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The Botanical Beauty: Part IV-The Petals Part

The Botanical Beauty: Part IV-The Petals Part

The young Isabella Bloom takes matters into her own hands
The Botanical Beauty: Part IV—The Petals Part

When we left our rather feverishly fetching Isabella Bloom she was in an excited state having returned from a most unusual evening. Isabella’s romantic date with the rather older and hunky John had been Shanghaied by the intervention of her ever so sexy friend, the gorgeous Brahmin princess Ngurah and the opportunity to see the beyond rare First Time orchid. The mysterious meeting with Ngurah’s grandmother had inspired Issy and hardened her resolve to do what she needed to do. For eighteen years Isabella has been a slowly maturing flower, a budding beauty, but now her petals were ready to part.

John is rather demoralized by the misdirection taken by his romantic date with the beguiling young beauty Miss Bloom. He has retreated to his suite and refreshed himself with a ginger-sandalwood scented shampoo shower involving an intense scrubbing of his body with vanilla oil soap. John has pulled on a pair of light cotton pajama pants and a plain white fine cotton t-shirt top. John has poured himself a glass of an exceptional robust Australian Shiraz and fallen into a melancholy mood. Prior to this holiday John had been in a terrible over-worked exhausted state and was emotionally drained. John had hoped for a true Balinese fantasy sex-romp get-away, a mere distraction of fantasy and fun, a dalliance you might say, with his “friend with benefits” Angie who had been planning to join him on this Balinese sojourn. John had actually booked the room now occupied by the one and only Isabella Bloom for Angie. At the last minute Angie’s work commitments at her UBS analysts job had prevented her from coming on the holiday.

Those following our tale from the beginning will be aware that Angie is a rather overly vivacious young American girl who is more like a robust young Grenache than a classic Pinot. A twenty-six-year-old blond beauty with a “cheerleader next-door” air to her Angie certainly had an ability to distract John and take his mind off his melancholy mood. How was Angie able to achieve such a feat? Well first Angie was gorgeous with an angelic face, stunning blue eyes, silky shoulder length golden blond hair and a body designed for sex, a fact that tends to distract men from their doldrums. Secondly Angie was an Ivy-league educated sex fiend who was a connoisseur of carnal pleasure and man teasing techniques. As an individual who enjoyed sheets made from the finest cotton with a high thread count (Frette was his personal favorite) John truly appreciated Angie’s expertise between them.

As John stood on his balcony sipping his robust Shiraz overlooking the Balinese Sea, black as obsidian at night, he fell into reflection. John almost wished Angie were with him, her warm body comforting him. John knew if Angie were here he would not be standing alone overlooking black waves that could swallow a soul as easily as a grain of sand with his mind a-swirl with maddening thoughts of loneliness.

John’s cock had hardened in the shower with thoughts of Issy, but he had ignored it knowing there was no prospect of coupling with the fetching Ms. Bloom and he had let his mind drift in a moody direction. After months, really years, of being alone, John’s body craved another, craved closeness, craved connection; there is nothing like frantic sex to banish our feeling of essential isolation. John knew that if Angie were here with him they would be inside the bedroom, on the king size bed (now empty) and Angie most probably would have teased and tantalized him to the highest state of arousal before mounting him cowgirl style and bringing him to a blindingly amazing release as her own body shuddered and shook above him in mutual orgasm.

John sipped the ‘98 Dead Arm Shiraz and was amazed at its complexity, the perfumed nose melding hints of blackberry, cassis and licorice. On the palate the wine had firm earth and mineral notes evident in only the finest new world wines with good structure and lingering flavors that reminded one of bitter cherry, tobacco and very dark chocolate. The long finish of the wine, perhaps thirty-seconds, distracts John for a while from the pondering and wandering of his meandering mind and momentarily lifts his morose mood. John’s thoughts return to Angie and he recalled how wonderful she tasted and how sweet and peachy her pussy juice was. John had never encountered a woman with such sweet pussy juice. John wondered what Issy tasted like and thought perhaps, even though the serendipity signs had seemed to be in his favor, he would never find out.

