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The Candy Stroker Part 7: Trading

The Candy Stroker and her friend have different first multiple partner initiations.

For the next few weeks. Adam and I got together for dates at least once a weekend and always included sex. During the week, we also had sex once or twice. Mel and Jake had more trouble with finding times and places, but they still managed. Like me, Mel was getting into wearing sexy lingerie.

Mel and I had sex together at least once a week. Adam knew about it and really wanted to watch. I asked Mel about it, but she hadn’t even told Jake yet and that she felt a little nervous. What if Jake thought it was creepy?

Adam got so excited whenever I told him about sex with Mel I could hardly believe it. He said that to watch two girls make it and then to screw them both was every guy’s dream. I wanted to make this come true for him, so I went to the lingerie store one day and asked Lois about it. She was eager. “I thought you’d never ask,” she said. We agreed I’d bring him to her apartment for our next Friday night date. We couldn’t do it that Friday night because I had to go out of town for the weekend with my parents. One of my cousins was getting married.

When I got back late Sunday night, I talked with Adam and we told each other how much we missed each other. Then I checked email. Mel sent me a pretty long letter.


I know I’ll see you tomorrow, but I gotta tell someone what we did last night. I wish you were here so we could feel and lick each other while I tell you. I think you’ll like this letter. Get some time to yourself, get Peter the vibrator, and have fun.

I took her advice and closed the letter temporarily. I did chores with Mom and Dad — got stuff out of the car, started laundry, then ate a quick dinner. After dinner, I went back to my room and stripped to my bra and panties. I got Peter out of my bedside table. I was ready!

You know Jake and I don’t often get alone in our houses and how we get together in Tom’s basement. Well, last night, Saturday, we went to a movie, then started driving to the Point. Jake told me Tom had a date with a girl from St. Mary’s school. We talked about how those girls tend to be snobs, but Jake said they had a rep for being hot once a guy got them going. I teased him about how guys only think about sex and he just laughed. Then he said Tom deserved to get something from a girl and I asked what he meant. Turns out he’s a virgin and hasn’t had many dates these last few months.

I asked Jake if Tom could hear us when we were doing it. He told me he does and that he jerks off, listening. That’s exciting. I can turn on two guys at once! Who knows? Maybe he looks through the keyhole!

Anyway, we couldn’t find a parking place at the Point so we drove by Tom’s house and saw his car in the driveway. His basement was light on. We knocked and soon were in the basement with him.

Tom was bummed out ‘cause he’d been stood up. I felt sorry for him. Here was his best friend about to get laid and he couldn’t even get a date for a kiss or a feel. I asked Tom if we could have some soda and he went up to the kitchen. I told Jake, “It’s really too bad for Tom.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t seem to get anywhere with girls lately.”

I took a deep breath. “Since he already hears us, maybe we could let him watch. That would be wild!”

As I read that, my eyebrows rose. Wow, Mel, you’re hot, I thought. Sometimes, when I was with Adam, I imagined for a moment that someone was peeping at us. The idea turned me on. I squeezed my breasts as I read more.

Jake was amazed. “You’re shitting me!” he said. “No, you’re serious. Wow! I think it’ll be hotter than hell. Well, if you’re game, I’m game. You ask him. Then he’ll know you mean it.”

Excited, he kissed me hard. My skirt rose. I was wearing lace top stay-ups and when Tom came back with the drinks I didn’t pull my hem down. Just let him look. And he did. He tried to be cool, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off my legs. We talked together about the snobby girls of St. Mary’s. He kept looking away, then back at my legs.

Finally, I said to him, “Tom, I really appreciate you letting us use your storeroom. It sure is nice for Jake and me.”

“Well, what are friends for?” he grinned.

“Tom, I want to find a way to thank you and I notice you’ve been looking at my legs.” He started to say he wasn’t, but I just smiled.

“Don’t deny it. I don’t mind if you look. That’s why I didn’t pull down my skirt when you came back with the soda.” He just stared at me. Jake’s deep breathing told me he was excited. I felt nervous and took a deep breath. “In fact, to thank you better, I’d like you to see more — a lot more. Would you like to watch us?”

You go, girl! I thought.

“Uh, what?” Tom shook his head. “Did you say what I think you said?”

