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The geek and the escort

A geeky story with a twist. Feedback appreciated. Maybe I'll continue the story, maybe not.
“Nooo,” A loud shriek filled my ears as I saw my fellow soldier fall down to the ground next to me. I ducked into cover behind the burned out car. Grenades were exploding around me, glass shattered and soft hisses of bullets barely missing me told me to stay low.
“I knew we should have gone the other way. They were expecting us to come through this alley. Now I’m pinned down,” I shouted in the headset.
“Just find them and kill them, come on!” an exited female voice replied in my ear. I quickly glanced over the car wreck, looking for any sign that would give away the position of the enemy in the buildings in front of me. Nothing. I knew I had to risk it, sprint my way into the open to the wall up ahead so I had better cover, and would be better able to locate the enemy. I jumped up and ran for all I was worth.
But before I could even get close to the wall I saw blood spatters in front of my eyes, my television screen filled up with a dark red as my vision shook and I saw the ground nearing fast.
The game was over. The enemy had won. I threw the controller of the Playstation 3 on the couch next to me. “Damn, they got me. That was impossible.”
“Sorry, Jimmy. But it was very close. You have to admit that was an exciting game despite that we lost. We were so close to beating them,” the female voice said.
The female voice was Melissa. We had met through the world of online shooting games and we had formed a little team where we battled other teams online on weekends. I didn’t know much about her though. She was 18, I knew that much, and she liked computer games of course. I had never seen a picture of her or asked for it. But why should I? We did talk about personal things sometimes, but mostly about the games we played or would like to be playing.
As our fellow team mates said their ‘See ya laters’ and logged off the voice chat, Melissa and I were alone. I secretly cherished those moments alone with her as we talked about what went wrong and came up with better tactics for the upcoming matches. She had the sweetest voice and in my mind I pictured her as one of those hot, innocent girls who did dirty things. Like in those amateur porn movies I found on the internet when feeling the need to jerk off.
“Jimmy?” her sweet voice sounded in my ear.
“Yes, Mel?”
“Do you ever get excited when we play?”
“Eh…of course. I always have this excited feeling when we start a match. I always want to win.”
“I didn’t mean that excited. I meant the other excited.” There was a soft shaking in her voice.
“Other excited?” I replied. I had an idea of what she was getting at, but I tried to sound innocent.
“Yeah, you know... Like… I’m getting a bit… a bit hot between my legs. And you know… what you guys get.”
I kept quiet for a moment, not really knowing what to say. My face was blushing with excitement. “I ehm… No I... I never get excited in that way.”
“No? I’m excited like that right now. I’m touching myself a little. Oh Jimmy, I want to do it. I’ve never done it. I want to know what it’s like. You know what it’s like, right? You told me you had done it.”
“I... Yes I know,” I lied.
“Then do you want to meet up and do it? Oh I would want that. You know how it works so it’ll be great.”
I hesitated. “Ehm... Sure. Of course.”