The romantic evening had started well, perfectly actually, with a wonderful walk along a moonlit path and an intriguing discussion of Frangipani flowers. The walk had led to an even more alluring romantic dinner on the upper terrace of La Lucciola. John recalled how Issy had reached over at one point and taken his hand, holding it as they chatted easily. At that moment John had been certain the evening was headed for an amazing sexual climax where he would finally get to touch those secret places on Isabella’s body he so desperately wanted to explore. But then in the manner of the crisis laden world John and Issy’s romantic dinner, so prospect laden, so fertile with future Eros had been interrupted by the intervention of the rather more than gorgeous Ngurah and her beautiful cousin Ayu Rai who had happened to be dining at the same restaurant to celebrate Rai’s end of term. Serendipity had, for some reason, stuck out her foot and tripped John up just as he seemed so close to his prize.

John was an aficionado of the female posterior and the pleated mini skirt, but nonetheless Rai’s appearance in her Holy Rosary College school uniform and Ngurah in her black leather mini skirt had been a disruption to John’s romantic plans. John had been more than shocked to discover later in the evening that the source of Ngurah’s unique beauty, her light caramel honey toned skin, her almost five-foot eight inch height, her large round eyes, her fine features, all resulted from a most unique genetic hybrid mixture. Ngurah’s birth, John had learned, had been the result of a most improbable romantic coupling of her gorgeous sixteen-year-old Balinese Brahmin princess mother Kerug and the one and only orchid genius Professor Phineas Studman in his young grad student persona circa 1985, now department head, botany, University of Berkeley, to wit--Issy’s idol. Six degrees of separation was not at all sufficient to explain the strangeness of all of this for John.

At forty-three John was well aware of how capricious serendipity can be in dispensing her favors. The Greeks had it right; the gods based their heavenly gifts on no scheme capable of comprehension by mere mortals. Our lives in most ways are completely arbitrary and fortune takes little account of our hard work, our dedication and our service to others or the goodness in our hearts in deciding where to land. Complete assholes are allocated fortunes and power, evil men are allocated weapons, men with ulterior motives partner with women who have delicate hearts while the children in the villages on the slopes of Kintimani Volcano and on the edges of Lake Batur (who cannot conceivably have offended anyone, let alone serendipity) beg for pennies. How many times had John emptied his pockets? His first walk along Silom Road; he was penniless within three blocks. The children living along what passed for highways in the Philippines; how many times can you stop the car? The children of Kintimani had learned to spot a mark, a soft touch, a sucker if you will, a mile away and they now knew John well enough that twenty or thirty would appear from nowhere every time he took a drive up to the volcano's edge. The children at the Monkey Forest also knew well that John could be relied upon to provide cokes and snacks for all as he made his regular visit to amble through the huge tropical trees that canopied the stone walkways that meandered through the tropical forest as he sought to enjoy the serenity that had been preserved by monks for generations.

Why would serendipity at this stage in his life allocate him a sui generis beauty like Isabella? Of course the idea was impossible and that is why Isabella is in her room and I am in mine he thought. John was certain he did not deserve Issy and while Fate took no account of who deserved what, John was certain in this case fate saw his feeble life for what it was and serendipity, busy with her many errands, was whizzing past him without a care in the world as she rushed to deposit further riches in the account of some corrupt Russian oligarch or Silicon Valley tech dude with purple hair who had no need of the funds.

Still it’s possible; John thought to himself, it could be possible. You could meet the woman of your dreams anywhere John thought to himself. People did that all the time. They were standing in the line at the post office and they just would meet and fall in love. Why could it not happen on an airplane as the result of a random upgrade? It could, why not he thought. Issy had dropped her book, he had picked it up and a conversation was sparked? Stranger things have happened John mulled in his mind. Love blossoms, hands touch, tingles tingle and it all moves forward. But alas, tonight had not moved forward, it had moved sideways and John now stood alone on his balcony his cock sad, flaccid and drooping in the manner of lonely cocks all over the world.

On the other side of the connecting door Isabella’s own mind was flowering with completely different blooms. Unlike John’s melancholy patch of lilies, Issy’s garden was full of bright Gerbers of varied colors as bright as the rainbow. Issy was recalling their first meeting on the airplane and how John had helped her with her bag. A gentleman she sighed, not many of those anymore, as rare as a Phal orchid she thought to herself. Most of the boys Issy had encountered to date did not show up at the door with flowers and chocolates; no they “honked”. Isabella’s mother would invariably roll her eyes and give her daughter a look that suggested if that “honking” boy’s cock got anywhere near her precious daughter then she would be aghast at her daughter’s lack of taste and discernment.

