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The Geek Gets It....

Craig's curiosity pays off in the end.

I really should be going. I’m already twenty minutes late back from my lunch break, but the boss is away. I can handle anything his gormless assistant, Doug might throw at me.

I’m in the sandwich shop adjacent to our office block, I rarely ever used this place before Cherry took it over. I now find myself coming here every lunchtime, and it’s certainly not for the quality of the food. I’ve put a lot of effort into chatting her up on a daily basis, she didn’t bite at first, but slowly I seem to have worked my charm on her, making her smile and she now laughs a little at my half funny jokes. It’s an encouraging sign.

I look at my watch, shit I’m now half an hour late, but I can’t go until I’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask the girl out.

The shop is finally empty apart from myself, Cherry and her younger assistant who is busily wiping down tables. It’s now or never…..

“Cherry, have you been to that new bar on the High Street?”

“Yeah, only once. It was really good, you should check it out, Craig.”

I tell her I was hoping we could try it together sometime. She studies my face, not answering for what seems like a minute. I gaze into her deep brown eyes, losing myself.

“Oh, erm, yeah okay, could be good. I must warn you, I can probably drink you under the table.”

I tell her I look forward to the challenge, inwardly delighted that she said yes. Why didn’t I do this earlier, much earlier? We are interrupted by Cherry’s helper who breaks our conversation rudely to advise her somebody had left their mobile phone on one of the tables. Cherry raises her eyes to the ceiling.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Leah? Learn some manners, I’m talking, don’t just butt in.”

Cherry looks back at me smiling.

“Craig, I don’t believe you’ve been introduced to my colleague, Leah? Better known as The Geek. She has a real way with people.”

I hold my hand out and softly shake Leah’s. She makes minimal eye contact, shyly just saying hello before hurrying away.

“See what I mean, Craig? Sorry, she’s just really shy.”

We make arrangements for our date before I hot foot it back to the office. As soon as I am out of range I clench my fist in jubilation. Result.


Fusion Bar on a Thursday evening. I have the lovely Cherry all to myself in a quiet corner booth. I’m not too sure about the venue, it’s one of these places filled by huge mirrors and chrome, lights bouncing everywhere. Things are going swimmingly so far, she talks well, telling me about the business and how she had built it up from nothing. I like listening to her low, husky voice and find myself at times just watching her mouth move without taking the words in.

I tell her she would probably do even better if she got a capable assistant.

“Hey, you leave Leah alone. I’m the only one allowed to have a pop at her. She’s okay really when you get under the shell.”

Cherry proceeds to give me Leah’s story, Apparently she is very well educated, has a degree in Economics, but just doesn’t communicate well. Even with her intelligence she hadn’t been able to find a decent job, ending up working at Cherry’s shop and lodging in her house.

The rest of the evening goes brilliantly, and we are soon in a taxi heading back to Cherry’s house. We barely start moving before our hands are all over each other, kissing each other with fervour. I see the taxi driver’s eyes in his mirror, he is watching everything, probably seen it hundreds of times before.

We are quickly at Cherry’s house. I pay the driver and follow her up the pathway to her door. As she struggles to get her key in the lock I take the opportunity to kiss the back of her neck and caress her curvy bum.

“I want you right now, Cherry.”

“Me too, I want your cock so badly, I’ve been dreaming about it all night.”

The key eventually turns the lock and we stumble into the hallway. The fire in my loins is burning, I want Cherry right here and now, I can’t wait to get her upstairs, it has to be this instant. Our tongues are engulfed in each mouths and we are tearing each others clothes off frantically. My fingers are trembling as I pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles, I lustfully eye her hairless pussy and plump looking lips.

Her hands are also hard at work, undoing my belt and pulling my trousers down. Her delicate fingers trace my hardening cock through my boxers, coaxing me to full erection before yanking them down, my cock springs up tall and proud as she grasps it tightly in her hand, pulling back my foreskin and exposing my swollen head.

Animal desire takes me over, I need her right now. I push her back onto the grand oak table which dominates the hallway, pushing her long legs wide apart. I don’t give her a second to change her mind as I penetrate her with a huge thrust. Her pussy is already so wet that I slide in with ease. The feeling of her tight walls gripping my thick cock is exquisite. I continue to fuck her with real venom, her whimpers of pleasure spur me on. The table is creaking loudly as I crank up the tempo. I need to get all the way inside her, getting my hands under her knees, changing her position. My dick is pounding her slick pussy hard now as I reach my aim. It feels so good.

