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The Girl of My Dreams

The Girl of My Dreams

How many men actually get the girl of their dreams?
John stood transfixed feeling the fine grains of pure white sand squish between his toes. He looked along the pristine white beach and saw her standing on the edge of the endless white band of sand that stretched off seemingly into infinity; an oval green clearing of short grass spread out behind her until it reached the dark palm trees, their palm fronds waving in the rising evening breeze. The row of palms stood in a dark ominous line like soldiers at attention some distance far behind where she was standing. Further up the sloping hillside of Mt. Miyanoura the huge ancient cedars formed a black canopy in the fading late afternoon light.

John looked at her and she looked exactly like the figure in his dream except she was inexplicably dressed like an American “girl next door” instead of in the short red kimono that barely covered her ass that she usually wore? She was standing there in sexy cutoff jean shorts, her long athletic legs tanned and toned and her dark lustrous hair, almost black, pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her top was made from white cotton so thin and airy it was translucent; her small pert perfectly formed firm breasts were visible in outline under the sheer white gauze, their youthful ripeness drawing his eyes. Her darker tiny brown nipples were forming hard little points tenting the delicate white gauze fabric of her top. Perhaps the breeze was a bit cool? Her darker bottle-cap-sized areolas were visible as a faint outline.

Her name was “Aya”, but that wasn’t her first name, it was her middle name. “Ayako” to be precise, but everyone called her “Aya”. How did John know her name? John had no idea? He just knew her name was Aya. She was seventeen and she looked like Nozomi Sasaki, but John knew she wasn’t Sasaki. Aya was just stunningly beautiful, which made John think of Sasaki. Aya had those big “too-round” eyes, the slightly oval face and a beautiful sparkling white smile; her cute upturned nose and model’s trim but not too thin firm athletic body added to the alluring combination.

Aya was too exotic to be pure Japanese so John suspected she must be a half-blood princess? A lot of half-blood princesses appeared in manga and anime. Sexy half-blood girls also had a bad habit of popping up in John’s sex dreams, so John did not find Aya’s presence on the beach that unusual. John had a penchant, no perhaps more accurately a “weakness”, for half-blood girls. But was Aya here to do good or evil? What kind of half-blood princess was she? Had she jumped off the ink pen and light box of Yukimaru Katsura to tempt him in some irresistible way? Was John to be kidnapped and used as a sex toy in some wild same-sex love triangle all too common among half-blood princesses? In anime you never knew what direction the story would take and it was like that with John’s dreams as well.

“Lead me not into temptation, for…..” John’s mind was confused by all the strange and sexy images dancing about in his brain. This dream (if that is what it was) had a peculiar clarity, a heightened reality, the vivid light and colors so real they looked strangely “unreal”? It was like John had walked into a 3-D retina screen version of a Chuck Close painting and was now walking around in a hyper-reality of some sort of animated computer sex game. Perhaps he was merely an avatar being manipulated by some sex-starved seventeen-year-old girl in Arizona? Did he even exist he wondered? John could sense “genuine reality” hovering nearby like a hummingbird hovering beyond a pane of glass sucking nectar from a pink rhododendron flower; a reality so near, but unreachable because of the invisible barrier.

John heard a crystal clear voice calling his name and he looked down. John realized he was holding a small black cat with paws as white as virgin Sapporo snow. The little guy looked like a tiny Tokyo taxi driver wearing his cleanest white starched gloves. The cat was talking to John as if this was the most normal thing in the world. John’s jaw dropped and he shook his head hoping the talking cat would disappear. If this was a dream John wanted to get on with having sex with the half-blood princess; she was fucking hot!

John looked down at his feet. The cat kept talking to him. If this was a dream how come he could feel the grains of hot sand between his toes? Why when he looked at Aya did she look so real? Why was the black cat still talking? Was the appearance of a black cat a bad omen? John felt like he had fallen into a Murakami novel; everything was obtuse and tangential? Nothing seemed “real” and yet everything seemed intensely “real”? Reality had become a ball of tangled string and his brain seemed to have now way to fathom how to untangle the strands? Time was folding in upon itself and then folding again in an origami of time that was still time, but took on a new shape. John hoped his dream would get more interesting than this soon. This was just plain weird? Giving up on the idea that the black cat would go away John looked into the kitty’s face and was unnerved by the cat’s clouded yellow eyes. John concentrated harder to hear what the cat was saying.

“Yes, cat, what do you want?”

The cat looked at John with a totally pissed off look on his furry feline face, his blazing yellow eyes full of flickering fire.

“Well you’ve been ignoring me. And by the way, my name is Daniel, not cat. Why do you all call us “cat” or “kitty” and shit like that? Rachel always calls me “kitty” and I hate it.”

John had no idea who “Rachel” was and tried to have more patience with his dream. What a fucking crazy thing? He was now talking to a black cat with snow-white paws that looked a lot like a feline Tokyo taxi driver. This was insane; maybe he’d wake-up soon? Worse, the cat had a highly biblical name? “Daniel” was a prophet and his name meant, “God is my judge”? Was the cat here to judge him?

John’s mind was spinning, his mental gears feeling somewhat loose and wobbly. He’d done enough shit in his life, so to be judged was a fearful thing, even if it was only by an imaginary black cat with a biblical name and a nasty temper. John’s mother had spent her life judging him and he didn’t need any more criticism at this stage of his life. Whatever John had done wrong he preferred to keep buried deep, very deep in the back cupboards of his mind, the cupboards he rarely opened. Imagine Dali-like drawers carved into your brain and then imagine pushing the drawer closed and locking it. That was how John liked it.

“Okay Daniel. I’m stuck on a beach on the island of Yakushima. I’m talking to a black cat with snow-white paws like the bleached white gloves of a Tokyo taxi driver and the girl of my dreams is fifty-feet away. What do I do now?”

John—somewhat befuddled-- shook his head again in an attempt to clear it. How did he know he was on the island of Yakushima? Where had that little polished pearl of wisdom come from? John looked out at the water, the Tokashi Strait. How the fuck did he know this shit? This dream, well was it a dream? Was he on drugs? Hallucinogenic mushrooms? Whatever was happening was very disconcerting and disturbing. John sort of preferred the dreams that revolved around torrid sex with normal girls; you know “girl next-door” kind of girls, girls with cute ponytails and regular lives.

“She’s in danger John. Can’t you feel it?”

John looked at Daniel and looked into his opaque distant yellow eyes that were so disconcerting. Yes there was something dangerous hovering nearby and John could sense it. He saw Daniel had a cut on his head.

“What happened to you? Your head is bleeding.”

Daniel licked his paw in a nonchalant manner as if the injury were nothing to be too concerned about.

“Some fucking wild Bobcats. They’re moving into the city taking over like illegal immigrants. It’s just a scratch.”

Something more ominous than Daniel’s blood hung in the heavy, humid, tropical air. The breeze picked-up and a beam of light found it’s way through the scattered light clouds dotting the sky. The beam of light lit up the beach and turned the fine grains of sand a gleaming shimmering white, like a pearl shining under a spotlight at Tiffany’s.

His attention caught by the light, John glanced up and was astounded. Now Aya was wearing a Cosplay outfit from his favorite love triangle. It was if Aya had walked straight out of a page of “Absolute Boyfriend” or “Vampire Knight”? Aya’s beautiful big brown eyes called to John seductively and he wanted to move closer. Daniel spoke again in his mewing supplicant’s voice, a half-domesticated yellow-eyed tomcat with his own agenda if there ever was one. If the devil could incarnate himself as a snake then he could just as easily do it as a black tomcat with snow-white paws? John mulled this fearful thought over in his not too clear little-bit befuddled brain.