Issy recalled the patch of rough air encountered just as she was standing to go pee and John was putting away his MacAir. Oh dear how I stumbled and fell into his arms she thought to herself. Just the recollection of being held by John’s strong arms as the plane bumped up and down and shook, the security she felt, made Issy’s skin tingle and her heart melt a little more. Issy thought of her distress in the lobby upon being advised there was “no room at the inn”. My god, I was a young woman distraught and on the verge of tears, a woman in need of rescuing if there ever was one. And who had metaphorically ridden to the rescue to extricate me from this horrid situation? Issy’s very own Lancelot John had appeared as if by magic and saved her from the fate being prescribed by the front desk manager Oka who was preparing to send her off into the dark and foreboding Balinese jungle to search for alternate shelter. All of these thoughts swirled in Issy’s head as she thought of what a wonderful man John was and with that came the certainty of what she needed to do next. Issy took her hand and raised it to knock lightly on John’s door.

Issy runs her left hand lightly over her curled shining hair, down her full firm breasts and over her flared feminine hips in a final check. Reassured by the feeling of the beautiful lingerie and the slightly see-through short lacy kimono wrap Issy taps lightly with her hand against the hard solid wood door. John, his mind thinking of Issy, of her beauty, of his desire for her, hears what he thinks is a light knock at his connecting door. Certain he must be mistaken among the noise of the crashing waves, he sips his Shiraz, his ears peeled for any confirming second knock. John’s cock instinctively begins to harden and he hears a second sound of “tap, tap”. This time John knows he is not mistaken. He hopes Issy is ok? Perhaps she is upset? Why is she knocking so late at night he wonders as he turns to answer her knock? John moves to the connecting door and holding the doorknob in his hand he softly calls her name.


“John? Are you still awake?”

John turns the lock and swings open the connecting door made from a very heavy solid hardwood. John’s eyes widen as he takes in Issy, her shining wavy hair and her young eyes alive and sparkling, her firm body barely encased in the very short light blue almost see-through lacy kimono. Isabella’s tanned legs look so toned and firm and her long slender delicate bare feet are sexy looking against the teakwood floor. John is confused by this sudden turn of events, but Issy is confident and smiling. Issy sees John’s glass of wine and reaches out taking it from his hand and takes a deep sip.

“Mmm nice! Do you want to pour me a glass?”

John is momentarily stunned but finally spurs to action and brings Issy a glass. Issy casually takes his hand and leads John back to the balcony where they stand together, silent, overwhelmed by the huge silvery white shining moon and the sound of the crashing waves and the very fact that their two bodies, so in need of each other, are finally close again. The moon, a very large silvery white orb hanging low in the sky, is close to full now and the tide is high. The ocean water shoots up the blowhole on the jutting rock outcrop in a wondrous hundred-foot high jet of white foam with every third wave looking ever so much like a shot of creamy white sperm erupting against the black sky. Soon enough an easy conversation begins between the prospective lovers and Issy continues to hold John’s hand as they talk twining her fingers between his. Gaining confidence, the moon casting its own powerful spell, the First Time orchid only a few feet away with its own peculiar energy, John slips his arm around Issy’s waist and lets his hand begin to explore her sloping lower back and flared hips.

Issy feels John’s hand on her hips, so close to her ass and his touch causes the most intense tingles. The throbbing in her pussy that she felt in the shower, that she felt standing by the door, the tingles that increased, as she was about to knock, have now become an almost unbearable burning. Issy’s nipples are aching with a need to be touched, a need to be kissed, a need to be licked, a need to be first sucked and then rolled gently but firmly by John’s fingers. Isabella’s mind is roiled by images of what John is going to do to her young virgin body and in anticipation her whole body tingles; her loins and her breasts are aching and throbbing.

The couple sips their wine and their bodies shift closer and closer. John can feel Issy’s hip against his, the warmth of her body suffusing his. John’s hand moves softly and lightly teasing Issy’s lower back and his cock, beyond his control, is hard and engorged. John’s light cotton pajama pants certainly cannot hold down his protruding hardness so he presses up against the balcony railing to prevent Issy from seeing how aroused he is. John has no idea what the next step should be, but Issy has no such doubts.

