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The First Thing My Boyfriend and I Ever Did

A girl and her boyfriend start the journey of sexual pleasure
Our first year anniversary was coming up. We'd only known each other for under a month before we got together, but as the days slowly passed and we got to know each other more and better, we ended up falling in love.

Looking at my beautiful boyfriend, David, I couldn't even think about what I would do without him. I didn't know what I would do if he left me or if he was taken from me. He'd become such a major part of my life and I was completey and utterly devoted to him, and he was to me.

It was only about a month into our relationship when things started happening. I remember it so clearly. We were in his shed, it was a cool summer's night and we had set up a little seating area around a T.V and we frequently watched movies in there. We had talked about doing sexual things before, but it was never a planned thing. I had touched another boyfriend before that, but David had done nothing.

We started kissing. His lips always felt so good against mine. He ran his hands so softly all over my body, I felt weak in his arms. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, caressed it against mine, explored. Suddenly his grip got tighter and his kisses got so hard and quick. I knew he wanted me, I could feel his big hard package pressing into my leg.

I ran my hand over his bulge, and I realized I have never wanted something more in my life, I wanted to see his cock, I wanted to touch it. I could feel myself getting hot, I knew I was getting turned on at the thought of touching him.

After about five minutes of our kissing getting more and more rough, I decided just to go for it. I trailed my fingertips down his chest, then around his belly button and along the waistband of his jeans. He let out a little groan, which set my pussy pulsing. He didn't know it, but whenever he moaned like that it turned me on so much I felt like jumping on him and riding him right there and then.

I clumsily tried to undo the buttons on his jeans; my hands were shaking with anticipation at seeing his cock for the first time. I could feel it rubbing against my hand as I tried to undo his jeans, I knew how bad he must have wanted me.
"David, can you eh... get this for me?"

He smiled, then lightly ran his hands from my neck, over my rock hard nipples, down my stomach and met my hands at his waistband. He un-fastened his jeans within seconds and they fell to the floor. He traced his hands back up and left them on my breasts, he circled and caressed them through my t-shirt.

I felt my heart start to beat so quick as I slowly slid the waistband of his boxers down. His big, hard cock fell out to greet me. Without even thinking, I wrapped my hand around it and it pulsed in reaction. He groaned so loud when I wrapped my fingers around it, I never knew someone could be this turned on.

I was utterly gobsmacked at the size. My last boyfriend was a small and skinny 5 inches, whereas David stood on the borderline of 7. It was so thick and had a big, pulsing vain going around the side. I could feel myself getting more wet just as I held it in my fingers.

I slowly moved my hand up and down. He squeezed my side so hard and practically bit my lip off. It was such a turn on knowing he was groaning at me touching him, and if he was groaning this much at the start, just wait until it got better, I thought, he'd never know what hit him.

I rubbed his cock up and down a little quicker, as a soft moan escaped my lips. I let my fingers get a little tighter as I got to the head, then I'd let them get loose as I worked my way back down.

My other hand was running wild all over his body, his kisses were so rough as he squeezed my ass and felt, rubbed and pinched my hard nipples. I soon got faster at moving my hand, and I got even tigher around the head as I knew this was the most sensitive spot. The way in which he was responding to my movements had my pussy soaking, I loved every sound or groan he'd make.

I moved my hand down and felt his balls in my hand. They were so big and full and they were aching to be released. I started moving my hand so, so quick over the tip with loose, light strokes and he started practically screaming, I could feel his balls tensing and I knew he was about to cum.

Just as it was about to happen I bit his lip and moved my hand at lightning speed over the tip. He gave out a cry of pleasure as his hot, thick cum shot out of his massive cock. It was all over my hand and the floor, I'd never seen so much in my life. He threw his head back as 3 long spurts of cum exploded from his cock and went everywhere, he was groaning so loud.

When he finished, a few seconds of silence and very heavy breathing followed. His chest was moving so quickly as I saw him smile. He placed his hands on my neck and lifted up my chin, he gently licked my lip and whispered, "That was the best thing I have ever experienced, in my life. I don't understand how you can be so good."

A massive smile grew on my face, as thoughts of what had just happened entered my mind. I gently stroked his softening cock and pulled his boxers back up, then did his jeans back up for him.

It was awkward the first time I had done this with a previous boyfriend, but when I looked at David, he was smiling so big at me. We laughed togther as we looked at the mess on the floor, and joked about how his parents probably could have heard him from his house.

I realized I had never been more turned on in my life, I had never even been as wet. 
I knew there was more of this to cum.


Let me know what you think, if you like them then I will certainly add more stories about our sexual relationship getting better as time goes on!

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