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The day I saw red

My first time
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was working at a restaurant in a Michigan suburb. The manager was a black guy named Reggie. We both had a close relationship, because he brought me with him from another local restaurant.

I was working along side this real pretty red headed white girl name Ann. She must of just turned 17 years of age, because she was newly hired this week for the summer and didn't know how to do much. Lucky for her, she had couple of family members working there. One was her sister and other her Aunt. Her sister was pregnant with the manager's baby and her aunt was in her mid 30s, and worked few hours a day.

Around 3 p.m. when the lunch time rush died down, Reggie came to me and said "Hey Negro come to my office". He closed the door behind him and asked me to sit down. While I was sitting, I asked "What's up Regg"

Reggie asked: "Are you a virgin?" I quickly answered "No" before thinking much. Then he asked if I liked Ann. I said "I do, but she is kind of young."

He assured me I didn't need to worry about that and to do him a favor and not say anything to her sister or aunt. As soon as I agreed, Reggie opened the door and called Ann in. She walked in with long red hair and her blue eyes looking down at the floor as she was shy.

Reggie told Ann that "I need you to make my man very happy, and make sure he is well satisfied." She just shook her head in agreement. I couldn't tell you what was going through my head other then that it can't be for real. Reggie walked out and locked the door from inside. 

I was totally lost not knowing what to do, sitting on a metal safe when she walked close to me and stood right between my leg's looking at my lips with her hair draping down to the sides. She leaned in and started to kiss me on the lips. I felt her tongue touching my lips then my tongue. We kissed for a little while then she took my shirt off and started to kiss my chest and worked down to my pants she unbuckled my pants and undid the button and the zipper as she rubbed my cock from outside.

She asked me to take my pants all the way off and I replied "Why don't you take your shirt off first?" She asked me to turn the lights off first then she will get undressed fully. I really didn't want to because I still couldn't believe this was going on. I'd rather see it in bright lights but didn't want to insist.

As soon as I turned the lights off, it went pitch dark, and then I started to make out some of things as my eyes adjusted to the limited light creeping in from below the door. She took off everything, until she was totally nude, and asked me to sit back down on the safe. Now the safe was feeling real cold against my naked buttock, but the warmth of her young body felt real good.

We continued kissing and then I started to suckle on her nipples and very good size breasts for a little woman. I asked her if I could taste her pussy, and she switched places. Now she was sitting on the cold safe and I was sitting between her legs. She giggled and said "This safe is cold," and then grabbed my hair as I started to lick her pussy. Her body was shivering and her legs were tightening around my shoulders, but she kept forcing herself to keep them open.

After a few minutes she said "I want to be fucked, please fuck me."

I just then realized we didn't have any protection. Back then I wasn't worried so much about HIV, but more about having a baby. I said to myself "I will pull it out before I cum inside her," and went for it.

Now I was sitting on the safe leaning back as she sat on top of me and placed my dick in her pussy. She started to ride it like she was on a long journey on a horse. I could make out her slim shoulders, the arch in her back, and her nice round ass going up and down really slowly.

After some good fucking I was about to cum, and I asked her if she would like to suck my dick instead. She replied "Anything you want, I am her to make you happy."

She sat down by my knees and started to suck on my dick and as she went down she licked from the front and kept going until she reached my balls. She then started sucking each one, pulling a little as she sucked away. Then she came back to the top of the dick and started to deep throat. I was ready to explode, as I said "I am going to cum." She pulled up and said "Go for it." Then as she was putting my dick back into her mouth I exploded all over her face and mouth.

She licked her lips and then took her shirt to wipe it off the rest of her body and hair. Then she said "I am going to turn the light on for one second to look for our clothes."

I told her to go ahead while I leaned against the wall, exhausted. The light came on and I saw her fully naked; she looked like a work of art, very beautiful, nice large breasts, beautiful round ass on slightly toned legs. I looked at my dick which was hard again, and I saw some blood, which didn't look like mine. I asked "Are you bleeding?" She said "Yes, because that is the first time I had sex with a man."

All I could say after that was "Wow! You are very beautiful."

She giggled and came close and gave me another long deep kiss, while her breasts hung over my upper chest.

Then we got dressed, and came out. I was feeling a little awkward. I saw Reggie was in the front flame broiling chicken, with no customers. I wasn't much concerned with that, I walked up and he asked "How was it?" I replied "Very nice."

She came up after a few minutes and asked if she could be dropped home. Reggie asked me to drop her off, which I did. On our way to her house, she told me how great it was and I shared the same thoughts. I had a grin on my face for almost a week just thinking about it.

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