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The Geography Fieldtrip - Part Two

After the morning's fingering, what does Lauren have in store for Ian?
After four hours of traveling, the group of geography students had arrived at the coast. Ms McCarthy parked the minibus in a car park which sat delicately upon a limestone cliff. Small, hardy shrubs clung to the sandy cliff, eroded by the many years of sea spray and harsh winds. A flock of seagulls flew confidently in the breeze.

Ian stepped out of the bus, stooping his head so that he didn’t bump it. His hair immediately shot backwards as a gust of wind blew through the sky. The other students stepped off the bus one by one. Ian smiled when Lauren stepped off. She gave him a wink and casually looked out to sea. Ian smirked when he saw that Lauren was using both her hands to stop her dress from blowing upwards. Serves her right for not wearing panties…

‘Students!’ called Ms McCarthy. ‘Welcome to Port Pernice. If you will focus your attention to the ocean for a moment, can you see that spot where the two peninsulas are close? The space in between the two points is called The Rip. Can anyone give me a reason why?’

It had been a long day. Ms McCarthy had dragged the five students all over the beach, drooling over every barnacle covered rock and every slimy sea urchin. How she had this much enthusiasm for the subject nobody could figure out. Well, she wasn't old, Ian guessed she might be in her mid-thirties; but just because she had the energy didn't mean she had to use it all.

‘Here we are guys!’ said Ms McCarthy, as she pulled into an overnight motel.

The students sighed a breath of relief and got off the bus. It wasn't a bad place, it seemed comfortable enough; and the warm glow of light from the rooms was inviting.

‘I will now allocate you your rooms,’ said Ms McCarthy. ‘I know what seventeen year-olds are like so I have separated girls and boys. Lauren, Chloe and Rachel; you three will be sleeping in room five. Adam and Ian will share room six. As I am a teacher, it would be illegal for me to share a sleeping space with a student; therefore I will be alone in room seven.’

The teacher smiled and handed the keys to the students.

‘I expect you to all be in the dining hall upstairs at seven o’clock tomorrow morning.’

The students groaned and trudged off to bed. Ian felt a presence behind him. It was Lauren.

‘I will meet you in your room in twenty minutes,’ she whispered, her hand on his bicep.

‘What about Adam?!’ hissed Ian.

‘Don’t worry,’ she said, an amused look on her face. ‘I have everything sorted.’

Ian nodded and ran his finger down her collarbone to her breast. Her nipples stood erect through her blouse, the absence of a bra obvious. Lauren giggled and went into her room.

Fifteen minutes had passed. Ian was lying face down on his bed when he heard the door open. He looked up and saw Adam enter the room.

‘Hey,’ he said in an excited manner. ‘You’ll never guess what!’


‘Apparently the girls can’t put up with Lauren, so they’re willing to swap her for me!’

Adam had a grin of absolute satisfaction on his face. He looked giddy with excitement.

‘That means I get to sleep with two girls,’ he added to make himself clear.

‘Jeez, man; that is so wicked!’ said Ian through his teeth.

‘I know right? Anyway, that means you have to share with Lauren tonight; I hope you don’t mind,’ said Adam, clearly no giving a toss whether or not Ian minded.

Adam strutted around the room and collected his things before exiting the room and knocking on the girls’ door. Ian rolled his eyes as he heard Adam announce himself. He sighed and closed his eyes.

‘Keep them closed,’ said an attractive voice.

Ian smiled. He didn't even hear her come in.

‘Is this all part of your plan?’ Ian asked, looking at his eyelids.

‘Well, the absence of Adam was my doing; but your closed eyes was a surprise.’

Ian heard the door shut and felt Lauren climb onto the bed he was lying on. She sat on his crotch; her hair tickling his cheeks. Lauren ran her fingers through his scalp and kissed him lightly on the lips. Ian kissed her back enthusiastically his hands around her waist. 

‘Mm…,’ sighed Lauren, grinding her pelvis into Ian’s groin.

Ian pressed her tighter into his body, moving his hands over Lauren’s back; occasionally rubbing her neck. The grinding of Lauren’s hips was arousing his cock, he could feel it get warm with new blood and begin to get hard.

‘Well somebody’s very horny tonight,’ giggled Lauren. ‘It doesn't surprise me since I teased you quite badly on the bus.’

Lauren stroked Ian’s sides and pulled his shirt off.

‘Open,’ Lauren whispered.

Ian opened his eyes and saw Lauren leaning over him, topless; her beautiful breasts hanging over his face. Ian lightly stroked Lauren’s cheek and placed one of her nipples between his lips.

‘Mm…’ moaned Lauren.

Ian rolled the nipple around his tongue, applying gentle pressure with his lips. Lauren enjoyed the sensation, which oddly felt a bit tingly. She began to grind against Ian harder, pressing her groin into his cock.

Ian wrapped his arms around Lauren’s waist and slid his hands down the back of her skirt, feeling the bare skin of her arse. He slowly ran his fingers further down until they sat in between Lauren’s legs, which were slightly damp from excitement.

Ian used his index finger to run up and down Lauren’s soaking pussy lips, gliding with ease and lubricated from her juices.

‘Oh yeah…’ moaned Lauren. ‘Deeper, please!’