“She has a boyfriend John. But he’s a real monkey. Unreliable and promiscuous as any male monkey could be; you know the type John. He won’t wait for her, he’s too horny and needs to fuck sluts.”

John nodded to Daniel comprehending something deep inside, some deep connection with the girl in the distance. He glanced up again and Aya was becoming more and more irresistible. John wanted desperately to be closer to her, to hold her, to protect her from the indefinable threat. As John’s dream wandered further from where his feet were rooted he became the “knight in shining armor” riding to the rescue. Aya was the longhaired Cosplay princess who needs to be saved; Aya was the female sun exerting an irresistible sexual attraction, a female gravitational pull dragging John into her orbit closer and closer. Anyone who has studied celestial bodies will know the consequences of falling within the gravitational field of a hot body with a strong attraction.

From a distance, as if out of the scene of a movie, Aya put her right hand on her jutting hip and extended her left hand motioning seductively with her finger for John to approach, for John to join her. John hesitated before the cat’s scratchy voice jolted him back to awareness.

“What are you waiting for you idiot? She wants you! Don’t stand here like a neutered eunuch, act like a real tomcat. Put on some balls and go get her.”

John felt the hot white fine grains of sand burning his feet as he ran. John’s feet sank deeply into the sand leaving a single trail of tracks across the otherwise pristine and untouched pearl white beach. Imagine, John thought to himself, this burning heat was generated literally millions of light years ago and now it’s scorching my feet? As John got closer to the beautiful Aya he forgot about his burning feet and the energy from millions of light years ago and looked up. John saw Aya’s smile widen and he could tell she was giggling, but there was no sound? It was like the “mute” button on the computer in his dream had been clicked. Still Aya was so sexy he ran for all he was worth and his heart began to pound in anticipation of reaching her, of reaching the girl of his dreams.

Suddenly Aya’s mother appeared hovering in front of John like a shimmering mirage, but a mirage with physical substance, a menacing vision of female fortitude. His mind was truly fucking with him John realized. John staggered almost to a stop and slowed to take in this new imposing presence on the beach. Aya’s mother was very tall for a Japanese, at least five-foot nine. She was looking sternly at John as if to admonish him.

“Leave my daughter alone. She’s a half-blood Princess and you’re a commoner.”

John was taken aback. What should he say to her? John wanted to tell her how much he loved her daughter, that he wanted her daughter and would protect her daughter. “I’m the fucking knight in shining armor!” he wanted to exclaim to Ayako’s mother at the top of his lungs. Thoughts and phrases swirled in his confused brain as the highly attractive, but imposing mother continued to glare at him. Aya’s mother’s eyes narrowed, her parental all-knowing gaze penetrating deep into John’s lustful soul.

Perhaps just over forty years of age or maybe her late thirties, Aya’s mother still had an undeniable beauty and a compelling ability to generate sexual attraction in the opposite sex. John was certain many young men, even seventeen-year-old boys, would still jump at the chance to lie naked with this practiced seductress. Her hair was curled in an airy mass of dark tumbled curls and her nails were perfect with a flawless lavender gloss; it was if she had just left an intensive session at a beauty salon, perfecting every detail of her appearance in order to look her best to confront her daughter’s seducer.

“My daughter is a seventeen year-old virgin and you have no right to touch her. I haven’t even let her sleep over at a slumber party. I don’t even want other girls to slip a curious slender finger inside, do you understand? I’ve protected my darling Aya from that monkey of a no-good boyfriend. He would have fucked her in a second if I gave him the slightest chance.”

Aya’s mother paused to catch her breath. She was anxious to deflect this interloper in their regal lives and her jangled nerves were affecting her powers, her emotions disturbing her normal laser-like focus. She calmed herself to focus more clearly on John.

“And now you come along and whisk my daughter away to a tropical Japanese island paradise, lush and fertile. I know what you want. I know what all men want from my beautiful daughter. They want Aya’s tight pure perfect pretty pussy, her virgin vessel, her slippery sweet slit and they want her wondrous wet womb. In short, they want to plant their ignoble seed.”

John looked at the mother, her figure still slim and attractive, with the same high small pert firm breasts of her daughter. Also, her rich brown eyes were the same and the hips were even more pronounced and curved, no doubt the effect of childbirth, proof of her royal fertility. The mother had proved her worth and had produced an heir. The mother had stronger and more practiced powers than her young naïve half-blood daughter.

The sexy mother started to tempt John with visions of the other girls he could have. John’s mind was quickly tossed into tumult and turmoil as Aya’s mother focused her energy and forces on him with a new intensity. Visions of perfect and firm, full and rounded naked breasts, budding and stiffly erect pink nipples, wide-spread silken thighs, wet slick puffy pinkish pussy lips and the sounds of moaning eighteen-year-old seductresses invaded John’s brain like a horde of proverbial locusts.

“John you can have anyone of these girls. Just say the word, turn around and one of them will be yours. Leave my virgin daughter alone. Choose and you will have lurid and debauched sex beyond your dreams with any one of these girls. Do you want two girls? Pick two, they’re yours, just say “yes” and turn around.”

Aya’s mother wore a confident smile and the look on her face indicated she fully expected to win this little test of wills with a base commoner. What man could resist the sexual favors she was dangling in front of John? Especially the sixteen-year-old brunette cheerleader in the tartan pleated mini skirt with the firm 34C tits and cherry tinged lips? Oh yes Aya’s mother knew John’s weaknesses and to protect her daughter there was no act too low. Plucking another family’s perfect daughter from oblivion and offering her up to John to sate his base sexual needs would not cause Aya’s mother to lose five-minutes of sleep. When you were part of royalty you had responsibilities and sacrificing a few virgin commoner girls was a small price to pay to protect her precious Ayako. These naïve girls would no doubt tremble and cower before John’s huge cock took them and ripped their hymen; they would cry a river of tears, but what did it matter? Her daughter must be saved at all costs.

“You see that sweet and sexy sixteen-year-old cheerleader John? The one over there in the pleated mini skirt? Her name is Patty and she’s a virgin front and back. Patty’s never even seen a cock let alone touched one. Her pussy is so tight you can’t imagine.”

Aya’s mother passed John a tube of K-Y jelly with a smirk on her face. John was surprised the tube of K-Y jelly felt so real? He wondered what he was in the middle of? If this was truly a dream this was the most real tube of K-Y Jelly he’d ever encountered in a dream?

“Patty wants you John. Take her. Which hole do you want to drive your big hard cock into first? Perhaps you want to taste her sweet virgin juices? She’s like a fresh peach John, a fresh peach. So young, so tender, so soft, so SWEET! Look at her John. Have you ever seen any girl so perfect, so sexy? Look at her curves John. Have you ever seen a body so sinful? Patty’s skin is flawless John, her pussy is so, so tight; reach out John and touch her and she’s yours.”

John was brought back to the pearl white sand and the beach, the sinking sun shining on his face, by the sound of Daniel the cat and his meowing scratchy voice. John lost sight of Aya’s mother like a shimmering mirage that disappeared when the desert sand cooled. John felt Daniel’s claws digging deeply into his forearms, breaking the skin and distracting him, long deep scratch marks drawing his blood.

“John pay attention; get a grip you loser. Don’t listen to her; she’s just an apparition. This is the girl of your dreams man. Hurry!! If men listened to mothers the human race would be extinct.”

John shook his head and tried to get a grip on himself. Looking towards Aya John could see she was closer now and, if it was possible, she looked even more beautiful. Aya took her hand and flipped her hair away from her face with a flirtatious flick. A little off the shore, surrounded by rippled light blue water, the crests of the ripples shining like silver coins, was a glimmering pink sandbar, a crest shaped tombolo. The sun was going lower and the reflection of the red sky was turning the white sand and the low clouds pink. It looked beautiful, like a scene from a postcard. John steeled himself against whatever black magic the mother might attempt and he regained his speed.

