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The Great River (Part Three)

Talan could only manage a groan as he felt her hand slide onto his cock, gripping the firm shaft through his underwear and causing it to throb. He'd never imagined, beyond a few guilty fantasies, that Alya would ever touch him there and now that she was all he could think of is how good her hand felt as she rubbed him.

For her part Alya had been surprised by how hot and hard he felt through the cloth, and at the groans that were coming from him as she rubbed him. The young noblewoman smiled and chuckled at him, “Feels good? I bet it would be better if I took this off.”

As she said this she hooked her fingers under his underwear and pulled it down with a swift tug, letting his cock bounce free.

Talan looked down at her with a gasp as he felt the rush of cool air on his cock and groaned once again as she took him into her hand and started to rub up and down his shaft, slowly and gently at first.

Her pace was tentative though and her grip far too light to properly pleasure him. Whether this was teasing or inexperience Talan didn't know, “A-Alya... c-could you... go a bit faster?”

Her grip tightened and her stroking went a little faster, she looked down at his cock, at the swollen red head that was poking up from beneath the foreskin, the hard smooth shaft in her hand with the little ridges of the veins picked out on it, and down to his balls as they swayed slightly with the movements of her hand. She cupped his balls in her free hand and kneaded them gently, making him shudder and his cock throb in her hand, “Oh... you liked that,” she said with a light laugh.

“Gods Alya...” Talan groaned, “I never thought you'd... that you had this in you.”

“Heh... oh my poor prince. There's a lot of things I've never shown you,” she responded, “you have no idea the things my maids whisper and giggle about. Things that I'd quite like to try for myself.”

Talan swallowed hard and grinned, “Really?”

“Oooh yes...” she said, squeezing him, tearing another groan from his throat, “For instance... they said that boys like it when a girl puts their manhood in their mouths, is that true?”

All of a sudden Talan's mouth went dry, his voice failed him. Did she just ask... was she going to... “Y-yes?” he said cautiously, more a question than a statement.

“So you wouldn't mind if I did this?” she asked, bending her hand down and dragging her tongue over the head of his cock.

She felt his cock jump in her hand and his body shake as he moaned, “N-no... I don't mind... I really really don't mind.”

She suppressed another laugh and swirled her tongue over the tip of his cock, licking slowly down over his shaft and looking up at him with wide innocent eyes. Talan was staring at her, his expression somewhere between disbelief and pleasure. How could anyone give such an angelic look as they licked up and down a person's cock?

Alya couldn't help but smile, planting a kiss on his shaft before licking down to his base, nuzzling his cock with her cheek, “Your manhood doesn't taste all that bad,” she commented as she took his shaft back in her hand and squeezed it firmly, ducking her head down to lick at his sensitive sack before taking one of his balls into her mouth to suck on it.

Talan moaned again, eyes closing as he felt her tongue slide over the sensitive flesh, “Gods Alya...”

She let one of his balls fall from her mouth before lavishing her attention on the second one and then once he was literally panting with lust she licked slowly, gently back up his shaft. Teasing the poor boy was so much fun. She looked back up at him. His eyes squeezed shut and his mouth hanging open and shook her head with a giggle, “Talan, you look like an idiot. Open your eyes and close your mouth... and look at me.”

Talan blushed even harder than he already was and forced his eyes open and his mouth to shut. He found that once he was looking down at her he couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight. Her bare breasts swaying with each movement of her body. Her hand looked smaller than he thought it would now that it was wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing rhythmically, as she looked up at him with her big green eyes simultaneously looking angelic, innocent, and sultry, lustful. It took all of his will power to hold back a sudden and embarrassing orgasm. She looked him dead in his eyes as she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock and kissed it gently, before taking it into her mouth and sucking on him.

She felt his cock twitch again and his body tremble. She saw his eyes widen and tasted the flesh of his cock against her tongue. He twitched and throbbed in her mouth, his flesh was soft and smooth but hid an inner core of steel. She bobbed her mouth over his head, sucking and licking at it, swirling her tongue against the sensitive tip, enjoying the way it twitched against her tongue and the way he groaned with pleasure. She slid her mouth down his cock slowly, taking more and more into her mouth, until she felt his tip brush against the back of her mouth, causing her to retreat.

