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The Helpless
SueBrasil & LikeToWrite

The Helpless

Contributing Authors: LikeToWrite 
It was pure torture having to lay there,not able to move or make a sound while he caressed my pussy
I was so comfortable lying there with the warm mantle of deep sleep covering me like a cosy blanket. In my mind, I had been reliving one of my most pleasant dreams and the whole world seemed so peaceful, so right except for one irritation. After several failed attempts at forcing it out of my mind, I tried to simply ignore it, thinking that if I could do so, it would go away. That didn't work either. In vain, I tried to hang on to that blissful state that only comes from being in that world somewhere between sleep and reality, but I could feel it gradually slipping out of my grasp.

The sleep began to break as my ears started picking up some sound, a sound that somehow registered in my half-awake mind as being familiar, yet I was unable to identify it. I didn't know the source, but it was definitely annoying me. I picked up a pillow that was beside me and put it on my head to cover my ears, hoping to muffle whatever that hateful noise was that was fast ruining a wonderful nights rest.

If anything, the noise was even louder as the last strands of sleep crept away and I was becoming more aware of my surroundings. As a last desperate effort, I tried to concentrate on sleeping but the ringing sound wouldn't allow me to do it.

By now, I was awake enough to realize with horror what I had done. Last night I had been so tired, that I had lain down on the bed thinking that I’d lay there for only a few minutes and rest, then get undressed and go to bed. I guess I was more tired then I realized, because I was still dressed in the same clothes I had worn yesterday.

Frustrated, I got off the bed and opened the bedroom door. Sticking my head out into the hall, I found out the source that had jarred me out of such a wonderful peaceful rest. Someone was ringing the front doorbell. Half asleep and mumbling to myself, “Who could that be at such an early hour.” I stumbled towards the front door thinking that it was probably some vacuum cleaner salesman. If it was, I sure was going to give them a piece of my mind for calling so early.

I was in for the surprise of my life as I opened the door.

"Hey Kat!” The woman screamed in happiness.

"Amanda!" I jumped on her in a flash and hugged her tight in my arms. The last remnants of sleep induced dizziness rushed out of my mind as I realized Amanda was standing right in front of me. I was surprised to see her because we haven't been in contact with her for several years.

Amanda is my mom’s best friend. She is one of the coolest woman I’ve ever known. Her husband left her for another woman. She didn’t complain about life not being fair to her. Instead she fought against the world like a man. To be honest she is my inspiration. I never thought I would see her again .

"Where were you? No calls, no messages, nothing!" I exclaimed, barely able to contain my excitement.

"Let them get inside first," A voice from behind me said. In my excitement I hadn’t noticed Mom standing behind me.

"Sorry," I apologized and took the luggage from her hands. “Yes, of course. Come in and have a seat,” I said, stepping aside and indicating the living room sofa.

“Thank you,” she said giving me a smile as she entered and then went and sat on the couch. Mom picked up the other suitcase and handed it to me.

“Come on inside honey," Amanda said. As I turned to look back over my shoulder, I saw a blonde haired boy, taking small hesitant steps as he came through the door, his head turned down, his eyes trying to avoid any eye contact with us. He went over to where his mom was and sat down near her.

"Remember him?" Amanda asked.

"Calvin? Oh my God! Do you remember me Calvin?" I asked, but he was still looking down at his feet.

"Come on! Give him a break. He was just a little kid the last time we saw him,” Mom said as she sat on the couch beside him. Putting her arm around his shoulder, she continued, “There is no way he could remember us.”

"Is it true Calvin? You don’t remember me?” I asked looking at him. He just put a smile on his face but he didn't lift his head. Even though I had spoken directly to him, he still refused to make eye contact with me.

"Sorry! He feels very shy when he meets new people, “His mom replied with a little laugh. For a split second I thought I saw a strange expression flash across his face when she laughed.

"How old are you now, Calvin?” I asked.

"Sixteen,” Amanda replied before he even had a chance to answer.

"It's okay. Sometimes I’m a little shy too,” I smiled, trying to reassure him. “But don’t worry I am going to make sure we become the best of friends in the next few hours."

"First go and get changed," Mom said.

I looked down and realized I was in boxer shorts and a white top.

"Oops!" Embarrassed, I quickly ran to my bedroom. I looked at myself in the mirror as I grabbed the bottom hem of the oversized tank top I was wearing. It was then that I realized that my top was so loose that it rode super low. The bra was clearly visible, and my 36DD boobs made sure that my bras covered only my nipples. For a girl who is twenty-four, having such boobs were sometimes a curse and sometimes a blessing. I quickly undressed and hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower.

