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The apres ski virgin

My good samaritan act is well rewarded
Shortly after my 16 th birthday my father took me on a ski holiday to Austria. To keep me company my 20 year-old cousin, Victoria, came along. We stayed in a chalet along with around twenty other people. Amongst them was a family with a son just a little younger than me (but over 16 years of age). Although of similar age to me, Giles was slightly built and seemed a little shy.

One day towards the end of the week we teamed up with the family for a day on the ski slopes. Around lunchtime the weather, which had not been good all morning, turned bad with a cold blustery wind and fresh heavy snow. As the weather had been mixed all week and the skiing off and on, my father didn’t want to lose any more time on the slopes. I was cold and getting wet from the snow finding its way through the gaps in my protective ski gear. It was agreed that I would go down the mountain back to the chalet. Giles was in an even worse state than me and he asked his parents if he could come along with me. Both my father and Giles’ parents readily agreed, seeing it as safer for us to descend together than alone. Vicky, who is a better skier than me, stayed with my father and Giles’ parents.

We didn’t fancy skiing down, so we descended by an open chairlift, which exposed us even further to the weather, and then a short cable car ride followed by a twenty minute walk to the chalet. All the way the bad weather continued.

By the time we reached the chalet we were both very cold and very wet. Giles struggled on the walk to the chalet and I thought I could detect the first signs of hypothermia.

At the chalet I took off my ski boots in the entrance hall and then I had to assist Giles with his. He was shivering, confused and almost incoherent. I wondered what to do with him. He certainly didn’t seem capable of looking after himself, so I suggested that he came back with me to the room I shared with Vicky. Once there I told him to take off his ski suit whilst I turned on the shower. I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and tested it until the temperature was warm but not too hot. I put out a towel and came back out. Giles was still in his ski suit. With difficulty I helped him get out of it. He was wearing thermals underneath. I directed him through the bathroom door and told him to take off his things and get into the shower.

I was still in my ski suit which I now removed. I hadn’t heard the shower door open and close so I thought I better check on Giles. He was in the middle of the bathroom still in his thermals. It was clear I was going to have to help him further.

I helped him out of his top and then his thermal pants. He was wearing briefs underneath. I hesitated. I could have put him in the shower in his briefs but he hadn’t raised any objections to my ministrations so far so I decided to remove them. I pulled them down and helped him raise each foot in turn to step out of them.

His cock and ball sack were tiny and shrivelled with the cold.

I opened the shower door and put him inside. He stood under the shower but didn’t show much response.

I’d put on the heating when we had come into the room but I now realised how cold I was also. I took off my thermals and undies and joined Giles in the shower. He made no objection.

I turned up the water temperature a little and began to rub Giles down to bring back his circulation, soaping him at the same time

I started with his hands and arms, then his feet and legs, then his upper torso. I rubbed his buttocks and upper thighs. I noticed him coming around a little, with an increasing awareness of his surroundings. I soaped the crack of his arse, between his legs, his balls and finally his cock. As I was doing so, his cock began to regain what I presumed were its normal proportions. I stood up and continued to rub his torso. Giles was sideways on to me and, with little room in the shower cabinet, our bodies were pressed close together.

Besides issuing simple instructions to him I had said very little to Giles up to this point. I asked him if he was feeling better.

“Yes, I think so,” he replied a little hesitantly, seemingly taking in for the first time the fact that I was stood next to him in the shower, also completely naked. In the constrained space, my breasts were pressed against his left arm and my legs straddled his left leg which was pressing into my mound.

I noticed his cock was continuing to grow and to harden. Giles noticed me looking and blushed a little; a sign of returning circulation.

“Can you help me to get warmed up and washed now?” I asked.

“You want me to soap you and rub you down?” he asked, disbelievingly.

“Yes, please. I did it for you. Now you can do it for me. Start with my back.” I turned my back towards him.

Giles soaped his hands and began by rubbing my arms and legs and then my back and buttocks, a little hesitantly at first but with increasing enthusiasm. He finished by soaping the crack of my arse as I had done to him. He paid particular attention to my sphincter which drew a low moan from me.

When I felt that he had done enough I turned around and said, “Now my front.”

My legs and arms were already soaped so he focused first on my torso, making sure that my breasts were well soaped, and then progressed down to my stomach. Again he hesitated. I took his hand, put some fresh soap on it, parted my legs a little, and placed his hand between them. Giles made a good job of ensuring that I was thoroughly washed in my most private of places.

When he’d finished we helped each other rinse which involved more pressing together of bodies and further attention to intimate areas.

I turned off the shower and we got out. Giles now had a much healthier colour and the state of his penis demonstrated that he was having no problem with his blood circulation.

