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The holiday that changed our lives - Chapter 1: The Pub Lunch

It was only meant to be a relaxing break to enjoy exploring the Suffolk coast and surrounding countryside, but it ended up making a major change in our lives - for the better, I must say.

I had met him on the first morning we were on holiday whilst we were both out walking our dogs. We seemed to be heading in the same direction, so we chatted while we walked. We swapped life stories and I found out that he was a life long bachelor although he admitted to having a few liaisons, occasionally with married women. He didn't admit at this point that the married women's husbands had been fully aware of him! Anyway, I saw him most mornings and by the second or third morning we were chatting away like old buddies and exchanging quite intimate details.

On Wednesdays, the local pub regularly held a steak special lunch and he said that these were at a very good value and should not be missed, so why didn't I bring the wife along to meet him? I said I would suggest it to her, little knowing the consequences.

We met at the pub and his recommendations were indeed spot on, and we all had a very enjoyable meal with the conversation flowing as if we had known each other for years. My wife, normally relatively quiet in new company, was very open, almost flirty with him and I could see that she was impressed with him. After the meal, we said our goodbyes with my wife giving him a rather friendly big kiss on the lips and we went our separate ways.

That night in bed, Margaret - my wife - seemed particularly clingy and affectionate so I thought that I would try my luck as our sex life had been virtually non-existent for ages. After kissing and cuddling for a bit, I slid my exploring hand downwards to find that she had left off her knickers - an almost unknown occurrence - and on further exploring I discovered that she was wringing wet. Bearing in mind that her lack of lubrication had been a limiting factor in our physical relationship lately, I began to explore her wetness and asked her what had brought this on.

"Get down there and drink up all my juices and I will tell you," she replied.

Previously, she had only been willing to accept my oral advances so I couldn't believe my ears, but still managed to move the fastest I had in some time to drop down between her legs and lick out her glorious nectar, of which there was copious amounts. She just laid there, enjoying the sensations which were running through her body as I lovingly worshipped her pussy and drank of her juices.

After about ten minutes of heavenly worship, she tensed her body and surged into the largest and most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her experience. As I eased my licking into gentle caresses, she gradually calmed down and relaxed. I looked up over her body, which despite showing some signs of her eighty-plus years was just as beautiful in my eyes. She just seemed to glow. With the biggest smile I have seen in a long time, she said to me, "That was wonderful but I don't know what you would think of me if you knew what I was thinking about whilst you were having you evening drink."

"Try me," I replied, "it must have been something good and sexy judging by the effect that it had."

"Get and take one of your little blue pills," she said, "and get back to work between my legs whilst it takes effect."

"Does this mean I can make love to you," I enquired.

"Yes" she replied, "and if you are good I'll tell you why I'm making you so much juice for you to drink."

I encouraged her to keep having those thoughts if they helped her make my favourite juice drink and if she felt able to share those thoughts with me. After nearly forty years, I thought that we no longer had any secrets but I was to be proved very wrong!

My viagra pill had begun to do its job long before M had had enough of my tongue so my dick was the hardest it had been for some time. Before that, she had managed a second orgasm on my tongue (a rare treat for her and great pleasure for me as I have always loved to see her in the throes of orgasm).

"I hope you're ready," she said shortly after her second orgasm, "I want to feel that nice hard dick of yours taking it's pleasure in me - don't worry about me, just take your pleasure".

That's not my style, so I worked hard holding back and managed to get her to a mini orgasm when she reminded me that she had agreed to tell me her thoughts.

"You might not like them," she said "so if you would prefer to fire off before I tell you then feel free."

Having just given her her third orgasm in one evening (possibly for the first time ever - not bad for an octogenarian!) and struggled to hold back, her words seemed to turn me on even more and I found it impossible to do anything other than explode in the biggest expulsion of cum I had known for many years.

"Wow," she exclaimed "I knew you loved me but that nearly blew my head off, and I haven't yet even shared my thoughts. I hope you are going to clear that up."

She was as turned on as I have ever known her, so I thought that I would really push my luck and said, "Not until I have got a photograph of that spunk filled fanny of yours. I don't know when it will ever be so well filled."

"You kinky sod," she replied. " Well okay then, but we will have to see what we can do to repeat this filling as I really enjoyed it." The fact of fetching my camera and using it to take explicit photos of my wife's juicy cunt that I had just filled to overflowing, along with her enlightened attitude seemed to egg me on. As I snapped away, she observed that I was still quite hard so she said, "Come here and give me a cuddle so I can share my thoughts. If you don't like them, I will never voice them again."

Intrigue is not a strong enough word to describe my slightly anxious feelings as I cuddled up to her to hear her thoughts. What will she confess, I wondered my cock hardening and throbbing (at this point, it was at least partly due to the viagra).

"Well," she started. "It all began when you introduced me to your new friend John at the pub. As soon as he took my hand, my juices started to flow and my youthful desires came flooding back to me as I remembered a lad in my class at school and ever since he touched my hand once in class I have dreamt of discovering what it would be like to have sex with a black man."

"They have a reputation of being on the large side, you know," I retorted.

"Yes I know and it turned me on whenever you joked about me liking the large ones," was her reply. My dick had reacted to our conversation and she had not failed to notice. "Looks like you quite like the thought of me with a black man, that big dick of yours is ready for round two but I'm not sure if my pussy could stand it," she observed.

"You'll have to get used to a good pounding," I replied, "if you are going to offer yourself to black cock as I understand they like to give their women, especially other people's white wives, a good session."

"Bring it on," was her only reply.

She was indeed too sore for a second round, but she encouraged me to wank off by encasing my dick between her ample boobs and, although she never asked me to, I cleaned up every drop of my quite copious second load.

Within minutes, we were both soundly asleep.

[To be continued]

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