After getting ready I went downstairs. Mom and Amanda were in the kitchen talking, while Calvin was watching some movie. It wasn’t until much later that I learned what they had been talking about. I was shocked to discover that I was the centrepiece of their conversation.

I picked up the last apple from the basket that was on the counter and stood beside her as her and Mom worked to prepare a meal.

"Hey Kat," she smiled at me as she returned my casual greeting. Picking up a knife she started cutting up a cauliflower.

“So where were you all these years ? Didn’t you miss us?” I asked, taking a bite out of my apple.

"I missed you people a lot honey, but due to some important reasons, I couldn't contact you.”

"But why?"

"I can't tell you the exact reasons but we had no other choice."

"Tell me. Please!” I begged.

“I’m sorry but I can’t. I will definitely tell you when the time is right, okay?” she said. I decided not to press this issue any further as I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I hope you are staying here as long as possible," I said in an attempt to change the topic.

"We are going to stay here until you guys kick us out," she said. A smile appeared on her face.

"Don’t worry! We are going to make sure that you two make up for the lost time. Until then, you don't have our permission to leave," I said in my most official sounding voice. Mom just grinned when I said that.

“Yes Ma’am!” She said, while giving what I’m sure was her idea of a salute. We all laughed at our silly antics. The three of us had a pleasant conversation while we prepared breakfast. As Mom and her friend began to place the plates on the table, I called Calvin, but he didn't respond. I called his name once again but still there was no response. Seeing that there was no reaction from him, I went into the living room and as I entered the room, I looked at the TV. There was a couple kissing each other in a scene of the movie he was watching.

"Calvin!" I called his name once again. He heard me this time, because he quickly grabbed the remote and in a flash turned the TV off.

“Ye... ye... yes." He stuttered as if I had caught him masturbating.

"Breakfast's ready,” I said.

He got up and walked past me without saying a word. Even during breakfast, Calvin ate without making a sound. Mom asked him a few questions, but every time , he replied with a smile or spoke as little as possible. Calvin went back to the living room the moment he finished his breakfast. I couldn’t help but wonder, whether he was really that shy, or was something else bothering him? Right then, I silently made up my mind to try to find out what he was really like.

We spent the next few hours talking about past moments. It was great fun reminiscing, though of course Calvin knew nothing about what we were talking about because he had been a small child then. I admired him though, because even though some of what we were talking and laughing about, had to be very boring to him, he never complained, just sat there quietly listening. In between stories we told about each other, we watched a few movies. It was almost evening when Mom suggested we go out and have some fun. All of us expressed our excitement as soon as she suggested the idea, but Calvin as usual just smiled, but never said a word.

We got ready and left for the park that was opened recently in town. The moment we stepped inside the gates, we made sure that we tried everything. From roller coaster to bungee jumping, trampoline, shooting the cans to darts. Calvin won a cute little teddy bear in a shooting game. As the employee gave that bear to him, he immediately turned towards me.

"This is for you," he said in a sweet voice.

"Aw! Thank you Calvin. That is so sweet of you, “I said as I kissed him on his cheek.

It was the first time that Calvin had actually talked to me without being spoken to first. I don't know why, but I felt as if I had achieved the greatest accomplishment in the world. Maybe he just lacked confidence and would improve as he got to know Mom and I better. I hoped that he would, because he did seem like a very nice young man, and I was going to do whatever it took to help him. The park was half empty by the time we came out and decided it was time to go home.

It had been several hours since any of us had had anything to eat and after all the exercise we had while in the park, we were starving now. We took a vote to see what everyone wanted, and to no surprise to me, pizza was the unanimous winner. Mom stopped at a well known pizza place along the way since we would reach home to late to cook anything. Besides, we were too tired to do that. We were so hungry that we ate the pizza the moment we arrived home, without bothering to freshen up.

After everything had been cleared away, Mom and Amanda moved to the couch and resumed their reminiscing. It seemed as if they picked up their conversation at the point they had left it earlier that afternoon. I could see that Calvin looked a little uneasy and my heart went out to him. Some of what they were talking about even I found boring, so it must be terrible for him.

It was easy to tell from the look on his face, that he wasn’t looking forward to several more hours of sitting there listening to them, but he didn’t know what else to do. The expression on his face reminded me of a trapped animal with no way to escape. That’s when a sudden inspiration hit me, and I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t thought of it earlier when they were talking.

Leaning over close to him, I whispered in his ear, “Do you like to play video games?"

“Yes, I do.”

“It’s boring listening to them talk. I have a video game that I purchased not too long ago. I’m not very good at it yet, but if you would like to come up to my room, we could play it. Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to improve my skills. Would you like to do that?” I asked.