Talan place one of his hands at the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her long black hair as it tumbled down her back, the silky smoothness of her hair felt nice against his fingers but not quite as nice as her warm mouth on his sensitive shaft. Their eyes were locked on each other as she sucked him, bobbing her head along his length. She took his balls in her hands and kneaded them gently as she hummed in pleasure at the look on his face. The vibrations sent a tremor through him and he groaned, “Gods Alya... it feels too good... keep that up and I'll -uhn!”

His own moans cut him off as she started to bob her head faster, licking along the underside of his cock with her tongue. Alya could feel his length throbbing on her tongue and his balls tighten in her hands. Tension began to fill Talan's body as his orgasm drew nearer, “Alya... I can't... I'm going to...”

She started rubbing the base of his cock as she sucked the rest of him, moving her mouth to the sensitive tip and flicking it with her tongue. Talan groaned as he lost control, his cock pulsing as he started to orgasm. Alya pulled back in surprise as the first spurt hit her tongue. The taste wasn't unpleasant, but she hadn't quite expected it to spurt like this. She swallowed reflexively as she pulled her mouth from his cock, feeling the firm flesh pulse again in her hand as a second spurt flew from the tip and hit her cheek and then another that hit her nose and a third that hit her chin and dripped down onto her neck and breasts. Alya kept stroking his cock as he came, her eyes wide as she watched, the feeling of his hot seed on her face was... overpoweringly erotic.

“Talan... you... shot all over my face!” Alya said in a shocked tone.

“I... uh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to; it just... just happened,” he said, his face red, his breath coming in ragged pants as he stared at her cum-covered face, “Alya you look... just... wow.”

Alya quirked an eyebrow and frowned, “You like looking at me like this huh?”

“Uh... y- no?” he asked.

Alya shook her head, “Men. Typical. I'm going to wash this off,” the young noblewoman got up and walked over to the creek to wash her face, but then she saw her reflection in the water and froze, “Oh my... look at me. I look... that looks kind of...” she couldn't quite seem to find the words and giggled, “arousing I guess,” she bent down and washed her face and breasts clean with the water from the creek, gasping at how cold it was. She felt her nipples tighten again at the cold.

Talan approached her with an embarrassed smile, “I could...uh... return the favour? You know, use my mouth... on you?”

Alya turned around and smiled at him, “A kind offer, my lord, and one I may yet take you up on. But right now...”

Talan's face fell, “Oh, you want to stop now?”

“What? No. Not at all. In fact if you're willing I would like to give you a gift, a very special gift,” she said, leaning closer, letting her breasts brush his arm as she bent her mouth to his ear and bit it gently, letting her hot breath wash over it as she breathed, “I want you to take my virginity, dear Talan.”

His eyes went wide and he pulled back, “Your virginity? Y-you mean... really?”

She nodded, blushing, “I can think of no other man to whom I would rather give myself. Certainly not whatever old fat nobleman my father should choose as my husband.”

“But you must be a virgin for your marriage, the honour of the Aseni is at stake. If your husband revealed that you were not a virgin on your wedding night then he could annul the marriage. The alliance would break down and it would shame all of Asenmar. If your father or mine found out about this... gods we'd be in so much trouble. Father would never name me his heir,” Talan said.

“You worry too much my dear friend,” Alya said, kissing his cheek gently. “I offer this freely. What man would refuse this gift? Would you shame me, dishonour me also in refusing?”

“A small dishonour to save you even more public shame Alya... I can't do this, as much as I want to,” Talan said.

She frowned, “You are serious?”

He pulled back from her and looked away, “We should get dressed, you're not thinking clearly.”

“On the contrary, I am thinking clearer now than I ever have before,” she grabbed his hand and turned it palm-up and kissed it, “Talan you are my oldest, dearest friend,” she reached up and cupped his cheek, turning his head so he would look into her eyes. “We have sparred together. We have played pranks and spied on servants and kings. We have run through the royal gardens together and swam in the Sacred River. We have shared secrets that we would tell no other living soul and one day we shall rule the kingdom together, you as King and I as Duchess of Asenmar. We two are the scions and heirs of the oldest families and greatest powers in the land. Who else but you is worthy of me? I want no other man. Talan... take me. I give myself willingly to you.”

“That honour belongs to your husband,” he said firmly.

