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The first time

I had no plans for the day. My mum was at work and my brother had gone out so I thought I would just have a lazy day in front of the TV in my pyjamas (well, t-shirt and knickers). I had just gotten comfy on the sofa when to doorbell rang. Oh, it will probably just be someone trying to sell me something, I thought, so I ignored it. It then rang again, so I reluctantly opened the door to find my boyfriend standing there, looking chuffed.

“Y’alright babe?” he said, and gave me a peck on the lips.

I was shocked.“Hi, yeah, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know, I was passing." 

“You live on the other side of town, why were you passing? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, don’t look so worried. Can I come in please?”

“Oh, but I look such a mess.”

“I’ve seen you now, and you look lovely, as always.”

“Ever the charmer, eh? Come in then. So, you were passing?”

“Yeah, about that, I wasn’t passing; I just wanted to see you. That okay?”

“Oh, could’ve given me some warning, I mean, the whole dressing gown and no make-up look isn’t exactly sexy.”

“Oh shush, you always look sexy.”

We chose a film to watch and settled down, his arms wrapped tightly around me to watch the film. About half an hour later, he paused it and looked at me intently. I expected him to tell me something important, but instead, he said,“I really need a wee, hold on.”

I laughed. “Ohhh, not before me!” I replied, and ran past him towards the stairs.

He picked me up by the waist and I squirmed, but his strong hold kept me in place. He laughed back, planted a kiss on my face before lying me down on the sofa and running upstairs. I quickly got up and followed him but the bathroom door had closed before I reached him. I slumped down outside the door and waited. He opened the door after a minute,

“Sorry, sweetie,” he said, giving me a quick hug from behind and helping me up.

After using the toilet, I came out to discover my boyfriend perched on the end of my bed. 

“You seem to be sitting on my bed. Did you get lost on your way to the living room?”

He laughed, “Just looking.”

I walked towards him, never taking my gaze from his eyes, and then sat on his lap, wrapping my legs around his hips. “Well, I’ll forgive you, but only because you look so sexy right now.”

A cute half-smile spread over his face before he moved his face closer to mine and gently kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and mine entered his as the kiss became more passionate. I leant forwards, forcing him to lay on his back with me on top.

We fondled at one another, caressing the skin and excitedly removing each other’s tops. My breasts popped out and he cupped them with his hands as I pulled my face away from his. I showed him a mischievous grin before running my nails down his chest as I got closer to his nether regions. I unbuttoned his jeans, then his zip with my mouth, letting out a deep breath right on his hard penis as I saw it trying to escape from his Calvin Kleins. He pushed his hips up, letting me pull off his jeans and pants. I taunted him by kneeling away from touching distance and slipping off my lacy knickers, flipping them off the end of my leg then crawling back up towards him.

Our kissing continued as I felt our chests pressing against each other as we simultaneously breathed heavily. I could feel his big cock pressing against my leg and when he bit my lip, I knew he could not take it much longer, I trailed my tongue down his perfect body then around his member. He groaned as I look his penis deep into my mouth, tickling his balls. I stopped and he looked at me, I approached his face and whispered,“Do you wanna?”

He replied, “Do you want to?”

We both smiled and he brushed his lips against mine and he flipped me underneath him. He breathed in my scent. Then I felt his magical tongue swirling around my clitoris before he pushed in into my vagina. I moved my hips around as I moaned in pleasure.

He sat up and placed his hands next to my face, leaning towards me. He nodded and I confirmed by nodding back. His hand gently stroked my cheek before he returned and rubbed my clitoris for a few seconds before taking his dick and slowly entering me. As he pushed it further in, I let my head drop back. My satisfied noises reassured him to continue.

I could sense that my beautiful, gentle, confident boyfriend was just as scared as I was. He went slowly, taking care not to cause me any pain, which he did not. Our hips thrusted together as we picked up speed and rhythm. He ran his hand along my chest and I placed my hand on top of his and squeezed it.

Soon we were breathing faster and deeper than ever, moaning and squirming. My back arched as I felt the familiar tingling sensation run through my body; but this was better than normal, stronger and somehow more meaningful. The pressure in my vagina rose and I could feel the penis inside it building tension, too. I let out a delighted welp as the build up was released and, at the same time, my boyfriend on top of me moaned louder than ever. Our muscles twitched as the same time and I felt his semen run through me. Just as my orgasm finished, he rolled over to lie beside me on his back and simply said, “That was amazing.” His breathing rate slowly returning to normal.

All I could manage to reply was, “Uh-huh.”

He turned my face towards his and looked deeply into my eyes, “I really do love you.”

A smile once again spread across my face as I replied, “God, I love you .too."

We embraced in a romantic kiss before I rolled away and he pressed his naked body against mine. His breath against my neck lulled me into a deep sleep.

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