In the middle of some random funny comment, the two of them laughing lightly, Issy cannot wait any longer. Issy turns her body into John’s and arches her back slightly, tilts her head back and looks up into John’s eyes with an unmistakable request. John looks down and Issy’s eyes draw him in, her young round firm full breasts tempt him and John leans forward as if pulled by gravity. Without words they are kissing in a passionate kiss that causes them both to sigh simultaneously in relief at their bodies finally connecting. John’s arm around Isabella’s waist pulls her luscious body hard into his. There is no hiding John’s desire now as Issy feels his hardness press into her loins. The thrill Issy feels from knowing how much this older man desires her cannot be estimated. Issy’s pussy beings to let its juices flow; lips meet, tongues tangle, the man hardens, the woman wets, nothing more basic can ever occur in a human relationship.

The kiss continues and their tongues probe and dance causing even more arousal. John’s hands now have license to explore and he roams Issy’s body touching everywhere over her light cotton kimono. John’s lips move to Issy’s ears, nibbling and teasing and then to her sensitive neck, her fingernails digging into his skin as he kisses the ever so sensitive spot between her shoulder and her neck. John’s cock is now throbbing in need and he is no longer thinking of anything other than Isabella’s tight young feminine body that he is now exploring. John’s hands move to Issy’s waist and he locates the satin belt tie and the loose knot Issy has purposely crafted to offer John her body with an easy release. John pulls ever so lightly on the satin tie and Issy’s kimono magically falls open in front revealing Issy’s tempting young body, the beautiful body that has been teasing and tormenting John for these past days since he first spied her resting in the Hong Kong airport departure area.

John pulls his head back so his eyes can take in Isabella’s stunning curves and the form of her body. Her amazing full round breasts, large and firm, in their white lace half-cup push-up bra make his cock bounce. John’s hands slip easily inside the light fabric of the draped kimono and hold Issy’s trim waist as she shyly and demurely averts her eyes from his stare. No man has ever gazed upon her naked body like this, let alone with a look of desire and lust like John’s. Issy reaches for John’s head to pull him in for a kiss as her cheeks take on a pink blush, but somehow she pulls his head to her breasts instead. Oh my fucking god, as John’s lips and tongue begin to explore her breasts Issy’s body shivers in the most amazing response. Sounds come out of Issy’s mouth that she does not even recognize as John begins his introduction to sex 101.

John’s hands pull the lace of her delicate bra away from Issy’s nipples and his mouth moves from one breast to the other teasing her nipples in turn. Issy is amazed as the tingles course from her nipples to her pussy and her juices flow even more. Issy is worried her panties are going to be soaked before John even gets to them, but Isabella is distracted from this thought as John bites lightly on her left nipple making Issy grab his hair in a tight fist and cry out in passion. Issy is what can be termed a “true virgin” since she has never used a vibrator or even masturbated with her fingers very much. As a result Issy has little understanding of how her body will react to John’s explorations and she is easily overcome by her own passion as his tongue and fingers begin their dance of arousal.

John is amazed at how responsive Issy’s body is to his every touch as his mouth and hands begin to learn how to turn this amazing young woman on, to take her to the point of a huge orgasm and release. Some inner instinct causes Isabella to push on John’s head, to push him down towards her pussy, which is now burning with a need to be touched. John understands her need and falls on his knees on the balcony’s teak floor and his hands move to grasp Issy’s round firm ass. John’s face is now immediately in front of the small triangle of white lace covering Issy’s pussy and his nose detects her musky sweet feminine smell for the first time. John can see the dark oval of wetness and the outline of her plump pussy lips in the center of the lace triangle caused by Issy’s arousal and smiles. John hooks his fingers on the thin satin string ties on Issy’s hips and pulls her lace panties down to her ankles. John feels Issy’s body go rigid with nervousness and her fingernails dig into his head in anticipation. There is a wide sofa lounge on the balcony and John shifts Issy’s body sideways and gently guides her down onto the wide sofa so her body is prone, her legs spread wide and his head is quickly between her thighs.