“Then there is a simple solution to your objections then,“ she said with a smile, “Our two houses have always been allied and together we have guided the kingdom for a thousand years and more. Why not solidify this age-old alliance? Why not join together the two greatest families of the kingdom?”

“Marriage? You... want me to marry you?”

“It will settle your doubts, and as I said before no other man is worthy of me... and I would take no other man,” Alya said softly. “And so Prince Talan, son of Tyahn son of Tena, heir of the Talri... ask me.”

“Would your father agree?” Talan asked worriedly.

“I will give my father no other choice. He will be pleased enough to have a worthy husband for his eldest daughter and what reason could he have to deny a union between the Aseni and Talri, between Asenmar and Talrinen?” she asked. “I have studied the ancient laws and I know how to make this a binding pledge, a pledge that no one can break lawfully. Ask me Talan,” she commanded. “Ask me and then you shall have my virginity.”

Talan's mouth went dry. Was he ready for something like this? Just this morning they had been horse racing, sparring together under the watchful tutelage of the Captain of the Royal Guard and swimming in the River. Now all of a sudden he was naked in front of his best friend who was wearing only a pair of panties and whom he had touched in ways he'd only dreamed of. Marriage? Could he take such a step so soon?

Sensing how conflicted he was Alya sighed and shook her head, “I've not spent the last twenty years getting you ready for this to have you back out now my lord. You are mine and always have been. Let this convince you then.”

Before Talan could even ask what she meant by 'getting him ready for this' – had Alya planned seducing him? How long had his best friend thought of marrying him? His rising panic was cut short by the feel of soft lips pressed to his and a supple, warm body sliding into his arms. Alya had her hands on his shoulders, her lips warm, but insistent as her breasts squashed against his chest. She pulled his arms so that they were wrapped around her waist and kissed him harder, her tongue seeking entrance, slipping into his mouth as he opened his mouth instinctively.

For a long moment Talan was frozen, his mind had shut down totally in a mixture of pleasure and utter shock. He moved on a purely instinctual level and kissed her back fiercely, licking at her tongue and pulling her closer. Alya complied bringing her hips to meet his, grinding her cloth-covered sex against his cock, feeling it harden against her soft folds through the thin cloth. Alya shivered in pleasure and opened her mouth more, letting him force her tongue back into her mouth so he could take control of the kiss.

Somehow the kiss was more pleasurable, more intimate than anything that had gone before. It awakened a hunger, a need in the both of them that had barely been expressed by the massaging and licking and orgasms of before. Alya fell back into the verdant grass as Talan kissed her harder, pushing at her. Soon he was on top of her, his hands exploring her body again, cupping her breasts and making her gasp into his mouth, her hands digging into his back as he ground his stiff cock against her sex through the cloth of her underwear.

Talan reached down and pulled her panties from her, the scent of her arousal was plain as was the wet heat of her sex as he pressed his bare cock against her, they both moaned into the kiss as Talan rubbed and ground against her. Eventually, however, they had to break the kiss and Talan pulled back. Both of them were panting raggedly, hips rubbing and grinding up against each other pleasurably.

“Mmhm! Ah! Oh... this feels so nice...” Alya sighed, groaning as Talan bent his head down and licked and sucked down her neck and onto her breasts, biting gently on the soft flesh.

“Yesss... uhn... it does,” he said. “It will feel even better when I am inside you. Alya... I... you're right. You are the only woman I would wish to do this with. Let the wisdom of the Aseni prevail in this matter, as ever the Talri bow before the wise counsel of our beloved allies,” he took one of her had nipples into his mouth and sucked on it, making her back arch, pushing her breast up into his mouth. When he pulled back he said, “En'Asen Alya, scion of Asenmar, I ask for your hand in marriage so that our blood be as one and our houses forever united. In the name of the gods do I swear to provide for you and all of your people and under the eyes of the Revered Ancestors do I pledge my support to you in all things.”

Alya whimpered softly as he ground into her with particular force after the proposal, “Aah! Y-yes... T-Talan,” she groaned, “I accept. En'Talr Talan, scion of Talrinen, I accept your offer so that our blood be as one and our houses forever united. In the name of the gods do I swear to provide for you and your people and under the eyes of the Revered Ancestors do I pledge to support you in all things.”

