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The First Touch

As soon as we first touched, I knew it wouldn't be the last

The first time I brushed her thigh, goosebumps covered her fair skin. We were out with a group of friends at a restaurant, seated in the corner right next to each other, a large tablecloth draped over our legs. A radiant blue dress tightly wrapped around her body, beautifully showing off her curves. I had accidentally dropped my napkin between us, and upon quickly reaching to grab it, my fingers slid around her knee. I froze, thinking she'd recoil, instantly rejecting any notion of a connection, yet she pressed her leg slightly into mine, a mischievous smile curling up her cheek.

I had known her almost a year at that point; she was my boss's daughter, and we'd gotten friendly enough through these group outings, but a real spark seemed to form whenever we chatted online, during work and after. We never acted on these flirtatious texts, but I always wondered what if...

I nearly jerked my hand away finally, but her eyes seemed to indicate that it was okay. She peered deep into mine with that inviting smile, so I let my fingers gently glide up her thigh, feeling her goosebumps slowly subside. Inconspicuously she slid her hips into mine, slightly spreading her leg, rubbing it against me, but careful not to draw attention. My world was spinning as I rested my palm against her smooth skin. My heart beat relentlessly in my chest.

Her cheeks flushed as she placed a hand on mine, and guided me further down her inner thigh. I could feel myself getting excited between my thin, gray slacks, and I knew she could see it, too. Her smile was intoxicating, as was her perfume, permeating my senses, completely putting me at ease. The rest of dinner was spent ogling each other, her feet rubbing up against my calves; it was all I could do to restrain myself from taking her right there. Finally, as the checks were signed, she feigned being slightly too intoxicated to drive home, to which I gleefully offered to give her a ride home. 

The drive to her place was spent in silence; uncertainty of how to follow through or where to go next with our feelings restlessly clouded our minds. I pulled up to the parking lot before her apartment. The lights were on as her roommates were already home. I sighed, "Well, I had a great evening. I really hope to see you again soon." She smiled again, brushing aside her curly, sunkissed hair. 

"I don't want it to end," she whispered, leaning in. Seizing my moment, I pressed my lips against hers. My eyes flung open as she kissed back passionately. Her chapstick tasted so sweet. I slowly lowered my eyelids, breathing harder, letting her tongue slide into my mouth. My heart fluttered as her hand caressed my thigh, gliding between my legs. I massaged her tongue with mine as her fingers slid around my bulge, hardening under her soft touch. I slid my hand to her knee at first, and as she spread, I slid it further. My fingertips glided against her smooth skin, caressing her inner thigh, slowly sliding further and further. Her breathing got heavier as she cupped my shaft, still above my pants. I felt my boxers wetting from my tip. My heart beat violently as my fingertips reached her warmth, gently sliding around her clit, down the side and back up. My penis throbbed from feeling her wetness. 

As she started unzipping my pants, I kissed her cheek, her jawline, down to her neck. She gently moaned in my ear as I began licking her skin and sucking softly. She pressed her hand into my pants, through my boxers' slit, and wrapped her fingers around me. My breathing quickened as waves of pleasure flowed through my entire body. She pulled out my cock and slowly began stroking, focusing on the tip at first. My juices dripped down her fingers, leaking with every stroke. 

My fingers massaged around her opening, caressing the skin gently, gliding up and down. She moaned a little louder as I finally slipped a moist fingertip inside her. I could feel her pulsing around me as I slid it deeper, gently curling it up and sliding it up and down the roof of her vagina. Her grip tightened around my shaft as she stroked faster, deep strokes down my entire penis. Her hand was soaking wet from me, but her grip stayed firm. I raised my head and looked into her eyes, our pupils dilated, our cheeks red, lips full, and both panting and moaning in unison. My finger stroked her faster, deep as I could go, while my other fingers massaged around her dripping opening. She felt so soft and smelled so good. My eyebrows began arching, my features in complete pleasure as I gave myself to her hand.

Our moaning got louder and louder, the car shaking as we stroked each other. Her juices dripped from my fingers as mine dripped from hers. I shut my eyes and leaned in, thrusting my lips into hers, sliding my tongue inside her mouth, feeling her sucking on it. I squeezed my eyelids and stiffened my finger inside her as I was about to explode. She felt it rising through my shaft, and guided it up with both hands, cupping around my tip, embracing it tightly. She felt so warm as I released, my entire body quivering, my legs shaking. I moaned so loud, sweat pouring from my face. 

As I came, she smiled passionately and let herself release, pulsing around my finger, grinding into my hand. I felt her vagina tighten around me, her juices encasing my hand. She moaned with me, raising her hips, shaking as I gently slid out my finger, carefully rubbing it against the skin around her, feeling her soft, moist, warm vagina before I licked off her juices. She laughed and licked off mine from her palm. We both panted for a while, gazing at each other, taking in each other's bodies, and just living in the moment of finally having the courage to act on our feelings. 

As the minutes went by, we finally parted ways. She wouldn't let me walk her to her apartment, afraid that her colleagues would see me and become suspicious. Watching her walk off alone into the night was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I waited until she was inside, and caught a quick glance she gave me over her shoulder before disappearing into her place. I sighed with a newfound vigor, knowing this was only the beginning, and drove home with the biggest smile I've ever had. 


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