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The 2 Part Trilogy (Part 2 - The Final Flowers Fall)

A friend's little sister visits her brother at university and in one night graduates cum lotta
Tori had just given me an incredible blow job and I couldn’t wait to get her home to my place. We both gladly would have left the party right away, but we had to wait for Annie and Steph to leave before we could go. Tori was supposed to be staying at their place and we had to wait for them to leave, to make sure her brother Dan wouldn’t find out that she was with me.

I don’t think Tori cared so much about Dan finding out, but since he’d been pissed with me before for poaching a girl he liked I didn’t want to make him cranky again by getting caught fucking his little sister. With the combination of determined pleading and the promise to do whatever I wanted, Dan’s little sister Tori had managed to convinced me that it was risk worth taking. It was a pledge that she had immediately delivered on too, but that was only the first installment. Annie and Steph were having a good time at the party, so for now payment in full had to wait.

Tori and I mostly stayed apart while we waited for Annie and Steph. We would exchange knowing glances and the occasional secret touch, but not much more. The longest interaction we had back at the party was when she joined a group of us of hanging out in the kitchen. While she was in there with us, I had to sit back and watch a friend of mine unknowingly do his best to usurp my plans. Tori fought off his advance though, all the while flashing sideways grins my way.

After about another hour or two Tori found me and whisper that Annie and Steph were leaving. By then the party had really thinned out, so to keep from being seen leaving together Tori got in a taxi with Annie and Steph and had them drop her at the end of the street. I caught up with her there and we immediately embraced in a kiss hungry with pent up anticipation. Finally breaking away I took Tori by the hand saying, “Come on, let’s go fuck!”

My place was less than a five minute walk and as soon as we got to my room we practically ripped one another’s clothes off. Seeing Tori naked made me seriously wonder how I could have possibly considered taking a pass on her. The question of whether Tori’s breasts would match the promise of their sweater clad roundness was answered too.

Her tits were spectacular play things. They were round soft mounds of pale white flesh with think juicy pink nipples. I’ve always been more attracted to a great ass, but whenever I’ve been with a girl with such beautiful breast, I’ve always been taken by the recreational opportunities. It might be my imagination, but it’s always seemed to me that girls with great breasts really respond to appreciative attention paid to their tits. It’s as if breast sensitivity is proportionally linked to their size and loveliness.

I spent so much time slowly sucking and playing with Tori’s sweet tits. The memory of climbing up to straddle her and plunging my cock between her breasts still makes my cock twitch. I’ve humped girl’s tits before, but the way Tori’s enveloped my cock and filled me with orgasmic visions was hard for me to resist. As much as I wanted to feel and see my sperm slashed over those incredible mounds, I had other plans for my next load and Tori’s tits would have to wait.

After reluctantly climbing off Tori, I rolled her over on her stomach and from the top of her neck I slowly began kissing and licking down her spine. When I reached the small of her back Tori ever so slightly started arching up in anticipation. As my tongue tracked down the grove of her rising ass I could hear Tori’s breath quickening. With Tori’s round bum pointing upward and pushing back against my face, I spread her checks to get unobstructed access to her approaching rosebud. When my tongue touched her asshole Tori let out soft moan. Just for now, I slowly skimmed across and continued along the strand of skin leading to Tori’s sopping pussy.

“Oh, yes,” Tori sighed.

Tori’s pussy was unbelievably wet and she smelled so sweet. I wrapped my arms under her thighs to pull her back tightly against my mouth and probing tongue. Tori had fat juicy pussy lips and a big pea of a clit that were irresistible. Tori seemed to be reaching a breathless crescendo when her body shuddered and she began moaning into my pillows.

As I continue licking her juices, Tori regained herself enough to turn her head back and ask, “Mike, can you fuck me now?”

Before answering, I had a question of my own that I had been wondering about. “Tori, I’m going to fuck you either way, but I’d like you to answer a question for me first.”

“Alight, I guess,” Tori replied.