Holy fuck Isabella thinks to herself, a man is about to lick my pussy. Before she can finish that thought or contemplate its implications John’s tongue has caused her body to shudder as his mouth attaches itself to her sopping wet vagina. Issy’s fingers dig into John’s skull as he begins her journey to womanhood. In her teasing preparations for this exact moment Issy has dabbed some of her Frangipani perfume on her inner thighs adding a tantalizing bouquet of white frangipani, jasmine rose, plum with notes of cedar and vanilla in the background to the allure of her amazingly sexy lingerie outfit. As John begin his assault on her pussy the exotic fragrance mingles in his nose with Issy’s ever so sweet and musky pussy smell and melds on John’s palate with the sweet pomegranate tanginess of Issy’s pussy juices, now pouring forth in her arousal. If John had ever wondered if any woman could produce pussy juices as sweet and as wonderful as Angie, he now had his answer—yes!

John laps at Issy’s pussy lips with unbridled enthusiasm like a man twenty-years younger if not more, his energy that of a veritable teenager. John’s cock, hard and throbbing, is begging for its chance, but John takes his hands and roams up across Issy’s flat toned belly to find her firm breasts and grabs one nipple with each hand. As John’s tongue laps at Issy’s pussy his fingers gently roll her nipples into firm erect rubbery buttons. Issy can’t but help as guttural sounds escape from deep in her throat as John teases her body in ways she never imagined. John brings his left hand down and begins teasing the most sensitive areas of Issy’s inner thighs and her outer pussy lips with his fingers as his tongue probes looking for her clitoris. Having located Issy’s clitoris John gently teases and flicks across her pleasure button with soft slow tongue strokes. Issy shudders and shakes with virtually every stroke of John’s talented tongue.

John realizes Issy is too responsive and his only option is to bring her to a quick orgasm to release some of her tension and allow her to relax so he can build her for a second orgasm of greater intensity. John takes one of his fingers and wets it with a mixture of saliva and sweet pussy juice and begins to tease at the entrance to Issy’s ever so tight pussy. John probes and pushes and Issy, in her extreme excitement, gyrates her hips as she feels a man’s finger, for the first time, about to enter her sacred tunnel.

John finally works his finger inside Issy’s tight pussy and feels her walls snuggly around his forefinger’s digits. He flicks side to side slowly and matches his finger flicks with strokes of his tongue softly against her clit. John can feel Issy’s stomach muscles tensing and her fingernails digging into his scalp as her arousal level rises with every flick and every soft tongue stroke. John smiles knowing Issy will soon cum and he speeds his rhythm building a nice cadence of flicks and alternating tongue strokes as her body responds with shivers, shakes, arches of her back and the rolling of her head from side to side as deeper and deeper sighs and moans flow from Issy’s lips and throat. Suddenly without warning Isabella’s first orgasm erupts, her body arches high off the sofa, John does his best to grip her hips and hold her pussy against his mouth as a low feminine cross between a cry and a deep moan escapes from Issy’s throat and he feels Issy’s finger nails dig deeply into his scalp, her pussy contract again and again onto his finger, her pussy juices flow against his lips and drip down his chin. The first orgasm quickly subsides and Issy’s body collapses flat onto the sofa and she sighs contentedly, her eyes closed and her mind dazzled by what John has just done to her body as her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing.

While Issy is in this delirious post-orgasm state John slips his arms under her nubile young body and lifting her carries Issy into the bedroom and gently deposits her on the bed. Issy giggles and opens her eyes and places her head in the crook of John’s warm neck as he carries her. The feeling of being in John’s arms is so perfect, so sublimely perfect, that new desires awaken within her. As Isabella is placed on the firm mattress her giggling increases and she playfully pulls at John’s pajama pants. She wants to see his manhood, hold it, kiss it and do all the things she has imagined in her mind. John’s hand strokes Issy’s full and lustrous hair as she pulls his cotton pants away and reveals the almost eight-inch hard rod protruding out from his firm stomach. Isabella’s small hand strokes John’s hard cock and holds it lightly as she examines it and John makes his own male sounds now. The sound of John’s moans as Issy strokes and explores his cock amazes her and she looks deeply into John’s eyes measuring his reactions to her strokes and rubbing. Issy’s eyes lock onto John’s as she lowers her lips and kisses the head of his cock to commence her very first blowjob. Seeing John’s eyes widen and feeling his stomach muscles and thighs get tense in response to her lips and tongue touching his cock, Issy goes lower and begins to suck wrapping her plump warm lips around his cock head. Issy is amazed as John closes his eyes and his fingers dig into her shoulders as her warm wet mouth softly envelops his male hardness. Issy smiles to herself and sucks deeper while swirling her tongue around his cockhead collecting more saliva to wet its dry thickness. To feel John’s thick cock in her mouth, to feel him shudder and his nails dig into her skin in response to each suck and swirl, is a feeling of being a woman, of having the power of a woman, she thought to herself.

