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The Farmer's Daughter (Part 1)

Country life is not what it seems
About four years ago my wife and I gave up our frenetic professional lives in the city and bought an old, recently-renovated farm in the country. We were still in our mid-thirties and had both done well enough to make the change without too much fear of failure. My Italian-born wife, Francesca, is a lawyer and was more than happy to give up the stresses of corporate law in favour of opening a small practice in our new locality.

I, on the other hand, was a personal banker who had been fairly fortunate in my enterprises but it came to a point where the crazy life of big-city business got out of hand; through spending little time together our own quality of life had diminished enormously even though we were taking home six- and seven-figure salaries and bonuses. After quitting my job, one of my clients retained me to carry out his banking investments. This suited me perfectly since it allowed me to work from home on my own time and still earn enough to lead the good life. After all, the job simply required an internet connection and a telephone, and I had already chosen the room I was to use as an office.

So, with a little bit of planning and a lot of searching, we found the ideal place in a beautiful and quiet area only 40 miles north of the city. The village itself was five miles away from the farm and boasted just 432 habitants and we had no neighbours except for a family who lived on the adjacent farm, a half-mile up the road. It was just as we had wanted.

The mid-summer day we officially moved in we were paid a visit by the family next door. Two adults and two kids were descending on us with a warm apple pie. I didn’t think people did that anymore. Introducing themselves as Adam and Monica, their son Ben, and daughter Sara, we invited them in and went through the initial niceties. It turned out that Adam and Monica were arable farmers with over two thousand acres of fine-draining land. Adam’s family had been farmers here for over 150 years and he was hopeful that Ben and Sara would take over as the next generation. Adam, a fine-looking lad of 16, was already at agricultural college in the next town and according to Monica, 12 year-old Sara was presently more interested in becoming a dancer. I didn’t laugh at this as perhaps I was expected to; I thought it was great that one so young would have her mind set on something. I think she appreciated this newly-discovered ‘camaraderie’ and a tiny smile appeared on her lips.

We turned to other matters and as it began to get late our guests headed home with promises of getting together soon. True to our word we came to see a lot of each other and we got to the point that we would walk in and out of each other’s houses without having to knock. Adam and I discussed agricultural and financial matters most of the time while Francesca and Monica quickly found that they too had a lot in common. When we bought the place we had to revamp the pool and the tennis court and once these were ready we spent many a summer’s day either playing tennis or barbecuing by the pool.

If Adam wasn’t able to play I would often take on the two kids since the ‘girls’ were more interested in sitting by the pool sipping Margaritas. It was always tough going competing against a couple of youths and so, as soon as we had finished, I would always strip down to my shorts and jump in for a dip. Ben and Sara seemed to wear their bathing clothes all summer long and were never far behind. It was as if they were our surrogate kids and that their parents were old friends. Over the following years we did become great friends and often went away together on vacation. Strange as it seems for an ex-banker but I even helped Ben out with his physics and maths for a couple of years.

One day Monica dropped down for her ritual morning coffee in our kitchen and very politely asked if I wouldn’t mind tutoring Sara in French once a week. Apparently she was going through a heavy French phase and, as the teacher at her school wasn’t very good, she had pestered her mother to ask me. The reason I happened to be the choice is because I grew up near Dijon and spoke French like I spoke English. In fact when I speak English many of my words come out heavily accented and I have a strange feeling that Monica finds this alluring. Needless to say I never mentioned this fact to my wife. I told Monica I would be delighted to since my working day normally ended at noon. And so, for the last three years Sara has been spending an hour a week in my living room and, despite a late puberty, is beginning to blossom, aged 16, into a lovely desirable young woman.

Sara has always been remarkably shy; she rarely looked you in the eye and chose to say very little. She was an intelligent girl who had excelled in French and was expected to get an A in her summer exams. When I first met her, she was a skinny, long-legged, flat-chested girl with straight very blonde hair extending just past her shoulders. If I recall there were no curves to her but she had an angelic, pretty face and her blue eyes shone with extraordinary brightness. When you could illicit a smile from her, it was such a heart-warming experience. Over the subsequent three years I had noticed some arbitrary changes in her but by the time she hit sixteen I began to see her in a different light. This time I wasn’t sub-consciously witnessing the changes, I was more than aware of them.

At 16 she was still very slight but gone were the bandy walk and bowed head. Now she had long legs that ended in hips that were slim but very feminine. From what I could make out from under her baggy sweaters she was quickly developing breasts and was even applying light make-up to her eyes. She had turned into a stunning teenager but had not lost that adorable innocent shyness. In reality she was very dear to me and I had a big soft spot for her. I felt protective over her and, even though I was not her father, I dared any prospective suitor to cross her path. She would be touched by no-one.

