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The First Meeting

Matt and Debbie first chatted online. This is the story of when they first met!
The First Meeting

It all started when I went onto a contact site. I saw her picture and was instantly in lust. We started chatting, by emails first, then we got onto MSN. The conversations were risky to say the least. Then she sent me a story about what she would like to do to me. It was erotic, full of lust and the sex was great, she urged me to send her one back which I did. She loved it, and we then started sending stories to each other. Each time they got more erotic, or risky, or just downright dirty and pornographic. I think we learned a lot about each other. But we had never met. Not even once. Hell, we never even talked on the phone. I guess, we were just playing with each other’s minds.

So here I am, Sitting on the train, listening to my music, I am bound for her home city, I find myself replaying all those stories in my head, one after each other, each one perfect to every word. I am not sure what the woman opposite me thinks, but I find myself breathing heavily every now and then. I hoped everything was kept inside my head, especially when either my friend or me had an orgasm. I just hope I didn’t say anything out loud.

The train slows down, and I find my heart rate has more than doubled. I wonder what she will be wearing, will she recognise me, will I recognise her! Then I wonder what she sounds like. I find myself thinking that, perhaps, we should have talked first!

The train stops. Fuck, this is it, I think. Everyone gets up out of their seats almost in unison to collect their bags and get off the train. I stay seated, no need for me to rush, I think, as I try and calm myself down. I explain to myself that everything will be ok because we have had such great conversations on-line. But that’s part of the problem isn’t it. Peoples personas on-line are different. I mean, some people are the same no matter what, but others can be braver, more outgoing when they don’t have to face the person face-to-face. I do hope she is a normal person. All manner of thoughts like these rush through my head. I find myself staring into space at the now empty seat opposite me. I snap out of the daydream and find that virtually everyone has left the carriage. That’s my cue to get off the train and meet her.

I get up and leave the train. Stepping onto the station platform I walk towards the exit. Is she there? I try and look around for someone familiar; one person in a haystack of people. What chance have I got of that in my state right now. My heart rate is on the verge of tripling and then I see someone that may be her. At least I see someone that is doing the same as me but is on the other side of the barrier. Yes, I think to myself it is her.

Then she sees me, she puts her hand into the air and waves. I look behind me to make sure noone else is responding. No-one seems to be. As I get closer I see that it is her, I make out some of the beautiful features that made me contact her in the first place, yes, I do mean her breasts. I start to walk towards her and smile. She is smiling all the time now, her head cocked to one side as she watches me walk towards her. I see her stuff her hands into the front pockets of her jeans and wiggle her top half smiling away. I try and be calm and, yes that’s it, normal.

I hand my ticket to the station guard and keep looking at her. She has not left yet, so I come to the conclusion that I can’t be all that bad in the flesh! She starts to walk towards me as I channel my bag through the narrow gap and onto the station concourse.

I think I see her become a little unsure of herself as she approaches me. I wonder whether she is feeling the same as me, unsure, wondering whether we match up to our own expectations of each other, scared even.

She certainly matches my expectations. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her white top buttoned up the front, her tight pale coloured jeans, her sunglasses propped up on her lovely brunette hair and her dark blue shoes.

I want to run into her arms but I become cautious. Does she want to do the same? I can’t tell. We approach each other only six yards to go and her beauty overwhelms me.

“WOW! You look gorgeous,” the words just came out. I ask myself where the hell they came from, someone, not me, must have said them. She gave me a broad smile.

“Don’t look so bad yourself,” she replied. I take this as compliment.

I drop my bag on the floor with only two yards to go and I extend my arms to her waist and wrap my arms around her as she puts her arms around my neck and we kiss for the very first time. It’s a peck really. Nothing too passionate, no tongues. We pull apart and rapidly decide what we are going to do. Fuck it, I think to myself, I never even squeezed her arse. I was planning to squeeze her arse all the way up the platform, fuck it.