Instantly his face lit up as if someone had turned on a light. I could hardly keep from smiling at the sudden change in his attitude.

“Sure, I’d love to play a video,” he said with more enthusiasm then I’d ever heard from him.

His reaction didn’t surprise me, because I was not only offering him something that he liked to do, but was also providing a way to escape the boredom of having to sit and listen to our mothers. If I could get him alone, maybe he would loosen up and talk to me like he did when he gave me that teddy bear. That proved to me that he could talk when he wanted to, maybe he just never had a chance. I loved his mom, but I also knew that she could be a bit over-bearing sometimes. When I asked him how old he was, she spoke up before he could answer.

During a momentary break in their conversation, I took his hand and announced that we were going up to my room to play a video game. Because I wasn’t sure how Calvin would react to what I was going to say next, I tightened my grip on his hand before continuing.

"Calvin is going to sleep with me tonight," I said holding him even tighter in my grasp.

"No problem. Do whatever you two like," was Amanda’s only reply. I glanced at my mom and even though she didn’t say anything, I saw that she had a smile on her face as if she knew something that I didn’t.

The moment I said that he was going to be spending the night with me, I felt him hesitate and try to pull his hand out of mine, but I maintained a firm grip on his hand as we both went upstairs. Even though I was tired, I was more interested in knowing him and getting acquainted then I was in playing the game. I put on the car racing game.

I was terrible when it comes to games and as we played I was more concerned about keeping the car under control. I was losing every single game but the only thing that mattered to me was that we were having fun and getting close to each other. It was almost 11 p. m. when I noticed the time.

“This will have to be the last one,” I said as we finished a game.

"One more race... pleeease," he pleaded. He might be sixteen years old, but there was still a little kid within him.

"It's already late," I said. "Besides we have the whole day tomorrow. I promise I will play with you all day."

“Okay,” he said sadly as he put the joystick aside.

Calvin picked up his night clothes from his bag and went into the bathroom. When I opened my clothes closet, I realized that I had nothing to wear except what I wore last night. The past few days I had been lazy, and was behind on doing my laundry.

"No other choice," I told myself as I picked up the booty shorts and top from the shelf. I locked the bedroom door and was about to unbutton my jeans when I looked in the mirror and saw Calvin staring at me. He stood near the bed with his clothes in his hands. A dirty thought came into my mind, and I couldn’t help but giggle as I thought about it.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing really,” I assured him. I sure wasn’t about to admit what I was thinking.

"Is he really that innocent?” I wondered, “Let’s put it to a test."

Placing both hands on my waist, I carefully slid them around until they were over the front of my tight jeans. Pretending to fumble for a moment with the button, I finally managed to get it undone. With my left hand I held my jeans together and with my right hand I took the tiny handle of the zipper between my thumb and forefinger. Looking him square in the eye, I slowly pulled the zipper down. By now I had his full and complete attention, though he didn’t say anything or even move. That was fine with me, I just wanted him to stand there and watch.

As the zipper went down, I felt my jeans loosen the firm grip they had around my waist even though I was holding them together with my left hand. Taking the other side of my unzipped jeans in my right hand, I slowly spread my slacks apart, giving him a tantalizing view of my panties. His eyes were getting larger the further I pulled my pants apart. Slowly, I swayed my ass from side to side as I began to push them down, then hesitated when I reached mid thigh.

Taking tiny steps I turned around so that now my back was towards him. Glancing back over my right shoulder at him, I wiggled my ass as I continued removing my jeans. Releasing my grip on them I allowed them to fall to the floor. His eyes had followed their downward journey, all the while taking in my firm, but shapely ass and my long slender legs.

Before taking my feet out of the crumpled up jeans as they lay on the floor, I once again gave my shapely ass a wiggle. I made sure that Calvin got a full view of my sexy ass. Then I bent low to pick them up but before I did, I slowly ran both hands over my ass cheeks, then for good measure I gave them a light pat. Stepping to the side, I picked my jeans up and tossed them over a nearby chair.

Turning around to face him, I gave him a little smile, and then asked, “Is that the way you take off your pants?”

He didn’t answer, but I did hear him give a little gasp and swallow hard.

Then I grabbed the bottom of my top and began pulling it up. I slowly and sensually continued the upward movement of my hands that were holding the bottom of my tank top. As the bottom of my bra covered breasts became visible to his unbelieving eyes, I couldn’t resist a smile, even though I felt sorry for him. He was so shy and bashful that he could hardly speak to me, and now here I was, standing only a few feet in front of him, doing a striptease act.

