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The Girl's Plan: Part I

The Girl's Plan: Part I

The girls head off on a trip with a plan to rid Valerie of her virginity
The Girl’s Plan: Part I

Valerie was so excited; at 18 years of age this would be her first trip away from her very protective parents. Actually her best friend Aria had arranged it and negotiated her release from parental protection. Aria had “a plan” which involved Valerie losing her long protected virginity.

Little did Valerie’s parents know, but Aria was a pretty wild girl. It’s just that at Valerie’s house the two girls always acted like sweet and innocent little teenagers talking about homework and projects. It also helped that they both got the top grades in every subject at school.

On their own, however, Valerie and Aria liked to talk about boys, sex, clothes and who was fucking whom at school, generally regular teenage girl stuff. Valerie would also get Aria to tell her again and again what it was like for a boy to fuck you, for his cock to push into you, to fill you up. Valerie’s parents had ensured that no cock had gotten anywhere near their little girl and so she lived vicariously through Aria.

Valerie wanted more than anything to make love, to have a man inside her. She probably could have lost her virginity loads of times with boys at school. She just didn’t want to do it with those jerk-off young guys at school who would fuck you and then pretend not to know you the next day.

Even worse, the boys at school would talk to each other about what sex with you was like and soon everyone in school would be talking about you. Valerie wanted her first time to be very, very special. She was saving it as a gift for a very special man that she had imagined carefully in her mind. She just needed to find him in real life when her parents weren’t around. That’s where Aria’s plan came in.

Aria had convinced the two sets of parents that the girls (both of whom had been admitted to top tier universities) deserved a reward after their long years of hard academic work, tortuous ballet classes, hours of gymnastics and laborious piano lessons. A “trip to BALI” had not gone over well with Valerie’s parents at first, but Aria was nothing if not smart and persistent.

Aria worked on Valerie’s parents with the same determination as she had worked on her application to Yale. Aria told them how “responsible” the two girls would be and how “educational” the trip would be, exposing them to new cultures, new places and new things. Aria slyly let slip passages about how she and Valerie “were focused on their studies” and had “no time for boys”.

To rile up Valerie’s parents competitive Asian psyche, Aria mentioned how the Chan family were sending Christina to Paris. This was the clincher. Valerie’s parents knew Christina Chan had been accepted by Columbia and Harvard and if the Chan’s thought sending their daughter on a trip was good for her resume then they had better follow suit.

Valerie had all but lost hope in Aria’s efforts when all of a sudden her parents agreed. The two girls jumped up and down in excitement and immediately retreated to Valerie’s room to pick out the bikini’s she would bring. They spent hours discussing clothes, shoes, bikinis and BOYS. One of the main objectives of this trip would be “to find Valerie a boy” as Aria put it and “get rid of her virginity”.

Secretly in Valerie’s mind she hoped she would find a MAN, as she wasn’t really very turned on by “boys”. When she needed to put her fingers between her legs at night, when her girl needs were too great, it wasn’t a “boy” she fantasized about, it was an older guy, a guy who could really take control of her and make the moment perfect.

The planning for the trip and the waiting carried on for weeks and drove the two girls crazy. They could hardly wait and then suddenly, in one more day they would be boarding the plane to Bali.

The girls were taken to the airport by their nervous parents who waited jumpily as the girls waved goodbye from the gangway to the airplane through he glass. Valerie and Aria were quickly seated and chatting excitedly about what it would be like in BALI. Aria kept telling Valerie about how to tempt and tease boys and how they would “have their pick” at the clubs.

When they arrived their first order of business after checking out the hotel and pool would be to head into Kuta, the nearby town, and buy some hot club dresses and new hot bikinis. Aria had gone on-line and learned where to shop, where to club and where to find boys.

Their hotel, the Grand Hyatt, was amazing with several huge linked pools and a long soft sand beach. The parents had insisted on a “good” hotel so the girls would be “safe”. The girls check out the restaurants and determined that the Japanese was probably the best, but also very expensive.

Their room was very nice, but since it was one of the more inexpensive rooms it looked to the trees and not over the Nusa Dua beach. Well, it didn’t matter; they wouldn’t be spending much time in the room anyways.

The girls changed to head to Kuta. Aria was a bit taller than Valerie at 5’ 7” and had a more voluptuous Caucasian figure with 34C breasts, a tapered 28” waist and very sexy 32” hips. She didn’t lack for male attention and had received lot of compliments from the boys as school. Since she was 16 Aria had also noticed how older men’s eyes would follow her as well.

Valerie was from Asian parents, Vietnamese to be exact, with a petite, perfect Asian body: high, pert, small and firm 34B breasts, a very slim, tight waist/flat stomach and curved feminine 28” hips with a nice firm ass. Valerie weighed only 115 lbs. and could wear tight jeans, tight t-shirts, half-tops and short pleated mini-skirts and look totally incredible. Valerie’s long, straight black hair fell past her shoulders and would cover her breasts if it fell to the front.