John leans forward and his hands pull away Issy’s delicate kimono and John takes in the incredible sight of this young eighteen-year-old beauty, her soft luscious mouth wrapped around his thick cock, dressed in only a tiny white lace push-up bra and no panties. John runs his hands across her tight young body, down her curved waist, across her flared hips and reaches around to tease her wet pussy as her mouth sucks amazingly on his cock. John does not want his first orgasm to be in Issy’s mouth and pulls his cock away as his arousal gets too intense. As John pushes Issy’s head away she playfully resists wanting to feel him release his seed in her mouth. Issy’s lips are pulled off his cock with a loud “pop” suction sound and he chuckles as she giggles. John pushes Isabella’s body and rolls Issy onto her back while simultaneously pulling her legs wide with his strong arms. Issy is nervous but excited as she sees John’s large cock, its head purple and red engorged with pulsing blood, moving towards her virgin pussy. John shifts towards the bedside table to locate a condom since he had many stored there for the expected romp with Angie. Isabella pulls John back towards her and pulls his body on top of hers, his hard cock pushing against her belly, their faces close, their eyes looking deeply into each other’s.

Luckily the original lusty Spanish Isabella Bloom, Issy’s mother, was well aware of the power of teenage hormones having begun bedding men herself at the age of sixteen under the sage guidance and advice of her own mother. By the time her husband Philippe (Issy's French Phd father) came along he didn’t have a chance since this Spanish seductress knew exactly how to beguile and bedazzle any man in bed. Accordingly as a precaution Issy’s mother had put Issy on a low estrogen pill over a year ago when during their regular mother-daughter chats it became clear Issy had her own needs that were becoming unbearable.

Issy’s mother had also passed on more than a few motherly tips about how to give a good blowjob, the importance of making sounds when the man was arousing you to reassure him, how to use your hands to move his head and his lips to just where you wanted them and why every now and then the woman needed to make deep eye contact to assure the man of his significance. Issy as a virgin teen had listened with rapt attention to her mother’s advice and being a studious girl had even made notes later that Issy kept on her laptop in a folder labeled “private” under headings such as “How to Give a Great Blowjob”. Every motherly lesson was now being deployed against John who was the happy recipient of sexual recipes passed down by the lusty Spanish mothers of the Alba family women for more than ten generations. The women of the Alba family almost never experienced divorce or the phenomena of the “straying husband” since their recipes included the spiciest dishes such as threesomes of every variety, roll playing, and bondage scenarios, enough sexual variety to make any mans head swim.

Show him you want him Issy’s mother had advised. No matter how scared you are, spread your legs and invite him in to take you. Use your hands and pull his hips down to show your eagerness. As John fell on top of her Issy spread her legs further apart and put her lips next to his ear.

“John, I’m on the pill. Please, I want you. NOW!”

Never has a mother’s advice to her daughter been more effective. Issy’s words were almost out of a dream as John, with no control now, reaches down and grabs his rock hard cock. Rubbing his cockhead against Issy’s pussy lips he covers it with her juices and then positions it in the center of her pussy lips and shifts his hips forward slightly. John feels Issy’s body tense and waits for her to tell him to stop or push him away, but instead her hands move to his ass and pull his hips down like an eager horny young woman in need, drawing him into her and she shifts her hips and hooks her legs across his calves steadying herself for his cock’s deep penetration. Issy’s arms pull strongly against John’s ass as John’s cockhead meets stiff resistance from her tight pussy walls, but then, suddenly once his cock has breached the entrance it is quickly two inches inside her. Issy nestles her head in the crook of John’s neck and moans as he begins to fill her with his thick male hardness.

