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That funny feeling in my stomach

My first time on the other side...
Being half cast boy, I'm considered quite good looking by many different types of people. Even gay people.

In my native country it was normal for me to be hit on by girls and guys. But getting to NZ it felt different. 

I guess it may have been from the fact that I got here just before I hit puberty. I was a late bloomer however. Everyone got bigger and hairier earlier than I did. It seemed a lot earlier.

And I was left in awe whenever I saw someone else's penis. How much larger it was than mine. And manly looking. Mine in contrast was still pretty small.

I wasn't into boys though, which was weird because I was mesmerized by their members. And every time I caught a glimpse of some of the other boy's penis. I find myself thinking about it that night, and in the following days. 

One time while changing in the cubicles in school, I was 15 and I had a funny urge to get up on the stool inside the cubicle and look over to the next cubicle. I knew the other guy beside me. His name was Michael. We weren't strictly good friends. We just played basketball together at lunch time, and had classes together. He was reasonably fit guy but wasn't good looking in the classic sense. 

Once I got on the stool and popped my head over I saw him removing his boxers. I was amazed as to how big his cock was. It was uncircumcised and looked long and meaty. It looked heavy. My eyes where wide open. As he put on his clothes I got back into my cubicle quietly without him noticing. I stepped down from the stool a weird feeling grew quickly inside of me. I felt naughty. And kind of turned on. I felt confused and let it go.

Later that night I couldn't stop thinking about Michaels long, meaty looking cock. I wondered what it'd look like in full glory. "'How much more bigger could it get?" I thought. Imagining his big cock started getting me hard.  I then focused my imagination on a beautiful girl I really liked back then, and before long I had a full on hard on.

I stood up from my bed and went into the kitchen to grab some cooking oil. Using it as lube I started jerking off. While I fantasized about my crush. A sudden flash of Michael came in my head and I felt that naughty feeling in my stomach again. But it felt good. The image of his big meaty cock turned me on wildly. And I was just bout ready to cum. I pictured his cock pressed up against my ass. Feeling every inch of his hot thick rod. His hand firmly gripping my hips so that my ass was pressed hard against his hard on. I blew my load and it felt incredible. Hot thick juice squirting out onto the hard wood floor.I felt guilty straight afterwards. Fantasizing about another guy.

I never felt the urge to see guys or really have sex with them. But they did feature in my fantasies and whilst masturbation more than occasionally.

Gay guys were still hitting on me from time to time, but I didn't think much of it. All straight guys get hit on all the time. 

Three years later I started working full time at Wendy's and studying part time. At 18 I've finally reached puberty. I had hair in all in the right places. 

There was a gay guy who worked there call Robin. Who had a crush on me. I didn't really notice it until someone told me. Robin was bigger than me. I was 5ft 10 and he was about 6ft 1. He was big boned and had an athletic body. Not a bad looking guy. I brushed off the attention as I was interested in other girls at the time. It was just another gay guy who liked me. It must have been my exotic looks I thought. 

One time while we were closing, I was cleaning the mens toilet. I was cleaning the walls at the time when Robin came in with the mop ready to get started on the floors.The men’s toilet had a single cubicle and outside of the cubicle was the basin and mirror. 

I was in the cubicle cleaning "Hey man, I'm just about done in here. Give me a minute and I'll come out and start on the walls out there." 

"Sweet azz."  was Robins reply. I went outside of the cubicle to start the cleaning the walls and the basin.

He flashed me a cheeky smile and went inside the cubicle starting on the floors. There was only about 4 people in the restaurant at the time and we are all busy working as quick as we can so that we can get out of there and get home. 

I started cleaning on the basin and was getting ready to clean the mirror above the basin. Robin was finished with mopping the floor in the cubicle and was now behind me waiting so he could start mopping the floor where I was. I sprayed the mirror with cleaner and proceeded to wipe. I couldn't quite reach the upper 2 inches of the mirror and I was on my tippy toes.

Robin gave out a quick smirk and he came up behind me. He grabbed the paper towel and he didn't wait for me to get out of the way and started cleaning the top part of the mirror. He was pressing me against the basin. I felt to what felt like his semi hard cock against my butt. This caught me be surprise. And for some reason I didn't try and get out of the way.

He said "This is how you do it" while easily cleaning the mirror. I felt a naughty curiosity of how his cock felt against my butt. It felt kind of good. He did this for a good long 30 seconds. The cleaning itself only took 5-10 seconds max. It wasn't a big mirror. 

As he went over every square inch of the mirror rubbing somewhat frantically his whole body would sway from side to side from the momentum generated by his arms. His cock rubbed on my ass from left to right, His cock felt big. That was a weird but good feeling. That must've been why I somehow let that situation go. 

"There you go, all clean" he says, and I was like "Ahhh thanks" and walked out of the toilet.

