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The Girl's Plan: Part II

The Girl's Plan: Part II

The girls put their plan into action
The Girl’s Plan: Part II

The next day Valerie intentionally does not meet John during the day. She wants to spend it with Aria picking out her outfit and getting ready. She also wants to tease him a little and let him anticipate the date. Aria asks Valerie if she’s sure this is “the guy”? If so she says, they need to have their plan ready. Valerie says John is the one and she wants him.

Aria then tells Valerie about Shane and how big his cock is and how she gave him a blowjob last night. Aria describes in detail for Valerie what his face looked like as she rode his six-inch cock and made him come inside her.

Valerie was getting excited and nervous talking with Aria about sex. The girls decided to go shopping and get some cute club dresses and also check out the clubs to see which one they would head to tonight. They went into Kuta and spent hours trying on different clothes.

After lots of indecision the girls finally decide on an incredible red club dress for Valerie, which really suits her Asian skin tone and dark hair. The dress is body hugging at the hips and waist and draped across the shoulders.

The dress is scooped on the back to reveal Valerie’s bare skin and has pleated bands that cross her breasts and pull them up high. Two small ribbons pull back from each hip and are tied in a bow over the middle of her ass making the rear view of the dress cute and sexy.

Valerie’s dress is short and she buys some light red stay-up stockings and some red shoes to match. The effect of the short dress, the stockings and the heels is to make Valerie’s legs look long and amazing. She looks in the mirror and hopes the look will drive John wild. Her lingerie underneath is the delicate white lacy push-up bra and white bikini briefs she bought for her deflowering.

Aria picks a navy blue dress that is also tight on the bottom and has a wide black leather belt to cinch in the waist. The dress gives her body a true sexy and curvy profile and she knows Shane will be getting seriously hard when he sees her. Underneath she wears light blue lingerie.

The two girls talk to some of the shop assistants and they decide that the club to go to is called Déjà Vu. It’s classy, but a wild party atmosphere and good DJ’s to keep the dancing going all night.

Their purchases in hand the two girls head back to the hotel to rest up and get ready for the night out. They both take long showers and Valerie can feel herself getting anxious. The girls spend a long time doing their hair and make-up and making sure they look totally perfect for the evening. Aria works out a plan with Valerie to get her alone with John at the end of the night. After that she tells Valerie, it’s all up to her and John and nature. The two girls laugh.

The girls go down to the lobby and meet John who Valerie thinks looks great in black slacks and a tailored light blue shirt. Valerie does a little pose and pirouette for John as he takes in her dress, her curled hair, her make-up; the stunned look on his face is enough to tell her how gorgeous he thinks she is. Valerie and Aria both laugh and John breaks into a grin.

John kisses both girls lightly on the cheek and tells them he has booked a BMW for the night so they can club and drink and not worry about getting back to the hotel. They can also easily move on to other clubs in Legian or Kuta if they get bored. The girls are impressed to have a BMW and giggle as they load into the car.

At Déjà vu John makes sure they get a nice corner table and then he orders a bottle of Champagne. They toast their holiday and Valerie sits next to John on the curved sofa, her body warm against his. A little later they are feeling hungry so John orders a huge tray of giant strawberries, whipped cream and brown sugar along with a tray of shrimp appetizers.

The girls love the food and John has fun feeding strawberries and whipped cream dipped in brown sugar to Valerie, which he finds decidedly erotic. Shane soon arrives and Aria is off to the dance floor. John and Valerie soon follow and John is impressed by Valerie’s dancing. She tells him her very Asian parents had stuck her in Ballet and Jazz classes to keep her busy and “away from boys”. They both laugh.

The night carries on and the DJ spins Techno, Pop and some retro mixed in to keep everyone happy and dancing. The first bottle of Champagne becomes a second and Valerie and Aria are both feeling very relaxed and wild. When slow dances come on Aria is all over Shane on the dance floor and John can see them making out in the dim light. This arouses him and he wants Valerie so badly.

Valerie’s body fits nicely against John’s and he has his hand on her lower back, just above her beautiful rounded ass. With the scoop design of the dress John can feel the heat and the softness of Valerie’s bare skin. Valerie is also tingling from being so close to John’s body.

John put his lips next to Valerie’s ear and whispers,

“Your dress is amazing. You look beautiful and ever so sexy.”