“Since tonight was your first blow job, I been thinking that this will be your first fuck too,” I said. “Um, by chance are you a virgin?”

“No comment,” she replied.

“Tori if you are, I’m going to find out pretty soon. I just want to know ahead of time. I’m turned on either way, but if you’re a virgin I’ll probably feel just a little different.”

“Alright, I’m a virgin,” Tori sheepishly admitted.

“Is that why you were so upset when I tried to cancel our plans?” I asked.

With a hint of hurt returning to her voice Tori said, ‘Yes.”

“You wanted to lose your virginity tonight?”


“Well, I think I’m even happier now that you managed to convince me,” I said.

Then bending down to give Tori a kiss, my finger began running circles over her little asshole and I whispered, “I going to love being your first, but before I fuck your pussy, I’m going to fuck you somewhere else.”

“Whatever you want,” Tori bravely replied. Then she added, “Is it going to hurt?”

“Not if you can relax. It might seem hard to at first or at least until you get used to it, but I think it could be the same for your pussy tonight too. Give it a chance you might really like it. Then I added with a grin while giving Tori’s ass a tight squeeze, “Besides, it’s not like you have a choice.”

Smiling back Tori agreed, “That’s true, a promise is a promise.”

I slide back down behind Tori’s ass, which was still pointing pleasingly towards the ceiling.

I went back to eating Tori’s pussy to get her going and give us an erogenous running start before moving on to her virgin ass. Tori’s juicy pussy lips were still incredibly wet. For that matter the insides of Tori’s legs were also wet and her curly pubic down was damply matted with juice. I lapped the cum from her inner thighs, and sucked and licked Tori’s pussy to the resumption of sweet moans.

I began licking Tori’s juices upwards, or backwards if you prefer, towards her untried starfish. My tongue traced varying routes from Tori’s clit across her seeping pussy up to her ass. My tongue ran in ever deepening circles around her little asshole massaging her open in preparation for more. I used my hands to spread Tori’s ass cheeks apart to get my tongue as deep up her ass as a non-prehensile tongue could manage. As I probed Tori’s ass I could feel her young body writhing and her ass pushing back against my mouth. In reward for my efforts I could hear Tori’s lightly purring, “Mmm.”

When I came up for a moment I asked with sex in my voice, “How does having your ass licked feel?”

Again like a kitten she purred, “Mmm, I like it, it feels really good.”

I leaned up towards Tori and we had a long deep kiss. My finger took over running slowly around her asshole before sliding in giving Tori her first feel of penetration. I didn’t finger her deep, but I still couldn’t help notice her reactions while we kissed. The kisses became notably more fevered and her tongue seemed to probe my mouth in almost parallel thrusts and swirls.

Sliding back behind Tori again I pulled her arms back so that she could help hold her cheeks apart. Tori cooperatively began spreading her cheeks as wide as she could to ease my access. With my hands free I started playing with Tori’s pussy, while my tongue continued deeply working on her ass. Between my hands and tongue Tori reached a new fever pitch before shaking in another orgasm. After Tori exploded I reached up to her mouth with my cum covered fingers offering her a chance for a taste too. Obligingly Tori grabbed my hand and took my fingers in her mouth. With a slow deliberateness she sucked her cum off my fingers and licked my hand clean. For a starter she knew just what to do.

With her work done I returned my fingers to Tori’s pussy drenching them again. This time I used my wet fingers to start massaging around Tori’s back hole and slowly worked my index finger up her ass. I took my time and as I began working it in and out, but in all honesty it was actually pretty easy to get my finger in all the way to the knuckle. There was just a little more of reaction when I started sliding my middle finger up her ass too. I distracted and steadied Tori with my other hand, my thumb was in her pussy and my fingers grasped her mound, squeezing against her clit.

Between the attentions her pussy was getting and the way Tori was responding to my fingers, I thought she was ready for bigger and better things. Sliding my fingers free, I got down behind Tori and began licking her ass once again in final preparation for my cock.