That night I went home and masturbated about Robin. The feeling of his cock against my ass got me all hot and horny. I jerked of to the image of him slowly entering my brown ring with his big cock, and slowly but surely started pumping into me. I didn't last long and I blew my load. Nothing ever turned me on more than that. 

Weeks and months pass and nothing like that happened again. I did masturbate some more about him. I couldn't help it. I felt guilty doing it, but I got so much pleasure out of it.

One night, after a long hard slog at work. We closed the restaurant and finally started making our way home at 2.30 in the morning.Robin that night caught the same bus as me. He usually drove home. We got in the bus and we got talking. Bitching about crappy customers and slave driving managers. He asked me if I wanted a ride home from his house as he knew from before that I walked another 10 minutes from the bus stop. I felt hesitant about it but I said yes.Once we got off the bus and walking towards his house "Hey bro I have a small joint do you wanna hit it before I drop you off home" again I was hesitant but said yes. I started getting annoyed at myself for seeming so high strung. I forced myself to loosen up.

We got in his car and we started hot boxing it. We needed to make the most of his joint. I was a hard smoker so I only felt a little stoned. But I was pretty relaxed. He looked at me and flashed that cheeky smile again. "Bro let’s have a beer, you feel like chilling out a bit?"  I had no work the next day so this time I said yes without hesitating.

We went into his granny flat which was separated from the main house. He gave me a beer and we started drinking slowly. Talking shit again. He put the music on and put on some RnB. My favourite type of music at the time. 

We had a couple of more beers and I was fully relaxed. We were laughing and having a real good time.  I got up and asked him where the toilet was, so I could relieve myself. Once in the toilet doing my business I couldn't stop thinking to myself of why I was here. I had that naughty feeling in my stomach again which aroused me slightly.

I got back in the lounge and there was Robin standing up dancing to the beat of the song. He was pretty good dancer and so was I. He motioned me to dance with him and I did. Wanting to show off.  We danced eye to eye and our bodies where getting closer. And just like in those music videos I turned around and I started backing up, he came forward to meet me. I was going to grind him. Our rhythm became slower than the beat. As my ass backed up on his private region.  The feeling of his cock against my ass was wonderful his semi hard cock against my soft plump ass…

I slowly grinded my ass against him up and down, and in slow circling motions. This felt real naughty but I didn't want it to stop. I pressed a little more against him. He wrapped his arms around my chest and belly. His large physique dwarfed me. Our bodies where totally pressed against each other moving more slowly, more sensual. His cock was fully hard and felt very large. I had a hard on going as well. 

We did this for a little while. It was unbearably steamy. He whispered in my ear "Go down on me." I was surprised at this, as I was usually the one who does the asking with the girls. I nodded. 

He lead me to the couch. And he unhooked his belt buckle. I was standing infront of him. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I thought I was already there and I wanted to know what his cock felt like. I could see his hard on was sticking out of his pants like a mini tent. He slowly took off his work pants and step out of them. His cock was massive, must have been 7 inches at least. And thick with a nice mushroom head. It had a slight curve upwards from the middle of  his shaft to the head. It was red with blood. He held me by the hand and pulled me close to him and started kissing me on the lips slowly.

His huge hot cock was pressed against my belly.I opened my mouth slightly and he started French kissing me. Again I was hesitant but I decided to let myself go and kissed him back. His lips where big and soft, his tongue was strong and commanding inside my mouth. I wrapped my arms around this neck and he had his hands firmly on my ass. Both our mouths where wide open as we kissed passionately for a few minutes. He started kissing me on my neck and he slowly broke off.

He sat down on the couch and he pulled me to him gently. Motioning me to kneel.  He had full control of the situation. He knew I wanted this, but needed a bit of pushing. And he wanted to take advantage of it.

His huge member was just a foot away from me. I could smell a strong musky smell from his penis….  

End of Part 1

Part 2

My hands resting on each of his knees. While I stare at his engorged cock.
"Why don't you touch it with your hands, see what it feels like?" Robin

I went for it, I knew I wanted to so I didn’t see the point of delaying it or
lying to myself. My right hand slowly reaches for his cock. And just as I
touch it my heart beat slows right down, the weird feeling in the pit of my
stomach again. I'm doing something bad. My heart slows but the beats seem
long. As if more blood was going through my veins with each beat.

My first touch is just below his mushroom head. It was pretty hard and
smooth. And real hot. I’m careful not to squeeze hard. As my hands barely
wrap around his girth I slowly slide it down until it gets to his balls.
They were large and hanging very low. I wanted to feel how heavy they were.
They were heavier than mine. His balls felt good in my hand. Soft, large and
warm. I slowly massage them as Robin groans.

I slowly slide my hand upwards as I start to wank him off slowly. The
feeling of his large hot cock in my hand was unbelievable. I could feel it
pulsating in my palms. The head started oozing out pre-cum and all I wanted
in the time was to taste his cock. Another man’s cum. His red hot mushroom
head was calling me. Waiting for my mouth like a kid to a lollipop.