As John moved forward he heard the final efforts of Aya’s mother, her voice much fainter now, her image fading like dispersing smoke shifted by wind, her voice flailing and frantic as John closed in on her daughter.

“Take me John. Wouldn’t you rather fuck the mother? Do you want me John? Turn around, join me in bed; I’m older John, the tricks I know in bed, you’ll be amazed.”

John hesitated and almost stopped, his brain dizzy with the image she was creating. Everyman’s fantasy was being offered: to fuck the mother, not just any mother, but the sexy hot mother of the girl of your dreams. The temptation was incredible and considering how sexy and desirable Aya’s mother was John almost gave in. Unlike a Shakespearean morality play, however, Daniel gave another dig with his claws and John steeled himself and rushed forward unwilling to play the part of the fallen hero. John heard Aya’s mother’s fading voice swearing and cursing him in the most foul Japanese slang terms he had ever heard. How the fuck did I learn to understand Japanese slang John wondered?

Finally Aya’s slender feminine hand was outstretched toward him and their fingers were straining every sinew to meet. Their first touch was glorious and with an unspoken understanding their fingers intertwined, their hands linking and locking in what to John felt like an unbreakable bond. Without speaking they began to run together away from the lurking ominous danger, away from Aya’s mother, towards their Avalon, their Shangri-La.

Somehow they knew not to flee into the dark ancient cedar forest offering false sanctuary. The aromatic smell of the cedars wafted to their noses and lured them like an addictive perfume, calling to them like the Sirens, but they were wary and their bond made them strong. The two lovers ran weaving between the interspersed towering coastal palm trees, their course skirting the beach, always keeping the shimmering blue water within sight. The danger felt less and less as they ran and their eyes began to search for a refuge.

Emerging from a cluster of tightly nestled palms and flowering tropical bushes adorned with pink iridescent flowers, a Jasmine perfume clouding their brain, the two linked lovers stopped and looked upon the small tropical bungalow in the clearing. The cedar shingle roofed bungalow was set adjacent to a secluded half-moon shaped pearl white sand beach fronting a small cove of teal blue calm water. The white sand beach was colored a soft peach-pink now by the ambient light of the setting sun. The horizon was demarked by a thin layer of blood red now, the sun almost dipping beyond view. The tropical night would swallow them black soon and they had found refuge just in time.

Coming to the bungalow’s bamboo wood door John pushed and found it open. Entering into their new sanctuary John could feel the ominous fear that had followed them fade away. A more subtle sense of calm overtook him and he looked sideways and noticed Aya smiling. Aya was pulling John forward like she knew where she was going. Where was Daniel? Oh there was the cat reclining on the beige sofa with a grin just as wide as Aya’s. Why did the fucking cat look so smug?

John had no time to wonder why the cat was grinning as Aya tugged him into the bedroom, its large floor-to-ceiling picture window fronting the soon to be black bay. The bedroom had a sliding glass door leading to a grey rough stone patio facing directly onto the beach. The window was turning dark now, almost black, the sun having disappeared behind the horizon. The cove was so calm, its rich obsidian surface un-rippled, like a sheet of black mirror and its blackness dappled with only a few silver flecks from the arriving moon, slightly tardy in making its entrance in the sky. Then, as if to confuse John even further, a second silver moon appeared on the other side of the sky. What the fuck was going on John wondered. The two huge silver moons cast an eerie silvery-bluish light on everything making his dream a silver-blue world.

John looked around the room, which was much like many bungalows at the beach resorts he had been to in Asia. A warm yellowish reading lamp cast just enough light to make out where he was. Aya giggled, although John could not hear the sound, but he knew she was giggling and she playfully pushed him away as she scampered and skipped into the dressing room next to the bathroom and closed the door. John looked around wondering what was happening. He saw two scented candles by the bed, one on each bedside table, with matches. For some reason John realized he needed to light the candles. He scratched the match. Hot white sparks flew and the sulfur smell infused his nose as the flame crackled to life. The candles were lit and offered a warm new light. Wanting to look out onto the beach John turned off the reading lamp and looked out the large window into the darkness, the flickering candles reflected in the glass dancing a wispy golden dance.

Turning back to the bed John saw a thin blue cotton robe lying on the puffy white cotton duvet with a little tag that said, “Compliments of….”, and the name of the resort. John realized he was in some sort of dreamlike holiday resort in a world with two moons? Real? Imagined? He still had no idea. Seeing it was completely dark now John slipped out of his clothes and slipped on the soft thin cotton robe and tied the cotton cord at the waist. John returned to the floor-to-ceiling window gazing into the black nothingness and wondered if the beautiful Aya would ever reappear? John’s thoughts were being swallowed by the obsidian nothingness of the ocean cove only a few feet away with the reflection of two silver orbs twisting every thought in John’s brain into something unintelligible. John was brought back to the present by the quiet sound of the dressing room door swinging open.

John turned from the black obsidian nothingness of the infinite and eternal ocean to the soft amber candlelight in the room. Now, with only the flickering candlelight suffusing the room, John saw Aya standing in the doorframe. The bright light of the dressing room behind her framed Aya’s body in outline, the feminine curves of her waist and hips obvious. The light of the candle was too weak to illuminate her face until Aya reached back and flicked off the bright bathroom light behind her. Now John could discern Aya’s exotic half-and-half features, her youthful face and her brown eyes, her dark hair, in the golden flickering glow cast by the two candles, their flames dancing to and fro.

Aya was standing in a light-blue cotton robe just like John’s except much smaller to fit her tiny Asian female frame. Her robe was teasingly short and just covered her hips leaving her long sexy legs exposed. The cord tied at Aya’s waist accentuated her slim waist and her flared feminine hips. Aya’s pose, the way her hip was jutting out, the way her arm was crooked, the way she looked at John; she was expectant and wanted something? John’s palms got itchy and his heart rate increased and his cock began to fill. This girl was so beautiful she made his head swim with a cocktail of desires.

Aya walked seductively towards John in the warm golden glow of the candles, their soft flames being tossed around by the faintest draft of air. The golden candlelight danced off Aya’s perfect young body, making it impossible for even the most accomplished painter or photographer to capture her illusive almost ethereal beauty. If anything Aya’s smile was even wider and as she got closer and closer John could see and then feel the almost tangible lust and desire in her playful brown eyes.

Coming right up to John, their faces only inches apart, John’s nostrils were now assaulted by Aya’s intoxicating perfume and the heat emanating from her body was making John’s mind whirl and tumble. Aya crooked her neck sideways, her brown eyes still locked on John’s. Then Aya moved her pouting hungry lips even closer to his; John’s lips were frozen in place, his mind numb with desire, as Aya moved closer and ever closer.

The kiss started as the softest, most delicate kiss John had ever imagined. Was this a real kiss, or an imaginary Platonic “perfect kiss”? John had no idea, but the kiss went on and on and seemed endless. John’s cock hardened more and rose up causing his robe’s fabric to jut out in front. As the kiss became firmer John felt Aya’s hands exploring his waist and hips, searching for his male member. Now John could taste the cherry flavor of Aya’s lip-gloss and he closed his eyes, becoming overwhelmed with wild wondrous sensations.

As John’s eyes shut and he was enveloped by a new and more intimate darkness John felt Aya’s fingers playing with the knot of his cotton robe’s waist cord. As the cord was loosely tied Aya used her adept fingers and soon had freed the knot. John’s robe fell open and he felt the cooler night air rush in against his warm body. John felt his cheeks burn pink and his face turned warm as his naked body and his now fully erect cock were on full display for his young sexy female apparition to behold. John’s sense of embarrassment and unease did not last long as he felt Aya’s tongue play along his lips, probing and exploring his mouth, seeking his approval to enter. Sighing in a deep male need, John received Aya’s tongue and his own tongue playfully tangled and probed in reply.

