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The Creek - Part One

Logan and his friends are hiking when they decide to cool off in a creek...
Logan readjusted his shoulder strap and ran his fingers though his hair. He had been walking for about six hours and the pack he was carrying was beginning to feel heavy. Behind him there were three of Logan’s closest friends: his best friend Jeremy, Maggie who he had met at the beginning of high school and Sophie, who he had grown up with since childhood.

‘Do you think we should set up over there?’ said Maggie, indicating to a small clearing near a gurgling creek.

She stood there with a determined look on her face, a slight sheen of sweat glistening off her forehead. Logan thought it made her look sexy. He couldn’t help but notice Maggie’s tits. Logan could see the large bulges almost bursting out of her shirt, her nipples clearly showing thorough the thin fabric of her top.

‘Oh…yeah I suppose,’ replied Logan. ‘What do you think, Jeremy?’

Jeremy walked quickly up from the back of the group and pushed his glasses back up his slippery nose.

‘Perfect,’ he exclaimed. ‘We can swim here later!’

‘Later! Why not now?’ Sophie had dropped her pack and slipped off her shoes. She ran past us, diving into the cool creek.

Sophie resurfaced and stood up, water droplets rolling down her curves. Logan felt a slight tug in his shorts and squirmed uncomfortably. Logan had a crush on Sophie; he had ever since he started liking girls. Just the thought of Sophie splashing in a creek was enough to turn him on.

‘Sophie! We need to set up camp firs—,” Jeremy’s sentence was cut short by another splash. Maggie was now in the creek.

‘Come and join us, boys!’ she called.

Logan needed no further persuasion. He took off his shirt and shoes and ran over the embankment of the creek and curled himself into a ball as he entered the water. The splash was huge, soaking both the girls. Sophie and Maggie squealed as Logan resurfaced and shook his head like a dog.

Then there was silence. Logan looked up and saw Sophie and Maggie trying not to laugh, their hands over their mouths. Sophie was blushing.

‘Logan,’ said Maggie. ‘Um, your…’ She pointed to his crotch.

Logan looked down, horrified to see that his shorts had been whipped around his ankles from his entry into the creek. He quickly went under the water to put them back on as he heard an outburst of laughter and a wheezing Sophie supporting herself on Maggie.

Night had fallen. A small fire crackled and spat as the four companions sat huddled around it. Two hiking tents were pitched behind them.

‘Maggie: Truth or Dare?’ said Jeremy.

Maggie bit her lip and stared into the fire. ‘Hm…Dare!’

Jeremy grinned as a devilish look came across his face. ‘I dare you to…Make out with Sophie for thirty seconds!’

Maggie shot Jeremy an evil look as Jeremy gave her a ‘you-asked-for-it’ shrug. Maggie sat up on her knees and approached Sophie. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other’s necks. As their noses touched, Maggie turned back toward Jeremy. Jeremy gave her an encouraging nod and she pressed her lips against Sophie’s.

Logan felt his cock twitch as he stared attentively at these two sexy girls make out right in front of him. Sophie closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly, and began to use her tongue. Logan felt his cock get stiffer as he watched Sophie’s tits press up against Maggie’s.

‘Time’s up!’ said Jeremy. Maggie and Sophie separated and Maggie wiped her mouth and tucked a long black strand of hair behind her ear.

‘Logan: Truth or Dare?’ asked Maggie.

Logan, who was already aroused and ready to see what was in store for him said ‘Dare.’

Maggie turned and whispered to Sophie. They whispered and giggled for a few minutes before deciding.

‘Logan, I dare you to go skinny dipping in the creek.’ Maggie smirked.

Those words hit Logan like a punch to the gut. He wasn’t expecting this! He thought he would only be kissing! After a few seconds of silence, Logan grinned.

‘Okay, I’ll do it. But only on one condition…’

‘I’m listening,’ said Maggie, the firelight dancing across her pupils.

‘I will only do it if you all go skinny dipping with me.’

Maggie and Sophie looked at each other and then back at Logan. He couldn’t tell if he had offended them or not.

‘Hm…Sounds fair to me!’ said Sophie, grabbing Maggie and towing her towards the creek. Logan got up and followed with Jeremy.

The four friends stood on the bank of the creek. The moon was full, reflecting off the surface of the slow moving water. The night was pleasant. It was still, the temperature was just right. Suddenly Logan felt very nervous; he wasn’t used to being naked in front of other people.

Logan saw out of the corner of his eye Maggie unbuttoning her shirt and Sophie taking off her shoes. Logan looked into the water and began to take off his shirt. Next his shoes came off, followed by his shorts. Soon everyone was stripped down to their underwear.

‘Logan, come here please,’ said Sophie gently.

Logan walked over to Sophie, trying to keep his eyes focused on her head; he didn’t want to be thought of as a creep. Sophie smiled.

‘I need you to unclasp my bra. My arms are a little too sore from today’s walk and I can’t reach behind.’

Logan could see straight through her little game. He grinned and embraced Sophie, putting his arms around her back. He gently slid his fingers up her spine and found the clasp. Logan unlatched it and slid the straps over Sophie’s shoulders. The only thing keeping Sophie’s bra on now was the embrace between herself and Logan. 

‘Let go,’ she whispered.

Logan stepped back from Sophie and watched her bra fall to the ground. Logan felt his cock get warm. Sophie had large, round tits. They were a light bronze colour like the rest of her body and looked full and taught. Sophie’s tits were topped by small pink nipples that were stiff in the fresh air.

‘You know, Sophie,’ said Logan. ‘I probably need a hand removing these briefs.’

