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Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

It was thanksgiving when he first laid eyes on her and had fantasized about her ever since.
It was thanksgiving dinner at her house, when I first laid eyes on Audriana. I was captivated by her presence and her ability to work a room, but how could this be the same girl I had watched as a baby? She had grown up so beautifully but that was so long ago, she was sixteen now. Her Italian and black mix gave her a deeply tanned skin tone, big beautiful brown eyes that were feathered with thick dark lashes and her loosely curled, dark hair fell just above her mid back. She looked around 5'8, which I could easily dominate with my 6'5 frame. 

However, it was her smile that truly made me weak. It was if someone had sculpted two rows of perfectly squared pearls and placed them in between two luscious red pillows. I watched her for some time. She greeted the guests and made her way around the room. She was coming towards me. Damn! The way she moved was so graceful and yet she was still so sexy, without even trying. Maybe it was the tight, black dress she was wearing. It was modest, yet perfectly revealing. It was form-fitting, showing off her perfectly rounded hips, contrasted to her unbelievably tiny waist and then there was her ass. Her beautiful little ass. Her cheeks sat high and round, just waiting to be squeezed, similar to her breasts, which were small, round and perky, just the way I like them. They were hidden just enough by a subtle V neckline, but her turquoise necklace was distracting. She was getting closer.

"Hi there!" She exclaimed, a genuine smile plastered on her face, as she reached out and hugged me, much to my surprise.

Her embrace was warm and the scent of vanilla in her hair drove me wild. I wanted to hold her forever, guessing that she felt my admiration as she released me and smiled innocently.

"I'm Audriana, Giana and Cameron's daughter. Nice to meet you," she cooed.

I said, "Sweetie, I've met you before, not this you, but i've met you. I'm Alec, you don't remember me?"

She looked at me blankly, answering my question without speaking

"I'm a good friend of your dad's. I was around when you were a baby... I had to move to Australia for business a while back. I'm here again now though."

Her beautiful smile lit up her face again. She bobbled a bit, which made her little breasts slightly jiggle. Was she wearing a bra? What a tease.

"Well nice to see you again, Mr?"

Mr? No, don't make me feel old. I'm Alec Miller, but you can call me, Alec" I said sternly.

"Oh okay, thanks Alec. If you'll excuse me. I've got to help my mom in the kitchen," with that, she was off.

I watched her leave. She had amazing legs, long, slender, with shapely calves and cute little thighs. What is she doing to me? Stop it! She's sixteen man.

After dinner, I decided to give myself a tour. Their house was rather large and had some interesting decor. I opted to make myself comfortable in the library. I had a pretty good book collection, so I wanted to check out theirs.

"Pretty impressive huh?" said a soft, raspy voice.

Audriana was standing in the doorway with two plates which looked likeslices of pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

"May I join you Mr. Miller?" she inquired, with her big doe-eyes, looking cute as ever. She looked so innocent and yet so alluring at the same time. How could I deny this girl anything she asked of me?

"Sure and please, call me Alec."

"Oh yes, I'm sorry, Alec. Would you like some?" She said, extending the second plate towards me. "I made the pie and I must say, it's pretty good" she smiled, licking some excess ice cream off her plump, bottom lip.

Damn, she was such a tease.
I cannot even begin to tell you the images that popped in my head, seeing her removing the creamy substance from her taut mouth.

"Uhh, sure, thanks."

I grabbed the plate and walked over towards a large wooden book shelf. I could feel her, following behind me.

" is it?" she asked, excitedly.

She was so damn cute! Especially in the dim lighting of the library. The plains of her face were more apparent. A sharp jaw line and high cheek bones. Her hair fell into loose long curls which looked so lusciously shiny that I wanted to run my hands through her beautiful head of hair. I took a bite of her pie. It was delicious, just like her.

"It's really good. Are you sure you made this?"

"Hahaha! Yes, silly. I'm sure," she said playfully, smacking my arm and giggling.