John works his cock slowly back and forth letting it get wet and lubricated and driving it deeper with each short stroke. Issy clings to him as she feels John’s cock stretching her pussy and entering her deeper and deeper, the feeling of a man filling her for the first time so satisfying and thrilling. The feeling for Issy is glorious and she soon starts to meet John’s thrusts with timid and jerky hip movements of her own. Yes, her hip thrusts are clumsy and ill timed at first, but soon Issy has taken John fully inside her and her clit is getting nicely massaged with every thrust by his nice hard cock and her hips are meeting his in perfect timing. Issy clings to John, her arms wrapped around his neck, as her clit is pounded by his now long deep thrusts, which are getting stronger and stronger each time. As John feels Issy’s body clinging to his he can’t help it and he speeds his thrusts as he seeks to bring her to orgasm from his manhood. Issy moans and cries out and has little control in her inexperience and soon John’s thrusting hard cock has caused her body to erupt in a second orgasm. This orgasm is a much larger wave that courses through her body again and again. The feeling of Issy’s pussy contracting against John’s hardness makes the passion feel ever so much sweeter and more satisfying for her. John feels Issy shudder and shake beneath him and her nails rip and drag across his back, her teeth biting into his shoulder as Issy releases in a huge orgasmic convulsion.

John slows and stops his thrusts knowing Issy will be very sensitive immediately after such a huge orgasm. John rests his larger body, supporting his weight on his elbows, lying on top of Issy’s smaller female form and loving the feeling of having satisfied her.

“Holy shit John! That was amazing.” Issy giggles and sighs.

John strokes her hair and looks into Isabella’s eyes and kisses her softly on the lips. She can still feel his hardness filling her and she loves him being inside her. Issy clings to his hard body and doesn’t want anything to change.

“That was ok Issy? As good as the younger guys?”

Isabella giggles and realizes the mistake John has made. Perhaps her mother’s lessons were a little too convincing she chuckles to herself. So that’s why he was pounding into me with complete abandon and giving me the biggest orgasm a girl could ever imagine for her first time. Issy doesn’t know quite how to tell John, but decides she needs to let him know the truth.

“Well since I have no younger guys to compare you to I wouldn’t know, but it was huge, that’s all I can tell you.”

John’s face looks at hers with a puzzled look.

“John. I’m a…” She pauses. “Well until a few minutes ago that is I was a…well…..I was a virgin silly.”

The light bulb goes on and John feels so stupid. John had missed all the signs. He was so in lust with Issy that he had completely forgotten to even ask. John had just assumed that an eighteen-year-old girl with a body as sinful looking as Issy’s had, well, had been having sex for a while. Plus the fact that Issy pulled playfully at his pants grabbing his cock and had latched her mouth onto it giving him a blowjob much like an expert? Well, he had just assumed?

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Issy! Did I hurt you?”

“Hurt me? My god no! You gave me two huge orgasms so far, but no permanent damage I can detect.”

With that Issy giggles and playfully kisses John on the nose and they struggle in a mock love wrestle. Finally Issy twists her lithe athletic body and rolls ending up on top of John’s body straddling him with her toned and tanned legs. Issy lifts her body up with her arms, pushing with her hands against John’s broad strong chest and gazes down at him, feeling his thick cock still hard and filling her pussy giving Issy the feeling of finally being a woman. Issy’s eyes burn now with her own feminine fiery lust as she begins to shift and rock her hips, riding John and loving the control she has over when and how much contact her clitoris makes with his pubic bone and the base of his hard thick cock. At the deepest part of each thrust of her hips Issy soon learns to rotate her hips slightly while grinding down on John’s cock, a motion that sends amazing shivers and surges through her body.