Now that I’d said it once, I was bolder. I looked right at him and said, “Would you like to watch while Jake screws me?”

“Uh, yeah! Wow! Jake, did you know about this?”

“Yeah, we talked about it.” He put his arm around me as we sat on the couch in his room. I snuggled up to him.

Tom, his eyes bulging, suggested we use his bed because it’s more comfortable than anything in the storeroom. Jake and I lay right down and started making out. I was nervous and excited at the same time, mostly excited. We hugged and Frenched. I was very aware of Tom sitting on the couch watching. I kept my eyes closed.

Until Jake felt my tit. I glanced at Tom to see how that affected him. He was staring at us with a big grin.

I felt my own tit, imagining what it had been like for Mel. I took a couple of deep breaths, then read on.

Jake and I kept hugging and kissing, with him feeling me up. Then he tugged at my shirt. I took a deep breath and laughed nervously. I half sat up and grabbed my shirt. Tom was staring at me. “Do it, Mel. Take it off,” Jake whispered. I knew that this was my last chance to back out. If I stripped at all, then I’d do it all — Jake would do me while Tom watched.

It was no contest. The idea was too exciting and besides, Tom looked so eager. I pulled my top off and swayed a bit, jiggling my tits in my black, lacy bra. Jake kissed me and his hands when right to the clasp. He wanted his friend to see me.

A moment later and I was naked to the waist. “How beautiful,” Tom gasped.

“Sit up a minute so Tom gets a good look at these beauties,” Jake said.

Giggling a little, I did as he asked, pulling my shoulders back. Tom stared at me and whispered, “What a beautiful rack.” I grinned at the compliment, then gasped as Jake felt me and pinched my nipples.

“You are so sexy,” Jake whispered. I looked up at him and we kissed. That was it for sitting up. We lay down and he started kissing and sucking my nipples. Listening to both guys panting got me hot.

I admit I deliberately moved my legs to make my skirt bunch up. I was going to let Tom see everything anyway, right?

By this time, I was rubbing myself through my panties. This letter was hot!

I opened my eyes to see how Tom liked my show. He liked it, all right. He had his cock out and was stroking himself as he stared. “You don’t mind, do you?” he asked. “This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I laughed a little and said, “No, have fun.”

Jake looked and said, “You go, buddy.”

Tom said, “You’re the one that’s really going, Jake.”

He just grinned and tugged at my skirt. I twisted around so he could unzip me and wriggled out the tight garment. Tom leaned forward to see better, pumping himself faster. I realized that even though watching was very exciting for him, it was also frustrating. Had to be. His best friend was getting everything a girl had to offer, while he only got to spray out of his hand.

Jake distracted me by rubbing my ass while he kissed me. I threw a leg over him, drawing him closer to me. He squeezed my ass, commenting, “Mel’s ass is so round.” We all laughed. Jake rubbed the lower cheeks of my ass, then my pussylips.

‘Oh my God,” gasped Tom. Just a few seconds of that and my scent filled the air.

I knew what she meant. My fingers had created an aroma, too.

Jake tugged the waisband of my panties, so I rolled onto my back, raising my hips. Jake slipped my panties down my legs and away. “Come close and look,” I invited Tom. He was leaning forward from the foot of the bed as Jake stripped my panties off.

I smiled and spread my legs to let Tom get a good look.

“Oh, wow, it’s all wet,” he whispered. I noticed he was stroking himself slower, staring at me avidly.

Jake’s fingers roamed through my hair, then gently went over my lips. I gasped and my hips twitched. “See, she’s really excited,” he told his friend.

Tom moved close, staring at me. I was excited by the look on his face and spread my legs farther so he could see better. Jake traced my outer lips with his fingers and told Tom, “See? Here’s her first set of lips. Does it feel good when I rub them, Mel?”

“I laughed. “You know it does, honey.” Then he rubbed my inner lips. “But these lips feel better,” I gasped, looking right at Tom. He was staring, looking right at me. It was wild, Lois. I love being watched.

He spread my lips. “See? Here’s her clit. Watch what happens to her when I rub it.”

You know what happened — I started gasping and twisting around. It felt great.

