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The Drum Majorette: Jasmine's Story

Jasmine tells her story about how she lost her virginity.

My step-sister Karla doesn’t look like me at all. Where I’m lighter skinned with a pert ass and high sitting boobs she is a bit rounder, but not fat. She has heavy D size tits and an ass that looks like the singer’s turned actress. Where I’m a bit shy she is loud and crazy. She says what she wants and does what she does. That’s my Karla and I love her.

Our parents met when I was only four and she was six. At first we would fight every day but as we grew older we became friends and eventually lovers. Our parents never knew of course or all hell would have broken loose. I’m not sure who started it, well I do, but I like to think I sent out the right signals for Karla to start it. It was a hot summer’s evening when I was sixteen. We had rented a villa by the beech for a long weekend and we were all very excited to get away from the busy city. The house had a lush garden, a swimming pool and two bedrooms, one on the bottom floor and one on the top. My parents took the bottom one because next to the bedroom on the third floor was a small living room with a TV where Karla and I could watch our favourite series while our parents were downstairs doing their thing.

It was late at night that Karla came back up with a bottle of wine in her hand. I stared at the bottle but before I could say anything she said, “they are asleep and there are plenty more bottles so they won’t notice.”

In her other hand she carried a cork screw and with nimble fingers she had the cork out in no time. After taking a long drink straight from the bottle she passed it to me.

The wine was a bit bitter but I didn’t want to act like a kid in front of her so I smiled and passed her the bottle.

“Good, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yeah, great.”

We watched TV and drank in silence. When the bottle was finished Karla went down and got another while I stayed behind. My head felt a bit light and I think I had a stupid grin on my face when she came back with a new bottle.

“What’s next?” she said and pointed at the TV.

“It’s the series about the two college girls who are lesbians.”


Karla sat down next to me and passed me the bottle. Now the wine tasted much better and I took two big drinks before giving it back to her. I leaned back and my head was suddenly spinning a bit but in a nice way.

On the TV the two roommates came back from a party and the taller one began to fondle the boobs off the other.

I felt more than saw Karla glance over at me. “Hey, I think you boobs have grown.”

I looked down at the tight top I was wearing. I had a nice cleavage thanks to the bra I wore and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

Before I could stop her she had cupped my right boob and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Mm, nice and firm, I bet the boys will love them. I think mine are not as firm as yours, what do you think?”

She lifted up her top and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples was hard and as I gave the boob a gentle squeeze he sighed quietly and gave mine another. We sat there in silence squeezing each other’s breast for a minute or so.

“That was nice,” Karla whispered.

“Mm, it was.”

My hand was on my thigh again and Karla had lowered her top. I could still see her hard nipple pushing against the top. Without thinking about it I cupped my boobs and gave them a squeeze.

“You are right, mine is firmer than yours.” I said and giggled.

“That might be, but mine are bigger.”

We giggled and went back to watching the TV and drinking wine.

A bit later my eyelids kept on closing and I was very drowsy. Like in a dream I felt Karla put her hand on my thigh and slowly move it up towards my panties. I began to move but she squeezed my thigh. “Sh, be still, I bet you will like it.”

Her hand moved further up and suddenly her fingers were tapping on my pussy through the panties. It was a tickling feeling that made me giggle a little. Then I realized what was happening and I felt ashamed at the same time as my body wanted Karla to continue to touch me.

“Do you like it?” she whispered in my ear.

“Mm, but we shouldn’t do this, it’s wrong.”

She kissed my earlobe, her breath warm against my skin. “Why, it’s just a bit of play?”

I had spread my legs a bit and now her fingers where making their way inside my panties. Her middle finger reached my slit first and I gasped as the pad of the finger pressed against my clit. She rubbed it a few time before moving down and into my pussy.

“Oh, wow, you are so wet!” Again her warm breath in my ear.

Suddenly I could hear the wet sound of her finger fucking me. She had pulled the pantie to the side and was going at my pussy with a vengeance.

“Oh, oh, yes, yes, wow, that feels amazing,” I moaned.

Instead of answering she moved so she was kneeling between my legs and before I knew she had ripped of my panties sending the broken underwear to the corner of the room. I lifted my head a little and watched as she lowered her head toward my pussy and when her tongue touched my clit I fell back with a grin on my face.

Karla’s fingers massaged my boobs and once in a while she would pinch one or the other nipple driving me closer to the end. I reached down to try to pull her up and the need to pee was coming over me but then I understood it wasn’t a bodily fluid that needed release it was the spent in sexuality I had felt over the past year or so. Lying in bed I had touched myself but as that feeling came over me I always stopped, but now it was Karla who was in charge.