“Mmm good, we’ll talk about it later, I really want to. I have to go, bye.”
I sat there in my small living room staring at the television. What had just happened? This sweet girl I only knew from playing games with online had asked me to do it, to have sex with her. And she expected me to know how. I actually didn’t know. I had never done it. When the subject came up I didn’t want to sound like a complete loser and I lied. I said I had done it a few times, but I never really did. I was 21 and only once had I touched a girl’s private parts.
I have to admit, I’m kind of a geek. Or better leave out the ‘kind of.’ Ever since my childhood I was obsessed with computer games. When my parents bought me a computer at the age of six, I was hooked for life. I was sucked into the fantasy world that was created by just putting in codes and it would play out in front of my eyes like a movie. Only I was a part of it and I was the one controlling the movie.
And while other kids were playing outside, unconsciously learning the social skills that were needed in this world, I stayed inside, programming my own silly games, drawing myself more and more into my own little world. I kept quiet in school, minding my own business. Figuring out how to solve problems which I encountered in creating my own little games, while the popular boys made fun of me and the pretty girls ignored me like I was not even in the same room as them.
Now I was 21 and living on my own. I had been able to make a fair amount of money by creating and maintaining websites for small companies outside of my study. But I never felt the need to move out of the small apartment I was barely able to afford when I left home. I could have moved to a bigger place, bought better furniture, but that wasn’t really on my mind. I actually didn’t have a lot of furniture. The only thing that was brand new in it was my bed, a black wooden bed that took up more than half of the bedroom space, with drawers underneath to provide much needed storage. My living room was not much bigger. It was a miracle I could fit a couch, a desk and a bookcase in there and still be able to move around without constantly bumping into things. I hadn’t bothered with decorating the grey walls, except for the odd cartoon or game poster to cover up holes. The bathroom and kitchen were too small to be even worth mentioning. Let’s just say I was almost able to cook and shower at the same time. Not that I cooked a lot. My microwave was my best friend. My apartment wasn’t much, but at least I could say it was mine. I was proud of my own little place, my shell to retreat to when needed.
The next morning I sat at my desk, absentmindedly browsing through forums of my favourite game sites. Melissa’s sweet voice was still echoing in my head. “I want to do it.”
I needed to come up with something. If we would really meet up she would find out I had never done it. She would probably laugh at me and never talk to me again. I couldn’t let that happen. Of course I knew how it worked, how to do IT. I had seen enough porn on the internet. But that wasn’t enough, I needed real experience. But where would I find that? In my own little world I didn’t have a lot of friends, let alone female friends, so I had no one to ask. Of course I had no one to ask; otherwise I wouldn’t still be a virgin.
Suddenly, an idea hit me. I had heard about those girls, escorts. I had once talked about it with my few friends at college. One of them had said that his father had called one when he thought he was alone at home. My friend had seen her out of his bedroom window when she was walking up to the house; he said she was really hot. He had mentioned that you had to call a company and then they send you a girl.
I opened up a new browser window and started searching for escorts. A list of links popped up and I choose one at random. On the screen appeared pictures of beautiful girls in sexy lingerie or sometimes only panties. Next to the pictures their names appeared with their measurements and some basic information about them. I got excited looking at them. Was that really possible? Could you just pick up the phone and call and then one of them would just appear in front of your door?
My eyes fell on a picture of a beautiful blonde. “Nikki,” I said out loud as if calling her to me. In the picture a black bra and panties were all that were covering Nikki’s sexy slender body while she stood in a seductive pose. I read her info.
Age, 21 years, hey that’s a coincidence, just as old as I am.
Weight, 115 lbs, alright, that’ll do.
Height, 5’4, shorter than me then.
Hair, blonde, obviously.
Eyes, green, I guess I just have to believe that, because I couldn’t see her face as it was blurred out in the picture.
34C-24-34, no idea what that meant, except the 34C, I knew that meant the breast size, although I had no idea how big that actually was.
Suddenly a surge of conscience hit me. Could I really do this? Pay money to have sex with someone? Wasn’t this… wrong? Weren’t you supposed to fall in love, like in those romantic movies I sometimes secretly watched? Where the guy swept the girl off her feet and they fell madly in love with each other before actually doing it.
But those people in porn movies, they weren’t really in love, I convinced myself. Neither was my friend’s father. And Melissa, she wasn’t in love with me, she wanted to do it, because she thought I had done it and she wanted someone that had done it. I wanted to be the first for her; I wanted to hear her excited shrieking. I made up my mind, I had to do this. If it wasn’t for Melissa then at least for myself. 21 years was long enough, I just had to get it over with. It wasn’t like I couldn’t afford it, although it would make a dent in my savings.
I grabbed the phone resolutely and dialled the number. A man with a low voice answered.
“Hi, I eh… I wanted to order… I mean…” I stuttered.
“Which girl?” Steve asked briskly.
“Eh… Nikki.”

“How long?”
“Ehm two… no one hour, please.”
“What time?”
“I don’t know…. Whenever today… I mean...”

