The Candy Stroker Part 6: Melinda and Me

By Paddler

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The Candy Stroker's best gf loses not one but two virginities.
Candy Stroker Part 6: Melinda and Me

After that heavy duty weekend, I desperately wanted to tell Melanie what I’d done—not only tell her, but demonstrate! Would she be ready? Since I was working Monday, I told Mel I wanted to talk with her after school Tuesday, and we decided I’d go over to her place. She was pretty excited and told me she had big news for me. I could hardly wait.

Whatever happened, even if I had to restrain myself from having complete girlsex with her, I knew we’d end up having one of our pussy parties. I knew I’d tell her about teasing Adam with the corset, so Tuesday morning I I put it and a pair of stockings in my gym bag. Just before the end of school, I went in to the girls’ room and changed. Then I met Mel and we went to her house.

We grabbed some Cokes and went to her bedroom. I sat at her vanity and she sat on the bed. Mel grinned. “Well, I bet you can guess my news!”

“You went all the way with Jake?”

“You bet! Wanna hear about it?”

“You know I do. Take your time and tell me all the details.”

”Well, you know I’ve been giving him handjobs since our second date. I always liked the feel of his cock in my hand and after the first time when he spurted his cum all over me, like to see how excited he gets when he cums.

“Sometimes I rub his cock on my tits and he sprays all over my chest or up to my face.

“But of course he always wanted me to do more, and I did, too, but I wasn’t ready to go all the way. So one day I kissed his cock and took it in my lips for the first time. I loved sucking his cock right from the beginning. I love how it feels in my mouth, I love how it tastes, I really love it when he spurts, whether I swallow it or he spatters my face.”

Melanie’s account of how she went farther and farther with Jake worked me up. I liked the mental image of her pretty face all spattered with cum.

“Wow, Mel, that’s sexy. Adam’s cum on my face a few times, but I never really thought of it one way or the other. Either I clean it up with a tissue or Adam kisses it off me.”

“Wow, he licks his own cum? That’s cool. Jake never did that.”

“Anyway,” Mel continued, “no matter how much I loved sucking his cock, I wasn’t getting satisfied. I was still keeping my panties on at that stage. I’d get really worked up, you know, but end up going home and playing with myself before I went to bed. Mostly, I was afraid that if I let him take off my panties, we wouldn’t be able to stop ourselves and I might get pregnant.

“Course, Jake was pressuring me to let him get in my pants, but I kept putting him off even though I wanted to go farther. Finally I got him to agree to not try to even talk me into going all the way if I let him take my panties off. I was glad we did because he was real nice to me. He’d only felt inside one other girl’s panties, so he didn’t know a lot about how we are down there, but he was sure eager to learn.

“When he took my panties off the first time, I let him explore and feel me all over there, letting him know all my good spots.

“He was gentle and it felt really good. He explored everywhere and I told him how to play with my clit. He almost made me cum, but then he stopped and moved a lot closer to me and looked at me really close up. I wasn’t expecting what came next. He kissed me on my slit and started licking me. No one ever did that to me before and I thought it was the greatest!

“Jake really got into it, licking up and down my slit, then finally concentrating on my clit when he heard how I gasped when his tongue rasped over me there. It was wonderful and I came fast and strong. He kept doing it and I came again, stronger than I ever did with my fingers and dildo, stronger even than during our pussy parties. As soon as I recovered, I showed him how much I liked it by giving him a blowjob and swallowing every drop.

“That’s how it was whenever we made out after that — he’d lick me a long time, then I’d suck him dry.

“But of course, he still wanted to go all the way, and so did I. I really liked the way you surprised Adam with your first time together, so I got on the pill and figured I’d surprise him. I didn’t go to a hotel they way you did, though. His friend Tom has a room in the basement where we’d already made out a bunch of times. So we went over there, Jake figuring it would be the oral sex thing again.”

I interrupted. “Mel, I love your story, but I’m really impatient to hear about your first time to go all the way! I was wondering if you’d ever get to it.”

“OK! Well, since I knew we’d be doing it, I wore that sexy white garter belt and the stockings I bought with you a while ago. Jake had never seen them and they made me feel really feminine and sexy. Also, I didn’t wear a bra ‘cause I knew he’d just take it off.

“The only thing about Tom’s basement room is that it’s filled up with old furniture like chairs, but no bed. The chairs are comfortable enough; we ought to know! I lay back in one and before he turned around from closing the door, I had my top up, saying, ‘Look, no bra!’ My tits real perked up ‘cause I felt so hot. Jake grabbed me in a second, kissing me and feeling me up, kissing my nipples and driving me wild.