She lifted her head for a moment. “Mm, you taste so good, baby.”

Then she went back down again, sucking on my clit while her fingers slid in and out of me.”

My body began to tense and my legs trembled. My breath changed to gasps as my back tensed. My hips came off the mattress and I squeezed my thighs together against Karla’s head as my body exploded in my first orgasm.

“Oh, oh, shit, shit!” I screamed.

Karla didn’t stop licking and sucking until I begged her too. When she did she lifted her wet face from my pussy and moved up towards me and when her lips touched mine I could taste my own juices.

“Wow, holy shit, that was amazing,” I said as I held her tight.

Our bodies were wet from sweat and the fan in the ceiling did nothing to cool us down. As my breath slowly went back to normal Karla lifted her head from my chest and smiled.

“I think you are ready for cock and I just happened to know a great one for you to try out.”


It turned out that Karla wasn’t ready to have my try one just yet. As soon as our parents went to the beach or for a walk we would stay behind and have fun in the bed. At first I was a bit shy but as the days went by I became more aggressive in my sexual adventures.

“Karla, what does it feel like to have a cock in you?” I asked one afternoon. We were lying in bed sweating and our bodies shook a little in post orgasmic bliss. My head was resting on her ample boob and she had her arm around me. My fingers teased her shaved pussy and I ran my finger along her slit and then tasted her.

“Well, it’s hard to explain. It’s an amazing feeling when he penetrates you. The experience of having your pussy stretched and how it keeps on stretching is out of this world.”

“Doesn’t it hurt the first time?”

Karla took my hand away from her pussy. “Yeah it does and that’s why I just had a brilliant idea.”

She got out of the bed and walked naked down the stairs. I wondered what she was up to but when she came back a smile grew on my face,

Karla wiggled a cucumber in her hand. “Here we have a stand in cock.”

I was on my back with my head resting on the pillow. Karla sat down on the edge between my legs which she spread and bent a bit at the knees. Then she turned so she was sitting cross legged between them. “Here we go,” she said with a smile and lifted each of my legs over her shoulders.

I lifted my head a bit and watched as she ran the cucumber along my slit. It was cold and I giggled a little.

“Why don’t you lick me wet before you try to push it inside?” I suggested.

Karla shook her head. “No, that’s cheating.”

She continued to run the veggie up and down my slit and keeping pressure on my clit. Little by little that warm fuzzy feeling came over me and I began to squirm a little.

“Okay, I’m going to push it inside you know. Try to relax as much as you can,” she said placing a palm just above my clit.

I closed my eyes and at first I didn’t feel more than a light pressure against my pussy lips. Then a sting of pain that made me gasp.

“Sh, relax, relax baby,” she whispered.

I did and little by little my pussy stretched and the veggie slid deeper inside. I was hyper ventilating by now and my eyes were wide open. I lifted my head and looked down at the thick vegetable slowly sliding inside me. It hurt but I decided to be a trooper and keep going.

“And there we have it, your hymen,” said Karla with a smile.

“What? You mean that’s it?” I asked a bit confused. It was nice to be stretched out and all but it was not what I had expected after hearing Karla’s stories.

“No, far from it, the thing is, once we pass this point, you are not considered a virgin anymore. Are you sure you want me to continue?”


She smiled down at me. “Yeah, you don’t want to wait for your wedding night?”

“Fuck off, who marries as a virgin these days. Get it over with, will you.”

Karla smiled, and then pushed the cucumber inside me.

“Ah, fuck, fuck, that hurt!” I sniffled as my body reacted to the searing pain. A few tears ran down my cheeks but I wiped them away.

“Good girl, let’s wait a few minutes before we continue.”

I lay still while my pussy and the rest of my body got used to the intense feeling of having the cucumber inside me. Slowly the pain ebbed away and was turned into pleasure. I smile grew on my face as I said, “Karla, I think you can continue now.”

And she did. Slowly she fucked my young pussy with the veggie while kissing and sucking my clit. It didn’t take long before I arched my back and tensed my body as the orgasm ran over me. As I slumped back onto the bed Karla pulled out the cucumber and sucked it.

“Mm, I love the taste of your pussy.”

I used my elbows for support and said. “Is it the same to be fucked by a real cock?”

She took the veggie out of her mouth and licked her lips. “No, it’s so much better and I know you will love it, I’m sure of it.”


