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The Great River (Part Two)

Alya pulled Talan onto the grassy bank of the secluded creek and lay down on her belly, “Come on then. Massage time,” she said, not bothering to look at him, “I don’t want you to miss an inch.” The sun was still high and the warmth shone down on both of them, drying them off from their swim in the creek. Talan knelt beside her, glad that from this position she wouldn’t be able to see his erect member. Gingerly he laid his hands on her shoulders and rub softly. Alya made an annoyed sound, “Come on, you can do better than that.”

Talan fought down his embarrassment and firmed his grip, he squeezed and kneaded her shoulders slowly and Alya sighed, her eyes closing as she rested her chin on her arms. He worked his hands down her back, his fingers probing her muscles beneath soft, supple skin as the girl under his fingers murmured her approval. When he reached the cloth that bound her breast he skipped over the cloth and started to work further down her back again.

“Mm… Talan you missed a bit,” she said drowsily.

“What? Uh.. No I didn’t,” he replied.

“Under the cloth, I said every inch,” she said.

“I can’t take off your chest wrapping,” he protested.

“Yes you can. You won’t see anything, I’m laying on my front. Just do it,” she said firmly.

Talan’s hands shook slightly as he reached for the ties. He tugged at them fruitlessly for a moment or two before they came undone and the cloth fell from her back. He ran his eyes up and down her body. She was almost naked in front of him, he could make out the swell of her breasts and the curve of her firm rear.

Talan swallowed hard and laid his hands on her back again, kneading slowly. Alya smiled, “Mmm… good boy.”

His hand slid down her back, his fingers along teasing her skin as he went lower and lower, gradually bring his hands down to the small of her back, just above her firm rear just covered by the silken underwear she was wearing. Talan didn’t want to overstep his bounds, even though he was now as aroused as he had ever been in his life and desperately wanted to touch and fondle his best friend.

Tearing his eyes from her rear Talan slid his hands down her legs and started to massage them, kneading and rubbing down her long legs and then back up. On his return journey as he got closer and closer to her thighs Alya’s breathing deepened and she started to sigh more often in contentment, “Oh… you’re very good Talan… keep doing that.”

Talan’s questing fingers reached to the top of her legs, just under where her rear rose and her underwear began. Alya bit her lip as she waited for him to touch her. Somewhere his sweet, gentle but firm stroke had ignited a small flare of arousal. Initially she’d been surprised by it, but as he continued to touch her the arousal only built and his hands felt so good touching her…

“Mhm... Don’t stop this massage Talan, I’m enjoying it,” Alya said softly.

He smiled slightly, “I can tell. I’ll keep going then,” his hands move from her legs to her back and started to move upwards, away from her rear. Alya almost squirmed under his touch, frustrated. She wanted him to touch her everywhere!

“T-Talan… you missed another spot,” she said.

Talan’s eyes widened and he swore his cock jumped and twitched at her words, “Another spot?”

“Yes… my… uhm…” she felt her cheeks reddening, “Well… you know exactly where I mean.”

“You’re sure you want me to-?” Talan asked dubiously.

“Yes! I mean, yes… please,” Alya said, trying not to allow the desire and need she felt to enter her voice, “I did say every inch of me.”

Talan nodded, “Alright,” he said, he too was trying not to sound overeager.

Talan’s hands slid over her smooth skin, slowly, teasingly, until he came to the top of her rear. He hesitated a moment before allowing his hands to rest on her arse. The flesh was warm, firm but yielding, though he couldn’t get full enjoyment from them as she was still wearing her underwear. He squeezed her cheeks in both of his hands and Alya gasped softly, “Mmm… yes…”

Talan couldn’t help but groan as he kneaded the cheeks of her rear through her silk underwear, eventually rubbing down to her thighs and stroking up and down them, feeling the curving swell of her arse where it met with her legs.

Alya squirmed under his touch, gasping and sighing softly in arousal, “Mm… maybe… maybe you’d like to do my front too?”

“Really? You want me to?” He asked.

“Yes… you’re doing too well to let you stop,” She said, “I think we’re good enough friends to allow…uh… well you’d see me mostly naked.”

Talan’s heart almost stopped, he barely dared to breathe lest this was some dream or trick, “Okay,” he managed.

Alya’s face was red with both embarrassment and arousal. No one but her maids would have seen her like this. She placed her arm over her breasts to hide them and turned around to lay on her back. Even with her breasts obscured Talan found himself drinking in every detail of her body, every curve and inch of her.

“W-well… don’t just stare at me,” Alya said, breaking his trance.

“S-sorry. I didn’t…uhm…” he trailed off and placed his hands on her stomach, the safest place he could think of, and started to rub slowly. Both of them were bright red, but their arousal hadn’t dampened.