Valerie blushes a little and thanks John for the compliment. She tells him that he is also looking very handsome and thanks him for the Champagne and the car. Valerie tells John that she’s having a wonderful time. John looks at Valerie and moves his face close to hers.

Valerie’s eyes widen in anticipation and then she closes them, leans her head back and their lips touch and they are kissing. Somehow Valerie can feel this kiss is different and more exciting. There is a determination in it, a purpose, gentle but sure, confident and sexy but insistent at the same time.

Valerie knows that John wants her, needs her; she can feel it in the kiss. As the kiss becomes deeper and more passionate John’s tongue penetrates and she lets him in. John’s arms pull her body into his with more force and she feels him hardening. Valerie is tingling inside and she is getting excited and nervous.

John and Valerie flirt and kiss as they dance and John is going crazy for this girl. She is so amazing and he needs her in a way he has not felt in a long time. He wants to please her, he wants to see her smile, he wants to hear her laugh and, more than anything, he wants to watch her orgasm as a woman and then cradle her, hold her closely and look into her eyes after she has become a woman.

As the evening is getting late the girls put their ultimate plan into action. John totally unaware is trying to think up his own plan to get Valerie to come to his room. He is very, very attracted by this girl, but would she come to his room? She’s curious, he knows, but she’s also ever so innocent. He’s nervous and doesn’t really know what to say to her. His confidence, normally ever present, evaporates with his desire for this young vixen.

Aria takes Valerie off to the side and they talk as Shane stands a few feet away looking like a lost puppy. That guy is so in love with Aria it isn’t even funny. Valerie walks back to John and takes his hand, pulling him off towards the sofa. She looks at John with the sexiest, most smoldering eyes ever and says,

“John, Aria is taking Shane back to our room.”

She looks at John with questioning eyes and hesitates before continuing.

“I don’t know what to do? I guess I can just stay here at the club for a few hours. She doesn’t want me to come back to the room tonight so they can…..well, you know.”

Without missing a beat John immediately makes the offer the girls had anticipated,

“Don’t worry. I have a suite and you can stay with me tonight. I don’t want you to be staying up all night. I’ll sleep on the sofa bed.”

Valerie smiles inside and grins knowing no one will be sleeping on the sofa bed tonight. BINGO she thinks. Aria was right; these boys are a little predictable when it comes to their lusts. John couldn’t wait to get Valerie back to the hotel and the two girls almost started giggling at how fast he paid the bill and called for the car.

They all pile into the BMW and Valerie snuggles against John in the crowded back seat. John’s head is swirling. John had been hoping to ask Valerie to his room, but had never expected the reverse to happen and for her to ask. Luckily he had instructed room service to put a bottle of chilled Champagne in the room.

At the hotel John slowly escorts Valerie to his room and she holds his arm closely. Her stomach is turning with nerves and she is beyond excited at what is soon going to happen. Valerie’s heart is beating fast, but she wants everything, she wants his lips and she wants to feel John’s skin against her own, she wants to touch that hardness she has felt.

Inside the room Valerie can see it is much larger than her own and faces directly onto the ocean. It has a long balcony overlooking the Nusa Dua beach and the Bali Sea and she can hear the waves crashing. John pours them a glass of Champagne and they move to sit on the balcony. They sip the wine; they hear the ocean waves crashing and soon they are kissing in an ardent embrace.

Valerie is in passionate and lustful turmoil. Her skin is tingling and between her legs a fire is ready to ignite. John’s heart is racing and his palms are sweating. He wants to go faster, wants to rip her dress off, but knows he needs to be patient. Nothing may even happen tonight he acknowledges in his own mind. This girl is clearly a virgin and will be a skittish as a colt.

As the kisses become too impassioned for Valerie to handle she moves to step two of Aria’s plan. Valerie rises and tells John she wants to go to the washroom and wash up and change out of the dress to get more comfortable. Valerie asks if she can use one of the hotel’s kimono style robes. John passes her the woman’s robe from the closet and Valerie turns her back to him.

“John, can you unclasp the dress at the neck?”

John’s hands nervously fumble with the clasp and unhook the band across the neck. Valerie holds the dress in the front so it doesn’t completely fall away from her breasts. She retreats modestly into the bathroom to change.

Inside the bathroom Valerie removes her red dress but leaves on her delicate white push up lace bra and matching panties and her stockings. She puts on the thin cotton navy blue kimono that is cut very short to just cover her ass. She loosely ties the kimono belt in front. Valerie checks her make-up in the mirror and brushes her curled hair.