A couple of weeks later our parents had a social thing and we would be left alone. It was a Friday and as they got ready Karla was texting like crazy on her phone.

“What’s going on?” I asked lying in her bed. She was at her desk.

“Fucking Jimmy can’t get hold of his friend Carlos.”

Jimmy was Karla’s on and off fuck buddy. He was a good looking guy that worked in one of the stores in a mall not far from where we lived. He was tall and blondish since his father was Italian and his mother Panamanian. They had met at the food court and from there it went on, movies, drinks, sex and more sex. Karla had told me of Jimmy squirting over her large boobs and how she had even deepthroated him a few times taking his cum in her mouth. That thought made me cringe, but each to their own I thought.

Karla swore again and texted another message. After a while she smiled and let out a whoop. “Yes! We are in, Jasmine!”

“Oh, who is the other guy?”

“Max, he is a friend of Jimmy’s. I have met him in a few bars. Nice guy a bit dorky but good people.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“They are picking us up at eight then we’ll see what we do.”

It was only six in the evening and we couldn’t get ready since our parents where still at home. They thought we would hang out and watch TV.

Finally, at close to seven they left and Karla and I hurried to get ready. She had told me to wear something sexy but not slutty. Looking in my wardrobe I wasn’t sure what she had meant.

“What are you doing, they will be here soon?” said Karla from behind me.

I turned and said, “I don’t know what to wear.”

She wore tight fitting jeans and a white top that she had knotted under her ample boobs. She had a lot of makeup on and her long hair was in a tight pony tail high on her head.

Karla pushed me aside and began going through my wardrobe. “Aha! This will do.”

She took out a red dress I hadn’t worn in years. As she threw it to me I said, “It won’t fit I have grown.”

A mischievous grin grew on her lips. “That’s the point.”

I put on the dress and as I had suspected it ended high on my thighs and my boobs almost fell out. Karla had to help me zip it up and when I looked at myself in the mirror I said, “I look like a badly stuffed sausage.”

Karla laughed and adjusted the dress a little. “There you go, just look at how sexy you look.”

I decided to keep my hair down and after adding my makeup we were ready to go. As we walked down the stairs a car honked outside.

“That’s them, just on time,” said Karla. Her voice was a bit husky and I figured it was due to the fact that she might have a nice cock to play with soon.


I sat in the back with Max watching the rain outside and the cars. We were stuck in the evening rush hour and the cars snailed forward. I stole a glance at Max and realized he was a quite a bit older than I. He was tall and gangly with kind brown eyes and a constant smile on his face. He wore jeans and a sweater with the logo of a local band.

“So, where are we going?” said Karla from the front seat.

Jimmy who was driving sighed. “Not far in this traffic. I thought we get a few drinks and then head over to one off the push button hotels.”

The sound of that made my stomach knot. I had heard about them but never been to one. A push button hotel is where bosses take their secretaries and cheating spouses take their lovers. You pay by the our through a slot on the door and then press a button so the garage door closes, therefor the name. No one see you drive in or leave. It’s the perfect set up for secret sex. I had heard they were sleazy and stank of sex and booze.

“Oaky, that works for me,” said Karla and added, “Oh, look there is a gas station, we can stock up there.”

Jimmy made a few risky lane changes and then we were parked outside the gas station. He ran inside through the rain and a few minutes later returned with two plastic bags. Once inside he said, “Beer, wine and a few snacks.”

“Cool, let’s go,” said Karla after giving him a peck on the cheek.


It took us a good half an hour before we drove into the garage at one of the many push button hotels lining the main road to the airport. This one was called Lindo Suenos, which meant sweet dreams.

Jimmy got out and put a tenner through the slot. The garage door began to lower and we all got out. I could hear someone moving around inside and then there was a klick as the door opened and Jimmy walked in followed by us.

The room was small with a double bed in the centre. On the opposite wall sat a TV where a porno moving was playing. To the right the door was open to the tiny bathroom.

Jimmy handed Max a beer and poured two large plastic glasses of wine for Karla and me. The glasses were wrapped in plastic and courtesy of the hotel. I sipped the wine and thought it was pretty good for a gas station.

Karla sat on the bed and indicated for me to sit down next to her. The two boys stood under the TV where a woman was sucking an enormous black cock.

The room was silent apart from the sound of the porn actress sucking and licking. I felt nervous not knowing what I was supposed to do.