I started fingering myself. I wanted to put Peter inside, but I figured I’d wait until Jake was inside Mel.

Jake asked, “Do you like it when I rub your clit, Mel?”

I just laughed and said, “Does it look like I do? Let’s ask Tom. What do you think? Does it look like I enjoy this?”

“Oh, yeah! I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

I tugged my panties off, pressed Page Down, and got one finger rolling over my excited clit and two from the other hand inside my slit. I was breathing real hard.

“Watch this,” said Jake, as he pushed two of his fingers deep inside me. I let out a low moan and began humping up to meet his hand as he sent his fingers in and out of my cunt. Tom moaned also. I could tell he was excited, frustrated, and envious all at the same time. I gave him a big smile.

Jake asked, “Which do you like better, Mel? A clit rub or deep fingers?”

“Oh, they both feel so good. If you rub my clit I can cum, but it takes your big cock in my cunt to make me cum from inside.” Lois, it really turned me on to talk so dirty and look right at Tom at the same time.

“Well, maybe I better fuck you then, so you can cum. I know I want to,” said Jake.

“Oh, yes!” I cried. “It’s so exciting to have you watching, Tom.”

“It’s fuckin’ incredible,” he said, stroking his cock.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs as far as I could, opening myself up. Jake got in position and pushed his cockhead against my cuntlips. He stopped there and looked at Tom. “Here goes. I hope it happens for you soon, good buddy.” Then he pushed into me, v..e..r..y s..l..o..w..l..y. It was wonderful and I actually came just as he filled me all the way!

That was it! I turned Peter on and plunged the soft plastic cock into my wet cunt. None of this slow stuff for me — I wanted to feel something deep. I plunged it in and out of myself again and again as I read about Mel and Jake’s showoff fuck.

Jake started out slow, but soon went fast and furious. I came again, while Tom was behind us, watching Jake slam into me again and again. He said, “Oh, that must feel so great, Jake.”

“Yeah, sure does,” Jake gasped.

I couldn’t stand it any more, Lois. I whispered to Jake, “He deserves to get it, too. Do you mind?”

“Wha...wha...?” Jake was incoherent, but grinning.

“Please, it’s not cheating if you’re here and he wants it sooo bad.”

“Oh, Mel, you’re the best! That got me! I can’t hold back! Yes, yes, do it, yes!” He bucked his hips wildly, pounding into me as we both came. We hugged and kissed after we came down from our high, then looked at Tom.

I took time out and let Peter have his way with me. When I relaxed, I went back to reading.

Tom looked kinda dazed, holding his wet, deflating cock. White drops dribbled down his chest. “Wow, that was so great! Incredible. Better than anything I imagined.” He reached for a sheet, I guess to clean himself up.

“Let me, Tom,” I said. I licked the cum from highest part of the spatter, working my way down and making “mmmm” noises. When I got to his cock, I looked up at him. “Tom, the best way I can thank you for all the times here is to let you know what it’s like. I’ll suck you back up, and when you’re ready, you can do it to me.”

“Oh, my God! I think I died and went to heaven!”

I couldn’t talk ‘cause my mouth was full, but Jake talked for me. “Go for it, Mel, gobble that dick. You’re the best. This is incredible, watching you suck Tom.”

It didn’t take Tom long to get hard again, and soon he knelt between my legs, ready. “Thank you so much, Mel,” he said before he pushed into me. He grinned as he humped me. “Oh, God, fucking at last. I’ve wanted this so much!”

Jake had fun, too. “Fuck her, Tom, fuck her,” he urged, moving around, peering at us close up from all different angles. He got between to kiss me, then Tom kissed me. Jake sucked my nipple and Tom lightly pinched the other one. That did it for me! I came!

Tom was so excited that he came soon. His eyes rolled back and he totally lost control, grunting, “Uh, uh uh,” like that, really fast in time with his hips, finally pressing into me really strong when he spurted. He collapsed and moaned, “Thanks, thanks, thanks.”

I felt great, like some sex goddess or something. Well, you popped your cherry first, but I was the first with two guys.

Mel wrote a bit more about how she and Jake agreed that was a huge turn on. They agreed that if both were willing, they could have sex with other partners if they were both present. She hadn’t yet told him about our girlsex together, but planned to soon.