John’s hands now reached out to Aya’s slim waist, searching blindly to find her cotton robe’s waist tie. Locating the cotton cord John pulled and manipulated the intentionally loose knot until Aya’s robe also fell open. An entirely new sensation overtook John as his hands first felt the warm naked silky smooth skin of Aya’s firm young body. John’s fingers traced along the curve of Aya’s hip encountering the thin string tie of her delicate panties. John reached behind to grip the rounded slope of her tight taut ass. The rougher texture of Aya’s lace panties contrasted with the perfect silky smoothness of her flawless young skin.

Consumed by a new level of male need John pulled away from the intensely passionate kiss. He pulled back so his eyes, now open and hungry for visual sensations, could survey Aya’s gracefully curved and sinfully shaped body. John’s eyes widened in amazement; Aya was certainly the most bewilderingly beautiful girl he had ever been with. John’s eyes gazed first at Aya’s smiling youthful and innocent face looking animated with big brown dancing eyes full of eager curiosity. John’s eyes paused slightly before meandering down to Aya’s slender and elegant sloped neck and then down further to the cotton robe that had fallen open exposing Aya’s small pert firm breasts.

John was a man and couldn’t help staring. Aya’s perfectly formed breasts, small but firm and slightly rounded, were shielded only by a very tiny and delicate light blue bra trimmed with dark blue lace. John’s eyes continued down Aya’s taut body taking in her flat smooth stomach and her curved slim waist flaring into wider feminine hips. A tiny blue string bow was tied at each hip and Aya’s sweet young pussy was only covered by the most modest triangle of light blue silk edged once again with the darker blue lace trim. Aya’s sexy body was toned and athletic, the result of endless sessions of tennis and lengths in the pool. Aya’s shapely legs led down to long slender feet, her long toes and paler skin contrasted against the warm reddish colored cedar wood floor.

Aya had her own ideas, her own needs and her own schedule. Without any warning to John Aya giggled soundlessly and grabbed him firmly around the waist pulling him playfully down onto the bed their bodies bouncing on the mattress. They mock wrestled in a tumble of naked limbs, flying hair, blue cotton fabric and fervently passionate wet lips locked in a hot kiss with their tongues probing with frisky curiosity. Aya’s obvious lust and wanton desire took John’s breath away. As Aya struggled to pin him on the bed she ground her hips against John’s thigh, humping and grinding her pussy mound onto his leg like a girl in heat.

John had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted Aya at this exact moment. John wanted to consume her, to bring her to fulfillment as a woman, to release her into that special female place where sexual ecstasy would allow her to float to the heavens and her body would become a weightless quivering mass of sexual pleasure. John wanted to take Aya to that place where there would be no room for earthly concerns in her brain, at least for a short while, the point where two earthly bodies could fuse into one.

While John’s kisses and touches had at first been spontaneous and without direction, he soon found his focus and his fingers and mouth found their purpose. John’s touches became methodical and his kisses alternated between feather light and deep lust. Tender butterfly kisses and nibbles were alternated with firmer bites and probing dexterous fingers as John sought to cipher Aya’s body, to learn her sexual alphabet and using his intimate knowledge of her senses to write poetry with her body; John was offering Aya entry to that merciful nothingness of sexual ecstasy; a ticket to paradise so to speak.

John spread Aya’s body across the bed and centered his complete focus and every sense on his goal. For some reason Aya had selected him to take her virginity and now it was his responsibility to deliver her dream. Internally John made a promise to himself and a promise to his darling Aya: this would be the most amazing sexual seduction any virgin could hope for.

Having made his solemn covenant to honor her virginity, John began an exploration of Aya’s ready and waiting body, exploring every square centimeter in search of each and every special erogenous zone. Like a prospector in search of a rich vein of gold John sought out those special places where the lightest touch would make Aya squirm, her body twist, her mouth cry out, her body tense. A light caress here, a firm bite there, a tongue flying across her erect stiff nipple with a finger inserted in her pussy flicking side-to-side: John was the student and Aya’s body was the text book he needed to master.

John’s every sense was heightened and tuned to Aya’s body as he learned how she responded to his deft touch, to his potpourri of kisses, to his playful bites, to his flicks and licks, to his pinches and his light feather teasing touches. Along Aya’s neck and shoulders John played, on her sensitive underarms he stroked, with her pert nipples and breasts he teased and then teased some more; every squirm and groan, every heightened tension in Aya’s stomach muscles, every sharp intake of breath, every reaction of Aya’s body was carefully cataloged for future reference. John tested and then tested again, using the scientific method to determine the most effective techniques to bring Aya to release.

Having gained an understanding of Aya’s body, John’s lips move lower. John kissed across her ribcage and John’s hands roamed her waist, her tight nervous belly and then across her hips. John’s lips went lower as he kissed again and again the tender underside of her small breasts. Then John’s lips went down further to Aya’s ribs, teasing and pleasing her skin as he went with his moist lips and warm breath blazing a path of erotic arousal. In her growing sexual need Aya’s heart rate increased and her hands, guided by some feminine instinct passed down through the ages, pushed on John’s head driving his head even lower across her taut stomach muscles. As John’s lips neared closer and closer to their destination Aya’s hips instinctively rose up thrusting off the bed, beckoning with unspoken words for John’s mouth to find her womanhood and to finally sate her burning female need.

As John’s hands gripped Aya’s involuntarily gyrating hips to steady them his mouth finally arrived at the dark blue lace border of Aya’s delicate tiny panties. John felt Aya’s virgin body tense; never had anyone or any thing been this close to her inviolate orifice. John paused to see if Aya would stop him or if his dream would end for some reason. He paused to see if he’d wake up with a raging hard-on, alone in some random hotel room somewhere on the globe in the middle of another lonely business trip?

Then in the midst of John’s pause Aya’s hips pushed up beseeching John to continue, their gyrations a wordless message to John of Aya’s all consuming want and lust. John knew he had Aya’s consent. John’s fingers clasped the thin silk bow ties on each hip and he gently pulled. Aya might be scared, but her now out of control desire and her need to become one with John was greater than her fear. Aya’s soft female body needed to be filled with John’s male hardness, two joining into one, the eternal invisible force too great for either to deny.

As John pulled on the thin silk string ties the loose silk bows slid free and Aya’s silk panties fell away like a delicate dry fall leaf detaching itself from a tree. The frail blue silk slid gently away falling into the shadows between the “V” shape formed by Aya’s smooth young thighs. Now Aya’s triangle shaped thin wisps of auburn pubic hair barely concealed her tight young pussy and the musky and sweet peachy smell of her perfect virginity began to fill John’s nostrils with the scent of perfect innocence.

The fresh scent of Aya’s perfect pussy drew John like an ant to sugar. John’s mouth watered and he could wait no longer. Ayako’s slender hands guided John’s mouth to its destination like the more experienced hands of a mature lover. John wondered how she knew? What inherited instinct or tiny protein molecule of DNA held this embedded sexual knowledge? Aya’s sweet aroma, the glistening viscous juices now being secreted, the puffy pink outer lips all beckoned to John; his tongue flicked out tentatively to explore Aya’s perfection.

John’s tongue stroked Aya’s outer lips with a long gentle probing stroke while his hands gripped Aya’s hips holding her pelvis steady. John felt Aya’s body tense and shiver in response to his first flick, his first lick. Aya’s hands and her determination never faltered and she pushed John’s head harder against her pussy, demanding more urgent efforts from his teasing tongue. Clearly Aya expected more than the tentative tongue typical of some nervous juvenile. Aya wanted John to pleasure her with the confidence of his years of experience; she was expecting the torments of a talented tongue to toy with her clit, tease her, traipse across her mound and bring her to a shuddering climax.