I repositioned Tori straight along the bed, so that she was lying flat on her stomach with her legs together between mine. I think when a girl’s naked body is stretched out like this, every girl’s ass offers the sweetest of invitations. No matter how enticing a girl’s ass is in almost any other circumstance, in this particular position, it always beckons with delicious individual variations of irresistibility. There could be no better fleshy hemispheres to sleep, no softer more yielding skin to sink my teeth and no path to the pussy with such a competing temptation. With Tori’s body under me, I lowered myself into position.

Tori’s face was turned to the side and her hair spread over my pillow. Her big round breasts were flattened under her and their unhidden fullness showing at the sides of her body. I pointed my cock past Tori ass and at her virgin pussy, rubbing my rock head between her wet lips. As Tori lightly moaned at the touch of my cock, I used her pussy juice to get my cock as wet and slick as I could. Then spreading Tori’s ass I let a long gob of spit dangle from my mouth and land between her cheeks, pooling on her sealed threshold. Using only our natural fluids I placed my glistening cock at Tori’s untried backdoor and slowly began entering her ass. It took a few minutes of gentle pushing, but soon the head of my cock receded from view.

Checking in with Tori I asked, “How are you doing?”

“It’s good, I’m okay,” she said holding her breath.

With my head in I stared making better process. I never drove too sharply, instead just making pressing slow thrusts. Little by little I was slowly opening Tori’s ass and completely filling her with my cock.

As I worked my cock in I lightly mentioned, “I bet there aren’t too many girls that get fucked in the ass before their pussy.” Tori snickered a little, but at the moment she was clearly more focused on the subject’s practical application.

Despite any jest, the unambiguously reality was that I was beyond just turned on to be fucking a virgin in her ass. I’ve always loved introducing a girl to anal, but I never considered that I’d have the opportunity or the chutzpah to take a girl’s anal cherry, while her conventional virginity was still intact. For most people anal sex is an experimental progression, but I was making Tori run the bases out of order. I loved that I was going to be taking Tori’s virginity, but I especially loved distorting the normal order of her first sexual experiences.

When my cock achieved its full depth, Tori began to feel my full weight pushing into her previously untried ass. I used my arms to prop myself up over Tori and increasingly moved the center point of my weigh toward the tight little circumference that was straining with my cock. As my hips slowly rose and fell, I could feel Tori prepare and react to each trust.

I liked looking down at the base of my thickened cock and seeing where its remainder disappeared inside Tori. Though my cock was hidden from sight it was far from out of mind, both Tori and I sharing a heightened awareness of its existence in full. Every move I made produced a reaction in Tori and for my part my cock felt completely gripped like never before. The pussy juice on my cock was doing its job too, because slowly but surely my cock was finding an easy rhythm sliding in and out Tori’s ass.

Tori’s arms were wrapped around her head with her hands grasping the pillow. Taking Tori’s hands, I slid them down and underneath her body. Whispering in Tori’s ear I said, “Feel your pussy while I fuck your ass.“ Tori’s hands underneath her not only served to raise her hips against mine, but I hoped she would find the wetness of her pussy an irresistible play thing for idle hands.

Now deep inside Tori I lower my body across hers. With my face at her shoulder she turned to me and we began kissing. Her mouth felt hot and though our fucking was slow her breaths were short and quick. The kisses were hungry and no matter the challenge Tori’s lips and tongue were showing just how enthusiastic she was about living up to the desperate promises that she had made.

I wrapped my arm around Tori and squeezed her full breasts. My hips were slowly rising and falling pressing against Tori’s round ass. Tori’s tightness felt so good and already her ass was showing signs of willing acceptance. Having really only been with one other girl who thrived on an anal pounding, I thought Tori seemed to be doing extremely well.

