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The Ethan Blake Story: Home Alone

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For Emily, my own devirginator.
Dear Ethan,

I am very sorry for taking so long to respond to your last letter - I have had a lot of school work and my parents are very strict with me. I was so pleased the day that it arrived; I grabbed it as soon as it was delivered and rushed to my room to read it. It may have been my overactive imagination but I was sure I could smell you on the pages.

Congratulations on your examination results; you did very well. School here is boring me greatly - I wish to be back in Scotland, with you. When my relatives ask me about my time in Scotland, I always tell them about you and what a kind, smart young man you are. I think my parents can tell how much I miss you because I am always talking about you and about your letters. Papa said that we may go on vacation to Scotland next summer. It would be wonderful to see your face again - it is all I have thought about.

You must come to France, as well. I will show you the scenery and we can spend time together, doing whatever you want to do. You can meet my friends - I have told them everything about you - and they will see how lovely you really are. Many of them are very jealous that I met a handsome, Scottish man and are always asking about your latest letter. Some of them do not believe me when I tell them how handsome you are - will you please send a picture of yourself? If you do, I will think of a way to repay the favour…

I was sorry to hear that Michaela and Luke are no longer together; they were such a nice couple and she told me she really loved him. If you see Michaela, please send her my best wishes - she was so very kind to me throughout my time in Scotland. Please do say hello to all of your friends from me, especially those we went camping with.

I think about our camping trip all the time and how you were so sweet to me. When I am in my bed at night, I imagine you are with me and we are in that tent again. I remember how amazing you made me feel - I want you to make me feel like that again. Even now, my body longs to feel yours again. It excites me to imagine what we might have done together if we had been alone that night, or if we had had more time together. Thinking about it now is making me want you a lot.

Since your letter arrived, I have read it more times than I can remember. Each time, I hear your beautiful voice reading it and it is like you are right there with me. If I am alone, I touch myself and pretend that you are doing it. It is never quite the same though - I need your big, strong hands to touch me again. I picture being back in the tent and running my hand down your chest and over your underwear, then grabbing your beautiful, thick…

Ethan jumped at the sound of the door bell, snapping out of the trance the letter from Aurélie had ensnared him in. Surprise turned to mild panic as he realised, first of all, who must be at the door and, secondly, that he was hard as a rock. He rushed frantically to stuff the letter into its envelope and hide it in his desk drawer, before tucking his aching erection into the waistband of his jeans and making his way downstairs.

The bell rang again just as he reached for the handle and he beamed broadly, panting slightly, to welcome the beautiful girl that stood in the doorway. "Hey," he gasped, stepping back to allow her to enter.

She paused on her way in to kiss Ethan firmly on the lips, lightly running her fingertips up his left side. "Hey," she replied, smiling her sweet smile that Ethan had grown to love over the past weeks, "Why are you so out of breath? What you been up to?" There was no suspicion in her voice, only gentle curiosity.

"Oh, I just didn't realise the time, so I quickly tidied my room a bit when you rang the bell. Sorry." He followed her along the hall and up the stairs; she was heading straight for the bedroom. Thoughts of the gorgeous Frenchwoman, which had, until two minutes ago, occupied his mind, vanished as he watched the slinky, petite figure of his girlfriend before him. Excitement and nerves swirled around in the pit of his stomach; somehow, he knew this was it.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, which had, in fact, been spotless for days, she turned to Ethan and kissed him intensely; she was wasting no time whatsoever and Ethan was taken aback a little at her fervour. Of course, they had not planned for this but the implication had been evident since the extension of the invitation. Ethan, however, had not expected it to happen so swiftly; perhaps the wait had been just as hard on her as it had on him. With a hand, she led him onto his own bed, signalling that their wait was over.

They knelt together atop the turquoise bedspread, staring at each other intently, want in their eyes. The house was empty; this was the first time they had been truly alone with no fear of interruption. Ethan leaned in to touch her lips softly with his own, running strong hands down her pale arms as she let out a low purr of contentment and grazed his thigh. The moment felt to him more perfect than he could have wished it.

He placed his hands at the small of her back and pulled her down onto the bed, propping himself on shaking arms over her. She smiled as though to say, "I'm ready," and they plunged into the deeper, fuller kiss of young lovers.

With each passing moment Ethan's nerves eased; with each press of her lips, his confidence grew. A solitary finger traced a path from her chest to her navel and continued to the waistband of her denim shorts, pausing for an instant before slipping under her cotton vest with the rest of the hand. The skin it met was velvety to the touch and emitted a comforting warmth. He felt dainty fingers being pushed through his hair, as his own met the material of her bra, evoking the momentary panic that all men experience upon encountering such confounding contraptions.

Breaking the kiss for a calming breath, he raised her body towards him and brought a second hand to meet the first at the clasp. His facial expression of intense concentration was met with a girlish giggle as he fumbled at her back, slipping once before conquering the enigmatic device.

"Gie's a break," Ethan protested, a faint redness flushing his face, "I'm new at this."

He was then pulled into a forgiving kiss and his embarrassment disappeared as a second tongue was introduced into his mouth. They swirled against each other for a while, each one familiarising itself with the texture of the other, only parting company for the removal of first her top, then his.

The plain white bra fell away to reveal two small, pert breasts and Ethan succumbed to an impulsive urge to place his lips over one of the pink nipples, erect with her arousal. At first taken aback, she quickly grew to love the flick of his tongue and his light suckling, closing her eyes whilst enjoying this new pleasure, letting out a low moan as he gave a slight nibble. He was enjoying it just as much and, revelling in the reaction he was receiving, moved on to the second.