Even her laugh made me hot. What was a man like me doing fantasizing about such a young, attractive girl? Not that I'm bad looking; tall, bright blue eyes, light brown hair and in good shape. Hey, I could have a shot.

"So you like books?" she asked, looking at me with a certain intent in her eyes.

"Yeah, I've got some interest, why?" She walked over to a large built-in shelf, on the other half of the room. "Then you have to check this out."
She made her way to the shelf, removed her shoes and proceeded to climb onto the second row. She was light and flexible. Dirty thoughts danced through my mind. I couldn't help but watch, as her tight little dress moved its way up her thighs, getting shorter and shorter, as she continued to climb.

"Uuhh, mmm," she grunted, trying to reach for a particular volume.

She made my cock swell with a sudden erection, at the sound of her moans.

"Gotcha!" she said, easing her way back down.

She got the second shelf then asked, "Can you give me a hand? I don't want to fall."

I was happy to comply. I wrapped both of my large hands around her small waist and brought her down. Oh, she was so very light. I felt the same pulsating in my pants and knew what she was doing to me.

"Ouch! Gee, you're strong, Alec," she said, whilst massaging her waist.

I guess that I had gripped her more tightly than I'd needed to.

"Now look," she said, opening a large, historic-looking book. "It's ancient, from the Greeks. How cool is that?"

I noticed when she got excited, she did this shimmy, bobble, bouncy thing that made her tits go wild and me too.

"It's about anatomy, the human body, ya know? And all its functions," she flipped through the pages and landed on one with a penis.

What was she trying to do to me?

"Mr.. I mean, Alec. May I ask you something?"

Oh god, I was thinking, as I replied, "Sure doll, what's up?"

Her mood shifted to a more innocent, submissive tone as her voice softened, "Can I... Well, umm... Can I see it? I'm so curious..."

No, she didn't, what? This cute, innocent little creature wants to see my manhood? I should, I couldn't!

"Uhh, what?" I was somewhat unsure if I had heard her correctly. 
"Can I, ya know, see it?"

I'm wasn't giving in that easily. Why not make her squirm a little, make her say it.

"See what, sweetie?" I said slyly.

"Your... Umm... Your penis," she said quickly.

It was so erotic to hear these words coming from the mouth of such a young girl. The dirty thoughts danced through my mind again.

"I'm not so sure. There are lots of people around and you're so young."

How could I do this? Her dad and I were such good friends, although I'm a good deal younger. It wasn't too bad. Me being 29 to his 38. Yeah, not too bad.

"We can go somewhere more private. There's a guest bedroom, down in the basement, that no one ever goes to. We could go there."

Before I could answer, she cupped my hand in her small palm and led me downstairs.

"Wait! What about our plates?" I said, in one last attempt to save myself.

"The maid will get them," she replied, tugging my hand a little harder.

She was driving me wild, but I was so conflicted. My body wanted her to please me and I to please her. I would have let her do anything to me, as long as I could have my way with her. But then, she was so young, so pure, so fresh, so innocent. I was not.

She led me into the dark room, firstly taking a quick look outside the door, to make sure no one had noticed our escape, then quickly, quietly came back in and locked the door. She flicked on one of the lights, which created a romantic light and revealed a lavish room.

There was a large queen-sized bed, with all the toppings, a bathroom, walk-in closet, glowing fire place and a few cushions. She made her way towards me, grabbed my hand again and led me towards the bed. Dear god, I could ravage her right here and now, ignore her pleads, screams and cries. What I could do to her! I could bend and break her with my pinky, she was at my will, at my mercy, I had control.

"So, uhh, can I? Please? I just want to see," she said, placing her small hand on my thigh.

She was so warm. She looked at me with her big, brown eyes. she blinked twice, innocently, adding to the blood flow in my pants. I'm sure she could see my bulge. Yes, she certainly did, she placed her hand over my penis and began to lightly massage it. My mouth went dry.
She looked at her hand as she did it and moved it, curiously. She hesitated to unbuckle my belt and unbotton my pants. She looked at me for reassurance that it was okay to go further. I nodded. Wait, what was I doing? No!