For their trip to town Aria put on short jean shorts and a sports bra top and white runners. Valerie put on grey Lululemon yoga pants that molded to her ass like paint. She only used these for ballet practice at home as her parents would never let her leave the house in such sexy pants, but now she was free. Valerie looked at the profile of her butt in the mirror and smiled.

On top Valerie wore a crisp white cotton sleeveless blouse that she tied it up in a knot below her bust leaving her tummy exposed. On her feet Valerie slipped on a pair of regular white unlaced Keds. Valerie looked totally “girl next door” cute and sexy.

As the girls walk through the huge lobby to get their taxi John walks past them and can’t help noticing these two amazingly beautiful young women. In particular he is drawn to the truly stunning Asian girl whose gorgeous oval face and tight body is the exact body type that has always attracted him and gives him erotic dreams.

John thinks this fascination for Asian girls goes back to grade 7 when Angela Kim, the gorgeous Korean girl in his class, always scored higher than him on every test. This has led to a life of being captivated by very bright, type A personality girls, who are smart, confident and generally petite body type with small breasts and tight bodies.

John hopes he will see these two cuties around the resort and heads off to get his gym stuff to do a workout session in the gym. The girls head off to Kuta and are amazed by the frantic pace of the town and the store after store of cute beach clothes and club dresses, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, everything a teenage girl could dream of.

The girls shop and shop with Valerie selecting a sailor-girl bathing suit in white and blue. It has tight boy-shorts with a blue belt and blue trim and a string bikini top that is white and blue with a little anchor pattern. It looks incredibly cute on her. Aria picks a classic white string bikini that has little string ties on the side of each hip and emphasizes her very feminine curved figure.

Valerie also decides to buy a bright blue string bikini in another shop and finds a cute sweetheart miniskirt with accordion pleats that is much shorter than her parents would ever approve, but looks so cute and sexy on her. It’s white with a pattern of tiny little blue and pink hearts. Arai tells her how amazing her legs look in a really short skirt and how it will tease the boys to no end.

They are about to leave to go back when Aria spies a lingerie shop that looks better than the ones they have seen so far. She convinces Valerie to go in and take a look. The lingerie is very cute and sexy and the girls go a bit crazy looking at it all. Aria convinces Valerie she needs at least one set of sexy lingerie as it “is going to happen” on this trip.

Valerie is inclined towards a black set, but Aria convinces her that since she is a virgin she needs to be classic and go for white. Valerie picks out a white push-up half-cup bra with delicate lace fabric that shows off the tops of her small pert breasts. The bikini briefs have a little white chiffon see-through mini skirt and garters attached adding sex and sizzle to the outfit.

The next day John is sun tanning by the pool in the afternoon, near the waterslide, when he is happy to see the two young girls walking towards him. Luckily there are two empty lounge chairs next to him and he hopes they will stop and take them. Aria spies the empty chairs and skips over with a “yippee two chairs” and they put their stuff down.

John surveys their bodies from behind his sunglasses and pretends to be reading his magazine, Psychology Today. The Asian girl is stunning in a blue and white sailor girl swimsuit, sunglasses and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

The Caucasian girl is a bit taller and is in a white bikini that sets off her brunette hair and curvaceous but fit figure. Both girls are completely “girl next door” sexy. John thinks there is little chance he can get their interest, but awaits a chance to spark up a conversation.

The two girls swim and sun tan and John spends most of his time just gazing at the Asian girl’s body from behind his sunglasses. The girls are swimming and Valerie emerges from the water at the ladder in front of John.

As her hair and breasts emerge from the water, her body glistening in the sun, John can’t believe how beautiful she looks as the water streams off her sleek body. She is stunning and could be a model at that moment.

Unknown to John while he has been obsessing about Valerie, she has been quietly observing him from behind her sunglasses. An older guy with nice toned arms and chest. He looks slim and toned, nice looking for an older guy she thinks to herself. Valerie wonders what he is like and why he is reading Psychology Today.

Valerie can’t help it, but she wonders how big his cock is. For some reason she is curious about this guy. She wonders if he is looking at her body. Does he find her sexy in her new swimsuit she wonders to herself? Something inside prompts her and Valerie decides to find out what he’s like.

Valerie walks directly towards John and passes next to him to sit on her lounge chair. She walks slowly and deliberately with a sway in her hips hoping he is watching her. John is holding his magazine pretending to read, but Valerie’s body, her swaying hips, her slim waist and her long wet lustrous hair transfix him.

Valerie sits on the edge of her lounge chair and to John’s complete shock and surprise she asks him a question,

“So are you a psychologist or just interested in psychology?”