Talan grinned as he pulled his mouth from her breast to kiss her again. There was no hint of hesitation in the kiss, only passion and an affirmation of the oath they had sworn to each other. When the frantic kiss subsided into a slower, more gentle pace he pulled back and breathed into her ear, his voice low and deepened by emotion, “Then so be it... in the most ancient laws of our people... let us be one and seal forever the union of our blood.”

Alya shivered and smiled, “Finally. I've wanted to do this for so long. I don't want to wait a moment longer.”

Talan nodded, reaching between them to grab his shaft. It was slick with her juices since they'd been rubbing together. He could feel her wet heat. Her sex was soft and dripping wet. He'd slide in easily. He pushed the tip of his cock against her entrance, gasping at how hot and wet it felt, sliding his cock inside her slowly. He felt Alya tense beneath him as she felt him enter her for the first time. Her eyes went wide, “It feels so... so big.”

“Ssh, it'll be fine. You'll get used to it,” he said softly, kissing her gently as he slid himself deeper into her, feeling her virgin walls stretch around him. She was tight and felt amazing. He moaned into her mouth as he pushed into her heat, reaching her maidenhead. He broke the kiss momentarily to mumble into her lips, “This might hurt a little, but it'll pass,” he caught her lips again and kissed her heatedly as he pushed past her hymen, feeling it give way.

Alya cried out into his mouth, tensing for a moment before relaxing as he drove himself deep into her. It hurt, but only a little as she was very wet and all that had gone before had relaxed her. Talan held himself still inside her to let her adjust to him. “Talan... oh gods.. you're inside me. I can feel you... all of you. I feel... good. C-can you... start moving?” she asked, suddenly feeling shy and not quite as confident as earlier. Now that he was inside her, now that he'd taken her virginity, she wasn't sure what to do.

Talan nodded and pulled his cock out of her slowly until only the tip was inside, he looked down at it, glistening with her wetness and smiled before thrusting it back inside her. She shuddered in his arms, her back arching as she cried out, “Yes! Talan!”

He began thrusting slowly in and out of her tight wetness, her pussy grasping firmly onto his cock, as if it didn't want him to withdraw out of that heavenly silken heat. Alya grabbed his back, digging her nails into him as he started trusting a little faster into her. She moaned louder each time his hips met her own.

For his part Talan hissed as she raked her nails down his back, but the slight pain only seemed to enhance the pleasure he felt. Talan bent his head down to kiss her again and found her kissing him back hungrily, her tongue invading his mouth as she moaned. Talan couldn't hold back his own gasps and grunts of pleasure as he thrust into her harder, feeling her wet heat engulf him again and again.

“Alya... gods Alya... I... can't...” He moaned against her lips, “It feels too good”

“N-no... Talan!” she whimpered. “Not yet I'm so close!”

He licked down her neck slowly as he thrust himself into her, pushing her back into the grass as his hands explored her soft, supple body, her alabaster skin. Alya groaned heatedly as he sucked on her nipples again, his hands caressing down her sides, one hand sipped between them and brushed against her clit, making her back arch up into him as she cried out, “There! Talan! More!”

He gently rubbed against her clit with his hand as his free hand slid back up her body to cup her breasts and knead them, freeing his mouth for another searing kiss. Alya was moaning in his mouth, trembling under him. He felt her body begin to tense and her back arch as he drove himself into her harder, faster, his own peak nearing. Alya whimpered and gasped against his lips each time the kiss broke, “Talan I'm nearly there... a little more!”

Talan pinched her clit between his fingers and rolled it, rubbing it in circles faster, harder, matching his pace as he drove his cock into her writhing body. Her hips were bucking up into him, the soft slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the small clearing along with breathy moans and ragged pants and soft cries. Suddenly Alya's entire body tensed and her pussy clenched around Talan's sensitive cock as he drove deep into her. Pleasure coursed through Alya. It was if a dam was let loose and again the Great River filled her body with its currents and eddies, sweeping her along downstream until she was lost in a world of ecstasy.

Alya's ragged cry and the reactions of her body signalled to Talan that she'd finally reached her climax and he could let go. The feel of her body writhing against him, her wet sex grasping him, was too much and Talan broke. His seed shot from his tip as he tried to pull out of her. The first ecstatic pulse sent his seed splashing inside her, filling Alya with a strange warmth, but he managed to pull his spilling cock out of her. The second shot splashed onto her stomach and abdomen as did the third and fourth, some of it reaching as far as the undersides of her heaving breasts.

