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The Android Lover (PART TWO)

The lonely woman is not quite so lonely any more
The rest of that evening she just sat on the sofa staring at this very pleasing sight, almost rubbing herself raw and only stopping when the occasional orgasm made her body spasm. She showered and applied some almond oil to her very red sex and went to bed - her dreams were erotically charged and in it she was being awoken by her android stroking her body through the duvet, pressing harder and pushing her into the bed until it swallowed her and she was flailing naked in a bottomless dark pit of warm oily water. She snapped awake and looked around her.

Everything was as it should be - no android - no oily water - just her in the warm safe bed. Today was the day she needed to find some clothes for her new toy.

She went into the lounge and her android was as she had left it, his penis had deflated and hung down between his legs - still very thick and smooth. She would need to buy something to keep that in place, but where? She was far too shy to buy men's underwear, she would have to make something until she ordered some clothes from the internet.

First, she must switch him on, make him more 'human'. The instructions told her to press a small button on the back of his neck, it had a sliding cover so he wouldn't be switched on or off accidentally. She found the button and pressed.

Looking up she saw his eyes open, they were a beautiful sage green and so seductive. She stepped back and he moved forward out of the box, his body was firm and the muscle tone just like a real body. He stood in the middle of the room and she walked around to inspect him from behind, a very cute butt and such smooth skin, a broad strong back which she was very tempted to touch but didn't. She could feel herself tingling between her thighs again but refrained from touching her still sore sex even though it ached for her probing fingers.

She showered and dressed, putting on some very special lingerie because she felt so excited, opening her underwear drawer she looked at all of the colours, materials and garments, her fingers played with the silky gossamer of the silk, the smooth shiny feel of pvc and the stretchiness of the spandex…all were very exciting to wear but she opted for the spandex vest top and hi-cut briefs, something she had bought to go to the gym but of course never did. They were bright red and very stretchy - pulling the vest top over her head she adjusted her breasts into place and stepped into the briefs, pulling them up over her smooth legs she pulled them high around her waist, making sure they cupped her buttocks and were comfortable for all types of movement.

She put on a pair of loose fitting denim dungarees, hooked the straps over her shoulders and went into the lounge. The android stood still, feet apart and hands at his sides, his eyes moved to follow her as she entered.

She walked up to him and let her fingers move to his hand, the fingers were large and long, the hand square palmed and thickly padded. The android moved his hand up to her face and gently stroked her hair, caressing her neck and moving his fingertips to trace the shape of her lips. She opened her mouth and let his middle finger slip inside, gently feeling the edge of her teeth and the soft wetness of her tongue - all the time staring with inquisitiveness at her face and reactions.

She instinctively kissed his finger as it moved out of her mouth and she glanced down at the long penis between them…it was growing again but this time because he was touching her.

The android unclipped the button of her dungarees and it fell away, unclipped the other one and the dungarees fell to the floor, the heavy denim pooling around her ankles. She felt naked, she'd never been this undressed in front of anyone for years, since she was a child and felt embarrassment and a sense of freedom at the same time. The android lowered his hand and the large knuckles brushed the smooth red spandex covering her breast, the more he brushed the harder her nipples became and pointed through the fabric. She was starting to feel herself swoon with pleasure and stepped out of the dungarees, her feet slightly apart.

The android moved his gaze downward and his fingers touched the wide waistband of the smooth red briefs, he ran his fingertips over her tummy and felt the spandex, moving his fingers down they stroked the slight mound of her sex and she whimpered and closed her eyes, her legs starting to shake slightly…she looked down and saw his penis, it was larger than she had made it the previous evening and almost stood straight up, she could see it pulsing as the large round head touched her breast.

She looked down at this monster, the head as large as a small apple and it's shaft as thick as her forearm. There was something terrible about the look of it but also so sensual. She let out a small yelp as the android picked her up in his arms and walked slowly to her bedroom.

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