“There is an opening at 2pm, will that do?”
“Yes, that’ll do just fine.”
I looked at my watch... 2:05pm. I sat nervously on the couch, rubbing my sweaty palms in anticipation for what was to come. I had cleaned my little place as best as I could. I had showered, shaved, and put on some aftershave sample I once received when visiting the mall. The required money I had put in an envelope with the name “Nikki” on it. I had seen that in a movie. I actually was a little scared. What if she saw me and refused? Could she do that? Would she? Doubt was slowly creeping its way into my mind. What was I thinking? I can’t go through with this. I should call and cancel the whole thing.
The doorbell rang. Too late for bailing out now; I had to go through with this. I ran to the door and opened it. I swallowed hard at the sight of the girl standing in front of me. Her body looked exactly like in the picture on the website, the tight fitting dress showing off every curve of her body. Her face was as pretty as I could have imagined.
“Hi, I’m Nikki,” and before I could reply she bent over and planted a kiss on both of my cheeks. I blushed as I felt the wet kisses lingering on my glowing cheeks. I stepped aside, inviting her in.
“My, aren’t you a cutie, not the usual desperate married man I see far too often,” she said, chewing her gum. As she walked past me she ran her hand over my stomach, which clenched in response.
“Ehm… Thank you,” I said shyly, closing the door and shuffling my way to the couch. Nikki sat next to me crossing her smooth shaven legs.
“Lovely little place you got here, sweetie. What can I do for you today?” Taking the gum she was chewing out of her mouth and putting it in the astray I had put on the table just in case.
“I... eh... I’m not sure” I said, looking at the ground, I felt myself blushing. I’d never sat so close to a beautiful girl like her, let alone talk to one. I had dreamt about it, but I never had the opportunity or even the nerves to talk to a girl of her beauty. We were the same age, but in sexual experience it was clear we were as different as day and night.
Nikki looked at me with a questioning look on her face. “Sweetie, is this your first time?”
“Yes,” I said softly while nodding my head.
“Oh don’t be shy, sweetie. I’ll make sure you have a wonderful time. Just think of me as a good friend. You must have a friend you have fucked before, just because you two were horny, think of me like that.”
“Actually I’ve never…” I cleared my throat before mumbling, “I’ve never done it.”
“You’ve never…?” she asked as if she hadn’t fully heard what I said. “Oh, you have never!” she repeated, this time not a question, holding her hand in front of her mouth to cover up a broad smile.
“No,” I said softly looking at the ground, still unable to look such a beautiful girl in the eyes.
“Aw, sweetie, that makes me feel so special.” She took my chin in her soft, smooth hand and turned my head towards her.
“Have you ever kissed a girl before?” She said, looking into my eyes, her nose almost touching mine.
“Well, let’s start there then, sweetie.” She moved forward, and pressed her lips on mine. I froze, not sure what to do. My heart was racing in my chest. There was a gorgeous girl attached to my lips and I had no idea in the world what to do. I had imagined it, I had seen it, but feeling it was something different. Her lips started to move in a slow sucking motion, while she poked her tongue between my lips. I slowly parted them, letting her tongue slip into my mouth. The sensation of her fluids mingling with mine clouded my mind, my thoughts.

It was as if I couldn’t move. I just let her kiss me while I was sitting there on my couch, pressed back into it as her assault on my mouth intensified. I felt her hand making her way over my shirt, down to my pants where it started unbuckling my belt, pulling my zipper slowly down. My body stiffened, feeling her hand on my abdomen, sliding down into my boxers. Her fingers sent electric shocks through my body as they touched my shaft, and gripped it. I started breathing heavier, unfamiliar with a strange hand touching me in places no one but me had touched.