I made more use of Peter, then drifted to sleep.

During the week, Adam was like a puppy, all excited about Friday night. That day, I had to change fast when I got home from work. I debated what to wear, finally picking my black underwire, panty, and garter belt set. Seamed black hose, a green dress with matching pumps and I was ready to go.

Adam picked me up, clad in a suit for the occasion. I complimented him and gave him a big kiss. He can’t stand ties. He breathed fast and shallow, worked his fingers before gripping the steering wheel. “I’m so excited, June, you wouldn’t believe.”

I laughed, told him to relax, that Lois was nice and would make him feel right at home. He told me then that his parents uncharacteristically insisted he return home that night.

Lois wore a black dress that showed cleavage, brown seamed stockings, and white heels with an ankle strap. She hugged us both at her apartment door and led us into the living room. She had some soft drinks and cheese and crackers. “We all know what we’re here for. I’m eager for the main event, too, but I think, based on experience, we’ll have a better time if we take it slow. Let’s get acquainted, sit and talk, have dinner, and let things develop naturally afterwards.”

I agreed. Adam did also, I think. He stammered.

“Why, Adam,” Lois smiled. “You’re nervous as a boy at his first threesome. Believe me, if we wait a while and relax, you’ll last longer and have more fun.”

We all laughed and sat down. Adam reminded us that he’d actually been in threesomes, but with one girl and another guy. “But this is going to be different...

“...Every man’s dream,” broke in Lois. We all laughed. During our conversation, Adam shed his jacket and tie.

We talked about all kinds of stuff. Adam’s and my plans for college. We knew we were going to different schools.

“I can see you’re both deeply in love,” Lois said. “I get a sort of contact high when I see you look into each other’s eyes. How do you plan to deal with the separation?”

“Facebook, webcam, get together on vacations. I think it’s going to be tough.” Adam shook his head. “I’ll miss you, honey.”

“Me too, every day.”

“June tells me you have an open relationship, right?”

“Yes, although until tonight, it’s been June doing the extracurricular activities.”

“And you truly don’t mind or get jealous?”

“No, I like hearing about the handjobs she gives in the hospital. And sex with you and Mel....Well, I think you know how I feel about that.”

We all laughed.

“So you haven’t had sex with anyone but June since you two started seeing each other, right?”


“May I make a suggestion?”

“Sure,” we both said.

“It’s obvious that, like me, you both have strong sexual drives with very open minds. One partner isn’t going to be enough for either of you. So an open relationship can work well for you, even during a separation, but we really can’t be sure. I think that before you go to college, you test whether the arrangement really works for you.”

“How do you mean, Lois?” I asked.

“Adam’s very unlikely to feel the relationship with you is threatened by you giving exciting handjobs to strangers at work, and we know he gets turned on by you having sex with Mel or me. But how would you feel, Adam, if June got as dressed up as she is tonight, went out on a date, and shared her lingerie and beautiful breasts with another guy your age?

“Or how would you feel, June, if you knew Adam was going out with a tall, leggy brunette, your physical opposite, and that she’d taste his cock and feel it filling her up?”

Adam and I looked at each other. We sighed. “I think I’d be nervous, at least at first. I’d want to be reassured you still loved me.” He smiled. “I’d hope you had a good time, though.”

“I think I’d feel the same. I’d really want to know if he felt emotional ties with any other girl he was slipping it to...or any guy, for that matter.”

June looked at us, considering. “I’m in kinda a similar situation myself. My main man now is a doctor who lives a couple of hundred miles from here. We both date and have other sex partners, without jealousy at all. We stay in touch every day and we tell each other about every date or sex we have. Not enough to identify anyone, but so we’re informed what each other is doing. One major point is just what you said, June. We agreed to tell the other any time we start developing emotional feelings toward anyone.

“So I think that if you test yourself between now and the time you leave for college, and have an arrangement like what Al and I have, the open relationship can work for you. I think both of you want sex so much that if you swore (Lois’s voice got all dramatic.) to be true to each other, you’d start telling lies.”

Adam and I looked at each other and grinned. “We need to talk about this,” I said.

“Yeah, but if it works, could be lotsa fun!”