‘I don’t think so,’ smirked Ian, who was taking his finger out of her pussy. ‘Let’s get that dress off you and then we’ll see about fingering you some more.’

Lauren narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips in mock outrage. She crawled off Ian’s body and stood up, brushing imaginary dust off herself. It was then Ian finally got a good look at her.

Lauren stood up straight and her intelligent green eyes stared seductively down on him. Her breasts were large and rounded, at least a good handful; and were topped by small pink nipples that stood erect from her chest. Lauren’s legs were flawless and slightly browned by the summer sun. Her dress concealed her panty-less pussy.

‘Take it off,’ Ian demanded as he felt his cock throb.

Lauren grinned and hooked two thumbs around the hem of her skirt and slowly slid it down her legs. Ian’s cock felt as if it were going to rip his jeans. This was the first time he had actually seen her pussy. Sure, he had fingered it on the bus trip here, but he had never actually seen it.

Lauren’s pussy was slightly browned, just like her legs; which indicated that she tanned naked. It was perfectly shaved and looked moist with excitement.

‘Now can you finish what you started?’ Lauren pleaded innocently.

‘Better still: I can improve what I started.’

Ian stood up and embraced Lauren, running his hands over her arse. He guided her onto the bed and laid her on her back. After giving her a small kiss, Ian started licking Lauren’s thighs. He licked further north until he was barley touching her pussy.

‘Mm, fuck Ian,’ moaned Lauren.

Ian licked all around her pussy, up around her abdomen and around her arsehole, but never touched the one thing she wanted him to.

‘Shit Ian! Stop fucking teasing me and eat me!’

Ian chuckled and dipped his tongue into Lauren’s pussy. She gasped and tensed her body.

‘Calm down,’ whispered Ian.

Lauren’s body slumped and she rolled her head back, waiting for the pleasurable ordeal to continue.

Ian licked from the bottom of her pussy lips right to the top, and back down again; passing over Lauren’s clit. Lauren took in a sharp breath and let it out slowly. Again Ian repeated his actions, gradually moving deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Lauren’s pussy got sharper and she placed her hands behind Ian’s head, forcing him in further into her groin.

‘Fucking hell. Oh shit, Ian,’ moaned Lauren, her voice getting louder.

Ian had his tongue in as far as it would go and began fingering her arsehole. Lauren felt a familiar heat pulse through her body in waves, feeling stronger in her clit. Her pussy began to contract and a powerful orgasm rocked her body. A small amount of cum oozed out of her pussy, which Ian eagerly lapped up. Lauren lay there panting, her chest heaving and her legs drenched in sex.

‘C’mon Ian, let’s get you out of those pants,’ she said.

Ian stood up and allowed Lauren to tug his pants down his legs. A significant bulge was outlined through his briefs. Lauren scratched Ian’s cock through his briefs before removing them from his body. Ian’s cock sprang free and instantly hardened to its full size. Lauren felt her pussy get warm.

‘I need you in me, Ian,’ she whispered. ‘Please take me.’

‘You know I’m a virgin, right?’

‘Well I guess this was meant to be, because I am too.’

Ian was shocked. He was under the impression that Lauren had lost her virginity to a previous boyfriend.

Ian led Lauren back onto the bed and knelt in front of her. He stroked his throbbing cock and watched Lauren lie there. She was spread out and had her legs parted, ready to be entered. Her breasts sat perfectly symmetrically to her chest and she was nervously biting her lip.

‘Ready?’ asked Ian.

‘Please Ian, fuck me,’ she begged

Ian lined his cock up and held onto Lauren’s hips for support. He thrust his body forwards; his cock slowly gliding into Lauren’s soaking pussy.

‘Oh shit, that feels good,’ moaned Lauren.

Ian went further and further into Lauren’s depth, his cock slowly becoming engulfed by her. Two people cannot get any closer than this.

Lauren felt a little bit scared. Ian was at least a good seven inches, how is he going to get it all in?

Lauren gasped as Ian broke her hymen and finally got his cock as deep as possible. He then began to pull out and thrust back in. He was fucking her.

Ian fucked Lauren at a steady pace, slamming his cock into her pussy and making a satisfying slapping sound.

‘Mm, fuck yeah…’moaned Lauren

Lauren's tits were jiggling up and down. She wet her fingers and rubbed her nipples. Ian was breathing heavily. Sex was hard work!

Lauren’s pussy was really wet. Ian’s cock was drenched with her juices, which trickled down his scrotum and onto the bed sheets.

‘Please Ian, faster! Make me cum!’

Ian grunted and thrust as fast as was feasibly possible. Lauren screamed and tugged her hair.

‘Fuck me!’ she yelled.

Lauren’s pussy throbbed and pulsed with heat. A wave of ecstasy, sort of like pins-and-needles, washed over her body and her hips bucked into Ian’s cock.

‘Holy shit!’ Lauren screamed in pleasure, her powerful orgasm hammering though her body.

Ian pulled his cock out and came onto Lauren’s chest. Ropes of creamy cum spurted over her breasts and face. Lauren dipped into it and sucked his cum off her fingers until it was all gone.

Knock, knock, knock.

 There was someone at the door…

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