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That One Special Night

Mark and Sara experience their first time together.
As Mark and Sara approached her room silently, they knew what was to come. Their first time was going to occur, now on this frigid February night. Neither of them could hide their excitement. Mark, in his briefs and robe and Sara, in sweatpants and a tank-top, had snuck away from the pyjama party taking place downstairs in her house unable to help themselves. As they entered her room and locked the door, they kissed standing up briefly before the true action began.

She pushed him down on the bed playfully and opened his robe slowly as she kissed him. She began to straddle him, careful not to put her weight on his hips until she felt him thrusting up against her.

His hands moved gently up and down either side of her beautiful body, feeling her curves. His mouth found its way, slowly, from her mouth, to her jaw, to her neck, where he began to suck and nibble extremely gently, making her want more.

She tilted her head back and gasped, her neck was such a weak spot. She gripped onto his shoulders while his hands kneaded her ass as they slowly ground together. She felt him start to get nice and hard pressing up against her pussy through his thin briefs.

His hands, already down her pants and massaging her ass, traced the waist of her sweatpants, tugging gently and slowly pulling them down. She felt his hot, heavy breaths falling onto her neck and collarbone, making her moan softly.

She slowly crawled off of him and stood, leaving him hot on the bed. Her hands tangled up in her hair as she threw her head back and let her lips part. Her hands travelled down her body, caressing her face, cupping a breast, inching to the hem of her shirt. Slowly, she pulled her top up revealing more and more creamy skin to him. She then pulled it over her head leaving her breasts bare to his eyes and the chilly air. She sauntered up to him, extra sway in her hips, and leaned down to kiss him, letting him slowly remove her pants himself.

As he led her waistband down her soft, smooth legs, he both sent and felt chills rise from her skin. He inched his face closer to her as he pulled them down, moving his mouth towards her beautiful, fit stomach. He suddenly kissed and licked her abs, unable to control his desire as her pants finally came completely off.

Her eyes slid shut and her mouth opened, a sharp gasp escaping past her lips. He felt her muscles tense and her hips arch towards his mouth as he licked his way up to a breast. His tongue swirled around an already hard nipple while he gently massaged the other breast. Her hands found his head and she tugged on his hair a bit, letting him know how much she enjoyed his attention. She gasped and moaned as he lightly bit down, sending shocks of pleasure all the way to her pussy.

His body slowly went limp as he lay down entirely, pulling her down on top of him. His hand moved slowly away from her playful nipple, dragging itself lazily around to her back, and down to her butt, feeling how beautifully firm, yet soft her ass was. It then moved around her waist while he continued to play with her nipple with his tongue and moved in between their locked bodies, inching closer and closer to her awaiting clit.

She made an impatient, needy noise as she felt him slowly teasing her. His fingers traced light patterns around her hairless body, teased their way to the inside of her thighs, and barely passed over her already wet pussy. She ached for him to touch her. She pulled his face up to hers and kissed him passionately, running her tongue over his, trying to show him how badly she wanted him. "Please," she gasped out, arching down onto his hovering hand and biting his lower lip softly.

Giving in, still reluctantly, his hand made its way to her moist pussy slowly as their tongues played. He pinched her clit lightly, but only quickly, because her heavy breaths let him know how bad she needed his fingers inside of her. Slowly, almost barely at first, he let his finger guide its way into her, feeling her warmth and wetness, and how tight she truly was.

She let out a long, low moan as his finger forced its way inside of her. She gyrated slowly on his finger, which continued to tease her feeling her clench around him in a desperate attempt to feel more friction. Slowly, she lifted herself off of his finger, hands pushing against his chest, legs shaking with need, giving him a preview of what was to come. He added a second finger as she came back down, loving the loud groan of his name that passed her lips. She felt him stretch her for his hard, hard cock.

His fingers twisted and turned inside of her, moving harder and faster in ecstasy after every thrust. His mouth was locked onto her collarbone. He felt her chest tremble as he roughly fingered her.

Her moans became shorter and louder with each insertion of his fingers into her dripping pussy. "Oh god!" she panted out as he hit an extra-sensitive spot deep inside of her. Her toes curled and he felt her body tense and her thighs quiver as she neared her orgasm. "Mark!" she moaned out as a final thrust of his fingers and brush of his palm against her clit sent her over the edge.

He still fingered her abrasively, deeply, as she came on his hand. As he slowed, his fingers slowly retracted from her gushing pussy to rub in between her legs, parting only briefly every few moments for him to lick her cum off of his fingers. After tasting her sweet juices a few times, he moved a hand up into her hair and pulled her head against his. He thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth, making her lick herself off of him.

She groaned into his mouth, liking the rough treatment a bit more than she should have and still trembling slightly after an incredible orgasm. She pulled him up slightly so he was in a seated position with her legs wrapped firmly around his waist. His cock pushed against her pussy and ass as she ground down onto him, teasing him a bit before unwrapping her legs from his waist. Her hands travelled from his cheek, down his neck, pinching a nipple slightly to feel his surprised reaction before she slipped her fingers into the waistband of his briefs.

She felt his cock, throbbing intensely after feeling her cum on him. As her soft, nimble hand began to tease him, rubbing the head gently, he softly whispered her name and begged for more.

"Sara, I need to feel your hands on me. Don't make me wait any longer!” He started shifting nervously a little, his cock needing more attention. He breathed heavily into her mouth.

