The first time Abi touched me

By kittycat

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I've never been with a woman before but I'm curious, maybe this is what it might be like...
It was a warm sunny afternoon in July and I was feeling more happy than I had in a long time. After breaking up with Tom I hadn't really felt like doing anything. I slipped on my bikini and strolled down to the beach. I sat on the promenade and watched the world go by. The feeling of the warm sun on my skin and cool sea breeze made me smile.

"What a beautiful day," I heard a female voice saying my thoughts out loud. It was a tall blonde girl, early twenties, beautiful, around my age. I smiled back at her and she sat down beside me.

"I'm Abi, nice to meet you."

"Jessica, same," I replied.

For the next hour we seemed to talk effortlessly about ourselves, our lives. It wasn't stilted or awkward the way it can sometimes be with strangers. I told her about the whole Tom situation, that's when she said, "I could never do that to a pretty girl like you."

I felt my cheeks burn as she said it, she hadn't mentioned a girlfriend so I had just assumed she was straight. I just gave an awkward smile and changed the subject. I was looking straight ahead but I could feel her eyes on me.

She placed a hand on my thigh and said, "Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you."

I jumped as I felt her touch, it was like a electricity. I'd never been touched by a woman before in that way. I suddenly felt very conscious that all I was wearing was a string bikini and and flimsy cotton vest top holding my ample breasts. I felt my nipples strain against the thin fabric and hoped she didn't notice, but I'm sure she did.

"Let's get ice cream!" I said jumping up breaking the tension as I walked over and got us two ice creams. I sat down next to Abi again, and I could feel her watching me lick my ice cream.

My cheeks reddened again, and Abi leaned in to me, "Can I taste yours?" she asked. She didn't take it out of my hand, she just leaned in closer and ran her tongue all the way round the ice cream. She looked at me, then she started licking it with the tip of her tongue, gentle laps still looking me in the eyes. I knew it was a silent question. She pulled away and some of the ice cream had run down her chin. She got her middle finger and wiped the creamy liquid then licked her finger clean. I felt a heat between my legs, my nipples were stiff, this girl was turning me on.

We must have been talking for a while because the sky had clouded over and it had turned cold. There was a crash of thunder and it started to pour with rain, it was almost tropical, the huge droplets that soak you instantly. Abi grabbed my hand and started running.

"Come on, I only live round the corner, we're going to get soaked out here!" As we ran down the street holding hands I felt nervous, but excited and I wondered what was going to happen next.

We got inside and we were both drenched and out of breath. Abi's dress was clinging to her and it was the first time I'd had a real chance to take in her figure. She was a similar size to me. Long slim legs, but curvaceous thighs and womanly hips that the thin material clung to. Her breasts were full and round, and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

Abi led me upstairs to the bathroom and gave me a clean towel, she said she was going to dry my clothes for me while I was in the shower. I got undressed and I was just about to pull my panties down when I heard a knock at the bathroom door, I didn't know what to say "Come in" or "Wait". So I said nothing. I could see the handle turning and Abi stepped into the bathroom. She gasped at the sight of me standing there in just my panties.

"I brought you some pyjamas to wear while I wash your clothes." She laid them down on a chair. We stood there for a few seconds, just looking at each other, when she walked towards me. I knew I had already made up my mind when she knocked on the door, but I was nervous, I'd never been with a girl before.

Abi sensed my nerves and pressed her body gently up against me. We matched perfectly; the same height as me, her breasts sat against mine as she pulled me towards her. She put her head against mine, our noses touching, her mouth fractions away from mine. I could feel her hot breath and my pussy started to ache. She brushed her lips gently over mine; they were so soft, I kissed her back with more pressure, letting her know it's what I wanted. Her tongue caressed mine with soft strokes and I felt like I was melting into her.

She took my hand, led me to her bedroom and set me down on her huge bed. I loved the feeling of the clean fresh white linen sheets against my cold skin.

"Don't worry, Jessica, I'm going to warm you up," she murmured as she started kissing me hard on the mouth. As she kissed me she traced her finger tips over my whole body, avoiding my breasts and my pussy. I had goosebumps everywhere and my skin was tingling with her touch. She moved her lips down my neck and started to kiss behind my ear, gently blowing in it, sending shivers down my spine. I let out a soft moan. I loved being teased but I was desperate for her touch.

She moved her hand downwards and started rubbing the inside of my thighs gently, I parted my legs slightly hoping she would move her fingers further up. She lay her palm on my pussy, fingers facing downward and just rested it there not moving. The feeling was so intense that her hand was so close, but not moving.

I pushed my hips slightly against her hand, willing her, but she just smiled at me. She started to move her middle finger, running it so softly over the silk of my panties. My senses were so heightened from the teasing that even the slightest touch sent thrills through me. She continued moving her middle finger over the fabric of my panties until she saw a wet patch through them, she knew how horny I was getting. Just as I thought she was going to take my panties off she stopped.

I moaned in frustration and she moved both hands to my breasts, she pulled at my nipples and took one of them in her mouth. She circled it with her tongue all the time looking at me, then she rubbed her tongue over it, pinching it between her lips til I moaned. She took the other one in her mouth and I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

She must have sensed my frustration because she slowly ran her fingers back down my stomach. She put a finger in the waistband of my panties and I was soaking instantly, my cheeks flushed and my chest felt hot, I knew she was going to take them off. She pulled my panties down to the top of my thighs. She told me to open my legs as far as the panties would allow, the black silk was straining at my thighs. She closed her eyes and moan as she looked down and my glistening pussy.

She lay down next to me and put her lips to mine, she bit gently on my bottom lip as she placed her middle finger on my clit. I moaned in her mouth, my body nearly shaking with the anticipation. She circled my clit with her finger, softly at first then getting harder. Her kisses matched the pace of her finger and she started to run her finger over my clit top to bottom, getting faster, and faster. The friction and the heat felt amazing sending a shiver to the soles of my feet.

She moved her thumb so it was rubbing my clit and placed two fingers at my opening, it was so wet her fingers were covered. She teased me, just rubbing gently with her finger tips while her thumb massaged my clit. I was aching for her fingers inside me and she knew it. I was grinding my pussy against her hand, begging her to fuck me with her fingers. She pulled her face away from mine and looked at me for a second then pushed her two fingers deep into my pussy. I let out a loud moan.

"Yess, oh that feels so good."

She smiled. "You little slut, you've been begging me to finger you haven't you?"

Hearing her call me a slut turned me on so much, my pussy clamped round her fingers with lust as she said it. She pushed her fingers in and out, curving them upwards, opening them, exploring me inside. She found that magic spot and kept rubbing it, never tiring she pushed her fingers in deeper the louder I moaned, her thumb still working my clit.

"Open your legs, you little slut."

Still wearing my panties round my thighs, I tried to open my legs wider. Hearing them tear as I pushed my legs apart turned us both on. I noticed she had started to rub her own pussy with her other hand. I was getting so close and Abi moaning in my mouth and touching her own pussy was gong to send me over the edge.

She told me she was going to cum with me. Abi's fingers still moving in and out of my soaking pussy, going deeper each time, I felt my pussy get tighter as I was about to cum. She held her fingers deep in my pussy and rubbed that spot as hard as she could, the feeling had been building up from the second she started touching me,

"Oh my god, oh, oh, yessss." We both moaned, I exploded, my juice all over her hand, soaking her, waves of pleasure washing over me as my pussy clenched round her fingers and convulsed for at least a minute afterwards.

We lay there, her fingers still inside me, and thumb resting on my clit, both of us shaking, until we eventually fell asleep.