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The Big Match

Frankie's team get a great result. So does he.
You never forget your first time do you? Good, bad, indifferent, it really doesn’t matter. However long you live you can always transport yourself back to that moment and replay it in your mind. Of course if anyone ever asks you, it was an amazing experience and the earth shook, in reality this isn’t always the case.

I’m glad to say my first time really was earth shattering and still now fourteen years later it still ranks up there as one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had, unfortunately I’ve never been able to share it with many people as it would cause too much trouble and most probably cost me my best friend, and ruin a marriage.

It all happened when I was 17 years old; having just returned from my first foreign holiday in Crete. I went there with my best friend, Robbie and a couple of other lads. The big talk before we went was all about losing our virginity over there and how much alcohol we were going to drink. For the other three the mission was accomplished, and they all managed to pop their cherries, sadly it didn’t happen for me, much to their amusement. For me the only plus point was the deep brown tan that hours of sunbathing gave me.

A couple of weeks after the holiday I am sitting in Robbie’s parents lounge, looking on as they all get ready to go out to the football. We are all Tottenham fans, and it is the day of a huge game against huge rivals Arsenal. I would love to have been going with them, but thanks to my reckless spending on holiday, I can’t afford the ticket, and in any case the match is now a sell out. The only crumb of comfort is that Robbie has let me watch the match on his family’s huge television.

“Okay mate, we’re off now, sorry you can’t come with us, but there’s plenty of beer in the fridge, and Jody won’t disturb you, she’s off out with Glen to finalise the flowers for the wedding.”

Robbie, his Mom and his Dad leave the house and I feel a pang of jealousy, if only I hadn’t spent all my money on stupid holiday day trips and alcohol I could be going with them. I go to the fridge and grab myself a beer, hoping it improves my mood a little. I can hear the beat of heavy dance music from the room directly above the kitchen – Jody’s room.

Jody is Robbie’s older Sister. I’ve known her since I was a young lad when I first became friends with him. We get on really well, mainly because she isn’t a girly girl, loves her football and enjoys a spot of banter. I also know Glen, her fiancée well too, they are getting married in a couple of week’s time so I better try and get some money together to buy a decent present.

I open my bottle of beer and take a huge gulp, taking it through to the lounge and sit down to watch the pre match analysis before the game begins. Suddenly the music stops and I hear light footsteps on the stairs before Jody enters the room giving me a cheeky smile.

“Oh not you, trouble, drinking us out of house and home I see. What are you wearing that trash for? A bet or something?”

I laugh sarcastically back at her. She is referring to the Tottenham replica top I’m wearing. Jody is the black sheep of her family as she is the only one who supports Arsenal. In spite of this we get along really well. I’ve never told her but when I was a bit younger I had a real crush on her, making any excuse to pop around to Robbie’s just to see her. Needless to say she was the subject of many of my jacking off sessions. She’s about five years older than me, has piercing blue eyes, stylish bobbed blonde hair and a delicious curvy figure.

“Haven’t seen you since your holiday, Robbie tells me you still haven’t lost your cherry? Something you’re not telling us, Frank? Are you batting for the other side or something?”

She smiles at me then breaks into her trademark low husky cackle. I’m well used to her banter by now, and just as I’m about to respond with a cutting jibe about the size of her bum we are interrupted by the shrill tone of the telephone.

She wiggles off into the kitchen to answer, it’s Glen on the other end. Several minutes of heated conversation end with Jody slamming down the receiver.

“That man is a fucking prick sometimes. God knows why I’m marrying him.”

It transpires that they were due to go into town to finalise their wedding flower arrangements, but Glen had gone for a quick drink with his mates who were going to the match also, one drink turned into seven, and he was now in too much of a state to go with her.

“Bloody drunken fool, he knows we haven’t got much time to get everything sorted with all that’s going on.”

“Oh well you can sit and watch the match with me now, Jody. Watch your team get a beating.”

“In your dreams, Mister Virgin. We’re going to give you a spanking, just you wait and see.”

