked shyly, "Doll, you did amazing, can't you tell?" I said referring to my rock hard fully erect penis.

I scooped Audriana up and stood on the floor, I cradled her like a baby. She was so light and easily manageable, I could tear her apart with little force. She was so gentle and innocent and sensitive, I love that about her. I placed her on the bed and she lay on her back, I positioned myself over her in the missionary position. Sure not to crush her again, I focused most of my weight in my arms which were resting on the bed.

"Are you sure you want this Audriana?" I asked her, she looked at me with her big brown eyes, making my heart melt, "No Alec, I don't want this. I..I need you." she reached her neck up and gave me a sweet kiss, she whispered in my ear, "Please be gentle." I looked at her calmly, "Of course sweetie, I wouldn't be anything but."

I spat on my hand and rubbed it into her pussy for extra lubrication. I placed my head at her entrance. Could I do this? Am I really about to do this? There's no way I can enter her with out causing her even the slightest bit of pain. She said she needed me. I couldn't deny her of her needs.

I pushed into her little pussy, and I instantly met the resistance of her hymen, I gave another push and broke through. I felt her tear and also felt Audriana's nails clawing into my back. She let out small whimpers, and her legs were tightly squeezing my waist. I began slowly pumping her pussy, and she clawed harder. She felt so good, her pussy was so tight around my raging cock, it took everything I had to go slow and not devour her.

I took the chance to look at Audriana, her eyes were closed tightly and she had tears rolling down her face, her pain was apparent in many ways. Her tears, her clenched legs, her clawing my back. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, it'll be better soon" I whispered in her ear. She let out a weak "okay". I started kissing her neck to my relief she let out a small giggle.

I started moving a little faster, even though Audriana did not comply. "Alec, that's too much" she whimpered, "It hurts so much". This poor girl, what am I doing to her? How could I? "I know baby, I know, but it will get better, I promise". I continued working her little pussy. Her legs released their tight grip, much to my relief.

I moved a little faster and harder and Audriana let out a loud moan, I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure. "Maybe if we try a different position it'll be better for you, come here" When she moved I saw the blood, a pool of blood was formed on the sheets. I feel like an animal. "Are you sure you're okay" I asked her, "Yes, I'm okay".

"Come here sweetie" I positioned her on top of me and she took my full width and length in her sweet little pussy. Just the signt alone almost sent me over the edge, "God, it's like you're in my stomach". I couldn't help but laugh, her attempt of riding me was so cute, the poor girl could barely move because of my being 'in her stomach'. I opted to help her, I grabbed her hips and began pounding her.

She let out small moans which was music to my ears, I remembered how light she was and it's always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a girl against the wall. Audriana would be the one. I picked her up, "Wait, What're you doing?" she asked, I quieted her with a kiss. She straddled her legs around me as I re-entered her, I stood with her back against the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist, her arms around my neck and me supporting her with my arms.

She began bouncing up and down on my cock, rotating her hips and getting a nice rthym going. She was breathing heavy and her eyes were closed her lips slightly parted. I could feel her pussy moisten and grip my cock firmly. She continued fucking me and began letting out small moans. Her breasts bounced so freely, rubbing against my chest, the feeling was so erotic.

Probably with all of her energy spent, she began slowing down, her arms and legs were losing grip. I held her tightly, used the wall for support and began pounding her pussy. Surprisingly she didn't tell me to slow down, or cry out in pain so I kept at this pace. Her pussy was milking me so good.

Just then I felt her body tense, her legs clenched around my waist she was silent and didn't move, she was having another orgasm. Her pussy convulsed on my cock, it squeezed and contracted until I couldn't take anymore. I shot my creamy load into her pleading pussy. I'd never experienced so much pleasure. 

Coming down from her orgasm, she just looked at me, her body was moist with sweat and her hair tousled into a perfect mess, to me, she look beautiful. I had taken her innocence all in one night.

She didn't say anything to me, the look was all in her eyes. She smiled and kissed me.I could still feel her pussy pulsing on my cock.

We nestled into bed together. I spooned her and played in her hair. "Hey Alec?" she said softly. "Yeah?" I responded. "Thank you, I'm glad I lost my virginity to you." she said quietly. "No, thank you" and we both drifted off to sleep. 

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