She pulled herself off my lips. “Mmm, let’s see what you have got down there, sweetie. It certainly does feel good and hard in my hand.” She looked at me with a seductive smile, while she slid off the couch. What I saw before my eyes was something enchanting, surreal. A beautiful girl on her knees gripping the waistband of my pants and pulling them down. I looked in a trance at how she removed my pants and my boxers, spread my legs and positioned herself on her knees between them.
“Now relax, sweetie. Let me spoil that cock of yours in ways you won’t forget any time soon.”
I watched intently as Nikki lowered her face to my stiff pole pointing upwards. Of course I wouldn’t forget it, ever. I had never been touched there, let alone spoiled. Her fingers touched my cock again and gripped the base. It twitched at the touch; it had never felt this swollen, this hard before. I held my breath in anticipation as she parted her lips and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue touching the head felt hotter than I had imagined, licking up the small puddle that had formed on top of it. My body shook slightly at every slow lick of her tongue over my wet, slimy head.
She opened her mouth wider and her lips surrounded the head, locking firmly under it. I moaned out loud when she started sucking it. Such an intense feeling ran through my cock, through my body. She looked up at me. Her beautiful eyes pierced through me like a hot laser beam. She slid a couple of inches more in her mouth. And then it happened. I couldn’t stop it. The sight of a girl, a beautiful girl, around my cock, the feeling of her mouth around it was so much stronger than I had fantasized about. It was too much. I felt an intense wave shooting from my balls, through my shaft erupting out of it. She jerked her head back a little at the sudden flood that invaded her mouth, but she kept her lips tight around my cock, taking in all of my hot virgin cum. She swallowed and sucked and swallowed until my cock stopped twitching and softened in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off and licked her lips, cleaning up the cum that had spilled out.
“Sweetie, next time you should give a girl a warning before you cum like that,” she smiled.
“I’m sorry. I… it just felt so good I couldn’t stop it.”
“That’s alright,” she assured me. “Now go take off all of your clothes and sit on the bed for me, sweetie while I quickly go to the bathroom.”
I went to my bedroom, took off my remaining clothes, threw them in a corner and sat down on the edge of my bed. Out of the bathroom I heard water running. I thought about what had just happened, the sensational feeling I had experienced. My thoughts drifted off to Melissa and the innocence in her voice when we talked to each other. The way she laughed. Her excited voice. What would it be like with her? Would it be just as intense or maybe more intense? Maybe, I thought to myself, maybe I’ll really like her a lot, more than I realized. What am I doing? Why can’t she just be my first like she wants me to be hers? If we could share something intimate like that, it could become more than just doing it. I just have to be honest with her.
“What are you thinking about, sweetie?” I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t heard Nikki walking into my small bedroom. She sat next to me on the bed and put a hand on my thigh. I shivered again at the touch. I felt so foolish. Here I was sitting naked next to the most beautiful girl that would probably ever touch me, talk to me even and I was thinking about another girl I hadn’t even met for real.
“I…” I started, “I don’t know if I can go through with this?”
“Oh sweetie and why is that? You can tell me, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
“Well…” I hesitated. Then I decided to open up to her, I’d probably never see her again anyway. “There is this girl and she wants to do it with me. And I told her I had done it, but I haven’t. And that’s why… that’s why I called and you know…”
“Oh isn’t that adorable.” She smiled, rubbing her soft hand over my naked back. “Well who am I to come between that.” She paused for a moment, thinking. Then she said, “You know, we don’t necessarily have to fuck, but I already gave you a blowjob. I can teach you how to eat pussy. You will make that girl so happy, she will never want to leave you.”
“Really?” I said, excited by the idea. “You would do that?”
“Of course, sweetie. Besides you don’t want your money go to waste now, do you?”
The reason why this beautiful girl was sitting next to me was flooding back to my mind. I turned my eyes down in shame.
“Oh sweetie, I didn’t mean it like that. Just think of me like a teacher, ok?” She took my head in her hands and turned my face towards her. “Besides you’re a great kisser.”

Her lips were on mine again, soft wet kisses on my lips. It felt good. The shame was slowly leaving my body again as I started to mimic her movement. A soft tingling feeling of excitement ran through my body. She took my hand and guided it towards her breast. Not sure what to do I cupped it and held it there, feeling her soft breast through her dress.
Nikki pulled away from my lips and stood up. “Lie down on the bed, sweetie.”
I lay down and watched as she pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders, slowly pulling it down, and exposing her breasts. I stared at them; I’d never seen real breasts in my life. My semi-erect member sprang to full attention. She bent over towards me, sliding her dress down over her legs.

”Touch them; take my nipples between your fingers,” she said while sliding her panties down too. I cupped a breast in my hand, weighted it, and squeezed it softly. I loved the feel of her breast in my hand. It felt so soft and yet so firm at the same time. I took the nipple between my fingers, and a soft moan escaped her lips when I rolled it, feeling it grow harder.

“Mmmm, you’re good at that, sweetie,” she moaned. She crawled onto the bed, swinging one leg over my head, her crotch now close to my face. I studied it intently. The form of her mound, the folds of her pussy lips.

She looked back over her shoulder. “Lick it, sweetie. Go ahead.”

I stuck my tongue out, licking slowly up over her pussy lips, tasting a sweet musky taste. A small shiver ran through her body in response. I must be doing something good here, I thought and ran my tongue another time slowly over her pussy lips.

She gasped. “That’s it, sweetie. Press your tongue a little harder on it.”

