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The End Of The World

Good morning sweetheart. The world did end as I know it; I’ve changed.
The newspaper, and other media have been broadcasting: “The End Of The World was coming on December 21, 2012. Now just imagine, the world is going to be destroyed and it’s your last day on Earth. Where would you go, what would you do, how will you spend your last day?"

Corporal Joshua Beningham’s tour of duty in Iraq was coming to an end and he would be flying back home to the USA. However, since the news of the world ending; time seemed to be at a stand still, as if some unknown force was holding its hand down preventing movement. A million thoughts were running through his mind, where to go, who to see, and which restaurant he would visit first. However one idea, stood out above the rest, a sexy full figured redhead with emerald eyes, named Kandy.

Kandy was an author of erotica, and he’d sent her an email, complimenting one of her stories. After that they began conversing online, and by phone. One thing leads to another, and before long, their friendship turned into an intimate. Soon he would actually meet her, touch her, and make love to her. His whole body twitched, as his cock began to swell with anticipation.

Finally the day arrived to his flight home. He’d stowed his gear, but was so excited he stayed awake all night. He didn’t fret because he figured he could catch some shut-eye on the long 10-hour flight home.

He soon took his seat, trying best to remain calm, cool, and collected. However, in his mind all he could see was the sexy curvaceous image of Kandy. The picture mesmerized him.

Her long red hair with golden accents cascaded down her shoulders. The ringlets framed her beautiful face, with its blemish free ivory complexion; with its cute button nose, emerald-green eyes, and lips the color of a pink rose.

As he ogled downward, he shivered at the sight of her full breasts, curvaceous hips, and long sexy legs. He blushed, looked around, then quickly moved, shifting his trousers, hoping no one was noticing his swelling member.

He decided he had to do something to keep his mind off Kandy, or he wouldn’t be able to hide his tenting prick. He picked up the MP4 player that he’d brought with him, put on the headphones, laid back, and settled in for the duration of his trip. Before long the rhythmic music lulled him to sleep. Visions of what the two of them would be doing filled his dream.

He did not wake until the guy next to him bumped his shoulder. “Aw sorry man, but you were moaning pretty loudly and mumbling the name Kandy in your sleep. I woke you up, so the other guys wouldn't hear you, and start teasing you; you know how they are. By the way I’m Major John Rease.”

Joshua sat right up, and saluted the Major, "Corporal Joshua Beningham here sir.”

“Corporal, no need to salute me here, let’s just relax, and enjoy the trip back to the good ole US of A. So if you don’t mind me asking, who Kandy?”

Joshua pulled out his wallet, then got the picture of Kandy out, and showed the Major. “It’s my girlfriend, or I soon to be, we’ve only conversed online and on the phone."

The Major’s eyes bugged out. “Hot-Damn she’s gorgeous. By any chance does she have a mother who’s single?”

Joshua blushed, and replied, “Not sure, I can ask her?”

The Major smirked, and changed the subject. “Don’t worry son, if I do more than look at her, my gal Marge will kill me. So are you headed home for good, or R&R?”

“For good this time, I’ve given Uncle Sam ten years now. If you don’t mind me saying so, with the news of the world ending, who in their right mind, would spend it in the military? Besides I am more than ready to be a civilian again; and chow down on some decent food, followed by a movie and hot sex.”

The Major laughed, “I think I’d have sex, then dinner and forget the fucking movie.”

They both laughed. After endless conversation, a few drinks, and more music, Joshua was more than eager for the flight to end. When the statue of Liberty came into view a lump swelled up in his throat, and he silently thanked God and country for his freedom.

His flight landed and the passengers began to file out, one after another. Once inside the terminal, he phoned Kandy. “Hi darling, I just landed, what time are you picking me up?”

She giggled her reply, “As soon as you get through customs, I’ve been waiting two hours for you.”

“Ooh that anxious are you?”

“You could say that, I cannot wait to kiss you baby!’

“Just kiss me?”

“Oh you know what I mean.”

He smirked, chuckled and added, “We cannot fuck in the terminal.”

“Lord I hope not, we have all night for that!”

He trembled as the image of her captivating eyes, and sweet smile came to mind. He ordered his dick to ‘stand down,’ and headed for the baggage pickup and customs.

Following that he searched through the crowd of travelers, looking for her. He was lost in thought as he searched the crowd of travelers for her, and almost ran into a redheaded woman.

He ogled her; God, she was more beautiful than her photo. He touched her arm and asked, “Kandy?”

The woman backed up slowly, as her eyes looked him up and down. Could this tall, dark and handsome man in uniform be him?


He smiled, “Yes! Hello baby.”

His eyes locked on her, no words were spoken, as he pulled her close, and kissed her hard. All of a sudden it felt like lightning had struck him, going clear to his soul. Her reaction told him she felt it too.

“Mmmm, darling you taste as good as you look!”

With a breathless hiss she spoke. “You’re so handsome you take my breath away!”

She purposely dressed for seduction; a dress, corset, garter belt, nylons and fuck me heels.