“Let‘s go for that coffee, shall we,” she says, “there‘s a Starbucks just around the corner.” I nod and we make polite conversation as we walk to the café.

Polite conversation, I start thinking After all the raunchy emails, stories and MSN chats we have had, we make polite conversation. Thank God for the weather eh! It then hits me - I like the way she talks, its such a relief.

We get to the café and she offers to get the drinks; I sit down on some comfy leather seats away from the crowds. She joins me and we make, polite conversation.

“So what shall we do?” she asks.

I start to think and come up with some site seeing ideas but eventually come round to asking her what she would like to do.

“Story four,” she says.

Story four, I think, what the fu… “Right…got it,” I say to her, “Story four, the one where…” I look around for the toilets, spot them and turn to smile at her. “You‘re not serious are you?” I ask.

She shakes her head no, “But I really can‘t wait to get your cock up me!” she exclaims.

At last, the ice has been broken, I was so glad it was her that broke it. I just don’t think I could have. The suspense was doing my head in. Now, we can get back to normal.

“Me too!” I replied. “I hope your pussy‘s fucking wet as hell,” I said.

“Wet is not the word for it,” she replied, “I have changed my knickers twice already today…”

“Ah,” I interrupted, “Story eight…no knickers!” I pointed at her, laughing.

She bit her lower lip and nodded at me. She sipped some of her coffee.

“Excuse me a minute please,” she said, “Your train took ages to get here and I need the loo…be right back,” she continued.

Debbie left to go to the loo and I was left with a smile on my face. She was everything I expected and more and I knew I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel that I had booked. It was only ten minutes walk away from the station. I sipped my coffee, wondering how it would all turn out.

Debbie arrived back at the table, before sitting she dropped her knickers on the table. “Would you put these in your bag for me, young man…” she said in a posh upper class accent. “They seem to have fallen down around my ankles…”

I laughed, it was a line from story eight, but I quickly picked them up and shoved them into my bag before anyone noticed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the chair. Her hand slipped around my waist as she pulled me towards her and her mouth locked onto mine, her lips crashed against mine and her tongue forced its way inside. Forced, would of course, be the opposite word to use in my case. As soon as I realised what sort of kiss it was, my mouth was wide open and waiting for her. We stood there for a good minute with our tongues lashing at each other.

“Don‘t know about you…” she said, “but I‘m fucking horny.” I nodded, “Can‘t wait to fuck you now,” I replied. We were breathing more heavily when we left Starbucks than when we entered, I put it down to the something they must have put in the coffee. We walked sprightly to the hotel. I checked in while Debbie made her way to the lifts. I joined her and we made our way to the room.

We never really got inside the room that much before she was passionately kissing me again. I guess we sidled into the room joined at the lips; like a crab walking sideways rather than actually walking into it like normal people. I threw my bag on the first piece of empty floor that I could see out of the corner of my eye. At last my hands were free. They immediately found the buttons on her blouse.

“Don‘t rip them…” she murmured at me as she kissed my neck. I unbuttoned them all then her bra, then took both of them off her in one go. Her arms released from my neck to allow her clothes to be removed. She then proceeded to do the same for my shirt.

She started to fumble with my belt and buckle while I undid her top button and unzipped her jeans quite easily. There was no time to take her jeans down, I wanted to feel her wet pussy immediately. I thrust my hand down her tight jeans and slipped my hand onto her pussy and my fingers into her wet slit. Fuck she was wet.

Debbie finally got the hang of a belt and buckle and opened the front of my jeans. Her hands delved inside my jeans and pants in one go, she circled my cock and squeezed it. My free hand found her breast and I started to fondle it, I lowered my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Debbie gasped aloud at how I sucked and nibbled at her nipples. As I did this, I swear, her pussy became wetter in my hands.

She pushed me away from her and walked towards the bed. She was kicking off her shoes and removing her jeans as she did so. I took the hint. I removed my shoes and socks and ripped my jeans and pants down in one go. When I stood upright my cock was standing proud.