John looks back at this young gorgeous girl and sees his opening has arrived in a way he never imagined, she has simply talked to him. John is momentarily stunned and disoriented by this unexpected turn of events, but holds up the magazine,

“Oh, you mean this.” He gestures at the magazine.

“No, actually I went to law school. I’m just interested in this article so I bought the magazine.”

Valerie looks at him quizzically,

“What article is that?”

John clears his throat. He is little embarrassed to tell her, but he decides truth is always the best course. He chuckles and says,

“Well, it’s titled “The Psychological Dynamics of Miss-Matched Seduction” and the sub-title reads, “Why Young Desirable Women Seduce and Marry Successful Older Men”.

Valerie smiles at John’s apparent embarrassment, but does not miss a beat and replies,

“Hi, my names Valerie, can I take a quick look at it? I’m planning to study psychology and it sounds really interesting.”

John smiles and tries to cool his blushing face,

“Sure, here. My names John. Nice to meet you. I’m the “older guy” in the article.” He says, trying to lighten the embarrassment with a little flirting.

Valerie laughs at John’s flirty joke and takes the magazine. She doesn’t know where it came from, but she retorts with an equally flirty reply,

“Well, I’m the younger woman.”

They both laugh and Valerie starts to scan the article when her friend arrives. Valerie introduces John to Aria. They start a nice conversation, but Aria soon loses interest and goes off to try to join a water volleyball match with some young Australian guys she is clearly attracted to.

John and Valerie keep on chatting and without realizing it the time flies and the afternoon is gone. Aria returns and wants to go back to their room. Valerie holds the magazine and demurely asks if she can take it back to her room. She coyly adds some more flirting,

“Perhaps it will give me some tips on how to seduce YOU John.”

They laugh together, but John decides to test her flirting and replies,

“You can borrow the magazine, but on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Valerie asks.

“Well you have to either have dinner with me at the Japanese restaurant or agree to go jet skiing with me tomorrow. Ladies choice.”

Valerie smiles. Something, some curiosity about this man, some sexual attraction she couldn’t explain was prompting her to say things she could never have imagined herself saying only 24 hours ago back in the USA.

“What if I want to do both?”

Valerie grins and looks at Aria to see her friend’s reaction. Aria just shrugs and makes it clear that it’s up to Valerie. Valerie then looks back at John to see how her flirty little riposte has gone over. John chuckles and thinks to himself; this girl may be young and beautiful, but she’s also smart and she’s a handful. He smiles,

“Oh course, both and Aria as well if she wants to join us.”

They exchange room numbers and agree to meet up the next day for jet skiing. John returns to his room with a rather hard penis since just thinking about this girl is driving him crazy. Valerie? Valerie? He lets her name linger in his mind with a picture of her incredible body swirling and teasing him. He gets harder and will need to release himself in a towel tonight.

John calls guest services and orders some pink and white orchids to be sent to Valerie’s room. Not as cliché as roses, but he hopes she will be impressed and has the card read, “For the two most beautiful girls at the pool”. Just as he is about to finish his glass of wine and go to bed the phone rings. It’s Valerie and she thanks him for the beautiful flowers and tells him how sweet he is to include Aria on the card.

John takes a small towel into bed and is smiling to himself. Valerie is beautiful, sexy and smart, but she also has enough class and maturity to call him and thank him so elegantly for the flowers. He’s very impressed. John thinks he needs to be very careful with this girl, she’s obviously very, very special.

The next day John arranges three jet skis and when the girls arrive Valerie is dressed in very cute tan short shorts that are body hugging and make her rounded firm bum look amazing. On top she has a loose see-through white cotton top with a green bikini top showing through underneath.

John has a beach bag so Valerie undoes her shorts and John watches, entranced, as she bends over and pulls down her shorts revealing a green string bikini bottom with little string ties on each hip. His jaw almost drops this girl is so beautiful. Aria also looks incredible in a black bikini set.

They discuss jet skiing and since Aria has done it before she wants to go on her own jet ski. John tries to convince Valerie to go on a jet ski alone, but she wants to try it together with him to start, as she’s a little nervous. John happily agrees as this gives him a chance to hold her body near his own, something he has only fantasized about so far.

John lets Valerie climb on and then he gets on the jet ski behind her. He explains the controls and puts his arms around hers so that both of their hands are on the controls and he eases the jet ski off from the beach. Aria has already zoomed out to open water and is waiting for them. Valerie lets out a little yelp as John accelerates and the jet ski pulls up out of the water.

John teaches Valerie and lets her gain confidence and quickly she is driving the jet ski and racing Aria. She screams and yells in her excitement and the two girls are obviously having an incredible time. John gets Valerie confident enough that he can take his hands off the controls and uses the excuse of her speed to put his hands on her tiny waist. God her skin feels so beautiful and smooth and the top of the curve of her hips is so sexy.