The insults fly back and forth before she darts back upstairs, returning moments later wearing her Arsenal top and a pair of little denim shorts, which don’t cover much of her stunning legs. She must know I’m staring at them, I can’t help myself.

“Get me a beer then, Mister Frigid.”

I go to the fridge and crack open a bottle for her and hand it over. She gulps the bottle back in next to no time and hands me back the empty bottle, a little dribble of beer runs down her chin.


I hand over another bottle and she knocks most of that one back too before grabbing my hand.

“Come on Frankie Boy, two minutes to kick off.”

We sit together on the large leather sofa and watch the team’s line up before kick-off. I can’t concentrate fully as Jody is sat really close and making no effort to hide her legs, and I can see her nipples faintly pressing against the red top, and I assume she isn’t wearing a bra under there. My cock almost immediately begins to twitch.

The match finally gets underway and I’m glad for the distraction. The first few minutes are slow and dull, but gradually things get lively and after about ten minutes, to my joy Tottenham take the lead with a well worked goal. I leap out of my seat and ruffle Jody’s silky blonde hair, chanting “One – Nil” in her face.

“Oh for fuck sake, Arsenal.”

She gulps back her beer then gets up, returning quickly with two more bottles, one of which she hands to me.

“Drink that and shut up, there’s a good boy.”

“Never been a good loser have you, Jody?”

She gulps back her beer again, taking nearly half the contents in one go, this girl can certainly drink. The match continues at breakneck speed, with both teams having chances before after half an hour, Arsenal pull level with a deflected goal. Now it’s Jody’s turn to jump up in the air.

“Yeessssss!!! One all, in your face, loser.”

She jumps up and down on the spot and her ample breasts wobble under her shirt, she’s definitely not wearing a bra.

“Not so mouthy now are you, Rat Boy?”

She eventually calms down and then it’s half time and all square. We both drink more beer, one thing my holiday did give me was a tolerance to drinking lots of alcohol, Jody on the other hand looks quite flushed in the face and is very giggly after her fourth bottle.

After more banter, the second half gets underway and whatever Tottenham’s manager said in the dressing room seems to have done the trick, and we score two goals in as many minutes making it a convincing 3-1 with over half an hour to go. Jody gets another bottle of beer and slugs it back, no more jibes from her, but I give plenty anyway.

My day gets even better as Tottenham knock in a fourth goal, the game all but over now, an utter demolition of our local rivals. Jody isn’t so full of it now, in fact she looks quite drunk.

“Turn it off now. I’ve had enough of this shit.”

“Oh no, I don’t think so Jody, I’m really enjoying it now, got to see it through to the end.”

She turns to face me, her eyes now fully on mine.

“How about I give you something else to look at? Something that will take your attention away from the football?”

Jody’s hand snakes over my stomach and then down over my already semi erect penis, stroking it gently and then with a little more pressure, I feel my cock jolt and throb in reaction to her touch.

“Ah, good, it seems I have your attention, Frankie.”

Her hand deftly unbuttons my jeans and delves inside my boxer shorts, stroking my cock to erection in literally seconds, all the time her eyes never leave mine.

“Mmm, you seem to have forgotten all about the football now, don’t you?”

I grunt loudly, enjoying the first ever touch of a woman on my throbbing dick, she works her hand slowly up and down the length of my manhood, leaning forward to kiss my lips forcefully.

“You want to watch the match still?”

I shake my head, captivated and under her spell now. Within a minute she has me impossibly hard, and her delicious lips locked on mine, our tongues clashing violently, sadly only for a moment before she breaks away.

“Get your clothes off right now, Frankie boy. It’s your lucky day, I’m so fucking horny.”

She breaks away and stands up, her nipples now pointing out of her tight football top, before she peels it off and reveals her enormous breasts, pale and pert, just waiting to be sucked.

“Have you ever seen a naked woman before, Frankie?”

I shake my head, lost for words.

“About time you did then.”

Jody is standing about a foot away from me, slowly peeling down her denim shorts and easing them over her feet, before removing her red knickers and kicking them off into my lap. I am agog, looking at her naked body, eyes moving between her huge tits and then down to her hairy blonde pussy. I had always wondered if she was a natural blonde, and now, finally I know.