He stepped back, looked around, and in silence ogled his full figured gal. His eyes moving downward, along the lines of her neck, teasingly through the opening of the top of her dress, to the mounds of her big breasts. Then he touched the hem of her garment and started to raise it a bit.

She stopped him and whispered, “Let go to the car baby.”

“Let’s do, I want to see what else you have on for me.“

As they walked toward the parking lot she asked, “How was your flight love?”

“Uneventful. By the way, what do you think of the news about the end of the world on December 21, 2012?”

“I’m not sure? I think it might be a hoax, after all the world has been coming to an end on five different dates now.”

“I guess time will tell as for me, I am making the best of every minute, in your arms, and your bed.”

“Oh bring it on big boy.”

After taking a few more steps she pointed out her red Ford Escort. It was in a more private area of the parking lot.

She handed him the keys and he stowed his things in the trunk. He then moved to the driver’s side where she stood waiting patiently.

Kandy looked around then raised the hem of her dress. Fuck, his cock stiffened as he saw, nylons, and either or corset or garter belt he wasn’t sure.

He moved close kissed her passionately. While his fingers roamed up her silky legs, toward her panties. . . . . and didn’t feel any. His fingers slide along her drenched slit, and he hissed. “Oh fuck, baby, you are not wearing panties!”

“I know, I wanted to be a little naughty and nice for you today. After all, this is our special day.”

“Ooh I like the way you think!”

They kissed hard as their tongues did the dance of lovers, his eyes locking on hers again. As his hand continued its quest; caressing the velvety hair on her pussy, and sliding across and inside the moisture laden lips until he found what he was searching for.

Her invitation didn’t need to be clearer, as she quivered, leaned into him for support, and spread her legs apart. She ran her tongue across his lips, purring seductively. Her hips moved in rhythm of his fingers. It wasn’t long until her breaths were coming in short gasps.

He glanced around and then said, “Cum for me darling!”

She ran her hand down the bulge in his pants, “I want to touch you first baby.”

“Later honey, in my book I pleasure the woman first.”

Her eyes ablaze with lust, she held onto him; their movements synchronized like a well oiled machine. She then kissed him hard, and shook like a train about to be derailed.

He held her tight backing in the afterglow, wanting that moment to last forever.

After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke, “Let’s go home, do you want to stop and eat first? As for me I am not hungry right now for food.”

His eyes told her what he wanted; he laughed, and then spoke. “You drive, as I would get us lost and never make it to your bedroom till way past midnight.”

When they got to her house, she winked and said, “Your luggage can wait, let's go finish what we started!”

“Okay, god baby, I cannot wait to fuck you.”

She got out, and walked with him to the front door, unlocked it them walked inside.

He pulled her close, kissed her and roared, “Give me the quick tour, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. . . bed.”

“You're in a hurry are we?”

“Hell yeah its been over a year since I had a woman, because Rosy Palm and her stubby brother don’t count.”

She showed him the rooms, as they walked to her bedroom, discarding clothing as they went.

In the bedroom she ogled the Adonis before her, and her pussy screamed, “Let’s fuck!”

His eyes were glued to her curvaceous body, “Did anyone tell you Doll that you are beautiful?”

“I bet you say that to all the girls? Come here sugar, enough talking I need that luscious cock inside me, NOW!”

He kissed her, laid her on the bed, and positioned himself between her legs. His hard member saluting her and yelling, “Let’s fuck!”

She spread her legs wide, and grasped his cock. In one swift movement guided his member into her hot, throbbing hole, balls deep. Her lips came down on his and for a brief moment, they lay still, motionless, locked together by hips and lips.

His eyes searched hers as their love radiated between them. He responded to her needs and began to make love to her. As her hips rose to meet his thrust, he plunged his cock slowly at first then fast and furious. God he was in heaven!

She was elated; all her dreams were coming true. However the news of the world ending saddened the moment. She looked into his face as tears rolled down her face.

“What’s wrong Kandy?”

With a tearful tone she shouted, “How can all my dreams come true on this special night, only to be dashed, with the ending of the world?”

“Let’s not worry about tomorrow darling, tonight is for us.”

He reached down beneath her and took a hold of her ass in both hands and resumed making love to her. She was so wet he could feel her juices run down his cock, ass, and thighs.

While staring into his eyes, she wrapped her legs around his waist, driving his cock deeper.

As he thrust his cock repeatedly into her, his climax exploded streams of his seed inside her. Her pussy milked his shaft as then she reached her own orgasm.

They lay there motionless, backing in the afterglow, when he looked deeply into her eyes. “Kandy, I love you!”

She placed her hand over his heart and whispered, “Joshua I love you too.”

That night they shut the world out, and were lost in their feelings, surging toward unimaginable pleasures.

It was noon when they awoke to the sounds of birds singing. He looked at his watch and the date. Pulling her close, he gazed into her eyes and kissed her. “Good morning love. It's December 22nd, I thought the world was going to end on the 21st?"

She yawned, and stretched, “Good morning sweetheart. The world did end as I know it; I’ve changed. No longer am I a shy wallflower, afraid to trust myself, my intuitions, and my future. I took a leap of faith and found love.”

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