As John began to lick, flick, probe and explore this beautiful young virgin’s pussy a certain lightness took hold of his body. John felt like he was floating and looking down upon two lovers and he felt the peculiar sensation of watching his own head bobbing between Ayako’s perfect creamy thighs. John’s erection hardened even further as he saw the otherworldly glow and delirious lost expression on Aya’s face, her eyes clenched shut, her mouth gaping open, as she experienced her first serious sexual arousal from a man.

John knew this Ayako was no ordinary girl. While he was fully occupied looking for her clit with his tongue, she had donned a cat burglar outfit, tight, black and sexy. While John was completely distracted with his oral endeavors this slim sexy black cat burglar had snuck through some door he had left unlocked, perhaps a window left ajar? Aya was inside him now opening his long locked doors, opening drawers stuffed with hidden secrets and letting his long repressed feelings wander free.

Aya was dressed like a thief and she had snuck in to steal John’s heart. The pages of John’s life he had torn out crumpled up and hidden in secret drawers were being found, smoothed out and Aya was reading every word out loud. With nimble and pure fingers Aya was loosing the shackles of sadness binding John’s heart and she was setting it free. Sensing John’s fear Ayako took his hand and their fingers twined and interlaced. John held on for dear life.

Loneliness, insecurity, sadness, regret and fear now walked free and Aya continued to search John’s soul, looking in crevices and nooks and freeing even worse suspects. Today was a day of pardons and every criminal memory John had locked away was being let loose. Memories John had thought irretrievably lost were now vivid and graphic and staring him straight in the eye. Yet John did not fear anything. Why was that he wondered? Somehow John knew and trusted Aya even as she explored the darkest corners of his being. John understood they were inexplicably connected and Aya would protect him no matter what. Aya might take John to the edge of the earth, they might look over the edge together and marvel at the precipitous drop, but she was a thief who ruled his heart and who held his hand in an unbreakable grip; something told him she would not let him fall.

John felt Aya’s clit begin to swell in his mouth as he licked and probed and played pleasingly with her pussy. Was her clitoris really swelling up so large or was this his imagination, or perhaps it was just part of this crazy dream? John’s tongue played with Aya’s swelling clit making circles and alternating strokes as it became bigger and bigger. It was like John was receiving signals or messages directly from Aya and she was the one now controlling his tongue. Could two people be joined like this John wondered? Could Aya take control of his brain and his body? John’s tongue did as commanded and Aya’s nails dug into John’s scalp as she pleasured herself using John’s body as her tool.

John lifted his eyes and gazed between Aya’s spread legs and over the rise of her female mound. His eyes admired the flare of her hips, the curve of her waist, her perfectly smooth and hairless golden skin. Finally his eyes reached the subtle rise of her young firm breasts, their sloping profile broken only by the tiny hard nibs—her erect nipples—pointed towards the ceiling. John was in a trance at the perfection of what he was admiring. It was surreal that this perfect young woman was supine on the bed and his head was between her legs. This was surely a dream?

A deep gutteral moan, almost a growl, and the urging of Aya’s fingers jolted John out of his trance. His eyes lusted to linger and roam about her body longer, but he had work to do. John grabbed onto Aya’s hips using all his strength to steady her body as she began to shift and squirm and jerk and contort from the pleasure coursing through her emanating from her pussy tormented by his tongue. Spasms convulsed Aya again and again as she got closer and closer to her first release with John.

John slowed his tongue, but Aya’s brain fought back demanding his tongue press harder and faster. John tried to pull his head away and delay her release, but some unseen force pushed down on the back of his head. Aya had control of him and John’s struggle to resist her demands was futile. John’s mouth and nose became coated in Aya’s streaming juices as he fought to gulp air. Aya’s hips were thrusting involuntarily against his face as she came nearer and nearer to her explosion. The unseen force of Aya’s mind drove John’s tongue faster and deeper as she compelled his mouth to service her. John felt himself tiring, but it was out of his hands; his tongue continued with a blizzard of flicks and lashes dancing across Aya’s pussy and clit.

John using all his concentration was finally able to pull back his head a little and lighten his tongue strokes. Aya mewed and cried out like a clearly unhappy female in heat. Aya’s finger nails scraped John’s scalp as she used all her force to drive his head down. Aya implored John forward, but the cute haltingly reluctant timbre in her voice betrayed Aya’s virginity and inexperience.

“Please John…..don’t stop……”

Aya’s body was trembling anxiously with a combination of nerves and desire. Aya’s fingers clutched at the bedding to give her some grounding. Aya’s chest rose and fell in heavy breathing as she struggled to provide her aroused body enough oxygen to feed the flames engulfing her. Her next command evidenced a growing sense of frustration.

“JOHN! Please……”

The word “please” hung vibrating in the air like an important note in a work of Mozart, a note demanding recognition. The word “please” was walking a tightrope between a lover’s request and a soul mate’s command.

John might have his plan, but Aya clearly had her own plan. John realized the imperative to obey and recommenced his efforts. John inserted a finger slowly into Aya’s tight pussy and her tight walls resisted, but her virgin pussy was too wet and too slick to deny John’s finger its objective. Aya’s eyes were tightly clenched closed now and as John’s eyes surveyed Aya’s young body lying before him he could see her chest rising and falling rapidly with her heavy breathing, her small breasts and stiff nipples pointed upwards, her stomach muscles tense and ready to explode, her thighs trembling in anticipation; John knew the moment was close.

When John’s finger violated her virgin pussy Aya sucked hard, holding a deep breath in her chest and biting her bottom lip as the sensation of penetration ripped into her. A guttural feline moan escaped from her throat and Aya lifted her head too look down at John. As John looked back into Aya’s wide-eyed doe-like gaze of wonder and innocence he sensed her fear, her lust, her wild curiosity; John knew this was the moment when a girl became a woman.

Aya let her head fall back onto the bed and pushed her hips up. At the same time she pushed John’s head down and his tongue, as if controlled by Aya herself, began a final flurry of fast repetitive flicks across the top of Aya’s clitoris. John felt Aya’s pussy walls spasm and contract onto his finger as her hips bucked spasmodically against his face. John let his other hand slowly slide up and tease the underside of the swell of Aya’s left breast. Slowly inching across her smooth skin he found her hardened nipple and gave it a light pinch and twist drawing out another startled gasp of delight. John chuckled at his success and wetting his fingers with Aya’s own juices he lightly rolled her nipple a second time, but harder this time. Aya’s reaction let John know there could be no turning back now; Aya was too close.

John slowed his tongue and lightened his efforts. Aya whimpered and her body shivered as her hips jammed up banging into John’s chin seeking her final release. Aya’s skin was aflame and her nipples, her pussy, in fact every inch of her seemed to be on fire. Aya tilted her head back, her neck going taut and her veins puffed and swelled becoming visible tracks along her light skin. Aya’s body turned rigid, arcing off the bed as lust took hold. John let his fingers brush across the sensitive skin of her small plump breast, teasingly tracing its form before hovering directly over her stiffly pointed rubbery nipple and teasing its tip with sensitive brush after brush with his wet finger. Sensing the perfect moment had arrived John rolled the erect rubbery tissue of Aya’s erect nipple one final time between his slick thumb and forefinger, driving her over the edge.

Feeling Aya’s body shudder violently and collapse in convulsions, John sucked onto Aya’s pussy like an apostle worshiping a sexual deity with only his mouth and tongue as his offering. Indeed Aya was his sexual goddess, she was his salvation; Aya had unlocked his shackled heart and for once in his life John felt free. Aya’s mouth gaped open and a rich throaty cry pierced the air as her body began to convulse and buck repeatedly against John’s face. Aya’s nails raked across John’s shoulders ripping red rows in his skin as an explosion of pleasure consumed her.