“Fuck me harder Craig. Your dick feels so good. I want your cum inside me so much.”

Her wish is my command. I find an extra gear from somewhere and fuck Cherry deep and hard. Her whimpers have turned into full blown cries now as I give her what she needs. Her fingers dig sharply into my bum as she pulls me deeper still, after half a dozen more strokes Cherry comes violently against my cock which triggers my own climax. It feels like I will never stop coming, shooting my seed deep inside her.

Neither of us say anything for a minute or so, we don’t need to. Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage making love to Cherry on the first date, I expected her to keep me waiting. I’m grateful that she didn’t. Eventually, Cherry breaks the silence.

“Did you enjoy fucking me, Craig? Did my pussy feel nice and wet?”

“It was amazing, Cherry, I love your body, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve imagined fucking you.”

Our words are shattered as the stairs light is switched on and footsteps can be heard on the creaking floorboards. Leah gets to halfway down the stairs and takes in the sight of us both trying to cover up. I can’t help but notice the truly horrible, old fashioned dressing gown she is wearing. There is a look somewhere between disgust and shyness on her pale face.

“When you two have quite finished. Some of us are trying to get some sleep.”

She didn’t say another word, just turned and headed back upstairs.

I look at Cherry, we both bust out laughing.

“Well, that’s told us, Craig.”


I continued to see Cherry on a regular basis, usually ending up in her bed most evenings, much to Leah’s disdain. I don’t know if she was just very shy, or incredibly rude, but I would often say hello and not get a word back from her.

One evening I could take no more. Lying in bed next to Cherry, enjoying the afterglow of another incredible bout of love making. I decided to find out a little more about the mysterious Leah as she was out of the house, at chess club.

“So what’s with Leah? She’s a bit of an oddball don’t you think?”

Cherry prods me hard in the ribs.

“You leave her alone. She’s just a bit quiet, a bit geeky. She has a good heart, just a shame she is so painfully shy.”

Cherry opens up, telling me a little more about Leah. How she went to university and was a brilliant student. She had met Leon there and the pair of them went out together for six months until he let her down. Leon has been her first ever boyfriend.

“They were so well matched. Neither of them had any confidence with other people, but together they were happy. They talked about eventually getting married, deciding they weren’t going to have sex until they were.”

I tell Cherry that sounded a touch old fashioned in this day and age.

“Yeah, it was. Well at least it was for Leon, she came back early one night and found him fucking someone else. It destroyed her, she never really recovered. Ever since she has had no confidence, and certainly no faith in men. She’s never been out with anyone since.”

I find the story fascinating, it certainly answers a few of my questions.

“So, does that mean she’s still a virgin?”

“I guess it does. I’ve never seen her bring anyone back here. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason.”

Cherry goes on to tell me Leah doesn’t make any effort at all. She doesn’t buy clothes or make up, never has her hair cut nicely. I laugh in agreement.

“Her wardrobe isn’t exactly bulging, Craig. It’s full of baggy cardigans and loose fitting jeans. It’s a shame, her figure is quite nice really. Come with me I’ll show you some of her fashion disasters.”

tell Cherry we shouldn’t and that I don’t feel comfortable. But she has made her mind up, dragging me by the hand into Leah’s room. I hope she doesn’t come home early and find two naked people going through her clothes.

The room is dour and unwelcoming, cluttered with old fashioned furniture, I certainly wouldn’t want to be lured back here. Cherry is rifling through Leah’s wardrobe, pulling out and showing me several garish cardigans and thick knit jumpers.

“See what I mean, Craig? She needs a major makeover. Wait until you see her underwear…”

Cherry opens a small compartment at the bottom of the wardrobe and pulls out various garments of underwear, none of them flattering or sexy. They all seem to be nondescript, shapeless passion killers. Suddenly Cherry stops digging and lets out a gasp of surprise.

“Oh my god. Maybe she’s not so shy after all, the dirty cow.”

She turns to me, grinning from ear to ear, holding up an eight inch vibrator.

“Well, Cherry. She may not have had a real cock inside her, but she’s certainly had a plastic one.”

The sound of a key turning the lock brings us back to reality. Cherry hastily replaces the vibrator and covers it with the underwear. We just about make it out and back to Cherry’s room before Leah’s footsteps echo on the stairs. That was a close call.


