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The Best Week of Her Life

Her parents went away, and she let loose.
Finally, her parents had left. She was with Adam, her adopted mother's nephew, so, technically, they weren't related. But they both felt a strong sense of lust toward each other. As her parents drove off, he embraced her in a warm kiss, and told her to go get ready. (They were going to a party together.) She out on a halter top and a pair of dark jeans with her flats, and they were headed out the door. She glanced at Adam. He looked great, she had to admit to herself. A button up shirt, light jeans, definitely someone she'd take the time to get to know.

They walked up the front steps of the house where the party was. As they walked hand-in-hand, she stopped suddenly. She realized she was about to make her first impression on his friends. 'Do I look okay?' she asked. He looked her up and down, smiled, and said 'You look great. Besides, your clothes won't be on long anyway.' They kissed each other one good, long, passionate time, and headed inside.

After talking to his friends for what seemed like forever, he finally led her upstairs. They heard the sound of rain on the roof as they went upstairs together. He slipped into the bathroom, and she called her mom, like she was ordered to do. She told her mother that she was about to go to sleep, (it was about ten o' clock.. She hung up after promising to call her when she woke up. She heard the sound of locks turning, and she flung around to see Adam standing there. After a few seconds of gazing into each other's eyes, he rubbed her cheek and pulled her in. They began making out passionately.

He slipped his hand under her shirt and pulled it off, and she fumbled with his buttons. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, followed by his boxers. On her knees, she noticed his dick was hard, and was beginning to pre-cum. She licked the tip of his overly sized dick, and made her way to the end, with his full cock in her mouth. She repeated pulling it in and out, occasionally stroking it as she sucked it. When he couldn't take it any longer, he pushed her head back and forth on his cock, gagging her, but making her wet. She started to cum, and she delightfully swallowed it.

He lifted her up, lay her on the bed, and slipped of her pants. He unhooked her bra, and pulled off her panties. He wasn't wasting anytime, and she liked it. He got on top of her on all fours, and began kissing her aimlessly all down her body. He gently spread her legs apart, sending out the aroma of her cum, which smelled amazing. He kissed up her thighs and began licking her pussy. She was grinding her pussy in his face. He raised up and went to her hard nipples. First kissing them, then sucking them, and then he started nibbling on them. He went back down, and gently nibbled on her cilt after licking it, sending and orgasm straight through her body, squirting him with her cum.

He went back up to her face, and kissed her, over and over. He took the tip of his dick and placed it at her entrance, then pulled it away. He did this a few times, until she couldn't take anymore. Her whimpers and moans were becoming louder. He took his large dick and placed it in one fourth, came out, put it in a half of the way, and came out, and then a third, came out, and slowly stuck it in. She arched her back. Her pussy wasn't big enough to take his excessively large dick. It hurt, being this is her first time. But he brought it in and out, speeding up now. They turned over, and she was on top.

She began riding him, grinding on him. She was cumming, and he was about to burst. He turned her back over and pumped it in and out faster than ever. Her moans themselves were just a turn on. He was going harder, and they were talking dirty. She felt another orgasm coming on. He asked her if she wanted him to pull out before he came, but she said "no".

Harder and faster, faster and harder. He began squirting, she could feel it inside of her. With every new pump came a large load of his cum. And she loved it. He began slowing down, and soon stopped. They were both breathing hard.

They eventually fell asleep, with her head on his chest. when they woke up, they began making love again. They spent the week together, making love at just about every moment possible. It was the best week of her life.

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