Frantically grasping for something to hold onto Aya’s hands flailed in the air slapping against John’s skin. Having lost control of her body as it was consumed by wave after wave of orgasmic explosions alternating with counterpoint contractions Aya sought an anchor. Finding John’s head Aya’s fingers grasped John’s scalp and her fingers twined into his thick dark hair grabbing handfuls in her desperation to comprehend and survive what was happening to her young body.

An intense white light formed in Aya’s brain blocking out all other images and she only felt her body shaking and turning sensitive and hot in every part. Aya’s body bucked, shook, twisted, thrust and contorted seemingly in every direction as her nerves were overwhelmed by her orgasmic release. It was all John could do to hold on for the ride as his mouth tried to maintain contact with Aya’s pussy. John flicked his finger rapidly side to side inside her tight slick walls. John felt Aya’s smooth pussy walls contracting again and again against his finger trying to pull it deep into Aya’s waiting womb. John rolled the fingers of his other hand as hard as he dared. Aya’s firm rubbery tissue compacted into a thin flat circle the size of a small coin as John pinched her nipple hard at the same time as Aya reached the peak of her release. John’s pinch sent a wild shock of intense pleasure from Aya’s nubile nipple to her throbbing, convulsing pussy and thence onward to her roiled brain.

Aya cried out like a young lover truly in the throes of her first true coupling with a man. Aya’s thrusting hips ground her pussy into John’s mouth and his tongue and lips, now almost raw with rubbing, made their feeble final efforts to set her free.


Aya’s ultimate cry was a crossbreed between a cry of pleasure and a groan of pain. Slowly her breathing subsided and her painful grip on John’s scalp and her fistfuls of his tangled hair eased. A gentle sigh replaced Aya’s sexual groans and cries as she slid into the sweet afterglow of her first orgasm with John.

John eased his mouth off Aya’s pussy now enflamed and engorged with blood. John softened his tight grip on Aya’s hips and looked across her amazing sweet young body, now lightly coated in a glowing sheen of sexual sweat.

“Are you okay Aya?”

John questioned in a tentative but soft loving voice. John had never had a girl explode quite so violently her very first time with him. Aya giggled softly.

“Nothing like that has ever happened before.”

Aya answered nervously.

“I mean when I touch myself…’s…”

Aya paused, her mind working slowly.

“It’s not at all like THAT.”

Aya’s hands reached down and she hooked her fingers under John’s armpits, tugging and urging him forward to lie with her, to hold her. John kissed Aya’s now soaked pussy mound and let his light kisses move teasingly higher. Aya giggled and stroked John’s hair playfully. When John reached Aya’s midriff he let his mouth encircle her belly button and his tongue began to swirl and tease her “inny”. Aya giggled and writhed, her body twisting as his kiss teased her skin. John’s kisses to her midriff bordered on tickles and Aya struggled to control herself. The arousal from John’s tongue finally causing Aya’s giggles to be interspersed with high-pitched gasps of renewed pleasure.

John’s mouth and chin, now covered in love juices, moved higher kissing Aya’s ribs, her breasts, before he finally latched onto one of Aya’s nipples, sucking tenderly. Aya’s nipple had softened from its prior rubbery stiff state and was soft and supple in John’s mouth. John’s heart felt joyful feeling this young woman’s breast supple between his lips, her nipple clenched delicately between his teeth. Sigh after sigh seeped from Aya’s lips as John played with her breast, his teeth and lips teasing her nipple, his other hand gently stroking the sensitive skin on her neck. Soon enough Aya’s nipple had hardened as stiff as a pencil eraser and John’s playful nibbles were becoming firmer bites.

John’s hard almost nine-inch cock was pressing into Aya’s hip and there was no way she had not noticed his male hardness. Aya spread her legs and bent her knees offering John’s body a resting spot. Was she signaling her readiness for John to take her he wondered? John let his hand wander down between Aya’s thighs to explore the triangular treasure of her waiting pussy. John’s fingers slowly stroked Aya’s puffy pale pink outer lips slick and glistening with her sex juices. John lightly teased her clitoris and slowly penetrated back and forth enjoying the sounds he was forcing from Aya’s mouth.

“Oh god! Ah Ahhhh John!! That feels so good!”

As if out of breath and in an almost whisper she once again commanded.

“Don’t stop! Oh god! Faster! Please FASTER!”

John stroked his finger in and out as fast as he could while circling Aya’s highly aroused clitoris with his lubricated thumb. As he felt Aya’s body begin to shudder once again John stroked the full length of his finger up and down her lips and bit down as hard as he dared on her nipple. Aya let out a painful squeal that evolve rapidly into a squeaky cry of lust and pleasure clearly on the cliff-edge of pain. Aya’s body bucked beneath his weight as she came in a tiny orgasm once again.

As Aya’s small orgasm faded John moved his mouth from Aya’s now reddish nipple, raw from his bites, to kiss her softly on the mouth. John kept muttering soft words like “so beautiful”…. “my dream” …… “I want you” as Aya, exhausted, clung to his hard male body. With her hand stroking his head Aya put her lips to John’s ear. There seemed to be no sound and yet John could hear Aya’s voice perfectly. It was as if she was talking from inside his brain?

“Take me John. I want you inside of me now.”

With the honey nectar of Aya’s pussy juices still lingering like a peachy tang in his mouth and the feel of her rubbery nipple and her shuddering body still vivid in his brain John realized the moment had come. Aya’s hand reached down and holding John’s big hard cock in her slender feminine hand she moved it until the purple-red blood engorged thick cockhead was rubbing on her wet outer lips. Aya got John’s cockhead slick and wet with her juices and then positioned it pointing directly into her tight virgin pussy.

Aya’s hands moved to hold John’s hips and her kiss became more passionate as she thrust her tongue deeply into John’s mouth. As if John needed any encouragement Aya’s hands pulled forward on his hips and he felt her brain once again controlling his body. Aya made John’s hips move forward and his cock slowly entered her tight resisting vagina, its tight walls pushing against his thickness. Aya’s young inexperienced body tensed and John could feel her nervousness as his huge cock spread her walls. Once again there was no sound, but John heard Aya’s voice inside his brain.

“Oh yes! Fuck YES! I feel you inside me John, filling me. It’s wonderful!”

Aya’s hands urged John on, urged him to penetrate deeper. John pushed and then pulled back letting his cock get coated in Aya’s juices before stroking forward again with more lubrication. John moved slowly even though he wanted to thrust to the hilt and bury himself in this perfect young woman, the woman of his dreams. John’s cock was tingling and his excitement was like nothing he had felt for years and years. Aya opened her knees wider and John began a slow rocking motion and pushed forward to make sure on the down-stroke the base of his cock rubbed against Aya’s clitoris.

Aya wrapped her legs tightly around John’s body as he came close to full penetration. Aya’s heels dug into the back of John’s legs and her fingernails dug into John’s back as the slow repetitive stroking of his massive cock started to bring Aya to a new state of deliriously dizzy arousal. Having John inside her somehow made everything more exciting, more intimate and more intense. Aya wanted to feel John’s full length filling her petite Asian body. Could she hold this man’s huge cock in her tiny virgin pussy? Aya wanted to prove she was a woman and take him completely.

Seven inches, eight inches…..John’s cock was completely coated in Aya’s slick sweet juices. John saw Aya’s eyes were clenched closed and her breathing was intermittent as he drove deeper and deeper. John felt so huge and heavy above her tiny body that he was afraid he might be crushing her. John desperately wanted to thrust the final penultimate inch, but he was afraid he might hurt Aya driving so deep her first time? John slowed his hips and thrust forward cautiously but steadily. John waited for any cry of pain or lurch of Aya’s body to indicate discomfort, a signal to withdraw? Aya’s fingernails dug deeply into John’s back and her lips were warm and moist against his ear.