A week or so later and I’m lying in Cherry’s bed. It’s 5 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I lie awake for a while, listening to the first of the morning’s trains in the distance. I look to my left and admire the amazing lady who has changed my life. Cherry looks so angelic, lips slightly open, breathing gently. The near silence is cut through by a low humming sound coming from the next room,
Leah’s room.

The sound is unmistakeable, Leah has decided it’s time to play with her plastic friend. I’m grateful for the thin walls as I can hear everything. After a minute or so I can tell that Leah must be fucking herself hard, judging by the low gasps and sighs. After a couple more minutes I hear the vibrator change tone, she’s cranked it up a speed. Her gasps become louder and I visualise her bringing herself off.

The message in my head has reached my groin and I find myself painfully hard. I look at Cherry, she is still sleeping soundly. Telling myself what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I grasp my shaft hard and begin jerking myself off hard, listening to the action next door. Leah must be giving herself a real hard fucking as her bed is creaking hard. I picture her in my head, the look of ecstasy as she pleasures herself, her body shaking hard from the force of the massive vibrator plunging deep inside her walls.

“Enjoying yourself? Having a solo run?”

Horrified I turn to see Cherry, looking fierce.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough to hear what’s happening next door. Long enough to know you’re wanking yourself off thinking of Leah, you dirty bastard.”

I start to defend my actions. I’m waffling as Cherry put’s a finger to my lips.

“Shush now, I want to hear her come. She sounds close.”

The moans intensify as Leah fucks herself harder and harder, oblivious to the fact that next door we are listening intently, both wanting to hear her climax. After another minute or so we get out wish, Leah’s orgasm is tumultuous, her grunts and sighs have probably woken up half the street. After a few minutes all is quiet again.

“Fuck, that was so dirty, Craig. I wish I could have seen her, I bet you do too?”

I don’t say a word, my silence makes it obvious.

“You do want her, I knew it. You want to deflower her don’t you? You want your dick to be the first real one inside her, don’t you?”

“Of course I don’t, babe.”

I deny it, but we both know it’s true. Who wouldn’t want to be the man who takes a girl’s virginity?

Cherry is stroking my erection as she talks to me, her slim fingers wrapped around my shaft working me up and down vigorously.

“Imagine it’s her hand, Craig. Imagine geeky little Leah is going to make you come. She’s probably never seen a real cock before, let alone one that’s going to explode any second. Imagine her face as you come all over her skin and hair.”

Her words do the trick and I’m shooting a huge wad of come all over Cherry’s hands, she keeps working my cock, wanting every drop. Eventually she has drained me dry. The look on her face as she scoops up my come and sucks her fingers dry is priceless.

“Leave it with me Craig. I will see what I can do.”


Things are a little stilted the next morning. Every time I look at Leah I can only see her face screwed up mid-orgasm. Cherry is a little more natural, linking the conversation between the three of us. She enquires what Leah is up to on this fine Sunday.

“I don’t know. Nothing planned, Cherry. Might just do a bit of reading.”

“Well, you have something planned now. I’ve decided it’s time I rewarded your hard work, call it a bonus. I’m taking you into town and spoiling you rotten. We’ll get you some new clothes, and we’ll get that hair cut for you. Make you look less of a tomboy. Hey I’ll even throw in lunch, and I’m sure Craig will pay for you to have your nails done.”

Even if Leah had any objections, Cherry wasn’t taking no for an answer. Hurrying her along, telling her to get ready.

“You’ll drive us into town won’t you, Craig?”

How could I refuse?


I didn’t hear from Cherry for the rest of the day, but I wasn’t worried, I know only too well what happens when girls hit the shops. It’s Monday lunchtime now, I decide to pop into the shop and see Cherry. She looks rushed off her feet, so I just grab a quick word. I notice there is no sign of Leah.

“Where’s Leah, honey?”

“I Gave her the day off as an extra treat. Look I can’t stop, babe. Come around tonight around Ten, okay?”

I nod and tell her sure thing, before turning away to leave.


I stand nervously on the doorstep not knowing what to expect tonight. I know what I would like to happen, but I don’t get my hopes up.

The front door swings open, Cherry smiles and invites me in.

“Hi baby, sorry I couldn’t speak to you earlier.”

We kiss and I melt as usual, just the feel of her lips on mine makes me tingle. She leads me by the hand into the lounge, passing the oak table as we go, it always brings back the memory of our first time.

“Fix yourself a drink and sit down. I’ll be back in no time.”

“Where are you going?”

“Just wait there. I have to attend to something.”