Sophie smiled shyly and walked seductively towards Logan. Their noses touched. Sophie slid a hand down Logan’s back and ran a single finger down his spine. She stopped when she got to the waistband and hooked a finger around it. Sophie tugged Logan’s briefs down his legs, brushing up against his arse as she did. Logan stepped out of his briefs and looked into Sophie’s eyes. They got closer.

‘Holy shit!’

A scream. Logan and Sophie turned around. Logan couldn’t believe his eyes. Maggie was lying on top of her discarded clothes, her legs splayed wide apart and her hands bunched up in her hair. Jeremy was ramming into Maggie’s pussy, his muscles rippling in the moonlight. With each ram, a loud slap of skin against skin followed as Jeremy’s scrotum slammed into her arse. Maggie’s tits jiggled up and down with each hit.

‘Yeah, bitch!’ screamed Jeremy. ‘You like that, don’t you?! You really shouldn’t have teased me all day.’

Maggie was screaming with pleasure and let out a loud laugh.

‘I knew you would give in! I never lose!’

Jeremy started to pound furiously and gripped Maggie’s hips for support. Logan noticed that Maggie was more petite than Sophie and had smaller tits.

‘Fuck, Jeremy!’

Logan felt a hand on his shoulder. Sophie.

‘Come on Logan, let’s leave them in peace.’

She led him by his hand away from the screams of ecstasy and into the campsite. Sophie unzipped a tent and ushered Logan in.

‘Where did that come from?!’ Logan said.

‘They were just having fun,’ said Sophie innocently. ‘Now, should we continue what we started?’

Logan pushed Sophie back and leaned in. Their lips met and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

‘Logan,’ moaned Sophie.

Logan removed his hands from behind Sophie and broke the kiss. He sat on top of her and began to massage her tits.


Logan kissed down Sophie’s neck and got closer to her nipples. He gently bit one and sucked on it while rubbing the other. Sophie gasped and breathed deeply. Logan reached down toward her pussy and tickled his fingers across her panties. Sophie gasped again and began to run her hands down Logan’s sides. He stopped sucking her tits and rolled onto his back.

Sophie crawled over to his cock and rubbed its head. Logan rolled his eyes as his cock began to grow. Sophie pumped his cock in her hand until it was at full length.

She was impressed. Logan’s cock would have had to been a generous eight inches long and a good inch and a half thick. Sophie slowly licked the top and wrapped her hand around the shaft. Her other hand gently scratched Logan’s scrotum. Sophie then stuck the whole head in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down his length.

‘Sophie! Shit!’ Logan moaned.

Sophie increased her speed as Logan thrust his hips in sync with her bobs. A few minutes passed and Sophie began to feel Logan’s cock pulsate stronger. She went quicker still and accommodated more and more of his length into her throat. It wasn’t long before all of Logan’s eight inches were sliding into her mouth.

Logan felt a familiar tingling in his cock and prepared to cum. His cock pulsated and he shot his cum deep into Sophie’s throat. Sophie continued to bob her head and suck his cock until there was no more cum left.

Logan leapt on top of Sophie and kissed her passionately. She responded with equal enthusiasm and wrapped her legs around his waist.

‘Sophie, I love you,’ Logan said.

Sophie’s eyes began to glisten. A single tear slid down her cheek. ‘I have been waiting to hear that for too many years.’

They kissed again and Logan stroked her hair. They broke the kiss and Logan kneeled in-between Sophie’s legs. He stroked her legs up and down, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Logan finally reached her panties and danced his light fingers over the surface. Sophie moaned. Logan grasped the edges of her panties and pulled them over her ankles. Logan’s heart raced as he gazed upon Sophie’s pussy. It was shaved to perfection, not a hair. The lips were pink and glistening with excitement.

‘Logan,’ Sophie whispered. ‘I…I’m a virgin.’

Logan stopped what he was doing and leant over her. He kissed her and told her he would be gentle. Logan stroked his cock until it was hard again and rubbed the head along Sophie’s pussy lips so that his cock was wet with her juices. Logan pushed his cock into her body, gradually filling Sophie up. Sophie moaned and breathed heavily. Once Logan had pushed his entire eight inches into her, he stopped.

‘Comfortable?’ he asked.

Sophie nodded and he started to withdraw. Just as the head of Logan’s cock was almost out, he began to push it back in again. Sophie moaned again and Logan increased his speed. He asked if she was still okay, which she responded to with another nod. Sophie pulled her legs toward her body so that they resembled a frog's and Logan copied Jeremy’s style, using Sophie’s hips for support. The two picked up speed and Sophie began to move her hips rhythmically with Logan’s. Faster and faster they went. Sophie used her right hand to slowly massage her clit white Logan pumped in and out of her.

‘Uhhh,’ moaned Sophie. ‘Fuck, Logan! Fuck me!’

Logan used one hand to twist Sophie’s nipples.

‘Shit! Fuck me, Logan! Oh my God!’

Sophie was approaching an orgasm. Her body started to twitch and convulse. Sophie squealed as her pussy tightened and contracted.

‘Oh my fucking God!’ she screamed.

A small gush of fluid ran out of Sophie’s pussy, drenching Logan’s cock. Logan pumped harder and rammed into her. He shot his load of cum into Sophie’s pussy, moaning while he did do. Logan withdrew from Sophie’s pussy and immediately stuck his tongue inside to clean her off. Sophie giggled as another small trickle of fluid came out of her pussy, which Logan hungrily lapped up.

When Logan was done, he embraced Sophie and kissed her.

‘Thank you,’ he whispered.

‘I love you, Logan.’

The couple held each other for a long time. Footsteps. Logan sat up and listened. There was someone outside! Logan put a finger across his lips and told Sophie to be quiet. She nodded and covered up her erect tits with a shirt. Logan slowly unzipped the tent.

‘When you two have finished screwing around in there, excuse the pun; would you consider coming out here and having some fun?’

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