“Fuck me John! Deeper! Please John….! Please! Fill me completely!”

Had his darling Ayako really said those words? A potpourri of confusion, lust, hesitation, passion and desire disoriented John’s brain. John no longer knew if this was a dream or reality, but Aya had taken control and even had he wanted to resist he was but an automaton servicing her wants and desires. Aya commanded and John’s hips thrust forward driving his cock completely to the hilt, the final inch violated. John’s pelvic bone connected with Aya’s female mound and he moaned as he ground himself into her clitoris. John’s thick hardness felt like it was in an intense pressure cooker as the hot slick walls of Aya’s tight virgin pussy gripped and pulsed and contracted again and again against his long hard male rod.

Aya’s voice quavered and her body arched off the bed in shock at the depth of penetration. Aya felt intense female pleasure as she felt herself become a complete woman, her man’s cock taken in completely, its full length buried in her softness. When Aya had first seen the huge size of John’s cock she had doubted it could fit in her tight virgin vessel? How could something that big fit inside her petite body? Now Aya’s mind relaxed as she felt John impale her to the hilt; Aya felt full and satisfied as a woman.

Their bodies and their discovered lust consumed the lovers and the coupling soon took on a frantic quality as their bodies lurched and ground and thrust seeking pleasure and release from the other’s skin, friction begetting more friction. Male hardness seeking balance from female softness and female softness completing itself by absorbing male hardness; two lovers bodies lurching towards the heat and fusion of orgasmic oneness.

Slowly John’s needs lost their tentative quality and he thrust deeper and harder into his young princess. John kept thrusting and driving into Aya harder and harder as he lost any semblance of control or self-awareness. Aya held on with her tiny body totally possessed by John’s larger harder male torso riding her, his hard thick cock filling her emptiness, filling her void. Aya smiled feeling how John fit into her like lock and key, two becoming one, opening the locked door of passion.

On and on it went as Aya came closer and closer to a complete release as a woman. Aya’s cries of pleasure were muffled as she latched her mouth onto John’s neck or shoulder. The taste of John’s salty skin filled her mouth. John’s big body was bucking above her in hungry muscular thrusts. Sometimes the thrust of John’s cock would bring such intense pleasure that Aya would bite down unknowingly breaking the skin and drawing John’s blood which she sucked greedily, the blood mixing with the salt of his sweat. Aya’s eyes had rolled to the back of her head in her sexual delirium and she was now in some other place where only a hard male cock could take her.

Suddenly Aya was over the edge and her voice scratchy and breathless bounced from high-pitched cries of ethereal feline mating sounds to low guttural groans from the depths of her lust. Aya’s body, consumed by an otherworldly force convulsed and shuddered under John as his own body, triggered by the unseen forces emanating from Aya, catapulted into it’s own orgasmic cataclysm. Aya’s pussy walls contracted again and again against John’s huge hard cock sucking it into her body as her fingernails raked and ripped at his back attempting to find some form of anchor to hold her soul from flying away and dissolving like the beam of pure light and ecstasy she had now become.

John felt his balls pull up into his body into a tight contracted sack and his cock, a thick burning rod of near-molten iron, as if just pulled from a forge, tingled and burned in a pre-release oblivion of heat and fever. John felt his own body lighten and begin to float as in a searing funnel of lava-like blast his cum shot into Aya’s tight waiting pussy. Aya’s virgin pussy, as if aware of the offered gift, contracted repeatedly to form suction and draw John’s semen deep into her goddess like pure vessel.

John’s mouth gapped open and in the grip of orgasmic energies he let loose a cry of total lust-happiness-joy-freedom-wonder as his mind and soul floated and fused with Aya’s, energy begetting more energy in a quantum physics equation, the formula of lust. In that exact instant of mutual abandonment the two lovers had become one, a fused kernel of passion so intense no distance separated them. Their bodies were mingled, their thoughts indistinct and their souls amorphous and fused; their cries became a single cry.

Soon sated the two bodies stopped moving and an almost holy sensation of silence and oneness enveloped them as if in a protective cocoon. John held tiny Aya next to his larger body and rolled so she was lying lightly on his chest. John felt Aya’s heavy breathing and the heat and sweat that lubricated their glowing skin made them glisten and slick in the soft candlelight. Aya giggled and nuzzled into him with that special intimacy of lovers and John gently stroked her hair as he tried to recover his breath.

John felt Aya’s pussy contract lightly on his now shriveling drained cock. Aya’s pussy contraction pushed out a mixture of creamy love juices that then dribbled onto John’s balls and down the crack of his ass. John suddenly realized he had not worn a condom. As if reading his mind John could hear Aya’s answer in his brain even though no words were spoken.

“Remember what I told you John. My kind can only get pregnant in the first two weeks of a February when no full moon has appeared. A February that follows a blue moon in January.”

John thoughts in tumult he tried to speak and Aya lifted her head and put a finger to her mouth.


Aya hushed John and the two were blanketed again in a soft silence, a lover’s silence. Their bodies clung tenderly to each other offering the anchor and certainty of connection in the harsh random sea of serendipitous unfathomable fate. John had no further recollection as blackness sucked him into a warm silent sleep.

Early morning grey light seeping through the large window pried open John’s eyes like a rusted crow bar creakingly easing back a long jammed barn door. John’s sleep was a deep disoriented slumber and he looked around to see where he was. The bed was a tumbled mess of bed sheets. On the floor he noted the tiny blue silk panties? So how much was real? What was real?

Looking around John saw the cords tied to the bed frame. He saw the half-used tube of K-Y sex lubricant squeezed and distorted lying on the bedside table. A large pink vibrator was half exposed by the covers. A high heel shoe was lying in the corner and a blue silk bra was half stuffed under one of the pillows. A half-burned candle, its wick black and curled, sat in a glass base by the lamp.

The morning light grew stronger and John looked out the window. The ocean waves were lapping gently at the white sand. John swung his legs over the side of the huge king size bed and he noted the hardened sex juices caked on his cock and dried in little clumps on the surrounding pubic hair. John scratched himself and looked around the room. It was just like in his dream?

Glancing at the side table John saw a note. “I’m at the beach darling. Ayako” John picked up the small fragment of hotel notepaper and examined it curiously. John rubbed the ink with his thumb and it smudged just like real ink? Fuck! His mind whirled and he looked out the large plate glass window.

Rising John slipped on his navy blue sweat pants that were lying over a chair by the writing desk. Moving to the bathroom John grabbed his toothbrush while taking note of the pink toothbrush next to it. Question upon question piled up in his brain. Where was he? Who was he? Who owned the pink toothbrush? What time was it? What year was it?

Scene by scene the dream (or was it the actual previous night?) began to come back to him. John recalled the girl of his dreams, her beauty, the way she had seduced him, the wild sex. John held the pink toothbrush before his eyes in amazement like an icon of some forgotten event slowly being recalled. From the distance John heard a soft feminine light laughter and the merry cries of playful beach games.

After quickly splashing his face with water John made his way to the window overlooking the bay and slid the sliding glass door back. John walked out barefoot onto the rough grey paving stones of the deck. Squinting his eyes against the now brighter sunlight John looked towards the teal-blue ocean and the happy sounds. John could just make out the lithe form of a young woman leaping and hopping and playing like a skittish young foal along a protruding sand spit. The thin low tombolo formed an arc, almost level with the sea, in front of the white sand beach protecting the calm bay. From a distance the tombolo gave an illusion that the young woman was playfully dancing on water, an otherworldly creature capable of dancing on the sea?

