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The after party

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The night my wife and her sister and boy friend had one hell of time

First time ever:

I had the most incredible time of my life ever in my life ever. Well it started after my wife and I got home after going out for dinner. We came home after eating and it was still really early about 6:30pm . So ask my wife to call her friends and I’ll call my friends to come over to party and play some poker. Soon after a little while we had about 25 of our friends over. We all started drinking and playing poker and partying hard till the early morning. Well the party was over so went to the bedroom to lie down because I was really drunk. I must have passed out for a little while after lying down. I was woken up with movement of the bed. I thought it was only my wife coming to bed and was getting into the bed. So after the bed stop moving and felt my wife next to me I fell back to sleep till I woke up and felt hands down between legs playing with my cock and balls. When I finally woke up completely that’s when I notice that there was others in my bed besides my wife and I. pull the covers off of me and that’s when I saw my wife her sister and sisters boy friend under the covers and around and down between my legs. My said good morning dear, and I said the same back to her. My wife moved up to my face and started kissing me French kissing very hot and nasty, as she was doing this I felt a hand touching and squeezing my balls and then there was some ones mouth licking and sucking my hard throbbing cock in there mouth. My wife move down my body to where every one was and I look down and saw my sister in law with her mouth full of my hard stiff cock in her mouth ,and her boy friend’s hands are stoking and playing with my big balls in his hands. I didn’t know if I should pull away because there is some dude with my balls in his hands or what. I couldn’t move if I had to at all it felt too good so I let him do what his doing to me. Then I herd my wife tell them that she is better at giving head than they are. So with that her sister and her boy friend stop what they where doing to me and watched as my wife showed them just how it is done, my wife was all over my cock with her mouth I was about to blow my load that’s when my wife stopped and told them that’s how you give good head. Then before I know it my wife has moved her hot wet pussy up next to my face, I reach over and stuck my finger deep inside and pump in and out few times then I moved my face between her legs and I lick and suck her clit and she started to come then I stuck my tongue as deepest it would go into her opening and lick and suck every drop of wetness from her hot wet sticky pussy, she is having a orgasm like never before .She was so turn on about having her sister and her boy friend in bed with us that she has never been so fucking horny ever in her life before. Then as I was eating my wife’s pussy out, I felt some one running a finger up down the crack of my ass feeling run back and forth my ass hole, and there was another hand playing with my balls and another hand wrapped around my cock stroking it up and down as I had my face buried between my wife’s legs eating her wonderful pussy. My wife couldn’t take any more so she moved away from my face and she turned her body around and moved down to where the other people were at. Then I felt the hands remove from my balls and dick but that other one was still working up and down my ass hole and crack as the other two hands had moved away. Then I see my sister in law come up and starts kissing me with her lips and then her tongue in my mouth I suck on hers and she suck on my tongue then I moved my hands across her body stroking up and down her lovely body till I my hands feel her big round tits and then I start squeezing and plying with her hard stiff nipples with my fingers and she is moaning and pushing her self tighter against me as we kiss and I ply with her tits. Then I could hear some noises coming form down below and it’s my wife and her sister’s boy friend kissing and touching one another just like I was doing to her sister. Then after a little while of us all doing this, then we move so that I’m eating my wife’s sister’s pussy and her boy friend is eating my wife’s pussy out. Man did her sisters pussy tasty ever so sweet and delicious I couldn’t get enough of that fantastic pussy of hers. Then we all stop and laid next to each other on the bed and had a drink and a smoke (took a little break) Then after we have taken our little break my wife and her sister started plying with each others body’ s as we laid there all together on the bed next to each other, me and the boy friend sat back and watched the two sisters making out and touching one another’s body’ s. We sat there for a few minutes watching them when my wife and her sister had moved there body’ s into a 69 position and started to kiss and lick and tongue one anthers pussy with there mouths tongue, and then they had moved there fingers into each other’s pussy’ s while they suck and lick there flits and another finger playing with there ass holes till they both came like never before. They came up to us and we kiss and lick all the pussy juices from there face there mouth’ s till they were clean. Then my wife look’ s at me and her sister looks at her boy friend like it was turn to do some thing to one another. I gave my wife a fuck you look that I’m not plying that game. I didn’t see what he was doing but when I did he just smiled at me and I turn my head away from him. My and