With that she disappears from the room and upstairs. I can here her voice, and that of Leah. They are talking loudly, giggling like schoolgirls. I pour myself a large vodka and park myself on the cream leather sofa, waiting to see what unfolds.

Half an hour and another vodka later, I am still sat alone. Becoming impatient I shout upstairs asking how long is she going to be.

“Two minutes, Craig. I promise you, it’s worth the wait.”

Cherry is as good as her word and is back with me, she is beaming broadly, looking very pleased with herself, I stand and kiss her lips gently.

“Wait until you see this, it’s going to blow your mind, Craig.”

“Why, what have you done?”

She fixes me a sexy smile but says nothing as she makes her way to the lounge door and shouts upstairs.

“Leah, come down here now baby.”

Cherry walks back towards me, gently fondling my crotch before ushering me to sit next to her on the sofa.

The sight which greets me is one I will never forget. It’s Leah, but not as I know her. She looks mesmerising as she enters the room. The dowdy clothes have been replaced by a shimmering black party dress, which makes the most of her never before seen legs and impressive cleavage which is usually covered by a baggy jumper. Her hair, which so often looked lank and greasy now looks amazing, styled into a sleek blonde bob. I don’t think I had ever seen her wear a scrap of make up, but tonight although she hasn’t overdone it, what she has got on accentuates her light green eyes. To top it all off her nails have been manicured and coated in a black cherry coloured polish. All in all she looks fantastic, just fantastic.

Cherry glances at me, taking in the look of amazement on my face.

“What do you think then, Craig? Doesn’t she scrub up well?”

Leah looks at me shyly, as if awaiting my approval.

“You look so different, Leah. I think you are absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Craig. It means a lot.” her reply is just above a whisper.

Cherry intervenes, telling me that during the shopping trip she had told Leah about how I got so turned on listening to her masturbate. She also told her that I wanted to be the man to take her virginity, and that she wanted to watch the pair of us fucking.

I look over at Leah, she has a look of longing in her eyes, which seem to be surveying the growing bulge in my jeans.

“And what about you Leah? Do you want me?”

“Very much. I’m gagging for some real cock. A plastic one just won’t do anymore.”

Cherry glances in my direction, ordering me to get my clothes off. I’m naked in double quick time.

“Come over here, show Leah that lovely dick of yours. I want her to touch you.”

I can see Leah hungrily eyeing up my hardening member as I move to stand directly in front of her.

“Touch him, Leah. Get your hands all over his cock, make him nice and hard.” Cherry insists.

Leah tentatively strokes my cock, she seems nervous to start with, but soon gets into it as she gently pulls back my foreskin and touches my sensitive head. She has a nice soft hand which is making my cock twitch ever harder.

“Does my boyfriend’s cock feel nice, Leah? You like stroking his big cock don’t you?”

“I like it. I like your dick, Craig.”

Cherry moves behind Leah and deftly begins to unzip the dress.

“It’s a little rude, Leah. Craig’s in the nude and you’re still fully clothed. Let’s get that dress off before he comes all over it.”

Leah seems to be enjoying herself now, momentarily breaking off from working my cock so that Cherry can pull her dress down and off. As soon as it is removed her eyes fix on mine and she reconnects with my meat, jacking me off with more urgency than before.

I am delighted to see she isn’t wearing underwear, I guess they blew the budget on the dress. Her body is a real surprise, lithe, tight and beautifully pale. I admire her perky breasts and particularly love her slightly over ripe peach of a bum which I soon have my hands all over, her skin beautifully soft.

My desire is going through the roof, I pull her in closer to me and plant a long, sultry kiss on her painted lips. Her hand is still doing it’s work, massaging my cock hard now, and I quickly feel the magical rush of climax. I break off from the kiss telling Leah she is going to make me come.

Cherry is watching us intently, seemingly enjoying herself.

“Wank him harder, Leah. Touch his balls as you do, it drives him wild.”

Leah does as she is told, cupping my heavy balls gently. It does the trick and I’m nearly there. Cherry knows the look on my face means one thing, I’m going to come any second.

“He’s gonna come, Leah. You’re going to make him come. Get your mouth down there, swallow his load. You’ll love it I promise.”

Once again Leah does as Cherry asks, and her mouth is just centimetres from my cock, she just about manages to open her mouth in time as I spill my heavy load deep inside her mouth. To her credit, she doesn’t miss a beat, swallowing every drop before sucking me dry. She seems to be catching on quickly.

