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The Android Lover (PART THREE)

The woman experinces the touch of her android
The room was flooded with light as the morning sun shone through the window. The android lay her on the bed and stood over her, his smooth hairless body staring casting a shadow as he stared down and scanned her face with the long thick appendage standing out between his thighs pointing upwards.

She lay there staring at its hugeness, completely smooth with no veins or creases, but skin toned and hard. Her gaze followed its length down to the large round orbs hanging underneath, they were very large and smooth, much the same size as a grapefruit. She raised her hand and let her fingertips caress his inner thigh, moving upwards to the smooth balls, tracing their shape and moving onto the thick rod of the android's penis - it seemed to be made of the same rubbery material as his torso and was hard yet springy.

The android sat down next to her on the bed and placed one of his large hands on her tummy, stroking the wide waistband of her briefs he moved his fingers down to between her thighs, feeling the soft fleshy mound of her sex, pressing her spandex covered lips with his thumb and making her moan. She closed her eyes as the android's fingers massaged her, instinctively moving he legs apart as he pressed harder and faster - she could feel the orgasm rising inside, her body starting to shudder and her hard nipples irritated by the tight spandex. At last her body was wracked with a huge orgasm, heart racing and flushed neck, she could feel her back arch as the androids fingers pressed the tight spandex inside her, rubbing and and pinching, twisting and stroking - she was shocked at how loud her scream was when climax came but was unable to quiet herself.

She lay there feeling so aroused that she didn't know what to do next, she looked down at the anrdoid's massive erection and smiled wickedly. The android must have picked up her electromagnetic pulses and chemistry change as it stood up and gently gripped the red briefs at either hip, sliding them down her thighs and off her feet.

The android picked her up and held her in his arms outstretched in front of him, he sat down on the bed. She knew what he was going to do and a part of her felt fear but another part was so excited, she looked down below her body and saw the android's long thick penis jutting upwards, she opened her legs and the android very slowly lowered her body down. She could feel the first touch of his thick shaft brushing against her wet lips, he lowered her more and the first few inches slipped inside, she could feel herself being stretched - a mixture of pain and pleasure as more of this huge rod entered her body and she was going to orgasm again! This can't happen, fear doesn't go hand in hand with sexual pleasure - but it does, the more of the android's penis slipped inside the harder her orgasm. She sat on his stomach, straddling his body and slowly moved down and up - down and up, the grinding of this motion made her feel so wonderful - she had never had anything inside her before and it made her feel so good. She couldn't take all of him as it started to hurt when she moved down too much but once she found the right movement for her she didn't want to stop.

Palms flattened against the android's wide chest she rhythmically rode him, slowly sliding him in and out, feeling him fill her up and pressing all the right nerve ending inside her. She rode his large penis until she had no more energy, she raised reluctantly herself up and off, feeling empty inside as the soreness began - soreness which was painful but also left her feeling ecstatic. She lay down next to the android and let him caress her tired body to sleep, she never dreamt that night, just slept soundly with not a trouble in the world.

When she woke up she would have to get him some clothes...

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