As Valerie gets ready to leave the bathroom and rejoin John her heart is racing and she is quivering with excitement inside. Valerie tries to walk towards John as calmly and confidently as she can. Valerie is smiling and happy as she sees how handsome John is and how anxiously he is waiting for her.

John sees Valerie walking towards him in the low light of the room and she looks amazing in the short kimono. So sexy with her Asian petite body wrapped in the thin cotton robe. Valerie reaches out her hand and takes his and pulls him back out to the balcony.

Valerie stops at the balcony railing and leans against it, her head is tilted up and she sees the huge full moon hanging low in the sky. The moon is reflected in the ocean and casts a romantic light on the two lovers.

John pulls his body behind Valerie’s and wraps his arms around her. He leans forward and kisses her neck lightly. John whispers in her ear that the full moon is beautiful, but she is more beautiful. Valerie blushes, but turns her head to kiss John on the lips.

Valerie can feel John’s hardness pressing against her bum and it excites her. Kisses are no longer enough and Valerie wants more from this man. John sensing a change turns Valerie’s body to face him.

They kiss again, but this time with a passion and an abandon that up till now Valerie has been too shy to give. Valerie’s body, without her knowing, twists and turns and squirms to feel John’s body, his hardness, and his touch against her own.

As their lips pull apart John takes hold of the robe’s waist tie and he looks deeply into Valerie’s eyes questioningly asking for her approval to pull. She smiles and closes her eyes and pulls him into a new kiss. Valerie places her lips near John’s ear and whispers,

“Uh huh…..I want to you to.”

John’s hand pulls on the tie and it falls loose. The kimono is now open for John, her body accessible. Again John pulls away from their kiss and he looks down. His hands pull away the two folds of the kimono revealing Valerie’s incredible tight little body.

John’s eyes gaze on Valerie’s perfect pert 34B breasts in the cute white lace bra. He looks further down and sees her tiny tapered waist, her wider hips and the delicate white panties.

Valerie no longer hears the crashing waves nor is she aware of the moon. Valerie is totally lost in the moment and every new touch from his fingers, from his lips; every movement by John seems to be in slow motion to her. Valerie is entranced by each new sensation brought on by this man.

John falls to his knees and his hands push at her white lace bra. Valerie experiences a thrill, a fear, an excitement, a growing need that she could never have imagined. Valerie places her hands on John’s head as his lips and his tongue explore her breasts.

Valerie’s breathing is now very rapid and her excitement is something amazing to her. As John’s lips and tongue clasp onto her small breast and he starts flicking her nipple little shocks course through Valerie’s body and she jerks and shudders from the pleasure.

John slows down realizing he is moving too fast and softens his tongue pressure. He slowly and gently arouses Valerie’s breasts and brings her nipples into hard little nibs. Valerie can’t believe a man is ravishing her body on a balcony with only her kimono to shield them from other late night guests.

The chance of being seen by other guests only makes the sense of excitement and danger more tantalizing for Valerie. John is taking Valerie on a roller coaster ride of new sensations and she loves the incredible thrill. The tingling and quivering between Valerie’s legs is now a burning and she feels a need she couldn’t have imagined even minutes ago. Valerie pushes on John’s head, pushing him down towards her burning triangle.

John feels the need in Valerie’s hands as she pushes on his head and he moves his lips inch by inch down her flat stomach. As John’s lips near Valerie’s pussy her breathing becomes very rapid and her heart is ripping at her chest. Valerie’s fingers are digging into John’s scalp in heightened anticipation of what is about to happen.

Finally John’s lips arrive at Valerie’s white panties and he hooks his fingers on each hip and pulls them down slowly waiting for any indication that Valerie wants him to stop. Valerie sucks in her breath. She knows she is about to feel a man’s tongue in her pussy, but there is no thought, there is no thinking, there is only a woman’s need. Without Valerie realizing it she pushes even harder on John’s head.

Valerie closes her eyes tightly in anticipation and her fingers are rigid gripping John’s scalp. Finally John’s tongue traces Valerie’s slick pussy lips and he penetrates with his curled tongue. Valerie has a sharp intake of breath and she bites her bottom lip, as the shock of pleasure from his tongue is too intense.

