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The Camera Incident

She was 16 when she first became aware sexually, she had never really thought about it much but logging onto her computor one day to find porn pop-ups she became more and more aware of her body.

The first time she touched her self scared her she had only ever came in contact with her pussy when she was washing it in the shower or cleaning it after using the toilet..... that was before her she fingered herself.

She was on talking to one of her male friends called Stu he was hot but clerly denied it this one night they were flirting as usually and he begged her to go on webcam saying she was pretty aswell as smart.

Turning on the cam she became aware of Stu's silence she soon realised with both horror and arousal she was wearing nothing but her scarlet bra and panties. Stu watched her smiling and blushing and soon became aware of his dick stiffening inside his boxers.

Moving the opening slit to one side he pulled his semi erect dick out and began stroking it looking at his beutiful friend on cam.

On the other side of the screen she had slowly become aware of odd movements coming from his end grinning she watched him for a moment before realising what he was doing she was slightly shocked but aware of her panties sticking to her wet pussy.

He looked up at her realising how badly he wanted her and how badly she made him wanna cum slowly he moved so that his 7inch dick was in full view moaning as he stroked his cock over and over.

She couldnt control herself anymore and let her slim manicure hands slide into her thing pussy lips as she moved them back and forth aroused by her friends massive dick and how good her pussy felt against her fingers.

"Oh God" she moaned as she came for the first time in her life as she did Stu's dick tightened thick globs of cum running over his hands.

Both sat staring at their screens for a few moments then allowed themselves to clean up and resume their conversastion before heading off for the night.

Grace lay in bed that night picturing what had happened over and over in her mind she felt a sting of guilt wash over her and suddenly felt dirty and disgusted with herself.

A few houses down Stu lay in bed thinking of Graces perfectly shaven pussy her fingers slipping in and out as he stroked his dick wanting so badly for hands to be stroking it.

A few days later Grace was back to her lively self but at the back of her mind but everytime her eyes met Stu's she found herself blushing.

Untill one night when her parents were out and Stu called round to apologise for the cam incident she was in the shower when he rang the bell and pulling on a towel she rushed to the door.

"Gracie i wan........." Stu stood in front of her opened mouthed "i..i... i can come back later s....s..sorry" he murmered as he looked at her body her beautiful body her golden hair hanging loose against her covered cleavage.

He found himself staring at her and she found herself staring at him dripping wet but not from the shower she stood there looking as a bulge appeared in the tight jeans he was wearing.

"Come in Stu" she cooed seductively before turning to walk into her bedroom dropping her towel. Staring he found himself almost shy yet fully pleased to see her like this.

She walked into her room stretching her arm out she beckoned him to fully.

Willingly he followed her staring as she layed fully naked in view of him. Looking up she looked at him biting her lip she slowly spread her legs "Stu i want you i've been thinking of your hard dick these last couple of days and i want you"

He nodded not wanting to say anything he managed to keep himself together and walked over to her pulling down his jeans and boxers her moved in front of her his head touching her clit now.

He moved a lil and rubbed against her clit as she bit her lip softly wanting him in side of her, he continued teasing and rubbing against her untill she couldnt take anymore and pulled his hips towards her and leting him enter her.

He moved in fast and hard breaking her hymen and taking her innocence away at last he drove in and out of her hard and fast moving his head to her breasts nibbling and pulling her breasts driving her to scream his name over and over.

Outside a car door slammed and a few moments later a key turned inside the lock as the front door opened welcoming Grace's parents.

Inside her room Stu continued to drive his dick into her tight pussy for a while before he felt himself tighten and contract with her sweet pussy as he came inside her. She moaned loudly still gripping his hips.

Turning her head to the side she cringed as her parents stood shocked at their daughters naughty scandal she managed to lean over and turn the camera off as Stu climbed off her.

That night both enjoyed the naughtyness of what they had done on cam that day  

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