Dinner was over. “You two go to the living room and make yourselves comfortable. I’ll bring in dessert.”

Adam and I sat on Lois’s wide couch. We kissed as June walked in empty-handed, grinning.

“Where’s dessert?” I asked.

She slid onto the couch, hugged and kissed me. “We’re all dessert,” she whispered.

“Oh, hot,” Adam said, voice also hushed.

Lois looked at Adam, then me. “Let’s put on a show for Adam,” she said.

We hugged and kissed, pressing our bodies together. We fell back on the couch, and Adam scooted out of the way. He knelt on the floor, watching avidly.

Lois slipped her leg between mine and pushed, raising my skirt. She ran her fingers over my inner thighs, from my knee up to my bare leg above my stockings. I kissed her passionately and felt the exposed upper slope of her breast.

“Oh, wow,” groaned Adam. A quick glance and I saw his hand moving between his legs.

I unzipped Lois’s dress and she twisted, letting it fall to her waist. She stood, and the dress fell to the floor as she posed in a white lingerie set. She held out a hand to me. “Girl get rid of that dress so we can give Adam a lingerie tease.”

A few moments later, Adam’s eyes glowed as he looked at two busty blondes in contrasting lace. “Oh, man, this is incredible,” he said.

Arching my eyebrow, I said, “We’re just getting started,’ as I gently squeezed one of Lois’s breasts.

Lois hugged me and lowered me to the floor. With Adam’s help, we pushed the coffee table aside. Lois swept loose pillows from the couch to the floor. Lois and I twined our bodies together, wrapping our arms and legs around us, locked in a deep kiss. I felt Lois’s breasts, but I wanted to see them. I found the catch in the back of her bra and freed the big beauties. Lois shrugged off the bra and kept on kissing me. My hands claimed the orbs and my thumbs flicked her nipples. With a smile to Lois, I held one breast in both hands, feeding it to myself, sucking the nipple, taking the whole aureole in my mouth, licking and sucking the stiff nub.

Lois reached between my breasts and undid my bra. We looked deep in each others’ eyes as we rubbed our nipples together.

“Oh, my god, that’s so hot,” groaned Adam.

I laughed. I’d just about forgotten about him. He knelt near us, pants off, hand flashing back and forth on his dick.

Lois kissed me and hooked her hand in my waistband. She tugged my panties down and squeezed my ass hard. I grabbed hers with both hands, pulling her against me.

Lois rubbed my cuntlips, slipped a finger inside. My panties kept my legs together, so I tugged them off and spread for her. She got two fingers working and bounced the heel of her hand over my clit again and again, harder and faster. “Oh, Lois, Lois,” I gasped as I came.

I recovered with a deep breath and dove at Lois, tugging her panties off and flinging them at Adam’s face. He looked stunned, jaw hanging slack, staring at us.

Lois lay back against of the bigger pillows, legs open, her stockings and garter belt framing her wet, hairless slit. I kissed her and slid a finger up and down between her lips. She was dripping. I slowly moved down her body, kissing each nipple, her belly button, finally stopping. I licked Lois’s lips, with Adam’s grinning face right next to me. He just kept groaning, muttering, “Oh, my god!”

I glued my mouth to Lois’s cunt and my tongue darted in as deep as possible. I licked and sucked at her lips, pulling them toward me, giving Adam something to look at.

Lois gasped, “I need to cum, June. Eat me,” so I licked her clit, flicking my tongue, then lapping at her. A few seconds of that and Lois arched her back and cried out, “Oh, oh! I’m cumming! Cumming! Oh, oh.”

Down from her peak, she took a deep breath, then twisted around, presenting me with her damp slit and eagerly fastening her mouth to mine.

“Oh, I’ve dreamed of seeing this,” moaned Adam.

I ignored him. I loved the taste of Lois’s pussy, and the things she did with her finger and tongue! I worked two fingers into Lois and wriggled them about, still licking her clit. She did the same for me and soon we both went over the top, pressing our hips to our girlfriend’s mouth. Muffled, inarticulate moans and a strong pussysmell filled the room. We kept our mouths glued together, still pleasuring each other until we came yet again.