“Oh! fuck!” she exclaimed, “What a nice cock.”

It was the only words of encouragement I needed. Then I saw her pussy. Glistening wet with her juices. I walked towards her and we crashed our mouths together one more time. My hand found her pussy once again and I pushed a finger inside her. Debbie broke off the kiss and gasped, she nuzzled her head on my neck and started to kiss and nibble at my neck. I lifted her slightly as I pushed two fingers up her cunt.

“Yes, Oooo, finger fuck me,” she said, “fuckit, yeah, fuckit,” she gasped the words out as she thrust her pussy into my hand.

I could feel my cock against her belly, I wanted to push it into her but I also wanted her to suck it. I pushed her onto the bed and she fell down onto it. She immediately recovered and was sitting upright on the edge when her mouth slipped over my cock. It was such a wonderful feeling as she sank her mouth down it and pushed it down her throat as far as it would go. She sucked me for what seemed like ages, intermittently licking the whole length of my cock, my balls and sinking her mouth down on it. It was so wonderful and she was fantastic to watch.

She left my cock suddenly and scrambled up the bed.

“In me…In me now…” she pleaded.

I jumped onto the bed and my cock went straight up her cunt. It felt wonderful to have it slide inside her velvety, hot sheath. It was a frictionless fuck to say the least. My arms were holding me proud of her body as I fucked my cock into her.

Debbie screamed. I thought I had hurt her, so I pulled back.

“No…fuck no, fuck me harder…I‘m cumming…” she cried out at me. Well fuck me, I thought, I had got that all wrong. She never mentioned that in her stories.

I fucked my cock back into her and she screamed again. She kept on screaming as her orgasms rolled from one into the other. They were hitting her simultaneously. Her head started to roll from side to side. She had enough composure to put her hands on my arse and pull my buttocks into her as I thrust forward.

“I‘m cumming…” I said to her as I looked into her eyes for confirmation that it was alright to spurt inside her.

“Stop…please stop…” she shouted at me. I took that as a no and pulled out of her in time. Thankfully I was close but not that close.

Debbie clambered from underneath me…

“I’m ok, she said, I just want you up my arse!” she exclaimed with wide eyes and a wicked grin on her face.

Oh fuck! I thought, up her arse on the first date, fucking result. Needless to say I didn’t need telling twice.

Debbie got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling as I placed my cock at her rear entrance. I slipped my cock over her pussy and then slid it up the crack of her arse. I did this several times to smear her own juices and lubrication over her anus, then I smiled at her as I pushed my cock into her. She groaned loudly as I entered her, then she relaxed as I pushed my cock in further. I kept thinking how fucking nice this was - nice! No it was fucking dirty and fantastic and lewd and just out of this world.

I fucked her arse with renewed vigour. She was definitely going to get my spunk up her now.

Matt, “cum all over my back and rub it in…Please…” she pleaded.

I fucked her wildly bucking my arse and cock into her anus, fucking her for all I was worth. I heard Debbie exclaim that she was cumming again, and then I felt the surge of spunk up my cock. I suddenly remembered what she said earlier, but it seemed ages ago now.

I pulled my cock out of her arse as I drained my balls all over her back. Streams of spunk reached her shoulders as I spurted all over her. I was groaning as I spunked.

“Rub it into me,” she instructed.

I leaned forward over her body as I massaged my spunk into her back, the last drops falling from my cock onto her thighs. Debbie fell forwards and rolled onto her back. I fell on top of her and we kissed before I ended up next to her.

“That was some fuck eh!” she exclaimed. I just nodded, partly out of breath. I let my hands fall to her stomach and proceeded to caress her breasts and body.

She started to laugh - loudly.

“Fuck knows what my husband would have thought of that!” she said, breathing heavily. She rolled over slipping her leg between mine and she kissed me.

“He‘s never…ever had my arse, you know!” she said, finally.

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