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The Call Of The Wild

Oh Yeah!
I arrived at a large bay of a glacial fed lake. I followed the shoreline for about seven miles then hiked up a steep bank to a small clearing. I was looking forward to a hot meal. The evening sun sprayed everything in a red and deep yellow. A small river flowed near the edge of the clearing. The clear fast water fell into a narrow chasm nearly two hundred feet down. The sound of the water crashing below and the remote location was what made this my favorite getaway location.

With plenty of firewood available I quickly had a cook fire started. I had to let the fire burn down to red hot coals so I had time for a quick hike. I wouldn't be long with a large pot of pepper steak stew waiting to heat up. 

It was a lovely setting with the winding trails and wild game all about. I looked at some interesting plants and an interesting mushroom and soon it was time to head back. The stew would not be ready but the full pot of homemade spiced apple cider I had set to near the fire should be just starting to boil. The sun was slipping behind the mountain peaks and was casting long dark shadows through the valley. 

Back at camp there was someone waiting for me. That someone was definitely a woman. She made that very obvious by standing so that the setting sun outlined her profile. She remained posed like a statue.

I finally made it close enough to see her gorgeous body in full detail, and I mean full detail. She was clothed in a black pair of thigh high leather hiking boots. Her legs were bare up to low cut denim shorts. Her top was a denim button down shirt. It was obviously too small. Her large round breasts and perky nipples pressed tightly against the smooth fabric. Her tight leather gloves ended at her elbows. She had a red silk bandanna tied around her neck. Her long hair was tied in a pony in two places. The only equipment she carried was a backpack and a walking stick.

Many questions raced through my mind. What was she doing at this camp site? Not a soul knew I was here. The most awkward question hit like landslide. Where did she plan on sleeping. There was not a place to sleep like this fore miles around.

”My name is Clara," she said as she unbuckled her back pack and continued to explain her reason for her presence. "I hope you don’t mind me staying here. I saw your fire from the bluff above this spot. My girlfriends I was with were boring me to death. I saw the fire below and decided to check it out. You know how dull a group of city women can get.”

I accepted most of her story except for the fact that she noticed my fire from that far away. It was daylight still and the breeze was blowing what little smoke if any down the valley. There was a small camp that was used for rock climbers on a bluff above me. This would explain where she came from. There was the issue of her getting back to her camp that was a mile behind and some two hundred feet above me. This was a one way trip and she knew it.

Was she waiting for me? How did she know I was going to be here? She must have been on the shore before and knew that I would have to camp at this spot. She would have to follow just far enough behind me for me not to notice her. Why was she here now? It was of no matter now. She was here and the sun had set.

“No, I don’t mind at all. I have some hot cider and plenty of pepper steak stew that should be about ready. You are welcome to have some if you like. My name is Marcom."

"Thank you, Marcom, I am starving."

I scooped up a serving and offered the bowl to her. I couldn't help but to look over as I bent over to reach the pot of cider and look at her as she set herself on a log. She sat and arched her body backwards as if to stretch. Her shirt slipped over her large breasts and they were completely exposed.

She caught me staring yet she made no attempt to pull her shirt down. Instead of covering herself she unbuttoned her shirt and tied it in front of her making a country style bra. I quickly looked away and poured the cup of cider. I set it on the log beside her bare skin thigh. I felt the heat of her body on my arm. It was a new feeling to me. I felt like a wild animal in rut.

I scooped up a serving of stew and poured a cup of cider for myself and sat down near the fire opposite of Clara. We talked about how she had come up here quite frequently for rock climbing and how I had been fishing on the lake for trout. It didn't take long for us to finish the stew and cider.

The temperature dropped quickly as the last ray of sun disappeared. The small amount of light that came from the fire made Clara's breath visible in the brisk air. I didn't have to imply as to where Clara was going to sleep. I removed a narrow foam cushion from my back pack and placed the sleeping bag over it. Clara set herself down without saying a word. She untied her tall boot laces and removed her socks and placed them on top of her boots.

“That was a wonderful meal. Thank you, Marcom,” Clara said seductively.

I could not get a word out. The tone of her voice made my heart race. I had never gone this far with a woman before. I was nervous. I obeyed when Clara motioned for me to come closer to her. There was just enough light from the fire to see her body stretched out over the sleeping bag.

Clara stood up again and unbuckled her belt and removed her shorts. She then untied her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders. Her breasts hung freely now and her nipples were erect. She stretched her fit body for several minutes before she removed her gloves and finally her silk panties.

She was completely nude standing in front of me. My heart beat strong while she let her hair down. It fell past the waist like thick black waves of silk all the way to her firm ass. I felt so inexperienced.

“Marcom, you can look all you want but I need to see you too. It is your turn to let me see you,” Clara flirted. "Here, let me help you," she said impatiently as she walked over to me. She quickly reached under my shirt and lifted it over my head.

The chilly air made my nipples hard. She undid my belt and gently pulled my pants down to my feet. I stepped out of my hiking shoes and pants. It was quite obvious that I was excited as my cock was as hard as a rock. Clara started to giggle as she noticed the stiffness of my penis. Clara knew exactly what she was doing to my body. She was preparing my body to have her way with me.

She pulled my boxers down to my ankles. She took her time on the way up. She took my hands into hers and placed them on her head. I felt her hair between my fingers. She then wrapped her arms around my legs and hugged them as I felt her warm breath between my thighs. She inched her way up to my waist. When her head finally reached my waist I was not prepared for what was about to happen next.

Clara took my penis in her left hand and swallowed my entire shaft down her throat. It took every bit of strength I had to keep from from falling. I gasped and moaned when she began to suck and devour my penis. Her right hand fondled my nuts. She sucked me and squeezed my balls.

I held her head while she bobbed up and down. I didn't last long and exploded deep in her throat. She didn't stop sucking though. I begged her to let me catch my breath. It was no use. She pulled every last drop of man juice from the depths of my balls and sucked it out of my flaccid penis.

"That should help you last a little longer," she said before pulling me down to the bed and pushed me on my back and laid on top of me.

“Clara, I can’t believe this is going to happen," I said.

“Believe me, Marcom. This is definitely going to happen. Sex will happen, wonderful, natural, wild sex,” declared Clara as she positioned herself so she straddled my body. Her moist hot labia rested over my penis. This was the first time ever I felt the warmth of a woman’s body against mine. Her hot tits burned against my body.

We stared into each other's eyes a moment before kissing passionately. I felt her passion grow fierce like an animal. She began to growl and moan as we wrestled and kissed. I crawled around chasing her and by forcing me to catch her she made me become aroused like I had never been before.

I had become erect and was in a heated passion. I attempted to mount her face to face several times but she would wrestle out from under me. I grabbed her leg and she would look back at me and tease me by whimpering.

I found that once I had a grip from behind her and reached around her waist she was helpless. She knew this and made it difficult for me to achieve this position. I finally managed to get hold of her feet from behind and pulled her to me until I could get my arms around both her legs. I was then able to put my legs in front of hers and wrap my arms around her chest securing her arms.

I bent my body down and forced Clara's chest down so she was unable to fend off my body. She giggled and relaxed. I knew she was ready. I arched my hips forward and thrust my stiff hot penis into her searing hot pussy.

Clara roared and bucked as I thrust deep inside. Her vagina gripped my penis pulling and contracting. She became rigid and hot. I felt her heart beat through my penis.

She purred as she climaxed over and over. I moved my hand to fondle her left breast. Her nipples were like oak stumps. Her vagina contracted in rhythmic waves on my cock. I was going to cum. My thrusts became fast and hard. I became rigid and then exploded deep inside Clara's bucking body.


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