The only clothing I had on was the briefest of panties, and now my bra was clearly within his view. I wanted to watch his expression as I removed my top, so instead of just pulling it up, I’d gathered the material in my hands, so I could see his face as long as possible before pulling it over my head. His mind must be in a terrible turmoil at seeing all this. As I pulled it up over my head, I gave my shoulders an exaggerated shake which made my boobs jiggle a bit. I then placed my hands on the bra cups and moved them from side to side as if I were adjusting them.

Releasing the cups, I moved my hands up along the outside of my breasts, then towards each other , until my fingers met at the mouth of that crevice that separates what I have always considered to be my two greatest feminine assets. None of the few men in my life that I had allowed to see and fondle my breasts have ever had any complaints about them. Giving him a sly wink, and with my fingertips touching, I slowly begin moving back down. As the crevice deepens, I force my fingers deep inside, all the while watching every expression that crosses his handsome face. His eyes are as large as saucers as he stares at what I am doing.

Reaching the top of my bra, I hook a finger inside each cup and slowly begin to pull it down . The moment I do this, his mouth drops open and I hear him take in a large gulp of air and hold his breath. Having lowered my bra cup only a tiny fraction of an inch, I couldn’t resist a smile as I removed my fingers. The sudden look of disappointment that crossed his face when he realized that I wasn’t going to be removing my bra was priceless. I gradually remove my fingers from that deep canyon, and slide my hands around until once again I’m covering the tips of my breasts. That is when something unexpected happens. Through the fabric of my bra, I could feel my nipples harden and press against the palms of my hands.

To be honest, all these things I was doing to tease him were arousing me. That hadn’t been my desire when I started removing my clothes, but it was happening and I couldn’t help myself. I slid my hands down and under my boobs until I was cupping them. To make matters worse for him, I lightly squeezed my tits with both hands, and from the immediate reaction I received from him , I know that he saw me do it.

I know it was very mean of me to be teasing him this way, but I was getting a great deal of pleasure out of seeing this young inexperienced boy squirming in discomfort. If I had planned on making love to him, then maybe it wouldn’t have been so naughty of me, but of course I had no such plans. I was sure he had never seen anything like this before. This would be an evening that he would never forget as long as he lived. At that moment I had no idea how true those words would be or how my actions would change him.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have done what I did next, but since he was going to be here also, I felt that it would be the only proper thing to do. It was a sudden shock, when I realized that I had just now thought about what would be proper with him here with me, yet I had just now finished doing a partial , very sexy striptease in front of his virgin eyes. My mind immediately tried to justify my actions, by reminding me of the question I had posed to myself before I started. I had wondered whether or not he was really that innocent, and had decided to test him to try to find the answer.

Judging from the intense look on his face and him seeming to be in a hypnotic state and totally immobile, I knew the answer to my question. It confirmed what he had in effect told me earlier, he was a virgin.

I didn’t want to sleep in just my bra and panties with him lying next to me. Picking up the same booty shorts I had worn earlier, I stepped into them and pulled them up my thighs. He watched but never said anything. However, I did notice a look of disappointment cross his face, as my panty covered pussy disappeared inside those shorts.

It wasn’t my first choice of something comfortable to wear to bed, but I had nothing else available except that strapless top. My boobs were so large that they held the top up without any problems or worry of it accidentally falling down. Thinking that I hadn’t tormented him enough yet, I decided that I’d do a slow strip-tease act only in reverse. I knew from his reaction when he first saw my bra covered boobs, that this was the part of a woman’s body that captivate d him the most. Taking advantage of this fact, I rolled up that strapless top in my hands, then giving him a wink and a little smile; I pulled it down over my head.

“Now comes the fun part. I’m going to enjoy this," I thought to myself.

To make sure that I still had his undivided attention, though I could see from the look in his eyes that I did, I did what I had done a few moments before. I gave my shoulders a shake which once again set my ample tits to wiggling inside the bra. His eyes became even larger, as they took in every movement of my body. Never taking my eyes off his face, I slowly began pulling the top down. I had my breasts about half covered before I think his mind realized what was happening. He was about to loose sight of the two parts of a woman’s body that captivates most men, and certainly virgin teenage boys, her breasts.

I had expected and hoped that he would say something, but his sudden outburst surprised me. It was so unexpected that I think he was surprised also, because he looked so embarrassed the moment the words came out of his mouth.

“Awww Kat, why do you have to cover them?” he exclaimed, then immediately looked down at his feet, his face starting to turn a bright crimson.

I hesitated a moment as I asked,“ Calvin, do you like the way my boobs look? All day long, I didn’t think you even noticed that I was a girl or that I had boobs.”