Breathing hard, I lay with my head on Lois’s thigh, looking at her damp slit, smelling her. I remembered Adam and his need. I sat up, grinning. Adam, with a dazed expression, slowly stroked himself, looking at Lois sprawled on the floor, breasts heaving, her slick lips dripping.

“Lois, lean against a pillow and open your legs for my boyfriend. I think he wants to fuck you and I want to watch you two get it on.”

Lois got in position and held her arms to him. “I need a good, hard cock after all that pussylicking, Adam.”

I grasped Adams’ cock at the base. “Here, let me help,” I laughed. I tugged Adam, on his knees, toward Lois. I spread her lips with one hand and guided his stiffie to the target with the other. “Here’s where this bad boy belongs,” I said as we all laughed. I let go and Adam pushed into her, staring into her eyes with a grin.

They hugged and kissed, and Adam grasped one of Lois’s breasts. He pumped in and out of her. Their legs were spread, so I crawled between them to get a good look. It was wild to see Adam, all slick from Lois, sliding in and out and her muscles pulsating up and down as he went in and out. My fingers were busy.

I moved back for a wider view. Adam sucked a breast and squeezed the other. I saw him pinch Lois’s nipple, and she threw back her head. “Oh, yes, Adam, yes, fuck me. Fuck me,” she cried. “I’m cumming!”

Adam, his body all streaked out, slammed his hips into her. I thrilled to see his strong back and thighs, muscles rippling. His butt clenched and released, all ruddy with his light hair seeming to glow in the light. I rubbed his butt, then impulsively smacked him. “Uh,” he grunted. I liked it so I smacked the other side. I kept slapping him, not hard but enough to make a sharp report. “Adam, fuck her,” I said. “Fuck her faster, keep it up, don’t stop.”

“Oh, June, I like that! Lois, this is incredible!” Adam seemed to go crazy, slamming into Lois as hard as he could, fast. “I’m gonna...oh, oh, ohhhhhaaaahhhhh!” He pressed against Lois, with tiny pulses of his hips timed to his grunts as he emptied his load. Lois’s eyes rolled back and she gasped. Watching got me so worked up that my fingers brought me over the top, too!

Adam and I collapsed with Adam ending up between Lois and me. We hugged and kissed and laughed, hands roaming around each other, saying how good it was, how much we liked to be in a group. At one point, Adam apologized to Lois.

“You’re sorry? Whatever for?”

“Well, I usually can last a lot longer than that. I wanted to give you my best.”

“Well, what I got was plenty, mister. I came at least twice and the look on your face as you came was precious. I wouldn’t want to stop that. Besides, the night is young!”

“Ok, I guess,” Adam said, smiling.

“Since the night’s young, let’s get started again. I want some of that prick you drained, Lois,” I said, dropping down and taking Adam’s softness in my mouth. I tasted Adam’s and Lois’s mingled juices and smelled her on him. I rubbed my tongue all over his cockhead. Movement over my head attracted my attention, so I twisted around so I could look up.

Adam’s mouth was glued to Lois’s breast and he explored her depths with two fingers. Lois lay with her head back, breathing hard, nearly ready to cum again.

With all that going on, it didn’t take Adam long to start growing again. How I love feeling his cock growing in my mouth, so strong, so masculine. When Adam reached his full length and thickness, I tightly grasped the base and slowly let the warm shaft slip from between my lips. “Look, Lois, Adam’s ready again.”

“Oh, good. Come lie next to me, June.”

I scooted up and we put our arms around each other, leaning against the pillow. She put one leg over mine. I liked feeling her bare thigh and stocking against me.

Adam knelt in front of us, grinning and holding one of each of our breasts. He rolled his eyes and gasped. “Oh, wow, breast heaven!”

He sucked first my nipple, then Lois’s, then back to mine, never losing his grip on us. Lois and I kissed each other. “I want to fuck again,” Adam said, practically inarticulate.

“Take your pick, you lucky boy,” Lois invited. “You can enjoy one of us, then switch and plumb the depths of the other, back and forth.”

“Ohhh,” groaned Adam, beyond words, as he slid toward me, sliding into my dampness and thrusting into me again and again.

Lois, of all things, gave us some sort of lecture.

