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The beginning of it all

First story.. I hope you enjoy
So this is the story of how I lost my virginity.

I have always been the type to stay away from all the sex and sexual tensions around me, but I have always had more guy friends than girls. I never would have thought I would turn out to be the kind that loves being fucked.. Hard.

I met this guy during one summer. I went on vacation in Australia, and I didn't know anybody. I had only one friend, and she was not on vacation so while she was at work; I would be left alone in a town I don't know. One day I went to a bar near my friend's apartment, just so I can get out of the house, while I was still trying to find a spot a very handsome man approached me.

"Hi. My name is Rob. You look like you've never been here before." When he smiled, I thought he was the most handsome man I have ever seen. 6'4 feet, built like a model I just couldn't believe he was actually talking to me.

I said "Yes. I actually came to visit my friend, but she is always working." I smiled realizing I was sharing too much given that I had no idea what this man wanted.

He then said that he didn't mind keeping me company since he was also there alone. We shared a few drinks while we got to know each other. He told me he was 25 and owning his own business.

Okay. I know it sound weird, but I am 23, and that summer I was a 22 year old virgin. I am kind of ashamed to admit this out loud actually, but I don't regret waiting.

We called it the night, but he went home with my information, and he told me he would call me the next day to show me around. I was excited for the call because he made me feel like nobody else had done before.

The next morning, I was actually awaken by his call. He told me to get ready and meet him at the bar in an hour. He told me that since it was still early we were gonna go chill at his place. I was confused because he told me to get ready in an hour and now it was too early?

I asked him "Why did you rush me if you thought it was too early?" to which he replied "I couldn't wait to see you again." I couldn't possibly be mad because of that. My inner self was ecstatic.

We got to his apartment. We started watching TV, and all of a sudden he grabbed me and kissed me. I was stunned by his move, but I didn't push him away. Instead I moved closer and responded to his kiss. My mouth opened and our tongues started dancing with each other's. It was a divine sensation

Our kiss grew insisting and stronger. He was under my shirt in no time. 5 minutes later I was topless with no bra. He took one of my boobs in his hand playing with it while his mouth moved towards my neck leaving sensations I can't describe down my forbidden part. A moan escaped my throat when he brushed it with his divine mouth on his way to my other free boob. He sucked my nipple with such passion it hurt. Not the bad hurt but that one you want to keep feeling. I encouraged him by pressing his head on the boob. It feels really good. Another moan escaped me.

I didn't know what was happening to me. I wanted more. His hand moved from my boob to my belly and from my belly to the button of my pants. I tried to stop him, but he kissed me to relax me some more. I let him do whatever he wanted to do. He unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down with my panties and slid one of his finger on my clitoris. I let a little scream come out of my mouth. This was a first. I was panicking, trying to gain my senses and leave, but he intensified his touch and I was just stuck. I couldn't move probably because I was loving the feeling.

He stopped everything he was doing, and I couldn't understand why. He said "Let's move to the bedroom". He guided me to his bedroom. I was grateful for his guiding hand because I was out of it. I was too horny to function.

When we got to his bedroom, he undressed me completely. I felt vulnerable being naked like that. I was even more surprised I wasn't scared for being in a stranger's bedroom completely naked. He kissed me again and moved his way to my boobs again. While sucking on my boob, his other hand went to resume whatever it was doing in the living room. He played with my clitoris, circling it, teasing it, pitching it. I felt like my legs were numb. He then moved his fingers to my private entrance. I spread my legs to let him in (I didn't even know I had those reflexes). When his finger started thrusting in and out I started meeting his movement craving for more. A few minutes of that ritual and I was rocking like a mad woman. Another finger slid in.. Another moan escaped me followed by " please don't stop.. please please go faster". He complained. Without stopping to finger fuck me he let my boob go and went down to sucking my clitoris while finger fucking me. My body could not take it any longer, I started to shake like I was in an earthquake. It was an amazing feeling. Spasms took my whole body and I felt like I was out of control. I couldn't contain the scream and tons of "yes"s that were escaping my mouth.

After catching my breath, I figured I should repay him for pleasing me. I told him "Now, it's my turn to please you, mister!". I didn't know what I was doing, but I had read enough stories and watched enough movies to know the basics.

I felt a little shy, but I started kissing him urgently while undressing me. His body was the 8th wonder! I made my way to his cock, which was already very visible, I was kissing my way down. His body tasted better than chocolate. I unzipped his pants to free that third leg I was surprisingly eager to have in my mouth. It looked bigger than I imagined. I was worried it wouldn't fit in my virgin mouth. I slowly took it in and started to go up and down on it (Just like I had seen girls do it in movies). After a few strokes, it was starting to slide more easily so I increased the pace. I looked up to see how he was reacting and his moaning and groaning and pulling sheets told me all I wanted to know. I felt so powerful knowing that I was the one pleasuring him like that. I couldn't hold it anymore I wanted him to come inside my mouth in no time. I started to suck faster, pausing to stroke him I told him "Come for me.. Come in my mouth. I want you now!" and sucked some more. A few minutes later, he shot his load inside my mouth while letting a lot of "fuck"s escaping him, and I swallowed every bit of it.

We lied there a few minutes until he was all over me again. His kiss was enough to make me want to do it again. I had a feeling this was going to be more than an oral session so I figured I should tell him about my situation.

I stopped him and said " Rob, I need to tell you something. I... I am... I mean... I've never done this before... Ever"

He opened wide his eyes and was like " You're a virgin????" He was so surprised I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He then said "But you sucked my cock like you knew what you were doing... How did you know what to do?" I told him that just because I had never done it before didn't mean I didn't know about it.

I told him that I understood if he wanted this to stop. He said that he didn't unless I minded. My response was the most provocative kiss I could offer. I kissed him to roughly it surprised me I even knew how. He had his answer.

We were kissing and aroused like the first time. He played with my clitoris again and fingered me again, and I told him I was ready. He placed himself on top of me, and I felt his aroused cock on my stomach. I felt like I was losing it again then I felt him moving his sex towards my entrance. He moved in me slowly, but I felt every inch of him going inside of me. It hurt but at the same time I wanted more. After the whole thing was inside, he looked at me worried and I told him it was fine. He started moving slowing in and out.. in and out I closed my eyes to sink it all in. With each thrust, I wanted him more... faster. I felt so full and pleasured I could not hold it in. I started moving with him to meet his thrusts. I started screaming "go faster... fuckkkkkkk" I couldn't believe my own words. He started moving faster and faster until the spasms took over my body again.

I think that my spasms sent Rob over the edge because groans and another set of "fuck"s escaped his sweet beautiful mouth. After he recovered, he looked me in the eye and asked " How was it?". I smiled a huge smile and said " I think I can get used to this..."

And he saw how much I meant those words because we never went to see the town that day.....

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