“He ran his hand up my leg, then got real interested when he felt my bare leg above my stockings. He actually stopped sucking my nipple to look.

“My skirt lay pretty far above my stockings and he saw them and my garter straps. He told me I looked really sexy and that it turned him on. He proved it, too, by kissing my stockings, then my legs. He wanted to see me better, so I got up and stripped off my blouse and skirt. Jake tugged my white lacy panties down, but asked me to keep my garter belt and stockings on.

“I tugged at his pants and he tore his own clothes off, staring at me and saying how sexy I looked. If I’d realized how much guys liked stockings and garters, I would have worn them years ago.”

“Me, too. It’s the same with Adam. But go on, Mel.”

“Sure. Anyhow, Jake lay down on this wicker chair and I got between his legs and started sucking him off. He said it felt great but asked if I didn’t want him to lick me. I told him to wait a minute. Then I gobbled him up, making him all hot. I nibbled on the tip of his cock, licked his shaft, sucked on his balls, then took the whole thing in my mouth again and again. Jake was going wild, rolling his head around and moaning.

“Jake was just about ready to cum when I without warning. ‘Hey,’ he said, ‘What’s up?’”

“I looked him right in the eye and said, ‘I want you to put something on.’ Then I fished a condom out from my purse and showed it to him. ‘Tonight’s our big night, lover’ I said. ‘I’m on the pill at last.’”

I interrupted. “Wow, Mel, I bet you made him really happy. That’s super.”

“Oh, he was happy all right! He kissed me deep and hugged me. Then he opened the rubber and showed me how to roll it onto his cock. I lay back on the most comfortable chair and scooted forward a bit to meet him.

He put his cockhead right up against my lips and slowly pushed inside me as we stared into each others’ eyes. It didn’t hurt a bit going in, the way some girls say it does the first time. It felt great. We just grinned at each other and he pushed his stiff cock deeper and deeper inside me. We’d wanted to do it for so long and now at last we were.

“He pushed it farther in me and it felt better and better. I love being fucked. He got all the way in, then pulled out really slow, but after that he sped up and soon we were doing it fast and furious.”

“Wow, Mel, that’s great,” I interjected, breathing harder and moistening my panties.

“Well, it sure felt good. Jake pounded in and out of me really fast, gasping and saying how good it felt. I put my legs up on his shoulders and he got deeper into me than ever. That was super!

“In fact it felt so good that I came, crying out just like I do at our pussy parties. It was really strong, and when I opened eyes, there was Jake with his big grin, still pumping into me. He kissed me and told me he loves watching me cum.

“I learned something. When he leaned forward to kiss me, my legs were pushed back toward me and he got in even deeper than before. I could hardly believe it and it felt absolutely great.

“I was going kinda wild. ‘Fuck me, Jake, fuck me deep,’ I said, waving my nylon covered legs in the air. I came again, it felt so good.

“It was kinda a strain to hold that position, so after my second cum, I put my legs down Jake just kept fucking me, varying the rate, saying over and over how good it felt and how much he loved doing it. I wanted to cum again, so I reached down and started playing with my clit while Jake was fucking me, in and out, in and out.

“That really drove Jake wild. ‘Oh, shit, you’re fingering yourself. Right while I’m fucking you!’ It totally got him going and he started to pump wildly, gasping and groaning. He was gonna cum, I could tell, so I let my fingers fly over my clit and I just threw back my head and we both came at the same time, wave after wave going over me as I felt his cock surge in my cunt. I felt each time he pumped his jism into me and I never felt so good.

“After that, we sorta collapsed, hugging and kissing each other and telling ourselves how great it was. Jake was very nice to me, told me I was the greatest and he thanked me again and again.”

“Wow, Mel, that was beautiful and very sexy. Sounds like a great first time.!

“Oh, it was. We didn’t stop there.” I was impatient to get it on with her, but she wasn’t done yet. “After a while of pillow talk, Jake said, ‘Let’s do it again,’ and I sure wanted to. So I sucked him until he was all hard again.

“Once he was really good and stiff, we got started again, but this time, I was on top. Ever do it that way?”

“Oh, you bet. It’s nice that way, too, isn’t it?”

“I bet it’s nice every way. I love doing it.” Mel was grinning and her eyes lit up. “Anyhow, I slid right down on him like it was a pole. He filled me right up.

“I pumped up and down on him for quite a while. We kissed and hugged each other while we were doing it. We looked between us and watched his cock slide in and out. I came when I saw myself fucking like that. Jake rubbed my ass and he really got into it. He said he wanted to watch his cock filling me up from behind. We stopped humping while we figured out what to do.