John starts to get hard from the excitement of being this close to Valerie. He can’t help it. He tries looking at boats and other distractions, but he just keeps getting harder. As the jet ski slams into small waves their bodies get pushed together and he is afraid Valerie can feel his hard rod pushing into her bum.

In fact Valerie was feeling John’s hard cock pushing into her. It both excited her and scared her at the same time. It felt too big to fit inside her, but she felt tingles all over and she loved his big hands firmly holding her waist. Valerie looks for more waves to force his body to hug into hers more closely so she can feel his chest and his skin and his big hard cock.

Valerie has never been this close to an older man, never had a man’s hands holding her like this and it is more exhilarating than the speed of the jet ski. As she feels his hard cock bump against her she imagines touching it, feeling it and having it enter her pussy. Her insides tingle and she’s giddy with excitement just thinking about him.

Later John gets ready for dinner. Valerie in her room also gets ready. Aria has arranged a date to go clubbing with Shane who’s from Australia. Valerie is secretly happy; she wants John all to herself tonight. Valerie puts on a body hugging white dress that is short and will flatter her legs and hips. It is sleeveless and has silver sequins on the choker going around her neck.

John knocks on her door and Valerie opens it. He is dazzled by the white dress and it’s contrast with Valerie’s dark hair, dark tanned skin and her huge round eyes. Valerie has curled her hair and put on silver sparkly earrings that compliment the sequins on the dress. On her feet she has silvery sandals with spaghetti straps and two-inch heels.

John reaches out and touches Valerie’s arm while leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. Valerie takes her hand and curls it inside his arm and returns a light kiss to his cheek while holding him closely to her body. He smells her perfume and feels her hair and he is dazzled again.

John walks Valerie slowly to the restaurant chatting as they go. He can’t help looking at her beautiful toned legs and her hips as they walk. The short white dress just covers her ass and her flirty swaying hips tantalize him. They have a wonderful dinner and the conversation flows easily. During dinner John notices that Valerie sometimes touches his hand or arm when she is laughing or talking.

On the walk back to her room Valerie holds his arm even closer and she leans in close to his body. His cock is getting rock hard in his tan slacks and she can notice the bulge. The fact that she can have this kind of effect on an older, more experienced man, makes Valerie excited. She thinks he might invite her to his room and she doesn’t know what to say.

Valerie hopes he will ask, but then is terrified he will ask. Would she go? What would she say? But John walks her to her room and she relaxes slightly. She leans in to his body at the door and thanks him for a wonderful night. Valerie tells him that Aria wants to go clubbing tomorrow and would he be interested in joining them.

John looks at her deep in the eyes.

“I’ll come. Yes, I’d love to join you. But only if I can be your date. Deal?”

Valerie smiles and giggles.

“Well. The article must be working. It said I should lean in close to you and give you repeated touches during the evening.”

Valerie giggles and smiles.

“Apparently this lets the dominant older successful male know that the younger, attractive, sexually fertile female is receptive to his advances.”

Valerie and John laugh. She continues,

“This is supposed to encourage the older successful male to become more sexually aggressive and I think it worked!”

They both laughed at her flirting and then John reaches his arm around her waist and pulls her tight body into his. He whispers in her ear,

“Valerie, it did work.”

And with that John kisses Valerie softly on the lips. His kiss lingers and his arm holds her firmly against his body. Valerie feels him, his rod, hard against her. Her heart is racing fast; she is so excited. John has total control of her and her body tingles in anticipation. She wonders how his lips can be both so soft and yet feel so sure, so confident. Valerie senses a new level of excitement as John’s tongue just faintly traces across her lips and she shivers.

John releases Valerie, letting her slip slowly out of his arms and says,

“Goodnight gorgeous!”

Valerie moves into her room and slumps against the door after closing it. She wants to rush out into his arms and go to his room. She wants to feel his lips on her again, but more, more of everything. More of his hands, more of his chest, more of his arms holding her like on the jet ski. But Valerie is shy; she is scared, she is nervous. In other words, she is a normal virgin.

Valerie’s head is swimming with thoughts. Valerie has masturbated since she was young, but she is tingling inside in a whole new way she has never felt before. Valerie has found the man she wanted and now? What would she wear tomorrow? How would she flirt with him to make him want her? How would he behave? Would he kiss her more and deeper? Between her legs Valerie was getting wet and she anxiously went to bed.

Aria has not returned to the room and Valerie knows she is enjoying the pleasures of one of the Australian guys in bed. Aria will no doubt be telling Valerie all about it in the morning. Valerie is jealous and wishes she and John could be sharing the same pleasures. Tomorrow she thinks, tomorrow.

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