Without breaking the contact between his lips and her flesh, he released the button of her shorts, his wandering hand sliding down over her pubic mound and lightly touching her inner thigh. His hand knew this place; it had journeyed here, and further, on a few occasions and received a welcoming reception. It was to welcome another of Ethan's appendages very soon.

He sat up and tugged at the shorts, requiring the owner to raise her hips before they could be completely removed and tossed haphazardly to some uninteresting part of the room. Ethan grinned and, in a silly voice, commented, "You're pretty when you're naked."

"I'm not naked yet," she rebutted, a playful glint in her eye, once more pushing her hips and one remaining garment towards him. Happily did he obey her will and relieve her of the pair of lilac knickers, upon which she spread her svelte legs and wrapped them around him, drawing him into her.

Ethan's erection pushed against her pelvis through his restrictive jeans, evoking a subtle thrust, making him harder. They ground against each other, the outline of his cock sliding its way along her most sensitive, and their lips locked once more in a heated passion. Her impatience was evident in her restless moans and desperate scrabbling at his jeans. As much as Ethan would have revelled in a prolonged teasing game, he knew it would be just as torturous for him as for her; he wanted this to happen now.

Getting up from the bed, he went to his dresser to retrieve an box of condoms, unopened in the two years since they had been optimistically taken at the end of a sexual education class. She knelt on the bed and made light work of unfastening his jeans and yanking them down, along with his boxers, to his knees to allow his manhood to spring free and stand tall before her face. They were duly removed and tossed to the side while she took the rubber from a butter-fingered Ethan and removed it from it's foil package.

He stood there, naked as the day he was born and as stiff as a stick of Blackpool rock, and smiled down at the gorgeous girl now diligently unrolling a sheath of latex over his cock. He could hardly have imagined two months ago that their friendship would lead to this and yet now it seemed ever so natural. That first date - he hadn't thought of it as a date at the time - was so effortless, so easy. It's strange, he thought to himself, how someone can be right there in front of you for so long and, in just one evening, your whole perception of them can alter entirely. What a blessing it was for Ethan that he had realised how right this girl was for him at just the right time.

That first date rapidly snowballed into several more and, as was apparently inevitable, a relationship. It was a joyful relationship, full of fun and laughter; two people unabashedly basking in the splendidness of each other's company. As intellectual equals, they continually challenged each other, the mental side of their relationship every bit as important as the emotional and physical. Ethan's life state, following a brief depression, had risen to a level of splendour akin to nothing else he had known in his seventeen years.

Was it love? Being a sceptical one, Ethan Blake was not so quickly convinced that he could have fallen in love with this girl. However, with the passing of time, the notion seemed increasingly less farfetched. If it gets better than this, he would say inwardly, then 'love' really is all it's cracked up to be.

Protection in place, Ethan returned to his former position, poised to enter a gateway that signified an important milestone and age-old rite of passage. Their nether parts came into contact, or would have done but for the ample layer of lubrication indicative of the lady's arousal. He was just one short thrust away from what many might say was becoming a man; mere inches from crossing that distinctive line between the haves and have nots and losing something that could never be reclaimed.

The young lovers took one slow, deep breath together and exhaled as he sank into her moist depths. The sensation was surreal; certainly not unpleasant but unexpected. In truth, he didn't know what to expect - a handful of Vaseline is hardly representative of a real vagina. They beamed at each other, his own anticipation mirrored in her encouraging eyes. Slowly but with intent, he began to slide in and out, in and out, building a steady rhythm, conscious of not being over-zealous and consequently cutting the experience short for them both.

As the pace increased, her pleasure heightened; incoherent mumbles turned into a sharp, distinct, "Oo," with each entry. Ethan likewise became more vocal, accompanying the movement of his hips with occasional Andy Murray-esque grunts. The volume increased; the passion intensified with every passing second. Their eyes met in a fiery stare until, with one particularly forceful thrust, she threw her head back in a long, sensual, "Ooo!"

Spurred on, Ethan decided to go for broke. The initially tender love-making of two virginal sweethearts gradually morphed into a frenzied fuck between lust-filled teenagers. The bed creaked beneath them, shifting with the weight of their bodies, now one. Clutching at her legs, Ethan pummelled into her at an alarming rate, eliciting screams of the kind only a satisfied woman can make. Their end was in sight, the unparalleled peak of climax only seconds away.

With three incredibly powerful pushes, he made her wail with the sweet release of orgasm; with one more, unleashing his own. Their bodies tensed and writhed in fits of extreme pleasure, their faces screwed into embarrassing 'O' faces. Still commingled, they each came down from their respective orgasmic highs and weakly smiled, each realising what tremendous gratification they had brought the other.

Ethan's desk drawer, in his haste not fully closed, caught his eye and he could not suppress the feeling of guilt that came with keeping his ongoing relationship with Aurélie secret from his now-lover. He could not carry on in this way, with neither girl knowing about the other. Although it was only words, it felt like cheating and Ethan hated himself for it.

He refocused his attention on the girl beneath him, truly a vision to be marvelled at. He leant in to kiss her and she held him their with her lips, smothering him in gratitude. Slipping out of her and discarding the well-used condom, he came to lie at her side and pressed his lips softly yet firmly against here before whispering, "You really are amazing, you know that, Morag?"

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