“It’s evolution, all about species survival. Guys are so hard wired to want to spray into as many girls as they can. They really can’t resist (Adam, that’s the way, slam into her, give it to her!) and they shouldn’t resist. Neither should we girls. We get... (Yes, you big hunk. Give it to me now. I want your big, virile cock.)...We get pleasure like this when we yield to impetuous males, and it feels sooo good when we do. It’s soooo good for the males to have several girls, to spread their seed, to be a man. Doesn’t it feel good, Adam?”

“Yes, yes, this is incredible, from one girl to another!”

“Yes, Adam, go back to her, give her what she wants. There, Lois, don’t you like him entering you again?”

“You know I do, Lois.” I kissed Adam as he filled me again and again.

Lois continued. “One of the best ways to fulfill a male is to offer him the immediate choice of different girls. He gets to choose the lucky one to receive his seed. And the girls? The girls fortunate enough to be taken by the strong male use every trick they know to be the one to receive the precious gift of his seed.”

Lois’s wild talk drove me completely over the edge. I screamed out as Adam slammed into me, harder and harder, as fast as I’d ever had it. I came and came, thrashing my head from side to side. I don’t know how long I could have kept going, but Adam ran out of breath and slowed, then stopped.

“Ohh, oh,” I sobbed, coming down from such a great high.

Adam gently withdrew from me, still rock hard, to my surprise. I thought for sure he’d cum. He moved over and pointed his shaft at Lois’s slit.

“Oh, yes, I have another chance to be the chosen one, to receive the gift of...(Oh, yes!)...the gift of your seed. Yes, you big, strong male, fill me, fuck me, yes, I’m your woman, June is your woman, your woman is the one you fuck now. Yes, Yes! I cum for you! Oh, you make me feel so good! So good to cum, you’re such a strong male. I want to feel your maleness all by itself. Fill me as deep as you can and let me feel it, just lying inside, filling me with maleness. Still, strong and quiet. Yes, don’t move let me feel you.”

I was puzzled. Adam had fucked her so vigorously she’d cum strong, now she wanted him to lie absolutely still? She looked up at Adam with a sly smile on her face.

Adam’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “Uh, oh...” he gasped.

Lois whispered, “Don’t move, big boy.”

Adam never moved, and neither did Lois. Adam’s mouth opened up like a big O. He looked so surprised. He closed his eyes. “Uh, uh, uh,” he grunted, faster and higher pitch as he went. Soon, he sounded frantic, “Ah, ah AAAAOOOOH!” I never heard him bellow so loud — and he never moved! Suddenly, he collapsed on Lois, gasping for breath and moaning “Oh, I never....oh, wow. Wow.” He lapsed into silence.

June favored me with a triumphant smile. “What did you do to him?” I whispered.

“The Bite of Venus,” she replied.

“Teach me.”

“Soon, dear.” She kissed me, partially arousing Adam, who thanked Lois profusely and asked what she’d done.

“It’s possible for a girl, with proper exercise and practice, to control the muscles deep inside her and give a penis something lots better than a hand job. Do you agree, Adam?

Do I agree? Oh, man, I never felt anything like that. I didn’t know it was possible. Thank you so much. Can you teach June to do that?”

Lois laughed. “I already promised to.”

I laughed. “Well, Lois, you said you’d use every trick to win and you did. That talk you did was amazing, sent me right over the top. One of the biggest cums I ever had.”

“Me, too,” said Adam. “I never felt so drained, so empty of cum. My dick almost hurts, but it feels good.”

“That can happen to a guy, especially after two very strong cums close together. You’re probably out for the night. Now it’s just us girls.”

Lois and I did make out again, ending up with our heads buried between each others’ legs once more, but even that sight failed to get Adam more than semi-erect. Soon, with lots of kisses and hugs, we picked up the wreckage of the room and Adam drove me home. Even our good night kiss failed to make him rampant. I joked that I hoped Lois hadn’t taken the starch out of him forever.

I'd like to know what you readers think of Lois's "lecture." Was what she said a turn-on or off? Or just neutral?

This is the last story I have in the series so far, but I will add at least two more chapters. It won't be for a while, but never fear, I will return to this popular series. Currently, The Candy Stroker series, parts 1-6 have 82 aggregate votes for 386 points and an overall average of 4.7. Thank you, my horny friends.

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