“Finally, I sorta twisted around on his cock until I ended up sitting on him with my back to his face. It was hard to keep his cock in me, but we did it and it made me feel really good.

I rested my hands on his thighs and leaned back so he could see my ass really good while I rode him. Jake was loved it: rubbing and squeezing my ass, sometimes feeling my lips He was groaning and saying how nice my ass felt.I

“It felt good to me, too, especially when I slammed down hard on him. My clit would bump into his balls and it was really exciting. It made me cum another time, Lois. I never came so much in my life!

After I came, I lay back on him and it was easier for him to get strong hip movement. I felt like I was on a bucking bronco — or should I say a fucking bronco?”

We both laughed. as I imagined my best friend backwards humping her boyfriend as part of her first fuck session. Mel sure was hot.

“Well, we kept going like that, with me on top with my back to him. If I leaned back, I got a really nice angle on his shaft

“It felt so good to Jake that I could tell he was about to cum. But he did something that surprised me — and that made me feel really good. He reached over me and began rubbing my clit as he fucked me faster and faster. It was great and it got us over the top together again!

“When we were done, we lay together, kissing and hugging. Finally I got up off him and we really hugged each other. I’m eager to do it again, but I haven’t been able to see him except at school.”

“Wow, Mel, that was wonderful. Welcome to the club.” We hugged each other and grinned.

She looked at me and said, “So what’s your news?”

“Well, I went to Sandy’s Trousseau and Lois waited on me again. This time, she showed me these really sexy things like merry widows and corsets, and even girdles. I never thought girdles could be sexy, but I guess they can. I bought a really sexy Merry Widow that I’ll show you. Adam sure loved it when I teased him with it.”

“I bet he did,” said Mel with her wicked smile.

“Anyway, Lois told me she had a really sexy story to tell me about how she used a girdle to get revenge on a guy who’d lied to her. She invited me over to her place for dinner to hear it, so I went.

“We got to her place and she fixed a quick meal. We talked about work and she asked me about Adam and stuff. After dinner, she started telling me her story.

“She’d been dating this one guy who told her he was single, but he was lying. Lois doesn’t date married men, and he knew it, so she was pissed and decided to get revenge. She got a studly boyfriend to hide in her bedroom, then she dressed up in this sexy girdle that covered and emphasized her whole body. She got the married guy into her living room and stipped for him until he was crawling the walls from horniness. Then she called in her hunk, told the guy she knew he was married, kissed the hunk, and kicked the guy out.”

“Wow, that was really cold! But he deserved it. Did she tell his wife?”.

“No, but she told him that if she found out he was stringing any other girls along, she’d tell the girl and the wife. So she really cramped his style in this town.”

“That’s cool. What happened next?”

“You mean with the hunk or at Lois’s apartment?”

“Huh? I guess with the hunk.”

“Oh, they did it all night and had a great time. But for me, it was more interesting what happened after she finished telling me the story.”

“Why? What happened?”

I took a deep breath. It was now or never. I leaned forward and kissed Mel, right on the lips, in a way that couldn’t be taken as just friendly

She hesitated for just a second, then I felt her start smiling and she giggled, then opened her mouth when I did.and we were really French kissing each other. It was every bit as hot as I’d imagined it would be to kiss my best friend.

When we finally broke the kiss, Mel was thougtful for just a second while I nibbled her cheek.

Then she faced me on the bed with her sexy impish smile. “You did a lot more with Lois than just kiss, didn’t you?

“Yes,” I said.

“And more than we do in our pussy parties, right?”

“Oh, yes, a lot more, Mel. It was wonderful!”

“I always wondered what it would be like with a girl, but I was a bit afraid to make the first move. I’m ready to learn,” she whispered as she moved toward me and gave me one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had.

Our hands roamed all over each other, hugging, rubbing, feeling our bumcheeks, our thighs, even our breasts. We tugged at each other’s clothes and in no time were down to our undies.

“Wow,” gasped Mel, eyeing my merry widow appreciatively. “I can believe you got Adam hot wearing that; it’s getting me hot.”

“And you — those thigh-highs are sexy.” Still a little concerned Mel might back out, I gently felt one of her breasts in her bra.

Not to worry. She put her hand over mine and pushed me onto her. We kissed again as she pulled down her bra for me.

I bent down and took my best friend’s breast in my mouth. I licked it and sucked on her nipple, flicking my tongue over the expanded nub Mel just moaned, clearly aroused.