“Let me dry you.” I said.

Giles stood obediently with his legs apart and arms at his side and slightly raised whilst I gave him a towelling all over including his arse crack, between his legs and his foreskin.

“Your turn to dry me now,” I instructed and Giles did as he was told paying similar attention to my private places as I had to his. Not surprisingly he had particular difficulty drying between my legs.

All the time Giles was staring at me. His eyes going from my breasts to my pussy to my face and back again.

“Have you ever seen a naked woman, before?” I asked.

His blush gave away the answer whilst he was trying to decide whether or not to lie. He decided to tell the truth.

“No,” he said.

“You don’t mind me taking care of you like I did, do you?” I asked.

“Oh no, no,” he stuttered adding “As long as you don’t tell my parents!” A sudden anxiety came into his voice.

“As long as you don’t tell my dad!” I made my reply as light-hearted as possible, as if I didn’t really mind if he did or he didn’t, which was probably true.

He looked relieved.

“No, of course I won’t. I’m very grateful to you. I don’t think I could have managed on my own.” He blurted.

A mischievous thought had been developing in my mind.

“Well you better show me how grateful then.” I said, with a little menace.

Giles looked puzzled.

“How?” he asked.

“Come with me,” I replied and led him by the hand to the bedroom. There I lay him on his back, on the bed. I straddled him and positioned myself over his face. He had a look of surprise, even shock.

“Lick my cunt!” I instructed, thrusting myself onto him so that he had no choice.

After a brief hesitation, Giles rose to the challenge. His tongue explored my slit, found the entrance to my vagina and penetrated as far inside as it could.

After a minute or two I allowed him to breath. As he did so, I used the first and second fingers of my right hand to pull back my clitoris hood. Giles was now staring at my exposed clit just inches from him.

“Lick there!” I instructed. Giles did as he was told.

I could feel my orgasm building. I grasped the head board with my left hand for balance.

“Use two fingers to finger fuck me as well!” I demanded. Giles had a little difficulty at first manoeuvring into position but, once he had, he built to a rhythm of finger fucking and licking.

As I climaxed Giles’ fingers slipped from my pussy and I thrust myself onto his face, forcing him to drink my juices as he gasped for air.

Once I had come down off my high I sat back, my legs either side of Giles’ chest and my pussy resting on his rib cage. His face was slick with my juices.

“That was awesome,” he said.

“Not bad for starters,” I replied. Again he looked surprised; even a little worried.

By way of explanation, I turned around, still straddling him, bent forward and backed my arse into his face.

“Lick and tongue my arsehole,” I instructed. Giles did not respond immediately.

“It’s OK, it’s clean,” I said. “You just washed it!”

Giles did as he told, tentatively at first and then with increasing enthusiasm.

I was now looking at Giles’ cock, directly in front of my face. It was already leaking cum. I took it in my hand and began to massage it. I felt it getting still harder. I licked the cum from the tip of his glans and ran my tongue up and down the length of his cock before putting it my mouth. Giles broke away for a moment from his work on my arse and moaned.

I could tell that he wasn’t far from cuming, so I turned around again and this time gently guided his cock into my vagina, lowering myself slowly onto to him. Giles let out a longer and deeper moan than before. I paused. I was worried that he was going to cum. When he seemed to have recovered, I slowly began to fuck him. Small oscillations at first but building until his cock was barely in my vagina at the top of my stroke and buried as deep as it would go as I pounded down onto him. Giles began to thrust up to meet my down ward stroke. I was close to orgasm and I could tell that he was, too. I felt him begin to shoot as my own climax started. He seemed to go on for ever which helped elongate my own orgasm. Eventually I felt Giles begin to subside inside me and I collapsed on top of him.

We lay there for five minutes or so. Then I carefully disengaged from his now depleted cock and rolled over to the side, careful to spill as little of Giles’ cum as possible.

Suddenly we heard the outside door banging downstairs and voices from the entrance hall. Giles leapt to his feet, hesitated for a moment, then grabbed a towel from the bathroom, wrapped it around himself, gathered his clothes from the floor and exited hurriedly to his own room which was on the floor above.

I lay back on the bed, still luxuriating in the after-glow of my two orgasms.

A few moments later, the door opened and Vicky entered the room. She was even wetter and more bedraggled than Giles and I had been earlier. It took her a few moments to take in the fact that I was lying on the bed, naked.

“Oh, hi,” she said.

“Hi!” I replied. Then, after a moment, I added ; “I hope you’re hungry.”

Vicky looked puzzled. “Why?” she asked.

“Because I have a special treat for you,” I said, directing her to my crotch and Giles’ cum, gradually leaking from my pussy.

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