John gazes wide-eyed at the amazing tight young body above him, her curled lustrous dark hair cascading down and reaches his hands up gliding them teasingly across her taught stomach up to Issy’s full and firm young breasts. John starts to roll and tweak and play gently with Issy’s beautiful light brown nipples while kneading her round orbs with firm grasps of his hands. Sensing Issy’s rhythm John starts tweaking her nipples in time with her downward hip thrusts. The effect on Issy is incredible and her eyes roll back into her head as she arches her back and shifts her hips forward thrusting down hard onto him. Issy closes her eyes as the sensations in her young nubile body build towards another orgasm and for some reason an image of Ngurah’s beautiful face enters her mind. Issy imagines the tall sexy honey skinned Ngurah’s body lying spread out on the bed with her beautiful face directly beneath Issy’s thighs and hips while Issy rides her mouth and rosy hued tongue. In Issy’s passionate almost dream-like state immediately before her orgasm she imagines Ngurah’s cute pink tongue lapping at her pussy and Ngurah’s long slender fingers teasing her clit. The thrill of the image of the beautiful Ngurah licking her pussy combined with the pounding on her clitoris from her thrusts against John’s hardness suddenly overcomes Issy.

Without warning the erotic image of Ngurah licking her pussy sends Issy over the edge. With her body shuddering, alternately convulsing and rigid, Issy lets out a cry of passion and release as her hips thrash madly beyond her control against John’s body and his hardness. Issy feels John thrust his hips up against hers responding to her female frenzy with his own urgent male need, John’s thick hard cock driving deep into her tight sopping wet virgin pussy with male abandon. John’s voice cries out in his own passionate release at the same time as Issy’s body and brain cascade into waves of ever increasing sensations. John’s fingers pinch on Issy’s rubbery erect nipples with firm and insistent pinches sending Issy into a total orgasmic cohesion of sensations that overwhelms her mind and body at the same time. Issy’s body thrashes and twists, her hips gyrate and thrust, simultaneously grinding and pistoning up and down, as her thighs tremor and shiver in a complete sexual release. Issy’s fingernails rake against John’s chest, ripping his skin in her frantic effort to grasp the huge magnitude of the wave of passion that is consuming her. Guttural female sounds rise from deep in Issy’s throat and her breasts jut firmly outwards as her body arches in an effort to drive her clit against John’s hardness as many times as she can before the waves consuming her body subside. Issy's clit and her nipples are aching and burning with a need she could never imagine and only John's hardness can release the need so Issy thrashes her hips ever faster and faster.

Issy’s tsunami of orgasm engulfs John in its undertow and he finds his balls fully contracted into his scrotum and his cock shoots spurt after spurt of cum into Issy’s pulsing and contracting tight pussy as he loses control. John’s hands grip hard on Issy’s hips, his fingernails digging into her skin, as he pulls Issy against him in a primordial need to plant his seed as deeply as possible into this young fertile female. As quickly as the fuse is lit, the orgasm has exploded and the two lovers are spent, their chests rising and falling in deep heaves as they seek oxygen to replenish their drained bodies. Issy sated and dazed by her first time with a man lies exhausted on top of John’s body enjoying the feeling of her subsiding orgasm and the warmth of the slick sweat covering them. Issy feels John’s hand stroking her hair and opens her eyes and they kiss softly in a post coital kiss completely laking in anything other than the intimacy of being together as one. Issy feels John’s cock getting smaller inside her and wonders how long it will take before he finally falls out of her? Issy loves being filled and wants to keep John's male hardness inside her as long as she can. John rolls their bodies sideways and wraps his arms around his gorgeous young lover just holding her in a silent warm embrace.

Eventually their chests subside and their breathing returns to normal as they talk softly about making love and how wonderful their first time together had turned out to be. John tells Issy how surprised he was by the knock on the door. Issy tells John how nervous she was getting ready to knock, how her hand was almost shaking, how she looked at the orchid for reassurance and they both laugh and smile easily. Issy tells John she really needs to use the bathroom and shyly pads naked across the floor towards the bathroom. John can’t take his eyes off Issy’s beautiful firm rounded ass as her hips sway on her short journey and he smiles to himself. Serendipity was watching out for him after all he thought to himself.

As Issy enters the bathroom and slides the door closed for privacy John hears the water begin running and then his Blackberry beeps with a message. Ah shit he thinks, just ignore it, I’m having such a good time. Then curiosity gets the better of him since it might be one of his big deals and he decides to take a quick look. John clicks open the message and reads: “John you lonely over there in Bali? Well take your Cialis. Wrapped up the HSBC report today and I’ll arrive tomorrow at 4. My pussy is in dire need of your hard cock so I’ll be tying you to the bed. Love and kisses, Angie.”

To be continued…………

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