“Well... I...I mean... uhh ” he halfheartedly mumbled under his breath.

“Come on Calvin. You don’t have to be shy with me. What is it you want to tell me?” I had a pretty good idea what he was thinking but I wanted to hear him say it.

“Errr… well… It’s just that I've never seen a girl’s boobs before. Not real ones anyway, just pictures in a magazine.” He finally managed to get out. This seemed to give him a little more confidence as he was able to now face me.

“Thank you for being honest and telling me what you were thinking. It makes me feel good to know that you have noticed and appreciate my body.” To head off any further questions I was afraid he would ask with his new found confidence, I continued, “But am afraid I can’t let you see any more of me. It won’t be right thing to do ”

“Yeah but… It’s ok. I understand,” he said a bit dejectedly, his shoulders sagging a bit, though I noticed that he didn’t look away this time.

The fact that he was now able to speak to me with a bit more confidence and at the same time, able to maintain eye contact gave me a boost. Realizing that it would be mean of me to continue teasing him, I quickly pulled my top down until I was fully covered.

"Ready to go to bed?" I asked, stepping around him and standing near the side of the bed I had decided that I was going to sleep on.

"Uuh-huh." He nodded his head in agreement. Turning around he hurried over to the other side. Pulling up the cover, I turned off the bed light after we were both in bed. This had been a long and exciting day. It was a very pleasant feeling to lay there and stretch out for a minute. Originally it had been my hope that once we were in bed and the room was dark, maybe he would be a little more confident and able to talk to me. In the darkness, at least he wouldn’t have to look me in the face.

However, I could feel my body start to relax and I don’t think that I realized just how tired I was. Poor Calvin must be totally exhausted by now, because they had travelled for several hours before arriving here early this morning. It took me just few seconds to start my long pleasant decent into what Mom used to call "sleepy-land."

It felt like some object or someone was poking me. I had been in such a sound sleep that it was all I could do, but as I pulled my eyelids open a little bit to see what was happening, I saw something that I never expected. Through the little space between my partially open eyelids, I saw Calvin leaning towards me and poking my waist with his finger.

"Kat... Kat?" He poked once again with his finger.

When I was about to say something, I saw something which I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Calvin caught the waistband of my shorts using one hand and dragged them down until the shorts reached my knee. I was in shock as well as curious to see what he had in mind. The moonlight was just enough to let me see him in action. Using one hand to carefully raise my feet off the bed, he used his other hand to pull my shorts off completely and then laid them on the bed besides us.

He waited for a second as if to check if I was still asleep. Assuming that I was, he carefully pulled my legs apart. He then crawled towards the foot of the bed, turned and then putting his legs between mine, carefully moved back up.

I bit my lip so as not to make a sound as his finger touched my pussy while trying to pull the string aside. Confusion was not the right word to define my situation. A few hours earlier he was a "shy and innocent" guy. But this other side of him had completely bamboozled me. Where had it come from? What caused this totally new and unforeseen side to suddenly appear now? More importantly, what was I going to do? These were but a few of the questions that were racing through my mind as I lay there.

Whatever I did, I knew that I was going to have to do it quickly, because I could feel his burning hot breath against my tender lips as his face drew closer and closer to my pussy. This couldn’t be happening to me, my mind screamed, but still he drew closer. He was now so close that his chin and mouth disappeared from my limited range of vision. Little tingles of anticipation started flowing throughout my body. I was supposed to be asleep, not laying here watching a young boy prepared to make love to my throbbing womanhood. Knowing what was about to happen, I tried to steal myself for that moment.

It took every ounce of willpower I had not to scream the second I felt the pointed tip of his tongue touch my pussy. I had always liked to scream, and usually quite loud when someone made love to my pussy, but this time I had no other option but to moan in silence.

"Aaaah! " I gasped, as soon as he did that. I bit down hard on my lower lip as I desperately tried to muffle my moan.

I wanted to reach down, grab his head and jerk him in hard against me, to mash his lips against mine. I wanted to stop him and push him away. So many conflicting thoughts were racing through my mind that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then my inner soul seemed to take control and it refused to let me do anything. For someone that I’d spent all day thinking he was shy and inexperienced in making love, he was proving me wrong.

How could I have misjudged him so badly? He seemed to know exactly what to do, as he moved his tongue up and down on my pussy. It was as if he was painting a wall and was determined not to leave even a single spot untouched. I could see his other hand was buried deep inside his shorts as he continued licking my pussy.