I played with both her breasts, feeling and squeezing, pinching one nipple while I sucked another, listening to her moans. She writhed around and we fell to the bed, hugging each other, Mel pushing my head onto her chest, moanning louder in pleasure.

Then Mel began feeling one of my breasts. “Oh, June, I’ve wanted to feel your big beauties so many times. Let me at ‘em!” Smiling, I moved so she’d have better access to my most obvious assets.

Melanie pulled my cups down and rubbed and squeezed my big boobs. We kissed again, but she quickly broke the kiss to start tonguing me. She licked me, teasing a bit.

She took the whole nipple into her mouth and sucked and sucked, rolling my other nipple in her fingers at the same time. I felt fulfilled because it felt so good, because I’d wanted to make it with Mel since Saturday night, and because it was such a taboo. When she bit my nipple and pulled and twisted it, I went right over the top, moaning and crying out, “Oh, Mel, I’m cumming!”

She kept her mouth glued to my breast until I finished. We looked at each other and gasped. I’d never cum from just my nipples before. But Mel wasn’t through with me. She reached between my legs and rubbed my cunt.

It felt great, let me tell you. I looked down and saw how eagerly Mel’s hand explored me. She rubbed my lips then slipped a finger into my damp slit, running it up to my clit, just like she’d done it hundreds of times. I looked at her and she grinned, really happy.!

I kissed her and she hugged me. Our kiss was long and deep like our others. I pulled her down on the bed beside me and broke the kiss to twist around and pull her over me, her panties, damp and hot, right in my face.

“Oh, June, I’m so hot I’ll do whatever you want,” Mel moaned, kissing my thigh above my stocking.

I pulled her silky red panties away from her cuntal mound and ran my fingers lightly over her exposed lips. Mel gasped and pushed her hips toward me. I rubbed my finger up and down in her slit and finally invaded her, partly penetrating her cunt before I reached a bit higher and rubbed her clit a moment, then boldy put my lips to her sex and sucked and licked.

The result was all I could expect. Mel gasped aloud, even as she was rubbing my clit.

“Oh, that feels good, June. Lick me, lick me.”

I sure did, sucking her lips, running my tongue up and down her slit, finally returning to her clit. I fastened my lips around her bud and sucked it into my mouth, twitching my tongue tip over her most sensitive spot.

But Mel sure wasn’t idle. She got her fingers in me, deeply, gasping with her own pleasure and then calling out, “Oh, you smell sexy!” She took a deep breath and I felt her lips on my cuntlips. It was super and my hips bucked up to meet her.

We licked each other, sucking each other’s clit, 69ing like crazy for a long time. It was super! But I really wanted Mel to cum, so I forced myself to pull away from her face and started squeezing her ass, reaching so my fingers were near her cunt, pulling her pussylips and licking her clit with more tongue pressure.

It worked! Mel came, gasping and crying out, moaning. “Oh, oh! Yes! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!”

I kept pulling her hips down and licking for all I was worth. I loved making her feel so good!

Finally, Mel calmed down a bit. “Oh, thank you, June, thank you! That was wonderful.”

“For me, too,” I said, turning around to kiss her. We hugged and kissed looking into each other’s eyes.

“We’ve opened up a whole new world,” said Mel, kissing me again. I kissed her breast, then removed her panties.

She moved herself under me. “Your turn,” she said, and pushed her mouth back onto my cunt.

She took only a couple of moments licking my lips before she locked onto my clit and flicked her tongue over me again and again.

It really got me going, let me tell you! It wasn’t long at all before I felt a big cum building up inside me. Then it hit. I gasped, and suddenly, without fully realizing what I was doing, I sat up, forcing my cunt down onto Mel’s mouth.

Mel spread my cuntlips to get at my clit and licked me as I came, really strong, gasping and crying, moaning and still pumping my hips. Totally drained me.

I collapsed on her and kissed her, tasting myself, holding her to me, whispering my thanks and telling her how good it had been. Mel told me it was wonderful for her also. We looked at ourselves in the mirror over her vanity, then fell to kissing all over again.

We both agreed it was something we wanted to do together again and again. I told her I was sure Adam would love to watch us together and Mel laughed.

“Jake might, ffffff,” she said. “Maybe...after we get good at it.” She grinned.

“We already are good at it, honey,” I said, kissing her again. We looked at the clock before we got started again. Unfortunately, we had too little time before I had to be home and besides, Mel’s folks would arrive any moment. Reluctantly, and with many kisses and hugs, we got dressed and I went home, very happy and content.