She pulled off his briefs swiftly and listened to him inhale sharply at the cold. She gripped him firmly in her hand and watched his hips rise up and head fall back. Slowly, she moved her hand up and down, feeling his cock throb and grow with each stroke. She thrust her tongue into his slightly open mouth as his hands tangled themselves in her hair. She moved her hand slightly faster feeling his groan more than hearing it. Precum quickly beaded on his head and she swiped at it, careful to apply a little pressure to his slit. His twitch was all she needed to speed up her hand more. Her chest pressed against his and her mouth locked tightly with his own.

Her viciously intense strokes brought him closer and closer, as he quietly begged her for relief through their passionate kiss. She heard his plea, and begin jerking him harder and faster, knowing he was nearing the edge. He groaned onto her mouth gripping the back of her head tighter and tighter. His hips shifted more than before, hardly holding back the load that was to come. There were just a few short seconds before he lost control and came all over her beautiful hand. He felt her smile and laugh proudly against his mouth. The intense rise and fall of his chest with his deep breaths massaged her own ever so lightly.

As she smiled against his mouth, she pulled away slightly. She looked him in the eye as she slowly, seductively licked his still warm cum off of her hand. This forced him to groan and close his eyes and already start to get turned on even after such an intense orgasm.

He turned over and lay her down as she moved her hands behind her head, playing with her hair. She felt his body on top of hers, a little cum still dripping from his dick, rubbing her waist and abs. He kissed down her neck and onto her hard, playful nipples, cycling between them. He let his tongue lay itself over them and move as it pleased. His hands were moving up and down either side of her gorgeous body again, tracing up her arms, down to her waist and ass, and back up her arms to hold her hands as he kissed her breasts.

She sighed softly and felt their bodies start to get riled up again at his gentle cycles on her nipples. She pulled his face up to hers gently, tugging his lips towards hers as she stared at him through half-lidded eyes. "Take me" she whispered before fully shutting her eyes and kissing him softly on the lips.

Responding quickly, almost desperately, he gently pushed the head of his cock against her once-again moist pussy. He rubbed her clit gently, teasing, and seeing who could last the longest before needing the other. As their bodies both began to tremble, he realized that he need her more, and slowly began forcing himself into her, seeing how much of him she could take…

"Be nice" she gasped out as he slowly filled her, showing her just what it felt like to have a hard cock inside of her.

She gripped his shoulders tightly, in both pleasure and pain, as his body made her feel things she’d never felt before. He pulled out just a little, not putting all of his cock inside of her yet, still letting her get used to his thick cock.

"Sweet lord," she gasped out, unused to the sensation of him gyrating slowly above her.

He let her take her time, understanding that this was a new sensation for her. Her trembling insides made him even harder than he was before. His hand, pinching and playing with her nipple, soon found its way up to her mouth, asking her, without words, to lick his finger which was still wet with her cum. As he felt her tongue slowly reach and latch onto his finger, his eyes closed tight and he groaned audibly, letting her know how amazing she felt, both on his throbbing cock and his wet finger.

She moved her hips towards his tentatively, unsure whether this was the right way to show him she was ready. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared into hers while he thrust gently, shallowly at first, into her waiting pussy.

"Mark" she whispered, letting him know how much this meant to her, how good it felt, and how tied together they were. This wasn't just sex. They had meshed together and were loving each other. Her warm pussy tugged at his hard, hard cock and their mouths pressed together in a passionate kiss.

Their mouths stayed locked together allowing their tongues to mingle. He stared deep into her beautiful eyes while he slowly crept into her farther seeing if she could take all of it into her warm pussy.

He constantly broke away from their kiss and asked, "Are you alright?" to which she responded simply with a light nod, as her hands clenched the sheets of the bed and her eyes remained tightly sealed...

Approaching his last two inches or so, he asked the same, gentle question, "Sara, are you ok?"

She opened her eyes slowly, grinned, and forced her cunt all the way over his massive cock, forcing a deep moan from her and an intense sigh of relief from him.

At first, she was nervous and clenched her muscles. Her pussy tightened around his cock and earned her a rough moan before she relaxed. Soon, though, she got used to the feeling of him moving, of his thick cock rubbing against her, of his head pushing and hitting spots deep inside of her that she didn't know existed.

This moment was all about her, feeling his cock move deeply inside of her as she trembled with intense pleasure. Since this was their first time, not only the first time for sex but truly making love with their soulmate, sparks flew all over the bedroom as he prayed that she was getting closer than he was. He felt relieved as her breaths quickened and deepened. She started moaning his name when she could, drawing closer and closer to that magical moment.

"Mar-ark-oohhh!" she moaned out as his pace increased just a bit. I'm...ooohh... so close!" Her breathing became shallow and quick. She twined her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She squeezed his neck tightly, burrowing his face in her neck as she came in several long shudders and spasms.

He felt her cum gush down his cock, her pussy tightening and rippling around him combined with her loud, high moan. He came wildly and unexpectedly, completely in unison with her intense spasms and moans. Their hips were grinding intensely into each others, each moaning against the other and feeling the other’s cum flow onto their own bodies.

He pulled out of her slowly, careful of his movements, knowing she was going to be sore.

"Oh god, Mark" she whispered, pulling his face above hers. She stared deep into his eyes before leaning her forehead against his and shutting her eyes. Breathing in deeply through her nose, she tilted her head to the side and kissed him softly on the lips, letting him feel her passion and love.

His arms were wrapped around her, still unable to part with her perfect body. Their heaving breaths slowed to the same pace as they continued to stare, lovingly, into each other's eyes and souls. Before long, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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