The boys finished their beers and opened two more. Karla pointed at the TV where the woman was now kneeling in front of the black guy with his long cock as far down her throat as she could.

“Doesn’t that look hot?” she asked.

I giggled and sipped on my wine. “I guess.”

“Would you like to try?”

The knot came back to the pit of my stomach and I noted how Max suddenly looked happier than before. His eyes shone and his smile had changed into a grin.

“C’mon, I’ll show you,” said Karla.

Jimmy put his beer on the side table and walked up to of her. Karla opened his jeans and then pulled down his boxer shorts. His semi erect cock popped out. I stared at it like in a dream. It was the first time I had seen one in real life. Sitting close I could smell the musky smell of man.

Karla took his shaft in her hand and gave it a few strokes. It hardened and the cockhead popped out like a giant dark red mushroom. Karla licked it a few times before she took the cock in her mouth. I stared as she went so far down her nose hit Jimmy’s stomach. Keeping the cock in her mouth she cupped his balls and began to massage them.

“Your sister can suck cock like no other I have ever met,” moaned Jimmy through closed eyes.

Karla came up for breath. “Mm, I love it. Go on, try Max’s.”

Max wasn’t slow in responding. Before I knew it he stood in front of me looking down at me. My hand trembled as I put away the wine and then opened his jeans. He wore tight underwear that showed off his already erect cock. I gasped when I realized it was larger than Jimmy’s.

“C’mon, take it out,” he said.

I lowered his underwear and the cock was free. It stood erect just a few inches from my face. I slowly wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft moving my hand up and down. Almost immediately a drop of clear liquid formed on the cockhead. I closed my eyes and leaned in until my lips touched the velvet soft skin of his cockhead. Then my tongue came out and I licked the drop away. The taste was sweet and my head began to spin as I realized I was about to suck cock.

“Mm, you look so sexy,” I heard Karla say next to me. I didn’t really care at that point. My thoughts were on the meat in front of me and after opening my mouth wider I took the entire thing as far in I could. It was hot and hard in my mouth and as I began to bob my head up and down Max moaned louder. I was in a daze by then, I wanted more of him as much as I could possibly take. But when I pushed down my gag reflexes kicked in and I had to stop.

“Don’t be so aggressive, be gentle, suck him, lick him, enjoy all that cock,” I heard Karla whisper between licks.

I did what she said and before I knew it more of that sweet juice began to come out of Max’s cock. I savoured it and it wasn’t until he gently pushed me away saying, “Please, don’t let me come yet,” that I stopped.

He went over to the plastic bag and opened another beer. His cock was still hard and sticking straight out. I wanted more but knew if I continued he would squirt his load before fucking me.

I turned my head over to Karla who was still kissing and sucking on Jimmy. She saw me watching and smiled. “Get naked, the fun has just started.”

While I watched she quickly took off her clothes and threw them in a heap on the floor. I noted she had shaved her pussy clean and for a second I panicked. While I had mine neatly trimmed it didn’t look as sexy at hers and I was afraid Max would be turned off.

Karla moved up on the bed and after taking off his clothes Jimmy crawled up between her legs and berried his face in her pussy. He sucked and licked her clit until Karla began to squirm on the bed. I sat there and watched the spectacle and hadn’t noticed Max until he stood naked in front of me. He pulled me up and helped me off with my clothes. I was a bit shy in the light and turned it off. In the darkness he lead me back to the bed where I too lay down on my back.

When his tongue touched my clit I moaned loudly and gave in to my hornyness. He was a good licker, not as sophisticated as Karla but he brought me to the brink of orgasm a few times just to pull back again. I was becoming crazy with the need of his cock in me.

“Let’s ride our boys,” said Karla and gently pushed Jimmy away from her pussy.

He rolled over onto his back and she straddled him quickly. Waiting for me to do the same she rubbed her pussy against his shaft to keep him hard.

When I sat on Max’s hips just in front of his cock that I felt poking against my ass cheeks I turned to Karla and said, “This is it, I’m going to try my first cock.”

“Yeah, it is, have fun, baby.”

With those words she lifted herself up a little and then using her right hand she guided Jimmy inside her. I watched her ride for a second or so before I did the same.

The cucumber had been nice, but could never compete with the real thing. The moment I felt Max’s cock open me up and slide inside me I was hooked. I knew there and then there weren’t enough cocks in Panama to satisfy me. I put my hands on his chest and began to ride him like crazy. It didn’t take long before he began to moan louder and I had to slow down so not to make him come too fast.