As my strokes became longer and harder I could feel Tori’s ass start to push back against me. Every so often though, Tori would tense with a tinge of pain as I reached new depths. At first I would slow to let her relax, but the longer we fucked the less restraint I showed. Instead of easing off, I would grab a fistful of Tori’s hair and drive my hips forward. Pushing Tori’s face back down on the pillow I pulled her hair to the side, turning her head so that could spit in her pretty face. The first time I did this to her it splashed on Tori’s cheek and she brought her hand up and rubbed it in as we fucked. The next time though she turned further and opened her mouth to catch it.

Whether part of a submissive nature or a newly acquired pleasure, Tori’s easy readiness to consume my spit along with any other of my fluids had me thinking that I could easily cum a second time. Cumming twice was a bit of a rarity for me on a night when I had drank as much as I had at her brother’s party, but I was determined to fill Tori up. Taking a moment to pause, I pulled back slowly until I sprang free from Tori’s dilated ass. Her gaping hole looked so hot and nasty. I held Tori’s cheeks apart and let another long wad of spit drop down from my mouth, falling deep into her wide open tunnel. I bet my spite felt like cool salve in Tori’s abused ass.

I stood on the floor at the side of the bed and pulled Tori’s legs over the edge. She grasped the far side of my single bed and pointed her ass skyward ready for more. Stepping between Tori’s legs with my left hand on her side, my right hand forces my cock downward, pushing it in just deep enough to keep my spring loaded muscle from bouncing free. Then in a single move I grabbed her other hip and under my full weight I drove my cock back to its full depth.

Tori let out loud howl of pleasure and pain and my cock felt as deep as it had ever been in a girl’s ass. I held Tori tight, feeling myself deep inside her. I felt a throbbing pulse grasp my cock and I couldn’t figure out the source. Was it my blood forcing its way through Tori’s uncommonly tight back door grip or was it the walls of her ass was reacting to unfamiliar abuse? I don’t know if I’d ever felt anything like it, but before I could understand the source my curiosity was overcome by an irresistible urge building in my hips. From the languid pause in Tori’s depths, my momentum grew and in no time I was driving in and out against Tori’s arching ass.

I fucked Tori’s little girl ass without restraint and her body took it happily, without either resistance or complaint. Harder and harder I fucked her, fighting to fill her ass with my load. I fucked at the pace of a sprint, but it felt more like a marathon. With the first light of the morning beginning to brightening my window I was at the end of my endurance and my consciousness narrowed to a single focus. With my strength fading and Tori’s gasps in my ears I exploded deep inside her tender ass.

I felt barely awake when my cock slid free. I crawled back on the bed and Tori moved up beside me. We both lit up a smoke and I asked Tori how she liked it?

“It hurt at first, but eventually it started to feel kinda good in a weird way.” Then Tori added, “I never thought I would ever want to do that, but it was really incredible.”

“Did you cum?” I asked.

Tori buried her face against me and I heard a muffed “Yes!”

As we lay there smoking I asked, “So now what are we going to do about your pussy?”

“Whatever you want is fine with me.”

I kind of already figured as much, but I was really thinking more about what time Tori had to leave. “When do you think you have to be back at your brother’s by?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, I probably have to go back to Annie and Steph’s first,” she said. “We’re supposed to meet up later at some restaurant with Bruce and his girlfriend.”

After we butted out our smokes, Tori snuggled up against me with her hand on my flaccid dick. We didn’t mean to, but we were both so tired that we just drifted off to sleep. I wasn’t sure how long we slept, but we were unpleasantly woken by someone banging on my door. I was so startled that my first thought was that it was Tori’s brother.

“Mike, the phone’s for you.” To my relief it was just one of my housemates.

“Alright, coming,” I mumbled.

Hopped over Tori, I pulled on sweatpants from floor and ran down the stairs to the phone. Still a little nervous that might be Tori’s brother I tentatively picked up, “Hello?”

It was only Annie though, and she told me that Tori’s brother had just called them to see about the plans for lunch. Fortunately he hadn’t asked to speak to Tori.