“Mmmm that’s my first taste of a man’s come, and is sure as hell isn’t going to be the last. How many years have I wasted?”

I turn to Cherry, her eyes look glazed, as if not knowing how to react to what is unfolding. I decide to push her along. I know what I want to happen here.

“You look a little overdressed, Cherry. Don’t you agree, Leah?”

“Definitely, way too many clothes on, why don’t you help her to get more comfortable, Craig?”

Cherry protests, but not too much. I soon have her stripped down to her underwear.

“Why don’t you do the honours, Leah? Take her bra and panties off.”

“My pleasure.”

Leah wastes no time, almost ripping off Cherry’s underwear in her hurry to get her naked. Cherry’s face is a picture.

“I hope you two are happy now. This is supposed to be about you. It’s about you losing your virginity, Leah.”

Leah looks Cherry up and down, almost in awe of her superb body.

“I know, Cherry. But I wanted to see you naked. I want to see you to bring yourself off as you watch me riding your boyfriend’s big fat cock. I want you to see my little pussy stretched and filled with his come.”

Leah and Cherry are locked in a deep stare which seems to last an eternity, there seems to be some kind of invisible hold between them. Cherry finally breaks the spell, moving closer in towards Leah’s face.

“Oh, you want me to watch? Does that turn you on?”

“It really turns me on, Cherry.”

The girls are now just inches from each other, exploring each others eyes. The atmosphere is pure electricity.

“I better get that tight pussy nice and wet then, Leah.”

Cherry’s hand snakes down over her belly and slowly her fingers trail down and make contact with Leah’s pussy, gently rubbing her fingers up and down her fleshy lips making feather like contact. Leah’s face is enough to melt any man, eyes shut tight, mouth slightly open, just enjoying being touched so intimately.

“You like that don’t you, Leah? Like the feel of my fingers making you all damp?”

Leah doesn’t reply, lost in the moment as Cherry gently guides a finger deep inside her, probing it gently back and forth. She takes her time, not rushing, just letting her finger gently do the work. Leah is gasping lightly now as Cherry raises the pressure ever so slightly and opts to add a second slender finger which is readily accepted by Leah’s ever moistening hole.

“That’s so fucking good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop now, you’re gonna make me cum.”

Cherry suddenly withdraws her fingers and offers them up to me, I savour the aroma and taste of Leah’s sex.

“You like how she tastes, don’t you? Does she taste better than me?”

I lie and tell her of course not.

“Hmm, maybe it’s time I got myself a taste, make my own mind up.”

Cherry’s piercing eyes are now staring intently at Leah.

“Get yourself down on the sofa and spread those legs wide, I want to know how you taste.”

Leah protests, telling Cherry she wants me to fuck her now.

“Fuck him, he can wait. I want you first. I won’t tell you again, Leah.”

Leah looks a little anxious, but does as she is told, lowering herself onto the leather before elegantly spreading her legs wide. I revel at the sight of her sex, glad to see she is a natural blonde. Her folds are just the way I like them, puffy and fleshy, and her little clitoris is beautifully

Cherry moves into position between her legs, face just inches from Leah’s pussy, she seems to be admiring the beautiful sight in front of her, just as I did.

“You have a really pretty pussy, Leah. It’s just so perfect. I want to stick my tongue deep inside you. Would you like that?”

“I..I…don’t know. Nobody has ever done it to me before. But I’m up for it if you are, Cherry.”

Cherry needs no further encouragement, delicately licking up and down Leah’s slit, slowly and methodically. I notice Leah’s leg twitch and toes curl as she is being eaten. Her legs open wider as she enjoys the sensation.

“That’s just so good, I love it.”

Leah grasps the back of Cherry’s head, she’s not going to let go, pushing my girl’s head in deeper, trying to force her tongue in further. I’m feeling a little bit abandoned here so I decide to get a piece of the action. I get down alongside Cherry and help her out, circling Leah’s erect clit with the back of my index finger. A couple of minutes of our combined effort is enough, Leah comes staggeringly hard, her body shivers hard at an immense climax ripples through her, her breathing is short and sharp and her eyes screwed tight together. Cherry yelps in pain as Leah’s sharp nails dig into her head. It’s a moment I will never erase from my memory.

None of us move, the surprise and intensity of the moment has taken us all aback. My Cherry is a dark horse, I knew nothing of her bi - curiosity, she astounds me more every day, and as for Leah, well she really is shock, still waters do run deep, so they say. I want her more than ever now.