"No! wait! I can't!" I exclaimed, jumping away from her.

I startled her, she jumped and looked as if she were going to cry. Oh no, please no. How could I do this to her, I couldn't deny her what she wanted.

"Wait, no... What I mean is, are you sure?"

She nodded her head up and down, cooing, "Yes, I'm sure."

"Well then, who am I to say, no?"

I made my way back on the bed, and sat closer to her. I managed to see a glimpse of her pink panties, as I made my way over. This got me hot and ready again. She continued where she left off. She unzipped my zipper, then got off the bed and worked my pants off. She tossed them to the side and came back up, the she sat on the bed for a second, just staring at the bulge through my boxers.

Firstly, she massaged me through the thin material, then reached her hand in. I felt her body stiffen.

"What?" I said.

She looked at me, a little timid, "Nothing, it's just so... Big."

This was music to my ears. She maneuvered by boxers off and tossed those aside too. Now there was no barrier between her and my manhood. I saw her take a gulp and then placed her soft, warm hand on my shaft. She wrapped her hand around it. Her fingers couldn't even fully encircle my width. How cute. If this was her hand I couldn't even imagine how tight her pussy must be.

She stroked it and stared for a while, not sure what to do. Then she cupped by balls. Her eyes looked curious and yet pleased at the same time.

"Does that feel good?" She breathed softly.

"Yes, sweetie, it does," I said with a heavy breath.

She brought her hand to her mouth and politely spat into it. She looked at me, her eyes asking if it was okay. I nodded. She brought her little hand once again to my penis and began to stroke it.

This new sensation sent a jolt through my body and made my penis jump. She noticed and a subtle smile played across her lips. At first she was lightly touching it, but now I felt more power and passion in her hand. The best thing was the way that she looked deep into my eyes, as she did it. The sensation of her soft little hand and the thrill of her looking at me, almost sent me over the edge. I stared at her plump, rosy lips. I could just imagine the feeling of her moist, warm mouth on me, I would have been surprised if she would be able to get past the head. We would see. 

I looked her in the eyes and gave her a sly smile. I leaned forward, tugged her chin ever so slightly and kissed her. This sent jolts through my body. She tasted like warm vanilla. Her lips were so full and soft. I could have kissed her forever. She let out a slight moan, which made me even more hot. I continued to kiss her and tease her tongue with mine. She was a pretty good kisser, much to my surprise.

I released her.

"Do you do this often?" I asked her.

"No, you are my first. I've never even kissed a boy before, let alone a man and certainly not this" she said looking at her hand which was still stroking my penis.

She then bent over and spat on it some more and began working her hand in a more skilled manner. Good girl I thought to myself.

"Come here," I said, tugging her chin again.

I passionately kissed her and got a grip of her luscious hair. I gave it a tug and she let out a yelp. She looked at me, with her big brown eyes and I soothed her with more kisses.

Her breathing got short and heavy. It was so hot the way she moaned in between kisses. She even nibbled on my bottom lip, which made me go wild. I took a firm grip of her neck and threw her back against the bed. I forcefully laid her down and got on top of her. The feeling of her small frame, squirming under me, made me rock hard. She bucked a little but she knew she was going no where.

She let out a small cry and had a look of horror in her eyes. What was I doing?! I couldn't ravage her this way! She needed me to be soft, careful and gentle. Remember Alec she is inexperienced. She needs you to teach her. I eased my grip and released her from under me. I took her smooth face in both of my hands and gently kissed her. 

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll be gentle with you. Please, give me this chance, please? I want to please you, give you all the pleasure you deserve, please?"

She looked at me with such passion, I just about melted.

"Yes, yes, okay Alec. I want you to take my virginity. I want to please you too," she said, reaching her neck up and pressing her lips against mine.

Tonight, was going to be the best night of my life...


To be continued... This is my first story, so please, leave comments and tell me what you think.

I hope you enjoy!

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