Not surprisingly, everyone seemed pretty hung-over, so they weren’t going to meet until 2:00 that afternoon. Looking up at the clock I could see that Tori and I still had a bit of time before she had to leave.

When I got back to my room Tori’s head was sticking out the door, “So?”

“That was just Annie,” I said with a grin. “Good news, we still have time to pop your cherry.”

Tori bounced up throwing her arms and legs around me and whispered excitedly into my ear, “Yay!”

I would rather have had a few more hours sleep first, but now we were now on the clock. Annie and Steph would be at my place at around 1:30, so we had just a little over an hour to bust Tori’s hymen and then get her dressed to go. Simple enough under normal conditions, but I was feeling more than just a little worse for wear too.

“If I’m going to fuck you, I think I’ll need a shower to wake up,” I told Tori.

The bathroom was right beside my room, so I stepped in to get the shower going. Once the water was hot I opened the door to let Tori make a quick scoot from my room, her naked bum managing to go unseen by anyone other than me.

Once we got in the shower Tori started playing with my cock. I was already hard with anticipation and I wasted no time turning her against the wall. Sliding my cock between her legs I started rubbing back and forth over her pussy from behind. I tried pushing my head in, but between the friction of the water, my throbbing brain and the resistance of her untried pussy I just couldn’t get it in.

I thought I should just resist the urge and wait to fuck her once we’re back in my room. No matter how much I wanted to pound her, there was still enough time to play.

When I turned Tori back around to face me she looked a little concerned. “Is it alright? Why’d you stop?”

“I don’t think we can do it in the shower. I’m just a little too wobbly and you’re just a little too tight,” I said.

“Are we going to be able to do it after?” Tori asked.

“Of course,” I said. Holding Tori tightly I reassured her, “There’s just one thing I want to do before we go back to my room.”

“You’re sure I’m not too tight?” she asked.

“You’re certainly tight, but I’m not complaining,” I told her. “It’s really more the water that’s the problem. You may not think about water that way, but it really causes friction when it comes to sex.”

“Alright, so what do you want to do?” Tori asked.

“I want you to lay down on you back.” I told her.

“Alright,” she said, as she lowered herself in the tub.

With one foot out of the tub, I reached across to the sink and grabbed my razor.

I stepped back into the tub, pulled the curtain closed again and sat down in front of Tori. Taking my bar of soap from the corner of the tub and began to lather up Tori’s tawny bush.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I asked in reply as I began shaving away Tori’s fur.

“No way!” Tori exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. I shave almost every day,” I assured her. Then I added, “Besides it’s important for you to have an aura of innocence before I take your virginity. I think a hairless pussy is now the best we can do.”

“Fuck you!” Tori said, beaming in amusement.

“Now just hold still,” I told her as I began shaving her teenaged muff. I took my time and I was extra careful navigating my blade around Tori’s clit. Whenever I came close to Tori’s little pink pea she would tense up, but she came through it all completely unscathed and silky smooth. My hand helped guide the falling water over Tori’s pussy to rinse her clean.

“So do you like your smooth pussy?” I asked Tori while my finger found its way between her lips.

“Yes,” she cooed with approval.

“Are you ready to go get fucked?” I asked.

“Am I ever,” was Tori’s dreamy reply.

As I pulled my hand away from her pussy, Tori quickly grabbed it back and pressed it against herself for another moment. She let go so I could turn off the taps and while still wet we scurried back to my room.

Tori bounced up on to my bed, sitting back with her legs spread. She was flashing me a great big smile along with her freshly shaved pussy. “Come up here and do me!” she demanded.

Reaching for Tori’s legs I pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed and got down on my knees in front of her. I began by kissing and licking over the naked skin of Tori’s mound. I circled the lips of Tori’s pussy, lightly kissing them before finally plowing my tongue deeply through her sweet groove.

Tori tasted amazing and her soft purrs had me wishing I could have gone on licking her indefinitely. Unfortunately I had to fuck her as promised and get her presentable before Annie and Steph came to pick her up.