I licked another time, this time harder. Her lips spread apart and I tasted more of her juices on my tongue. She moaned loud. “Oh yes, that’s it, faster. Mmmmm”

I increased the speed of my licking, encouraged by her responses. She took my again rock hard cock in her hand, squeezed it, and started stroking it slowly. I moaned at the feeling and the experience of licking a pussy for the first time. Her taste was delicious, nothing like I thought it would be. Or was it just all the excitement that was running through my body? I didn’t know, I just loved it.

I poked the tip of my tongue in her slit, and felt the wetness of her juices surrounding my tongue. She gasped as I pushed my tongue further in.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck me with your tongue.” She pushed her ass backwards, pressing her pussy in my face, my tongue poking deeper in. I wondered what it would feel like to have my cock in there. I knew I could if I wanted to. To feel my cock surrounded by the warm flesh of her pussy. I was in doubt, I wanted it badly, but on the other hand I wanted to save that moment for Melissa.

“Lick my clit, sweetie,” I heard Nikki say. I knew what a clit was and I was happy to oblige, flicking my tongue over her swollen knob. Her body trembled in response.

“Oh fuck yes, shove some fingers in my pussy,” she shouted then went back to lick my shaft. I felt her warm mouth surrounding my cock, taking it farther and farther in. I pressed two fingers on her slit and pushed in. She let out a muffled moan, feeling the vibration run through my body, like a shiver on a cold day.

I almost lost control of what I was doing, breathing heavy, lapping away at her clit, my face covered in her juices running freely out. I felt my cock slide in her throat; she had the whole thing in her mouth. She bobbed up and down over it. My hips thrust up to meet her slurping mouth; it felt like I wasn’t in control of my body anymore. And I wasn’t, I couldn’t hold out anymore.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I panted. My fingers irregularly thrusting in and out of her pussy, my body was shaking more and more. She increased the pace, cupping my balls with her hand. Squeezing them as if she wanted to squeeze my cum out of them like she would squeeze toothpaste out of a tube. I felt it shoot out, all of it, she gagged but held her mouth in place, sucking and swallowing the semen that was flowing out in streams.

I attacked her clit again in response, flicking my tongue over it as fast as I could.

“Suck it, sweetie, suck it,” she moaned, rubbing her pussy over my face. I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to suck. Her body shook wildly in response.

“Oh my, you’re good at this, you’re gonna make a girl very happy one day,” she panted. She was riding my fingers which I kept sliding in and out in a fast and steady rhythm, my mouth desperately trying to hold onto her clit, sucking it hard, and scraping my teeth over it.

I felt her pussy spasm, gripping my fingers. “I’m cumming, aaaaah,” she screamed as her body convulsed wildly above me. I kept sucking and licking and fucking her pussy with my fingers, until she started to come down from her orgasm.

“Stop, stop, sweetie. That’s enough, it’s too sensitive,” she sighed. She pulled herself off of me and turned around. She planted a kiss on my lips.

“Mmmm, that was not bad at all for a first time eating pussy, I wouldn’t mind some more of that, but unfortunately I have to go.”

I watched her as she crawled off the bed, picked up her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. Still light headed about my first sexual experience, I slowly got up, gathered my clothes, and put them on. A little bit of shame was still lingering in my mind. Had I really needed to do this? But I felt different in some way, more confident. Something had changed in me and I felt good about it. With this experience I knew I would be able to make Melissa feel good. I wanted to make her feel good.

I was sitting in the living room again when Nikki came out of the bathroom and walked towards me. I stood up. She stroked my cheek with her fingers and smiled at me.

“Sweetie, you’ll do fine with that girl. I secretly wish it was me, I can see you like to give as much as you receive.” She pulled a piece of paper out of her handbag and pressed it in my hand. “Here, if you ever want me to teach you some more things, just call me”

She walked to the door and opened it. “Free of charge,” she winked and closed the door behind her.

The next day I was sitting on my usual spot on the couch in front of the television, talking to Melissa online.

“So, you want to really do it?” I asked confidently.

“Yes, I want to. I don’t think my boyfriend will understand, I mean… I haven’t even had sex with him yet.”

“Your… boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I think I like girls, I’m not sure. And since you told me you had been to a strip club I figured you would understand. Or at least come with me, I don’t want to go alone and it wouldn’t be the first time for you, you know how it goes in there. I just want to experience a naked girl touching me, like… get a lap dance. So do you want to do it?”

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