“Wrap my knickers around your cock and start wanking. I want you to come into them.”

Well who was I to refuse? The match was still in the background and I hear a loud cheer and see the score line ticker change to 5-1. I couldn’t care less.

I do as she asks, wrapping her moist panties around my cock and gripping tight, the moisture from her underwear lubricating my cock, and the scent of her permeates my nostrils.

“Nice cock, Frankie. I’ve seen the bulge in your jeans many times, knew you would be a big boy.”

Her words make my cock grow even harder, soon up to my full eight inches. She sits back down beside me, watching me as I work myself hard, hardly believing what is happening. After a few moments Jody picks up one of the empty beer bottles and pushes the neck of the bottle against her lips, fingers slowly spreading herself and I get my first glimpse close up of her pussy. She is wet, really wet and the bottle neck slides in easily, at the same time her middle finger runs up and down her little clit.

“Ohh fuck this is so wrong, Frankie. But I haven’t been so wet or turned on in ages.”

What a scene it must have been; me jerking my cock hard, her knickers wrapped around it, and Jody easing the bottle fast and hard inside herself. Every time she slides the bottle out of herself, I see it covered in the sheen of her juices.

“I’m getting married in a few weeks, and here I am fucking myself with a bottle, whilst my little brother’s friend wanks himself off into my knickers.”

Her words make me even harder, and within a minute I can’t help but release an enormous load of sticky come into her pretty little knickers, so much that it dribbles off onto the expensive leather sofa.

“Mmm, so good, Frank. Waste not, want not.”

She doesn’t stop, thrusting the bottle further inside her, whilst leaning forward extending her tongue, first licking off the excess come from the sofa, then taking my cock in her mouth and cleaning me dry, seconds after she does, her orgasm rips through her, leaving her breathless.

A few minutes later she removes the bottle from her tight looking snatch, offering it to me.

“Taste me, suck my juices off it.”

Who am I to argue?

The match is still going on in the background, but what do I care? Jody now has my cock in her mouth, working me back to hardness within minutes. Once she has, she puts her arms around my head and her legs straddle me, before slowly inching her beautiful pussy onto my cock.

“This is it, Frankie. You’re about to lose your cherry. Did you ever think it would be me?”

I don’t have time to answer. Jody lowers herself down onto my cock, feeling the glorious sensation of my hard dick getting engulfed by her tight, moist snatch. Her amazing big breasts all in my face as she starts to work herself up and down my length, slow, deliciously slow at first, then as she gets used to my girth, quicker and harder.

“Ohh fuck, you’re so much bigger than Glen. Fuck my little pussy baby.”

My hands grab her hips and I push her down hard onto my length, bucking my hips hard to get deeper and deeper. Each thrust brings a louder gasp, and when I suck one nipple, and then the other it sends her crazy, pushing down as I push up.

“Ohh fucking hell yes, slam my pussy you dirty bastard.”

I grip her hips hard and really fuck her now, her back arched and head thrown back, her nails digging into my skin and her soft breasts in my face as I give her my full length.

“Ah hmmm ohh fuck yes, I’m gonna come, Frankie, come with me baby.”

I drive my cock even harder inside her and within seconds she is pushing forward, screaming my name as she comes, her left hand stops gripping me, furiously strumming her clit as her orgasm explodes, making her pussy contract around my dick. I can take no more, letting out a resonant roar as my cock juts and spills six huge bursts of come deep inside her.

We lie, holding each other tight, no words necessary as we both catch our breath, kissing deeply before the realisation of time. The match is over, and the family will be back very soon.

“I always knew I’d be the one to take you, Frankie. I Just didn’t think it would take so long to do it.”

We frantically clean ourselves up, and the sofa, just about making it with minutes to spare before they all come back in.

Robbie looks happy, telling me he can’t believe we’ve thumped Arsenal 6-1. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had missed the sixth goal as I was fucking his big sister on the sofa.

“You two look flushed. It was a great game huh?”

I look into Jody’s eyes and we both burst out laughing.

I tell him it’s one I won’t ever forget.

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