This was a startling revelation for me, I began to question why I felt like that. Was it for paternal, or was it for sexual reasons? I knew I loved my wife and had never strayed from her but I also knew that if she thought I had any ill-intended ideas towards Sara, there would be war. I decided to see how I thought about her when she was in the living room that day. I wanted to be in her presence; I had to think rationally. This was serious business but it did arouse me unlike anything I had ever felt before.

As usual on Wednesday Sara arrived down, let herself in, fixed herself a juice and stood at the table in the living room, going through some of the books I had left lying around. The air conditioner was whirring, taking the sting of summer out of the room. My earlier conference call had lasted longer than usual so I was running a bit late. I finished my shower and ran downstairs in my bathrobe just to let her know I’d be another five minutes. As I walked in she turned her head to look my way and her eyes began to take all of me in, the stare lingering longer than it normally would. I noticed it straight away and found I was not only suffering from butterflies, but also from a hardening erection. Not only had she never seen me dressed as I was, I had never seen her looking hotter. Her hair was draped alluringly over one eye with her head tilted to the side. She had on a baby blue tank top which allowed her belly button to show and, judging from the protrusion of petite nipples, I suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Instead of her habitual jeans she sported white lycra pants which showed every contour. As she was standing side on to me I had the chance to check out her small, firm ass for the first time. I had never imagined anything as beautiful and the outline of her small panties only made the view more sexy. Her long legs were a treat to behold as they finished at her tanned feet with pink polished toenails. I was drawn out of my daze by Sara, who had evidently noticed me staring, saying meekly, “I wouldn’t normally dress like this but I’ve just come from my dance lesson.” This didn’t ring true – she wouldn’t have been wearing those panties, or not wearing a bra, for dancing. So, I could only suppose that this outfit was for me. I was flattered, not a little excited, but scared to death. My suspicions had been confirmed. This girl, who I regard as my own daughter, is turning me on. She’s less than half my age and if I do anything about it, I’ll be betraying the trust of my friends and, more importantly, my wife. This was thin ice but I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted this delectable Venus and I think she wanted me.

I nodded and passed it off and went back upstairs to change into my jeans and an old shirt. I came back down, grabbed the chair beside Sara and sat down facing her. I didn’t like communicating across the table, it was so formal, so we always sat closely with our knees almost touching. Normally we would sit with our legs crossed, books on our laps. Today, perhaps stirred on by my earlier reaction to her, she sat with legs side by side and slightly parted. She held her book higher up in her hands and I could see from her navel down. But what most got my attention was the incredible sight of her pubic bone pushing forth from between her legs. That mound had been on my mind all the time I was changing and here it was in all its shapely glory. Much to my initial shame I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I kept straying. I tried not to look her in the eyes but I had this feeling that she was staring at me through her hair. Feeling the bulge rise in my crotch I decided to dispense with the usual lesson and chose to test her conversational skills.

Beginning by asking simple questions about home and school I jumped to whether she had a boyfriend. She said she had never had one and had never even kissed a boy. I couldn’t believe my ears. This stunner should have been attracting every testosterone-producing boy within a ten mile radius. So I asked her if she had wondered what it was like. She responded shyly that she had never had any luck with boys her own age but hoped that one day soon, the guy she had a crush on would see her for what she was. I was immediately jealous of this other guy and asked her all about him. He lived in the area, was in the farming community but was a little older than her. She wouldn’t give me a response, though, when I asked her what his name was. I couldn’t see her face since it was once again covered by her hair, so I leaned over and brushed it aside with my hand. She turned her youthful face to me, lowered her eyes and said, “It’s you Jamie, it’s you.”

I was shocked - and I was now facing a world-altering moment. The right thing to do would have been to pass over the comment and move on. But of course I didn’t. Looking once again at her crotch my eyes gradually moved up to her succulent little breasts. I slowly ascended to her smooth neck, past her lips and looked her in the eyes. It took a moment before she returned the gaze but when she did, I put my hand on her cheek and drew her towards me. Our lips met softly and it was pure heaven. We kissed like that for a few seconds before her tongue slid into my mouth and we pushed our lips together, harder in a passionate moment. Sitting as we were it was impossible to continue so I took her hand and led her down the corridor to one of the spare bedrooms. I drew her gently towards me, looking straight at her. “Sara, let’s just take things easy and get comfortable with each other. We have all the time in the world for adventure.” She nodded but still looked eager to enter the room and continue where we had left off. She walked in and took up a standing position with her back to the bed, waiting for me to call the shots. I stood there and openly looked at her again, taking in all of her features. She was doing the same to me and I made no show of hiding my erect cock inside my jeans. Dropping my eyes again to her mound I noticed there was a slight wet spot developing there and I wondered just how horny an innocent sixteen year-old girl could get.