The young woman must have sensed his presence? She turned and raising her arm in recognition she made an emphatic wave in John’s direction. Another girl was playing with her and pulled mischiefeously at her sexy short jean shorts, seemingly trying to pull them off. It was obviously some sort of beach game. The two girls struggled in a mock battle tugging at each other’s meager beach attire, spurts of giggles and shrieks of laughter piercing the languid early morning tropical air.

The young woman now turned and leaped and ran along the tombolo towards the beach, towards John. As she got closer and closer it became more and more apparent to John that this was the exact girl from his dreams. It was Aya. She was dressed in sexy jean cutoff shorts and a tiny tank top that barely covered her perfectly perky small braless breasts. As she ran her tiny breasts jiggled and her small nipples rubbed against the fabric of her tank top. Aya’s small nipples became pointed and erect from the friction against the fabric. The vision dazzled John who became entranced by the perfection of the breasts approaching him.

The other girl, taller and blond chased Aya at first and then gave up and fell into a halting walk, still following, but more slowly. Aya, her eyes locked onto John’s, came closer and closer until she leaped effortlessly into his arms. Aya wrapped her legs around John’s hips and her arms around his neck, clinging to him with an intimacy beyond anything John had ever felt. Shocked John felt her hot moist lips lock onto his with hunger and urgency. John could feel how she hated to be parted from him, even for a moment.

The intense passion of their kiss was new and yet it felt familiar? Aya’s fingers roamed through John’s thick hair and her nails scrapped at John’s scalp as her tongue thrust into his mouth in a sign of undeniable possession. Somehow John understood this young woman totally possessed him, she owned him like no woman ever would. She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth as if to say, “You are mine and I will do with you what I want. I can bed you, fuck you, hold you and even share you if I so please. You are mine heart and soul. Your cock? It is my plaything.”

Pulling her lips off his Aya’s eyes danced and sparkled with life and love and the contentment of total possession.

“You’re awake darling!”

Aya put her warm moist lips close to John’s ear and whispered.

“You were amazing last night darling. It felt just like our first time when I was a virgin. I came so many times I lost count.”

Aya pulled back and was grinning an irrepressible grin, the grin of a woman satisfied by her man’s cock and by his heart.

“I might be pregnant you know. I told you the first two weeks of a February with no full moon. Well it’s February eighth of 2018 and there’s no full moon this month darling. My mom says it’s almost a certainty.”

Aya pulled away and looked at John smiling contentedly, a woman clearly one hundred percent happy. John looked back still slightly perplexed and disoriented.

“Well we’ve been together six-years, aren’t you happy John? It’s about time we had a child.”

John smiled and kissed Ayako tenderly and let his hands grip her waist as she unlinked her ankles and slipped her feet back to the ground. John held her hand in his own, recalling how easily and perfectly their fingers twined and linked. Slowly it was all coming back to him and he smiled.

“Of course I’m happy darling.”

John’s mind was reeling; she was actually his? How many men got to be with the woman of their dreams? John looked at how beautiful Ayako was and he was still tempted to pinch himself to see if he would wake up and realize he was alone in a hotel room in London waiting to do a business meeting. Ayako let her hands slide up and down his forearms and she lightly teased John’s skin as the other girl approached. Her touches were the soft lover’s touches of a woman with ownership over her man, mind, body and soul. Aya turned towards the approaching beautiful young blond and then back to John.

“You remember Tina from the pool?”

John took in this incredible new creature and tried to keep his eyes from roaming and lusting too much on her ripe young body. John struggled to re-orient his brain and bring back the salient facts. He nodded in the pretense of remembering who this girl was. Through the fog he slowly recalled meeting Ekartina at the pool and that she and Ayako had become fast friends. John’s brain worked slowly and was muddled. Did they drink too much Champagne last night? In fits and starts John recalled that Tina was seventeen-years-old and was from Russia? Her father Sergei ran a large travel group and he was here at the resort checking out the island looking for a new group travel destination for his travel company.

Tina’s tight teenage body was stunning and she was clearly taller and slightly more voluptuous and curvy than Ayako’s petite Asian frame. The two girls giggled and talked as John stood there holding Aya’s hand looking somewhat stunned by unfolding events. Looking down Tina reached out and touched John’s forearm.

“John!! What happened to your arm?”

Ayako looked down and John glanced at what they were looking at.

“You’ve got scratches all over your arm?”

Tina looked concerned. Aya let her finger trace the long red deep scratches.

“John it looks like a cat scratched you?”

Tina looked at the two of them with curiosity. Aya’s big wide-eyes looked at John? John realized his forearms had been all scratched by the black cat Daniel digging in his claws? Did Aya know Daniel? Should he mention Daniel or did Daniel only exist in his mind? Better not mention talking cats John thought to himself, that might sound a little weird. Aya turned to Tina.

“I had better put some antibiotic cream on my husband’s arm.”

Tina looked concerned and then the two girls giggled over something Aya said and waved to each other. John waved to Tina as she retreated along the beach. John marveled at Tina’s tight ass in a tiny black bikini bottom as her hips swayed down the beach. Aya took John’s hand and led him towards their bungalow. Aya looked up at John with that naughty expression she sometimes wore.

“You LIKE Tina don’t you darling?”

John tried to pretend he didn’t know what Ayako meant by her question. Aya squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“Don’t try to hide from me darling. I know everything that goes on in your brain. EVERYTHING.”

Aya smiled a knowing smile as she pulled John towards the bathroom. John smiled a guilty smile. It was true John thought she does know everything about me, every guilty little secret, every shameful lusting desire. John sighed contentedly and squeezed his wife’s hand. And that’s why I’m so happy I guess he thought to himself, she knows everything so I have nothing to hide.

“I like her too honey. She wants to come out to the club with us tonight and I was thinking it might be fun? She’s only seventeen and she’s a virgin. Do you remember when I was seventeen honey? Do you remember our first night?”

Aya giggled as she reflected on her naughty thoughts. John was grinning as he could read Aya’s thoughts just like she could read his. Aya continued.

“A girl like that needs just the right man to deflower her. Don’t you think honey? It would be terrible if she fell for someone horrid.”

Aya looked at John her smile a puzzle, but one he had now learned to piece together after all their time together.

“Besides, I think she’s extremely attractive myself.”

The tone in Aya’s voice was coy, a precociously flirtatious coyness that made John more than a little curious.

“Oh and darling.”

“Yes Ayako?”

“You need to be careful when you hold Daniel. He has very sharp claws and he knows how to use them.”

John’s mind did a summersault? Ayako knew Daniel? WTF? Talking cats? Ayako giggled at John’s reaction and she dabbed white antibiotic cream along his scratches.

“Put on some shorts and let’s walk along the beach together. We need to Skype my mom later and tell her I’m probably pregnant.”

John looked at Ayako with apparent concern.

“But….” He hesitated. “I thought your mom hated me?”

Aya giggled.

“She did at first silly. I mean you did sweep me off my feet and take my virginity. But then again, that was sort of my plan.”

Ayako giggled softly and kissed John lightly on the lips.

“My mom thinks I’m special. She was trying to protect me. But she loves you now. I’ve told her how good you are in bed and she has forgiven you.”

John didn’t look completely convinced.

“Hurry up honey. I want to spend some time together alone before we meet up with Tina. I want tonight to be something new and exciting for both of us.”

As Ayako turned and walked out of the bathroom John took in her curves, her firm ass and he wondered to himself. “How did I end up with the girl of my dreams?” Without even seeing his face or hearing his voice Ayako called out.

“It was serendipity darling.”

John was perplexed.

“What did you say darling?”

“I said, it was serendipity darling.”

To be continued……..

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