It was pure torture having to lay there, not able to move or make a sound. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this kind of treatment. Still his probing tongue continued it’s slow, but deliberate massaging of my love cavern. Sometimes he would vary his relentless assault on my body by wiggling his tongue sideways, as if trying to make sure he had explored every hidden crevice within my pussy.

Every time he did this, my stomach muscles would tense, as yet another wave of pleasure would rush through me. My knuckles were white from the tension of gripping the edge of the bed in my desperate attempt not to move and let him know I was awake. Suddenly and without warning, my pussy lost touch with his tongue as he lifted himself up. I thought he was done but I was so wrong.

He rose up on his knees, unbuttoned his shorts and pushed his fingers down inside. My mouth fell wide open as I saw him pulling down the shorts along with his boxers. As soon as he pulled the boxers down, his manly rod sprang free. In the moonlight I could make out that he had almost six inches of long thick dick. The sudden realization of what he had in mind hit me like a giant hammer.

"He is not going to do that!" My mind silently screamed. Kissing me between my legs was one thing, but now with his large dick fully exposed, his intentions were perfectly clear. There was no way I could allow him to use that on me, I thought to myself as I saw him begin walking forward on his knees. My eyes seemed fixed on his manhood as it swayed slightly from side to side as he continued coming closer and closer.

Again the same unanswered questions that had plagued me a few minutes earlier burned though my mind, “What was I going to do? What had changed him from that meek, mild-mannered boy that was so shy he could barely speak to me, to someone that was about to rape me while he thought I was asleep and wouldn’t know about it?”

He never stopped his forward motion until I felt his thighs bump into my widely stretched legs. His manhood now hung directly above my womanhood, and I had a feeling that if I didn’t do something to stop him, we would soon become one ; joined at the hip in that forever ongoing battle of conquest between the dominate male and the submissive female of the species.

Could I stop him? Did I want to stop him? Seeing that rod hanging only inches above my wet pussy, I began to question my motives for allowing him to even be in the same room as I was. I had thought that if I could get him alone and away from his Mom, maybe we could get better acquainted, but surely this wasn’t what I had unconsciously had in my mind?

Unable to come any closer, he leaned forward until he was directly above me, while supporting his weight on his hands on the bed beside my shoulders. His face so close to mine that I felt his hot breath caress my cheeks. I was glad that it was dark enough so that while I could clearly see every movement he made, he didn’t realize that my eyes were half open.

Supporting his entire weight on his left hand, he moved his right hand down until he was able to grasp his dangling rod. He bent forward a little until his tip grazed my tingling pussy lips as light as a leaf grazes the ground as it falls from the tree. The moment of truth for me had arrived, it was now or never. What should I do?

Desperately trying to make up my mind, my body took over control. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. As had happened when he first kissed my pussy lips, they now opened even further of their own accord. My body tensed and prepared itself for the shock of a sudden entry that I was sure would happen at any moment, but once again he did just the opposite to what I expected. Instead of ramming himself inside me, he tenderly slid the hard pointed tip of his manhood up and down the full length of the opening to my love cave.

A few moments ago it had been his tongue lovingly caressing me, now it was his cock that was making love to that most tender spot on my body. He was caressing both sides of my cavern at the same time and they gladly opened even further, granting him full and unrestricted access.

"Mmmm," he moaned as he carefully parted my pussy lips with tip of his cock. As further access was given to him, he slowly and carefully pushed his manhood inside me. I was so wet that there was almost no resistance . He slid inside as smoothly as a ballerina glides across the ice on her skates. I could feel the walls of my love tunnel gradually being spread apart as he inched further and further into me.

Looking down my body in disbelief at what was happening; I saw that about half of him was embedded inside of me. The thought that buried somewhere deep inside me , lay that hard burning tip that only seconds earlier had been lovingly caressing the very entrance to the gateway to my womanly pleasures.

It was such a turn-on that my pelvic muscles tensed and squeezed shut; gripping his love pole hard. This brought an immediate groan of pleasure from his lips. I’m sure this sudden tension on his cock surprised him because I felt it jerk and twitch for a moment, then all movement inside me stopped. For several seconds his love rod lay there as if trying to decide whether to continue forcing its way deeper up this unexplored dark tunnel like an invader or should it retreat?

Meanwhile I held him firmly in my grasp, waiting to see what he would do next. I didn’t have long to wait, as I felt him give another twitch and then once again begin his exploration of my innermost secrets. As he pushed his cock ever deeper, I came to the conclusion that everything I had thought about Calvin wasn't true. I realized that I was also the reason behind all this.

