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The First of many.

I turned around and suddenly you were to close. The first time with any one is wild!


There had been tension between us for sometime now. Innocent, but strong attraction. You wanted me and I you.

  One evening after a long day at work I was getting ready to leave for the day. I went to switch the lights off, but at the same moment so did you. I turned around and suddenly you were to close. For a moment we paused, unsure of what the other would do. But still feeling the heat between us. All the lights were off except for one in the distance, which left only silhouettes of our self’s to see. The time was now!


“mmmm you smell good!” you said with a quite smile


  You pushed me hard against the door, which sent pain running down my back. But I didn’t care. The pain made the desire even more uncontrollable.

  You had your hands around my waist. I felt your breathing get closer. Then your lips were against mine. You felt so hot to the touch. I instantly felt a flush of heat radiate through me, ending between my legs.


“I don’t think I can stand” My legs feeling weak.


  Your hands moved up to hold my breast. They felt bigger as you touched them, as if they filled with lust. My breathing quickened. My breasts were bigger than your hands so you had more then enough to squeeze, and squeeze you did. Arr! the pleasure of finally feeling you touch me made me wet so very wet.


  Our kiss’s got deeper and deeper. Sliding me towards the back room along the wall. My hands found the buttons of your shirt and I slowly unbutton you, dragging my hand down your chest. As I did you moved your hand between my legs, making my wetness seep through my thong. You closed the door behind us, still never letting me be more than an inch away from you at anytime.


“Ah! Your not getting away this time” you said with such wanting.


  You picked me up and placed me on the work top, pushing everything on to the floor. We kissed as if we were hungry, hands everywhere. You where the perfect height so that your waist fitted perfect between my legs. I pulled you closer moving your shirt slightly up so I could feel your skin on the inside of my thighs. You kiss and licked my neck. I felt as if I were a virgin again, not quite sure what to do? Where my hands should have gone? Or what should of I touched first? My shirt was open only five buttons but enough to reveal my chest. By now I was rubbing the front of your trousers and feeling that you were already rock hard, my mouth watered. Still rubbing between my legs and feeling my wetness you pull my skirt up over my thighs and up over my cheeks. You slid my thong to one side and starting from the top, sliding a finger down until you found my hole and slowly pushed your finger deep inside, slowly moving it in and out and then another finger. I sighed at the feeling, the excitement was building.


  I wanted your cock but as I went to unzip you, you pulled me forward, grabbing a handful of hair and pushing me to my knees. You ripped opened your belt and pulled your self free. I wanted it and without a moment I had taken it into my mouth. Then I pulled it out and run the tip over my slightly opened mouth, looking up at you, as I did this seeing the frustration in your face I buried your cock once again into my mouth. Trying to take in as much as I could. Sucking it longingly. After a few minutes of licking and sucking. You again with the same handful of hair pulled me up and sat me back on the work top, all the time looking in to my eyes. Both of us sweating at this point.


  You pulled me forward so my bum was almost off of the work top, and without any warning you pushed you big cock into me. With the shock I winced, hearing this only made you fuck me harder. With one hand on the wall and the other behind my back you fucked me so hard that I thought I would pass out. But all the time looking dead into each others eyes. I loved feeling every inch of you inside me. Seeing the strain on your face and knowing the end was insight, I grabbed you pushing you deeper, but I knew I was coming and didn’t know how long I could hold on. You started hitting me deeper and deeper getting closer and closer. We both shuddered with pleasure and you let out a cry that sent shivers through me finishing me off beautifully. I held you there not letting you pull out, not that you wanted to. I enjoyed every pulse of cock as you filled me up. Both hot and sweaty with the look of complete satisfaction on our faces. As you pulled out, your come came running out. You looked so please with your self that made me smile. We spent the rest of the night kissing and hugging still in the aftermath of the evening’s events. You kissed my lips neck and chest and said softly “Thank you” as you put your fore head against mine. We were still in shock that, what had been building up for time had now been unleashed. I couldn’t wait to see what the next weeks would bring. I was filled with excitement, I didn’t care what people would think. I looked in to his eyes, the cards were now defiantly on the table……

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