Talan slid his hands over her stomach, feeling the soft heat of her skin and the firm muscles beneath. Alya had also been trained with weaponry, both the sword and the bow and there was very little fat on her lithe, supple body. Her arms were strong but the muscles were subtle and did not detract or distract from her overpowering femininity.

Eventually his rubbing and kneading brought him up to her chest. Alya faced a silent debate within herself over moving her arm so he could see her breasts in their entirety and touch them so exquisitely… and face his expression and the desire that was so unexpectedly clear in his eyes.

Lust won over modesty and she lifted her arm, letting her breasts fall free. They were not huge, overly-large but neither were they small, and once Talan broke from his trance of jutting pink nipples, dark areolae and soft, warm skin he found that they were large enough to spill over his hands as he kneaded and stroked them, the hard points of her nipples pressing into his palms.

Alya bit her lip, sighing and moaning, her face red, as he kneaded and fondled her.

Talan had both of his hands on her breasts, his touch was eager but still gentle. He didn’t want to hurt her after all. He seemed to be doing something right, because Alya’s expression had turned from embarrassed to aroused and she was squirming under him. He found her pink nipples and pinched them between his fingers. She gasped softly as he tugged and rolled her sensitive nipples, causing them to darken and jut forward proudly from her breasts.

Talan could have stayed there fondling and massaging her breasts, revelling in the soft warmth of her skin, for the rest of his life but he was aware that there were other places he had yet to touch. Almost regretfully he released her breasts and worked his hands back down her body again, leaving Alya panting and gasping with lust.

Talan’s eager fingers soon reached her abdomen, sliding down slowly until he reached the edge of her underwear. He teased his fingers along her skin there, tracing the line of her underwear before slipping his hands down her legs. Alya groaned in frustration, not even bothering to hide how his teasing affected her, “T-Talan! C-could… could you… uhm…”

She couldn’t get the words out, but Talan saw the wet patch at the front of her underwear, the shape of her folds vaguely visible. He knew what she wanted and this time he didn’t hesitate. One hand slid over the front of her underwear his fingers stroking gently against the wetness growing there. Alya’s back arched and she couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure as he finally touched her where she’d longed for his hands to travel.

Talan’s finger traced her folds through the wet cloth of her underwear as he felt her quiver and shudder in pleasure. This was only the beginning. He pulled his hand from the wet spot, but before she could utter even a whimper of protest he slid it underneath her underwear to touch her wet sex directly.

Talan groaned as he felt her wet heat for the first time, she was hotter and wetter than he expected and she only seemed to get wetter as he fingers found the soft, silken folds of her pussy. She arched again as she felt him touch her without the impediment of the cloth, she was no longer able to form a coherent thought as her arousal and lust built and built.

“P-please Talan… please,” she murmured hazily.

Talan felt his fingers sink into her and she shuddered again, he gasped as her slick pussy grasped onto his invading fingers and tried to draw them deeper, the feel of her heat surrounding his fingers, squeezing them, was enough to almost make him lose his head. It was then that he made an interesting discovery about female anatomy. His thumb brushed against a hard little bump at the top of her pussy and her whole body shook and she let out a soft cry, her pussy squeezing down on his fingers again.

Intrigued Talan brushed his thumb against the little nub and she moaned louder, “Yes! Oh Talan don’t… don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping, so he kept rubbing his thumb against her clit and pushing his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly. Her moans grew more desperate and fervent, her hips started to buck into his hand. Alya’s body was on fire, pleasure was surging through her like a great current, like the very Great River itself.

Talan found his fingers coated in her juices as she let loose one last cry and her body shook, her pussy clutching his fingers tightly. Eventually Talan managed to prise his fingers from the grip of her sex and looked down at his soaked hand, surprised that he had managed to cause such a reaction in her with just his fingers.

Alya meanwhile was sat back, panting, breathing heavily as the afterglow of orgasm warmed her body in an altogether more pleasant way than the summer sun. She was still trying to regain her senses when her eyes fell on Talan, naked to the waist, his fingers coated in her juices, his muscles picked out prominently by some water still clinging to him from their swim… but her gaze soon fell to the bulge in his underwear. He was aroused, had been for some time she knew, though she’d been caught up in her own arousal too much to notice.

He’d made her feel good, amazing, her body still recovering from the surge of pleasure he’d given her. She needed to repay the favour. She wanted to. The sight of his penis trapped by his underwear had reignited her lust. “Oh poor Talan,” she cooed as she sat up. She didn’t even care that her breasts were on full display, nipples still proudly at attention, or that there was a great wet patch at the front of her underwear, “I’ve been selfish. Neglecting you… here… let me help.”

Alya leaned forward, brushing her breasts against his arm and grabbed the front of his underwear, feeling the firmness of his erect cock beneath, “Let me repay the favour,” she purred.
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