"If I had not put on that striptease show, then this wouldn't have been happening," I thought to myself as another inch of him slid into me. The sexy show I had put on must have pushed him out of the shell that he had built around himself. He had somehow found the inner strength and courage to act out a thing like this. Was this a boyhood dream of his or maybe something that he had read ? He had told me earlier in the evening that he had thought about me and wondered what I would be like. Had I played a part in that fantasy that he was now living?

As my mind was trying to find out the actual reason for the way that Calvin was acting, he had continued pushing himself deeper and deeper into me. My mind was snapped back to my present situation, when I felt his groin bump up against my thighs. I could see that he was fully embedded inside me ; the tip of that invader that he had shoved into me now lay in the deepest recesses of my love channel. As the walls of my love tunnel closed around him and gripped him firmly in their grasp, I could feel every vein, every ridge on his love pole.

Lying motionless for a minute, he seemed to be enjoying the warmth he was feeling from my body. The sensations he felt as he entered me, must have been more enjoyable then those he was experiencing by remaining motionless, because he started pulling it back out until the tip of his cock was at the outer edge of my pussy. Finding a rhythm that seemed to be comfortable for him, he began moving his dick in and out. I was so wet by now that he was able to do that by using a minimum amount of force. Sometimes he pushed his cock deep inside me reaching depths that had hardly been touched before. Other times he would stop part way, and then pull back until only the tip held open the doors to my most tender spot.

While his cock was busy pounding my pussy he took his right hand off the bed and placed his hand over my breast. For someone that an hour earlier had been so very shy and bashful, he sure was showing a lot of nerve and confidence. I guess he was so confident that I wouldn't move an inch and wasn’t aware of what he was doing, he began pressing and squeezing my left boob. Getting braver by the second, and obviously not liking the feel of the cloth against his hand and wanting to touch me, he hooked his fingers into the top of my low-cut strapless top and carefully pulled it down. The elastic along the top didn’t offer much resistance and he soon had it down below my large boobs .

He was once again looking at my bra covered boobs, the same ones he had complained about when I hid them from his view earlier. I had only allowed him to see my bra, but now I had a feeling that he was not going to stop there. He had said that he had never seen a girl’s boobs before, so I was sure that he would make the most of what he was seeing as his golden opportunity, to finally see what a woman’s tits really looked like.

His fingers still hooked into my top that was now below my boobs, he stared at my mounds as if unable to believe his eyes, even though my bra still hid the treasures he was looking for from his view. The only motion was the relentless movement of his hard long cock as it continued to invade my innermost depths. It was taking every ounce of my willpower to lie quietly as his probing rod continued to send chills up and down my spine.

For once he didn’t disappoint me, as I knew that pretty soon he would grow tired of looking at my bra and want to see what treasures I had hidden beneath it. Letting go of that top, he reached up and lightly cupped my left bra covered tits with his hand. He spent a couple of minutes gently squeezing my mound. He soon grew tired of fondling me through my bra, as I knew he would . The real treasure lay on the other side of that bra cup, and being a young man with hormones running wild, he was greedy enough to want it all.

Leaving my boob, he reached up and pulled the bra strap to the side of my shoulder. Returning his attention back to my boobs, he pushed one finger inside the bra cup. I almost jumped when the tip of his finger touched my nipple, but I managed to catch myself in the nick of time. Then he pulled the cup down until it was over my nipple. Suddenly my whole tit jumped out at him, now being set free from its prison inside that bra. The sudden release of the pressure my bra had held it by, caused my boobs to shake for a few moments. Up until this point he had been pretty quiet, I suppose so he wouldn’t wake me up, but seeing my naked breast only inches away and jiggling the way it did, was more then he could take.

“WOW!" He gasped.

Now more impatient than ever, he quickly turned his attention to the other bra cup. When removing this one, he slid his whole hand inside, and cupped my tit in his palm before pushing the bra off. I was now laying there with my heaving boob s fully exposed to his view, and he was making the most of it.

Even in the faint moonlight, I could see his eyes going from one boob to the other, as if expecting them to be different. Just seeing his admiring gaze caused my nipples to harden and grow in size. He immediately noticed this, and lightly touched my left nipple with his fingertip as if he was afraid it might break off. His soft light touch caused it to grow even larger.

The sudden touch of his finger against my sensitive nipple sent a new ripple of pleasure rushing to my brain. As hard as I tried to remain motionless so he wouldn’t know I was aware of everything he was doing, this intense sensation caused me to jump slightly. This movement of my shoulders only pressed my nipple harder into his hand.

His fascination with my feminine mounds knew no limit as he seemed content to spend the next several minutes fondling, caressing and playing with my boob s. Calvin was acting like a little child that had just received a new toy at Christmas time. I was that toy. He couldn’t get enough.