Tori oozed wetness and I stood up beside the bed pulling her hips towards me. Pushing my rod down, I slowly rubbed the head of my cock over Tori’s pussy. I was hard and when I pulled the skin on my cock taunt a bead of pre-cum bubbled from my cock onto Tori’s clit. Pressing the head of my cock between Tori’s petaled lips I asked one last time, “Ready?”

Tori silently nodded her consent.

With Tori legs around my waist, I used one hand to brace myself up and the other to press the head of my cock into Tori. For someone so willing, Tori’s pussy was still offering incredible resistance. Unlike Tori’s ass which gave way slowly, her pussy resisted every inch. I kept pushing deeper and deeper and little by little most of my cock found its way into Tori.

Even though Tori’s face and flinches betrayed occasional discomfort, whenever I asked if she was alright she’d say yes and insist, “Don’t stop.”

Tori wrapped me so tight with her legs that I almost wasn’t sure if she was trying to squeeze me in deeper or prevent any escape. Either way it felt great.

It was surely worth it, but it took some time before I was able to pump my cock in and out. I’d never been with a girl whose pussy was tighter than her ass, but then again I’d never fucked a girl in the ass and later taken her virginity before either.

I was slowly fucking Tori. It began with a gentile cadence appropriate for both the careful treatment of a young virgin and for nursing a budding hangover. If only we had more time we could have gone on like that for the whole afternoon. Alas it was hard to put the ticking clock out of my mind and besides I’ve never been able to resist giving a hard fuck.

While Tori’s pussy eventually allowed full penetration, it never surrendered its resistant tightness. Any man would have loved Tori’s grip and given my increasingly pounding head, her tightness sustained my cock while my brain occasionally called for a reprieve from this throbbing fuck.

I slide Tori up on the bed and straddled one of her legs while lifting the other over my shoulder. From there I fucked Tori harder and faster taking only small breathers every time I felt my head would explode.

Finally looking down at Tori as she shuddered in orgasm I reached the point of no return. I kept driving my cock into Tori pussy until I was right on the verge and I declared, “I want to cum in your mouth!”

Pulling out, I quickly climbed up and began stoking my cock in her face. Gripping my cock tightly I fired my hand up and down my shaft in a blur. Undeterred by harsh contact with my grasping fist, Tori opened her mouth as close as she could to my head my cock, ready to catch my load.

The first shot gushed into her mouth and splashed over Tori’s lips. I adjusted my next shot right into to her mouth and my cock continued surging until finally the last trickles were squeezed out. I could see my juice floating in Tori’s mouth and running down the side of her face. While still hard enough, I used my cock to push what cum I could from Tori’s face back into her mouth. Then for the second time Tori closed her mouth and eyes while swallowing a mouthful of cum. Tori lay back with a peaceful smile on her face and I took advantage, rubbing my cum covered cock over her face as I softened. Opening her mouth Tori took my shrinking penis back in her mouth for one last appreciative taste. 

I say last taste, because just then the doorbell rang downstairs. It rang again a few more times before anyone answered, but once the door was opened the sound of feet along with the unmistakable voices of Annie and Steph quickly rose up the steps.

Before we could even take cover two heads poked in through my door screaming, “Argh no my eyes, my eyes.” Then slamming the door shut again they giggled together outside in the hallway. 

Once they finished enjoying their comedy, Steph managed to snicker, “We’re running late Tori, are you going to be ready soon?”

“Almost, just give me a sec,” Tori said as she bounced up and began hunting for her clothes.

Tori got dressed so fast that I was wondering if she was going to forget any of her clothes. Once she was ready Tori gave me a big kiss good bye telling me, “Thanks Mike.”

“No, thank you,” I replied. “Thanks for convincing me, you were great.”

Then Tori whispered, “I think Annie and Steph heard right about you, you are wild in bed.” And off she went, leaving both my cock and ego completely satiated. 

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