Alya collapsed into a weak pool on the grass her breath coming in short gasps, her face flushed, her body plastered with sweat and Talan's seed, “My gods... my gods...” she whispered, “you... shot inside me.”

Talan was sat back panting heavily, “Gods Alya that was...” Then what he did registered and his eyes went wide, “Oh gods... I'm sorry Alya I didn't mean...”

“Don't worry, love,” she said, “I brought you out here just to do this. I wanted to lay my claim now we're both of marriageable age, before our families paired us off for some transient political match. I came prepared just in case,” she managed to sit up, looking down at her body, at his cum on her. “Wow... Talan. Thank the gods you pulled out, or I'd be pregnant for sure from all this.”

Alya stood up on shaky legs and Talan followed her slowly, his body relaxed, but tired from their exertions. They both slid into the creek to wash off and once they were clean Alya led the way back to the bank to dry off, “I have a herbal mixture in my bag. I'll drink it and it will ensure no child results from our first tryst. I couldn't become a mother just yet, especially as we have to tell everyone else about this. We might be married by the ancient customs, but I'm sure our elders will want to make this match more official and perform a more modern marriage ceremony. It'll be more of a formality though. I planned this quite well. The bond we forged here is under the auspices of the gods and the Ancestors and no mortal power can legally sever it.”

“You thought of everything,” Talan said with a shake of his head.

“Of course. The wisdom of the Aseni, remember? Do you want to stay here a while, or head back?” Alya asked softly.

“If I were you, I'd head back. Right now, your grace.”

Alya shrieked in surprise and whirled around, covering her naked body with her hands, her eyes widened, “Who are- oh. Shit.”

“Language, your grace,” the man said sternly. He was tall and his skin tanned, weather-beaten. His clothing was dark and there were metal plates stitched to the dark cloth as added protection. His eyes were a bright gold colour and they were appraising both blushing, naked nobles, “I hope you have a good explanation for this, your highness,” he said, frowning at Talan.

“Uh... it was her idea,” he said weakly, pointing at Alya.

Alya turned and gave him a frosty glare.

“Eh...heh...” Talan winced, “I'm... in trouble, right?”

“Yes,” both Alya and the armoured man said.

“I will returned to Talrinen and inform Captain Ilun that his students are returning. He sent me out here to look for you, you're late for your sparring lessons. I will... allow you both to explain to him, and to your parents exactly what happened here,” he turned away and started walking, “now get dressed the both of you.”

Shame-faced the pair dressed quickly, with Alya surreptitiously getting the contraceptive mixture from her saddle-pack and downing it . She glared at the man who'd caught them, “Lieutenant Juyun, I order you not to speak of this to anyone.”

“Me too, you're double-ordered not to say anything,” Talan said.

“Apologies your grace, your highness. But this time I'm not turning a blind eye. Swimming naked in the river? Like common peasants? This is not behaviour fit for the future rulers of this great kingdom. You will have to talk to your parents, and if you do not then I shall inform them,” Juyun said firmly.

Both young nobles breathed hidden sighs of relief. At least they'd not been caught at.. other things. This would be embarrassing, but not quite as awful as if they'd been caught having sex, whilst making ancient marriage vows no less.

“I'm sure you two can make your own way back to the city, I'll go on ahead. No side-trips. I expect you both to be back in the royal palace by the fourth bell after noon.” Juyun said, “I am a magus and guardsman, not a babysitter,” with that he muttered an incantation and made a strange sign in the air and was gone, in his place there was a golden-eyed raven. The bird cawed at them both in rebuke and then flew off.

Alya sighed, “Well... that could have been a lot worse. Race you to the palace?”

Talan's eye twitched, “You... you! You are incorrigible, your grace.”

Alya smirked, “I know. How about... winner gets to...” She reached up and whispered into his ear.

Talan's eyes widened and his cheeks reddened, “R-really!?”

Alya grinned and nodded, “Uh huh... which is why I'm going to win.”

She dashed off and mounted her horse and galloped off into the trees in the direction of the Great Western Road that led back to the city.

Talan sighed and shook his head, “That woman is... is... awful,” and then he gasped in shock, “and I'm going to be married to her. Gods have mercy...” He mounted his own horse and chased after her.

If she insisted on getting him into trouble, at least he could enjoy the rewards of their misbehaviour before they were caught...

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