John’s stiff tongue is now entering the vagina that Valerie and her parents have been guarding as a sacred trust for 18 years. Valerie gasps and shock waves and tremors of pleasure shoot through her body. John moves ever so slowly, patiently and softly as his tongue explores Valerie’s virgin womanhood.

John soon finds Valerie’s stiffening clitoris, her pleasure button and starts to flick it lightly back and forth with a regular cadence. Valerie’s initial fear and anxiety is soon replaced by the most amazing feelings of pleasure.

The tingles, the shivers, the shudders; her body trembles as Valerie feels waves of pleasure sweep her away. John’s tongue brings her exhilaration beyond anything she could imagine. His strong hands holding her hips and keeping them from gyrating excite her with their strength and manly control.

John feels Valerie’s legs tremble and shiver as some of his tongue strokes drive her close to the edge of orgasm. Valerie herself has no control, no way to guide him, so he knows he needs to proceed carefully to prolong her pleasure and not drive her to a small, early orgasm. John wants Valerie’s first orgasm with him to be amazing, to be long, to be incredibly intense; an orgasm she will remember fondly for the rest of her life.

Valerie can’t repress her moans any longer as John’s tongue builds her further and she feels her pussy convulse, contract and pulse, her body, her hips shiver with tremors of passion. John’s hands move from her hips up her body to Valerie’s pert breasts and hard nipples. He holds each nipple lightly between a forefinger and thumb and tweaks them in rhythm with his tongue strokes.

Valerie feels the light tropical breeze kiss her skin and the light of the moon shining on her golden skin. John’s tongue and fingers work their magic on her body, taking her higher and higher and then as she approaches the edge he slowly retracts and brings her back down. This happens again and again with Valerie reaching a new height each successive time.

John’s constant teasing with his tongue is frustrating Valerie and her body wants a release. Her hands pull his head into her pussy with a desperate need and John senses the time is close. John moves his hands back to Valerie’s hips to steady them as they are shifting and gyrating as Valerie writhes in passion. He feels her stomach muscles tremble and stiffen and he knows the time is right.

Valerie is feeling increasing waves of passion and the ride of exhilaration and excitement is beyond any rollercoaster she has ever ridden. She is at the crest and knows she is about to cascade down a vertical drop. Being here on the balcony, her kimono robe open, her young body exposed to this man’s mouth, his warm lips, his flicking tongue, his hands, his light fingers, the moonlight, the warm breeze, the crashing waves; it’s too much, his tongue is too much.

Suddenly, without warning, Valerie’s body explodes in pleasure and she is engulfed in tremors. Valerie’s pussy spasms and contracts in a total release. John feels Valerie’s body arch above him and her nails dig into him. John increases the speed of his tongue, but lightens the pressure. His hands and forearms need all their strength to hold her hips in place.

As Valerie’s first orgasm from a man peaks her body shudders and spasms. Valerie’s legs tremble and weaken as every ounce of energy has been consumed by her body’s violent climax and the culmination of flood tides of pleasure. John holds her hips to support her and slowly lifts his lips and tongue from her now sated but still pulsing pussy.

Valerie’s clenched fingers relax on John’s scalp and she opens her tightly closed eyes and utters a deep satisfied sigh. Valerie looks down at John’s up-tilted face and they smile to each other. John rises and sweeps Valerie up in his arms, carrying her petite body into the adjoining master bedroom and lays her gently on the bed.

John looks on Valerie’s body spread across the bed and quickly removes his pants. Valerie watches eagerly as John’s naked body is exposed to her lusting eyes. John lies on the bed and entwines his legs and body with Valerie’s and they kiss and hold each other in the growing intimacy of two lovers exploring each other.

Valerie feels the electric touch of his naked skin on hers and his hardness against her stomach and this awakens new needs. Valerie doesn’t know how or why she knows what to do, but she pushes John back on the bed and straddles him with her legs. Valerie looks down on John’s chest and his arms and is excited by finally having a man beneath her.

Valerie’s fingernails rake across John’s chest and he looks up at her amazingly beautiful face, her perfect nipples and her firm breasts glowing in the moonlight coming in the window. Valerie positions her hips over John’s cock and she feels its thickness between her outer vagina lips. She shifts her hips and wets his cock with her juices.

John holds Valerie’s hips firmly in his hands and guides her until his arched cock has its head at the entrance to her pussy. She may be a virgin, but some primal knowledge drives her forward and she pushes down until Johns thick, engorged head slips past the outer lips. Her pussy is incredibly tight, but also very slick and wet.