Moving slowly towards her I could see she was slightly nervous and I wanted her to feel at ease, so I placed both hands lightly on her buttocks, drew her hips towards me and began a slow grind as we kissed deeply. I asked her if I could explore her body because it was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Again she nodded with a timid smile on her face. I sensually caressed her buttocks, back and neck before I raised her arms to take off her tank top. It slid over her head easily and when I looked down I saw a breathtaking pair of emerging young breasts capped with the most sumptuously puffy nipples. I took hold of her again, ground my cock into her pelvis and started to kiss and lick her neck. She shuddered a little and let out a couple of appreciative moans. As I was doing this, my hands worked over her stomach and gradually moved up to her petite breasts. I took one in each hand and as Sara gasped I could tell by the way she leaned back that it wasn’t from anxiety. I massaged her tits and nipples before lowering my head to take each one in turn in my mouth. They were so small that I could fit one in my mouth with ease; this was heaven. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, it was taboo, forbidden, but it was more thrilling to me than I could ever have imagined.

After a few minutes it felt like the right time to go further. Sara’s gentle writhing told me I was allowed, even expected, to go further so I hooked my thumbs into the top of her white pants and slowly drew them down over her hips and, getting down on my knees, I slipped them over her feet. At this Sara seemed to freeze with fear and she pulled me back up and said, “Would you like to take a step back and see what’s yours. I’m giving myself to you and I want you to get to know every inch of me.” I had been mistaken but I did have a good look and what I saw in front of me was pure utopia. A slim girl with fabulous little breasts, lovely girl hips, and between these and her long luscious legs, her most private part covered in skimpy white panties with a pronounced stain at the front. I could feel she wanted to be desired and at the same time to be loved. I could feel all kinds of emotions erupt within me and I wondered if I wasn’t falling in love with a girl twenty-one years younger.

Even though I wanted to take Sara there and then, it was vital to go slowly and make the whole thing a pleasing, gentle and erotic experience for her. So I stayed where I was and took off my shirt and jeans, throwing them in a heap. This left me standing in my tight, white boxers which perfectly showed off my hard cock which was pinned to my inside leg. She took one very long look at it and then, seductively walking over to me, she asked if she could touch it. It was my turn to nod and she wasted little time getting down to business as she slowly removed my shorts and helped me out of them. I watched as she, on her knees, turned her attention to my fully erect cock. With her left hand she cupped my sensitive balls and put her hand around my shaft with the other. I was so aroused that I let out a loud moan. She looked up and I saw that she had appreciated my groans of pleasure. She then did something I hadn’t expected; she put her nose between my cock and balls and began to smell my aroused scent. It was so innocent but so hot. As she slowly caressed my knob she took her lips to the head of it and licked off the oozing pre-cum and I could see her taste it and come back for more. After cleaning the tip she began to take my cock into her mouth and after an initial gag managed to take two thirds down her throat. This sexy teenager had an appetite and I was just waiting to satisfy her. I was getting too turned on so I suggested we lie down on the bed. I still hadn’t explored her and was loving the fact that she was still wearing her skimpy white panties.

I didn’t want to take them off but I wanted to explore her warmest parts nonetheless. We lay facing each other and once again began to kiss. I pulled her towards me and began to rub my cock over her panties and she began to get into rhythm with my movements. As I rolled her on to her back I saw I had rubbed pre-cum all over her stomach so I took my fingers and covered them with the clear syrup. Then I lowered my hand and slid it under her panties until I located her clitoris. She arched her back and gasped in pleasure so I did it again - and again. From time to time I would drop my fingers to between her lips and take up dollops of moist girl-juices which I could spread over her clit. At no point did I penetrate her with my finger but teased her every now and then. It soon became obvious how frustrated she was becoming when she placed her hand on the back of mine and tried to make me stick my fingers in her. But I wouldn’t. I wanted to see her writhe in pleasure and sensuality and she was doing admirably so far.

It didn’t take long for me to step up the pace and Sara just couldn’t contain herself. Her firm little ass was rising itself off the bed and her hips were gyrating to the motions of my fingers. It was amazing to provoke such a reaction, especially with a novice. She kept her eyes closed but raised the level of her groaning so I leaned over and started to suck on her little breasts and within seconds it felt like she was wetting herself and then she raised herself off the bed, screamed simply “Yes”, and had what was the first orgasm of her life. She came all over my hand and I quickly covered my cock in her juices. I almost came just looking at her getting masturbated in her little panties, which were now a soggy mess.