I slowly positioned myself closer to him, to get ready. He anticipated this
and spread his legs wide so that he gives me unhindered access to his cock.
As I get closer the musky smell from his cock becomes stronger. This turns
me on even more. His cock head was a centimeter away from my lips.

I slowly open my mouth and I finally touch his cock head, it was hot and his
cream tasted salty. I opened my mouth even more as I take in more of him.

The thickness of his cock stretches my mouth, but I can still handle it. His
cock felt so hot in my mouth and had a nice sweaty type of taste to it. I
slowly gave him head. And I could not believe I was actually doing this. But
it felt good.

I even started massaging his balls while i was sucking on his tool. I know
how guys like that from getting that done to me.

I withdrew my mouth from his cock, I wanted to lick his large, soft balls. I
pressed his cock against his belly as I slowly lick his balls. I was amazed
at the size of his balls... I started wanking him off while I was doing this
and Robin groaned more and more.

Then he told me to stop. He leaned down and gave me a kiss and told me to
take my pants off.

I stood up and took my pants off. He stood up and took my top off for me. I
was completely naked in front of him. He grabbed me on my hips and pulled me
towards him slowly. He kissed me and held me tight. I wrapped my arms around
his neck and kissed him back with a lot of passion.

His hands where slowly massaging my butt now. Squeezing it from time to
time. Both our cocks side by side and I could feel his hot cock pressed hard
on my belly.

He stopped and he slowly pulled me towards his bedroom. Once we got to his
bed he walked around me and embraced me from the back. His arms around
my waist. I could feel his hard hot cock pressed against my ass. He
kissed and sucked on my neck from the back, all the while rubbing his
cock up and down my ass. He got me wondering what it would feel like
having his meat inside me, pumping me…

He put his weight on my upper body. He was bigger than me so I couldn't
really hold him up. He was bending me over, with his sheer size.  I
let him do it to me. Because I wanted what was coming to me. I wanted
to see what it felt like.

My upper body was lying over his bed now. He was giving me a slow butt
massage with his strong hands. While doing so he rested his cock
between my ass cheeks.  He grabbed his lubricant from inside his
bedside table.

"Have you had sex with a guy before?"
"No." was my reply.

"Ok, we'll go slow. Relax and I promise you'll like it. There will be
pain to start off with but you'll get use to it."

He lubed up his fingers, and he slowly caressing my brown ring with
it. My anticipation was growing. He tried inserting one finger in but
my ring wouldn't let him. "Relax baby…" he said in a slow quiet

I started to relax and quickly learnt to keep it relaxed until his
whole finger was inside me. "That's it, let me in." He said.

He slowly finger fucked me for a couple of minutes. Then he inserted
his second finger and started fucking me again. This was slightly
painful put I stayed with it and it got better. Then he pulled his
fingers out.

He started lubing up his cock. I wasn't sure if I could take him in.
it was too soon. He was too big!

"Robin, I'm not sure I can take it…"
"Don't worry I'll put heaps of lube on." Interrupting my weak protest.

He put the tip of his cock on my ring. And slowly applied some
pressure. He told me to relax and I did.

At first he could only get half his cock head inside me. He applied
more lube and got further in slightly.

He slowly started pumping me. With each thrust getting deeper and
deeper inside me. He was halfway inside me now and he applied more

I relaxed as much as I could and almost suddenly he was inside me. I
groaned with pain and ecstasy. There was a foreign object inside my
ass. But the thought of another man’s cock inside me turned me on. He
stayed there for a minute and then he slowly started fucking me.

I loved the feeling of his hot meaty rod sliding in and out of my
brownring. He started fucking me a little bit more quicker. His thrust
and power pushing my whole body forwards. I've never felt such raw,
animal sex. He had control of me and I was taking him all in. He was
starting to groan heavier and heavier, his balls slapping against my

He leaned down so that his upper body was on top of mine. He was
pressing me against the bed as he fucked me. He was sucking and
licking my neck. He started fucking me harder, his skin rubbing up on
my back as he fucked me. He was starting to sweat.
His cock more freely pumping me…He suddenly picked up speed which
started to hurt me, he was pounding me now, and suddenly I felt his
cock expand momentarily and I felt his hot liquid spurting inside me.
He drilled his cock as deep into my ass as he could as he came. He
kept on cumming. I loved the feeling of Robin cumming inside me.
Planting his pleasure seeds inside.

He stayed inside me for awhile. Resting on top of me as his cock grew soft…

He slid out of me and he got up. I didn't really say much, I just
walked out into the lounge and put my clothes on… He dropped me off
home and I stayed in bed all day.

The thought of what just happened kept on rewinding in my head. A
mixture of pleasure and pain…

The End


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