Cherry is the first to respond, leaning over me to cradle my balls and massage my dick to full hardness. It doesn’t take more than a dozen tugs from her skilled fingers to get me there.

“Better get you nice and hard, I want to, no need to see you fuck the ass off her. I can’t tell you how tight her little pussy is.”

Leah seems to have relaxed completely now, playing with herself without a care in the world, spreading her pretty petals wide. Looking at me with insatiable desire.

“I want you, Craig. I need you to fuck me. I have to have you inside me.”

Cherry looks at me, gives me that lopsided grin that I love, telling me to go for it.

I’m between Leah’s toned legs in the blink of an eye, nudging the head of my cock against her entrance, looking up at her before I go any further.

“Do it NOW ! Fuck me, Craig, I’m begging you.”

What a moment to remember, I’ve never been anybody’s first cock before, but here I am in my middle thirties about to fulfil a dream. I’m going to enjoy every second. I push my swollen head gently inside her, Cherry was right, she is so very tight, vice like. I take my time, looking up at her face, seeing the look of desire as I inch my way in. I’m a little taken aback with her tightness, after all she does use an eight inch vibrator.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Cherry, sat in the chair opposite, legs splayed wide, playing with herself, seemingly enjoying watching me and her friend fucking. The sight reassures me, I know she’s okay with this. I redouble my efforts, time to get serious. I use a little more force, pushing more of my girth inside her. Leah’s hands are around my back, nails puncturing my skin as I start to really thrust hard. I’m giving her deeper, longer strokes now, controlling the tempo completely.

“How do you like it, honey. Do you like me fucking you?”

Leah doesn’t reply, her face a picture of ecstasy as I give her what she wants. I grind harder inside her, her pussy is getting so lubricated now, allowing me to give her almost all of my length. As I continue to thrust deeper I feel something touching my puckered anus, it’s Cherry’s viper like tongue. She’s never tried this before, but I love the feeling it provokes. It’s enough to spur me on, the harder I fuck Leah, the deeper Cherry’s tongue slips inside my bum.

The sweat is studded onto my body as I work all the way inside Leah, my sac slapping against her mound hard, making a sound which echoes off the walls of the small lounge. I hope the neighbours have their televisions on loud as Leah has started to make a lot of noise, grunting enthusiastically as I give her everything. Cherry meanwhile has decided to switch from tongue to finger, sliding her digit deep inside me, touching the right spot. I can feel my climax building now as I fuck Leah relentlessly.

“I’m gonna come, Leah. I’m gonna come deep inside you.”

“Oh god yes, I want your come so badly. It’s the first come I’ve ever had inside me.”

It’s all I need to know, ramping up the tempo even further, fucking her like a machine. I can feel Leah’s fingers digging deep into me, as her orgasm approaches too.

I’m so close, but I want Leah to come as well. I change the angle I’m fucking her at, so I can touch her clit as I pound her. It quickly does the trick, Leah’s orgasm is tumultuous, the second heavy one of her night. Happy that I’ve satisfied her, and with Cherry still probing me, I release my copious load, deep inside Leah’s velvet walls, pulling out to spray the last remnants onto her soft belly as Cherry removes her finger gently from me.

Once again the room is in silence, an uneasy silence at that. None of us quite knows what to say, the evening wasn’t meant to pan out this way, but spontaneity is always a refreshing change.

Cherry, not surprisingly is the first to offer her opinion.

“What a great night. Did you enjoy your first real cock, Leah?”

Leah sheepishly tells her that it was mind blowing, much better than a plastic one.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed my boyfriend. The things I do for you, my dear Cousin.”

They both turn to me, trying to gauge my reaction, grinning inanely.

“What was that you said? Did I hear right? Cousins?”

They nod in unison.

I’m taken a little aback, no make that a lot. I enquire as to why they haven’t decided to share this information before.

The girls look into each others eyes, giggling before turning to face me, for once it’s Leah who pipes up.

“Cherry promised me she would get me laid before I turned 25..I just didn’t expect it to be you.”

As if on queue, the clock on the wall chimes, deep and resonating, midnight.

Cherry leans over and tenderly kisses Leah’s blushed cheek,

“Happy Birthday, Leah my darling. I told you I wouldn’t let you down, didn’t I? Now we just need to get your lovely ass filled.”

Leah looks my way, seductively biting her bottom lip, her gaze is constant.

This is turning into a beautiful evening.

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