her sister got up to use the bathroom and get us a another drink, they left the room and I rolled over and got me a smoke then rolled back over onto my back as I smoke. Then I hear the boy friend ask me if I have ever done anything with a man ever before and I told him hell no, then I ask him the same thing, he told not till now. I was feeling a little freak out when he said that not until now. I laid there smoking my smoke and not moving at all, then as I rolled over to put my smoke out in the ash try I felt him move then I felt his hand touch my ass as I was leaning over putting my smoke out, I jump when I first felt his hand on my ass, then I rolled back over onto my back and then he moved closer to me and had moved his hands up to my chest and was running them up and down and across my chest and belly, but I didn’t even know that I was hard or anything till he ran his hand down to my stiff hard dick and he wrapped his hand around it and started to pump my meat with hand and I just couldn’t believe it that I was letting him do this to me all as I just laud there still as can be. Then he reached over and grasped my hand and put my hand on top of his big long hard cock and moved my hand all over the top to the bottom of his hard stiff cock. I never felt or anything on a man ever before in my life. He let go of my hand and left my with his big hard cock in my hands. So what the hell I thought it can’t do any harm to touch and feel another mans cock with my hands after all he was doing the same thing to me. We laid there touching and felling and stroking each other’s dick and balls out when the girls came walking back into the room and they stop and look at us touching each others stuff for a moment before they sat down next to us on the bed. We removed our hands from each others dicks so we could get the snack and the drinks the girls handed us, we had our snack and drank a little, and then I got up from the bed and told them that I have to use the bathroom to take piss. So I walk out of the room and went to the restroom, when I walk back into the bed room the three of them had there hands running all over one another’s body’ s. So I lay next to the boy friend because the lady’s had the complete other side of the bed taken up with there body’ s. I laid down next to him and I watch them touching plying with each others body’ s, then I saw my sisters hand come across every one and placed her hand around my limp dick and started to play with it and it started to grow harder and harder till it was fully hard and stiff. Then she removed her hand and made her boy friend move his body around so his head was down at our feet and feet were up by our heads, he moved and then I watched as he was licking his old lady’s pussy then she pushed his head away, from her pussy and pushed his face towards me and then she told him to go ahead and give him a lick, that would be me and my dick and his mouth and tongue on it. So he moved his mouth above my hard cock open his mouth up and stuck out his tongue and lick the tip of my dick, then he moved his hot wet tongue from the tip of it to the base of it and back up again a few times, then he started to lick it all over and then he open up his mouth and had my cock in his mouth well his tongue run all around it then he started to give my cock a blow job, I wont lie to you it felt good and wrong at the same time but I never stop him or moved away well he was doing me. Then my sister took my head and led my face to his hard cock till my mouth was over it. So I stuck out my tongue and lick the tip of his cock and then I lick it his meat just the same way that he started out doing me. Then after a few I found my self giving head to his cock at same time he was doing my cock I was about to come and I could feel his cock ready to come all so that’s when we both stop and pulled our self’ s away from each others cock’ s just in time before we let our loads of come shooting out of us. We just stayed with our body’ s facing the same way when the girls got up and my wife got above him and her sister above me and they lower there body’ s down and took our hard cock’ s up inside there hot wet tight pussy’ s and started to ride our cocks with there pussy’ s and within a few moments we all were groaning and moaning and getting ready to come. I heard the boy friend let out a loud grunt and moan and he was filling my wife’s pussy with his spunk load after load and then she lout out a moan and she to was coming, that’s all I could take and I let out a loud grunt groan of my own and I started to shoot my loads deep inside of my sisters in laws pussy and as I was coming she let loose and came hard also we laid there still with our cocks still inside of them and they got up and they went into a 69 and the lick and suck every single bit of our come from each others pussy’ s till there was no come left any where on the both of them. We stayed there in our bedroom all morning and all day and all night till late the next morning before we stopped. We fucked and suck and all kings of stuff that I or my wife has ever done or thought about doing ever. I sucked him off till he came in my mouth that was the first time that has ever happen, it made choke and gage as he came in my mouth and it was my first time ever tasting another man come ever before, never lick a man ass hole ever before. Well let me tell you that were the most wild kinky, nasty, dirty, thing that I and my wife ever done in our lives ever.

                                                                                       Mike 93722




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