She finally opened her eyes and with a big smile said, “I think I love you.” Sure, it’s a first-timer’s response but I nearly melted. I wanted to say it back to her, but that could well turn out to be my dick speaking. She then added, “But I really wanted to you to stick something in me. At first I wanted your fingers, then I wanted something bigger. I want all of you.” I wanted to reply that she could have me any way she wanted but I kept it to myself. Deciding to take proper care of her needs, I removed her soiled knickers and then placed myself on my knees between her legs. I had a full view of her whole body and I wanted to consume it with passion. Her pussy was picture perfect. She even moved her legs slightly wider so I could get a proper look. The lips were still relatively small and all I could see was a long line from top to bottom. I longed to get between them so I lowered my head and began to lick her pussy with the tip of my tongue. She liked this and started to move her hips faster so I was obliged to keep up. She closed her eyes and began to massage and pinch her nipples as I concentrated on her beauty spot. After a few minutes she dragged me up by the hair and said, “I need to feel you now. Will you make love to me now?” I didn’t know what to say so I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. As I was doing this I started sliding my cock over her pussy and clit and she began to kiss me deeper. It was as if she were imagining me fucking her and carrying out the actions with her mouth. She wasn’t going to wait long. I broke off the kiss and knelt up. With one hand I took my cock and began to rub the head on the entrance to her pussy then slowly eased just the head in. Sara’s movements slowed down and I saw she was feeling some pain so I softly told her not to do anything and in a moment it would be fine. Once I saw her face relax I gently began to move my cock in a bit further. There was no problem with lubrication but I wasn’t getting very far; her pussy was the tightest I can ever remember being inside. I soon made progress and within a couple of minutes I was inside her up to the hilt. At this point I paused to bathe in the satisfying sensation and, kissing her on the lips, asked her if she was alright. “I have never been more alright in my life. I want to feel you inside me all the time.”

There was nobody more willing to oblige than me. I not only felt great warmth for this nymph but she also had an effect on me that no other woman had ever managed. That was it; Sara was a woman even though her body belied this. Everything that had happened between us was simply the act of two people craving each other’s attention, luxuriating in a private intimacy. Forget the fact that Sara was a late developing sixteen year-old girl, and daughter to one of my best friends. She was also my pupil – but today she was my pupil in a completely different way.

These prohibited thoughts simply made my mind up for me. I was determined to give this petite girl underneath me, this girl who was embracing my cock with more passion than any other in my life, the pleasure she deserved and needed. I started to slowly slide out of her but before the tip emerged I glided myself back in again, conscious not to hurt her. The sound of her desire was enough to spur me on but I was determined to make this love-making - for that’s what I was beginning to realise it was - the most lustful experience of her brief life to date. I wanted to give her just a small taste of what was out there. I had no doubt that there were better lovers than me and I knew that, even if I wanted to, I could never keep such a fledgling phoenix far from the fire.

Frankly it didn’t matter. She had opened her eyes and was looking at me as if I were the only man on earth. She reached up with her mouth and enveloped my tongue; her hips moved so that I was forced to restart my earlier movement. She was getting high on lust and misguided feelings. I was getting high just being inside a girl who I had subconsciously coveted for the last few years.

With Sara’s pelvic assistance we kept up the slow but gratifying rhythm. I wanted to tease her as I had teased other women by pulling my cock out completely and waiting for her to beg me to put it back in, but I couldn’t bear to leave her warm, moist centre. Everything about her was exquisite and now it was me who couldn’t separate lust from misguided feelings.

“Jamie, I want you. I want you to ejaculate inside me. I need all of you and soon.” What man doesn’t want to hear that from a waif of a girl. I stepped up the pace but stayed mindful of the need to be tender. It seemed to be precisely what she wanted. Her breathing was becoming more erratic and she took in air and exhaled in large gulps. I found that my cock was slipping in and out of her more fluidly than before and as she raised her ass off the bed and wrapped her legs around my back I knew she wanted me deeper and faster. So I obliged as best I could, and the tight little cunt swallowing my cock was taking everything I could give. It was hard to keep up this frenetic pace without coming and I was both excited and relieved that she began to lose control of herself. She was screaming my name over and over, looking deep into my eyes, and telling me how much she loved me. I couldn’t contain myself and shouted, “Sara, I love you too, baby.” With this she smiled with evident joy; her muscles tightened and she seemed to convulse with rapture as my extra hard cock was bathed in warm, flooding juices. It was just too much and I thrust myself as far inside her as possible, coming as deeply as I could manage. It was a moment I never wanted to end. It was one of those rare moments when two people orgasm together but this was more than special, it was shared with the hottest teenager I had ever seen.

Sara’s orgasm lasted much longer than mine and judging by the look on her face, was a moment she would never forget. She saw me staring at her the instant she refocused and the biggest smile I ever saw formed on her lips. She slowly caressed my buttocks with the feet that were still planted there and covered my mouth with an all-consuming kiss. I was still inside her and both of us were oozing fluids but it felt right. When our lips parted she reverted to shy mode but still managed to confirm what she had said, “Jamie, I love you, I always have. I know it’s not possible but I want to be with you forever, even if it means I can only have a taste of you from time to time.”

I couldn’t help myself and answered, “Baby, you can have me whenever you like. You have changed my life.”

Part 2 to follow
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