With my bra cups pushed down under my boobs, they were being held in the same way a support bra does. Sometimes he would lightly trace along the side of my boobs with only his fingers touching me. This feather light touching wasn’t doing anything to make it easier for me to remain motionless. My boobs, and especially the nipples, had always been very sensitive to a light touch, immediately sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. In order to maintain my facade of remaining asleep, all I could do was to grit my teeth and try my best not to move. Other times he would cup my boobs in his hands, his fingers wrapped around them and his thumbs pressing against my nipples. Like most guys, my now hard nipples seemed to fascinate him.

I lay there wondering how long it would take him to realize that there were other things a guy could do to a woman’s nipples besides fondle them with his fingers. Calvin was a smart boy, and it wasn’t long until this thought occurred to him. I knew that this had happened when he leaned towards me, his face getting closer and closer to my protruding mounds.

Watching him intently through half closed eyes, I saw his mouth open, as he brought out that tongue that he had used to bring my pussy to life a few minutes earlier; now that same male organ was about to be used to bring another part of my already quivering body to life; my nipples. All this happened as if in slow motion, just a second before making contact with that hard little mound atop my breast.

“ Ooooooh. " I suddenly cooed, unable to resist the impulse as his tongue latched on to my nipple. His lips circled as much of my massive boobs as they could. The moment he held me captive, he immediately began sucking as a baby would. It was a good thing that he was thinking only about what he had between his lips; otherwise he might have heard me. His rock hard cock returned to its steady rhythm of pulling almost all the way out of my pussy, then quickly forcing its way back into me.

Another moan of pure pleasure flowed from my lungs as he used the tip of his tongue to flick my nipple back and forth. Giving it a moments rest, he left that tiny mound and kissed around the areola before returning to what seemed his favourite object, my nipple. He probably didn’t know it, but his strategy of a simultaneous attack on my body, my pussy and now my nipples, was beginning to have a dramatic effect on me. Even though his inexperience of sucking a woman's boob was showing, he mercilessly sucked and bit it in between times of kissing.

Letting go of my nipple for a moment, he moved up the side of my boob, kissing and licking as he went. Then working his way across the top, he explored the area between my boobs with his tongue and lips. Reaching my trembling nipple once again and not wanting to show any favouritism , he moved across to my other feminine mound that was eagerly awaiting his attention.

The moment his lips left my nipple, they were replaced by his fingers. As I did when he was making love to my pussy, I once again had a firm grip on my edge of the bed in order to remain motionless as he continued this attack on my nearly naked body. The feel of his cock buried deep within me , and now his lips on my nipples was almost driving me crazy. Moving across this breast, he did the same to the other side of my boob , never breaking contact with his hot lips against my skin .

“Aaaaaaah,” he suddenly moaned, louder than he had in the past. He had stopped moving his cock, but he didn't stop attacking my boobs for a few more seconds. Then letting go of my boobs, he used his free hand to help support his weight on the bed. I got confused for a few seconds wondering what he was doing, as he closed his eyes and stayed as still as a statue.

I could tell that I was fully impaled on his hard as steel rod, the tip of which lay buried deep within my innermost reaches. When he did move, it was to push harder against my pussy, forcing himself even deeper into me. Then I felt something expanding inside me. It felt like a balloon was being blown up, getting larger and larger by the second.

For a few seconds, I couldn’t think what was happening.

"OH SHIT!” I screamed in my mind when suddenly the realization hit me, and I found out the reason I was feeling what I was. Calvin was going to explode inside me. I had never let a man explode inside me. Not even if he is my boyfriend. I couldn't stop him because of the situation I was in. His weight pressing against my pussy was holding me firmly against the bed and I knew that I wouldn’t have time to try to push him off, because he would resist any initial attempts I might make.

I was right, because deep inside me, I suddenly felt something burning hot. The time had arrived when I felt his cock begin shooting an enormous load of cum. He got off balance a bit as he was still resting his weight on his arms as he began to push his seed inside me. After staying imbedded in me for almost two minutes, still on his hands and knees, he then carefully pulled his cock out. Then he grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them up , but before he crawled off me and moved to the other side of the bed, he leaned forward, lightly kissed me on my lips.

Then he did something that surprised me and almost made me laugh out loud. When he had removed my shorts he had dropped them on the bed beside us. Now he picked them up, and lifting my legs with one hand, he struggled to work them up my legs. Sliding his left hand under my rear, he managed to lift me just enough to get them back over my hips.

He then turned over onto his other side; his back now towards me, and pulled up the bed sheet. Soon he was sound asleep.

"You are going to pay for it Calvin," I thought to myself as I adjusted my bra cups.

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