Valerie’s head is back and her eyes are closed. Every nerve is focused on the feeling of this cock entering her. Valerie is tight, ever so tight, but she’s also so excited and so wet that as she shifts her hips and John ever so slightly elevates his pelvis his cock moves in another inch.

John asks her if she is sure. She opens her eyes and looks out at the moon, the waves and then at his pensive face. She sees his concern for her and she knows this is the perfect moment. To answer him she moves her ass down and his cock moves into her another two inches.

Valerie loves this feeling of being together, of being intimate, of being one. John’s strong hands pull on her hips and he shifts and then he is completely inside her. All those years of ballet means there is no hymen, there is nothing to break. Valerie smiles, she feels so fulfilled having him completely inside her, all seven and a half inches.

John is patient and lets Valerie get used to this feeling. He waits for her to start movements and to start rocking her hips. Only when Valerie moves does he respond. He allows Valerie to control the pace, the speed and the vigor of this first lovemaking.

At first Valerie is tentative and hesitant with small and gentle movements. This does not last long and soon she is moving her hips and arching her back. John gently massages her breasts, teases her nipples and lightly brushes her sides and her back with his fingers.

Valerie looks down on this man she is with and she can’t believe that she is riding him. The feeling of his cock as it rubs her clitoris, as she thrusts against his pelvic bone, the waves of pleasure, it’s all amazing and beautiful. The pleasure starts coming in a rhythm and she learns to rock her hips in the same rhythm and the feeling build.

John feels Valerie’s hips speeding up and he tries to slow her down with his hands. John is getting too excited by this young virgin and he needs her to slow down. Valerie senses John’s rising excitement and instead of slowing, this excites her and she speeds the thrusts of her hips.

As a woman Valerie wants to make this man come. She is impatient to feel him shudder beneath her and for his face to contort in orgasm. She wants to feel the power of her womanhood. Sensing John’s rising excitement Valerie can’t help getting more excited herself.

The two lovers feel their orgasm building as the sensations become stronger and stronger. Valerie can feel the friction, the excitement, and the thrill of her first orgasm from a cock building and building. John is lost in the excitement of this young virgin, her incredibly tight pussy, her perfect pert breasts, her hair falling forward and teasing his skin.

In her inexperience Valerie moves her hips too fast and too hard and throws herself into her second orgasm. At first she is confused and disoriented. What is happening to me she thinks. Then realizing it’s another orgasm Valerie arches her back and pushes her pelvis as hard against John’s cock as she can, driving him deep inside her. Valerie wants John to fill her completely; she wants all of him inside her.

Valerie’s hips thrash rapidly as she is in the throes and fervor of release and her arms, weak from the waves of passion, collapse and her body falls onto his. John shifts his hips up to get maximum penetration and holds Valerie in his arms. Suddenly John also loses control, Valerie’s passion too much for him and he can no longer hold back. John cries out,

“AAAHHhhhhhhh. Valerie….Oh my god…..Valerie……I…..I can’t hold…..”

John is lost in Valerie’s body, in the moment of oneness, in the thrill of release. He hears Valerie’s moans and cries of release as she too loses herself in the ecstasy and the two of them cling to each other as the tremors, the convulsions, the spasms sweep through them and slowly subside like the ocean’s tide. Valerie cries out,

“OH god John……John….It’s so big….My god it’s BIG this time. Ahhhh….my god don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

The moans, the cries, the thrusting of the hips gradually subside. They both slowly come back to earth from the heights of passion. They smile at each other and reach out with intimate little touches of reassurance. John strokes Valerie’s face wanting her to convey a lover’s signal that she is happy and satisfied. She touches his lips gently and softly whispers to him,

“Thank you darling. That was a wonderful first time.”

Finally calm Valerie rests in John’s embrace as he cradles her and brushes her now damp hair away from her face. John pulls a light cotton sheet over their bodies and they smile at each other and kiss the light kisses of afterglow. Valerie smiles knowingly to herself. The plan has worked perfectly and the moment of deflowering was just as perfect as she had always imagined.

As Valerie traces her fingers lightly over John’s shoulders, touching his face gently with the intimacy only lovers share, she thinks to herself, what will I share with him tomorrow. She smiles thinking her naughty thoughts. I’m a woman now she thinks and I’m going to make this man extremely happy tomorrow.

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