“Baby, let’s switch I want to fuck you from behind,” he said.

I was happy to oblige and moved off him. He grabbed a condom from the bed side table, another curtesy from the hotel, and put it on before moving in behind me. As he rammed his cock inside my juicy pussy my knuckles whitened as they grabbed the sheet. Looking over at Karla I noticed they too had changed and were now in a missionary position. She had her legs over Jimmy’s shoulders and he was banging her hard.

Max balls slapped into my ass cheeks for each thrust and I loved it. I reached back and began to massage them as he fucked me harder and harder. As I felt his cock tense inside me I realized I wanted to try his cum.

“Max, let me take your load in my mouth,” I managed to say through moans,

He pulled out and I quickly turned so he could straddle me. Moving forward I finally had his cock in my mouth again. I looked up into his eyes that were partly closed. He kept on thrusting his cock into my mouth as I teased his cockhead with my tongue and when he finally came I wasn’t ready at all.

His dick was in my mouth and as he squirted his load I didn’t have time to swallow. Most of it ran out from the corner of my mouth and down my throat onto the pillow. The little I swallowed was hot and sticky and I loved it. I licked his cock clean and as I was about to kiss it I heard Jimmy moan loudly. Looking over at them I saw that they had done the same thing.

But Karla had gotten it right and had Jimmy’s cock deep inside her mouth when he came she could swallow all of it which she did. It looked so hot I became horny again.

Pushing Max down I lifted my legs up indicating to him I wanted more cock and he wasn’t late to comply after putting on another condom.


In the car on the way back home my head was spinning a little. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the wine or all the cock and the many orgasms I had had. Jimmy had paid for an extra hour and after refreshing ourselves with more drinks and cold showers we had switched. Jimmy fucked differently than Max but equally good. I had come several times and then while the boys recovered a little Karla had gone down on me licking me to an intense and very loud orgasm.

The rain had stopped and as we were let out at our house Jimmy turned and said to me. “It was a pleasure to fuck you, Jasmine, you have a such a hot body.”

I giggled. “Thanks, Jimmy.”

I kissed Max good night and Karla and I got out. My knees were weak and my legs felt like over cooked pasta. We made our way inside and had hardly gone to bed when we heard our parents come home.

“Baby, we got to do that again,” said Karla in a sleepy voice.

I had my fingers on my swollen pussy. “Mm, we sure do.”


Two weeks later I met Rick for the first time. He was at the same school as I but being a foreigner he mostly hung out with other foreign kids. He was cute and looked hot so when my friend suggested we should say hi, I was eager to do so.

Rick asked me out that same afternoon and we fell in love at the movies. It took a couple of days before we fucked the first time but when we did it was amazing. Our bodies just melted into each other. I loved sucking him and he could lick my pussy as well as Karla, he was gifted in that way.

It took me three weeks to realize his dad, John, had the hots for me and I told Rick about it.

“Oh shit, he always does that to me,” he said to my surprise.

“Does what, exactly.”

Rick squirmed a bit where he stood leaning against the fence on the school yard. “Well, my mom is actually my step-mom. My biological mother died in child birth. I don’t like to talk about it. Anyway, my step-mom and my dad has what is called an open relationship, which means they can have other partners. My dad always tries to hook up with my girlfriends.”

“Holy shit, and you are okay with that?”

Rick smiled. “Well, it goes both ways, if he brings some hotty home I will have a go too, but that doesn’t stop me from loving you.”

I just stared at him, not believing a word he was saying. “What about your step-mom?”

“She is bisexual so that works out too.”

All I could do was laugh. I loved Rick and there was nothing in the world that would change that. If I had to play with his parents so be it. After all, I was hooked on cock and I had already enjoyed pussy with Karla so what was wrong in broadening my horizon by trying new experiences?


So, it was the night after the honour march that I fucked John’s friend Pete by the pool. It was nice and I was surprised how the old man could keep it up and hard. Then when Rick’s step-mom, Jenny, showed up and took over I was happy to be part of it. She had already seduced me and she was a great pussy licker.

As I walked naked back into the house I met John in the living room.

“Hey, how was good old Pete?” he said.

“Fine, and your wife as hot as ever.”

“Cool, why don’t you call Karla and confirm when she is coming over. I’m fucking horny.”

I laughed and patted his shoulder. “You are always horny, John.”

When I called Karla she told me she was only fifteen minutes away. It would be a great night; I knew it with so many cocks to try out and then Jenny’s pussy as the cherry on top.

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